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You and Jade go inside and she orders you to take a shower while she makes a few phone calls. As you walk up the stairs you can hear Jade fighting with someone on the phone. You wonder who she is talking to and why she is making such a big deal out of the person not coming.

You make sure the water is as hot as possible before you go in. The water feels amazing against your bare skin, making your aching bones feel so much more relaxed. You don't start washing yourself until all the hot water is gone.

You turn the water off and wrap the towel around you. You face palm when you realize that you forgot clothes. You open the door a crack to call Jade, who is still on the phone, and see that she left clothes by the door for you.

You quickly get dressed and run down stares to Jade. She is off the phone now and is putting together some snacks. You don't think you have ever seen that much pop corn in your life. Well you might have but of course you wouldn't remember. You mentally face palm for being so stupid. "Hey John! Karkat and Sollux will be here as well as Tavros, Gamzee and Kanaya. Vriska said she had a lot of irons in the fire or something like that, so she can't come. But I am sure we will still have lots of fun!" Jade told you. You remember Sollux and Karkat from the hospital. They were nice. Well not nice but they seemed like good friends.

"Do you want to help me with the cookies?" Jade asked. You look at the package she had taken out of the cabinet. In the corner there was a red spoon with Betty Crocker written on it. Memories of your dad making all sorts of sweets for you and of the Batterwitch coming flowing back to you. A smile spreads across your face. You had such a strong bond with your dad and it was because of Batterwitch, the person you fear and hate the most, you remembered. Maybe she wasn't THAT bad after all.

"John? What's wrong?" Jade says. "Batterwitch…" you were cut off by Jade, screaming and jumping in to your arms, almost knocking you to the ground. "How much did you remember?" she asks still not letting go of you. "Well, my dad makes sweets all the time but I never eat them. He taught me how to play the piano so sometimes I will play for him while he makes dinner. He would tell me all sorts of stories and he always made sure we ate together as a family" you explain. Jade finally let's go of you and she is smiling from ear to ear. "I am so happy that you have remembered him, even if it was just a little bit!"

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Jade and I stare at the mess we have created. We ended up making 10 batches of cookies and the pans are scattered all around the kitchen. Sadly they are all burned and taste horrible. Jake walks into the kitchen, looks at the burnt cookies, then at Jade and I, who are covered in flour, then walks out of the kitchen. He returns a few minutes later with a mop and bucket and hands them to us. "I am going to Calliope's. Have fun with your friends." he says then exits the kitchen.

We begin to clean up the kitchen. We decide to start with the dishes, Jade washes and I dry. We have most of the dishes down when the door bell rings. Since Jades hands are covered in soap, I go to the door and open it and see three people you do not recognize. There is a pale girl with short black hair, a kid in a wheelchair, and behind him is a guy with crazy hair and clown makeup on. "Hello John. I am Kanaya" the girl greeted. She pointed to the one with clown make up and said "This is Gamzee and that is Tavros. It is really nice to see you out of the hospital"

You smile and back away so they can come in. "Hi, it's nice to re-meet you!" Kanaya walks inside and towards the kitchen. Gamzee pushes Tavros inside after her. After you close and lock the door you join them. Kanaya is staring at the still dirty kitchen clearly shocked at the mess. Gamzee and Tavros are laughing. Gamzee is the first to speak. "Now how did you guys motherfucking do this? It looks like it all up and snowed in here" "John and I tried to make cookies" Jade explained. "It appears all you made is a mess. Where are the cookies?" Kanaya asked. "Well we kinda burned them" I told them. "Uh, Gamzee, why don't you, uh, make some since you are a great, uh, baker?" Tavros suggested. "That's a great motherfucking idea Tavrbro!" Gamzee said. "I think that we should clean up the kitchen first" Kanaya said rolling up her sleeves. "Jade you keep doing the dishes. Tavros you can dry them off and John you put them away. Gamzee, you sweep the floor and I shall clear off the tables and wipe them off."

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We got he kitchen done fast and Gamzee started the cookies. Only Tavros was allowed in the kitchen. He said that Jade and I brought bad luck. He just didn't want Kanaya in kitchen and kicked her out. WE decided to go to 7 11 to get more snacks. The walk seemed shorter then it actually was. Jade and Kanaya were telling me about all the weird things we do at school and our inside jokes. They told me about the last sleep over we had as a group.

When we got to the store we realized we forgot to bring money. I can tell we aren't going to live this down. Gamzee and Tavros are going to bring this up every chance they get. As we walk home Jade and Kanaya tell me all the gossip in our group. Gamzee and Tavros are secretly dating but it's not much of a secret. Everyone is convinced that Sollux is in love with Karkat but Karkat is a dumbass and doesn't realize it. Jade teases Kanaya about having a crush on a girl named Vriska so Kanaya accuses her of having a crush on the cheerleading captain Feferi. I laugh as they bicker back and forth. "Oh Kanaya! Have you seen the three new kids? They look kinda familiar to me." Jade asks, getting the subject away from Feferi. "Yes. I have met the one named Rose. She is very nice and I do enjoy her company." Kanaya says "Ya, She seems nice but her brother is so mysterious. He doesn't smile and he always wears shades. And the girls are obsessed with but he doesn't seem to e interested in them at all" Hade says. "Maybe he is in love with someone else" I suggested. "Oh that would be so sad. His love is miles away!" Jade cried. "Or maybe it is unrequited" Kanaya says. "That is even worse! No more! This is too sad!" Jade yelled.

"Kanaya, tell me more about this Feferi that my cousin has a crush on" I say. Jade blushes and gave me a dirty look. Kanaya smiled and explained that Feferi was head cheerleader and captain of the swim team. She was also on the track and cross country with Jade. She has a cousin named Eridan that Jade doesn't get along with. AS Kanaya talks you recall a few conversation you have had with Jade about Feferi. From what you remember about her, you don't think they will ever be together. that's why Jade was so upset at the though of unrequited love. She thinks her love will never be returned.

"Wow, she sounds amazing. I see why you like her." I say. "Ya, she is pretty amazing" Jade says with a far away look in her eyes.

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We get home and hear some yelling from the kitchen. "Karkat must be here" Jade states. WE go into the kitchen and are with a wonderful smell. There are four plates of cookies on the counter. Gamzee and Tavros aren't in here. I assume they are in the front room making out. Karkat and Sollux are on opposite sides of the kitchen. Karkat is a little ball of rage and Sollux is completely calm. "Sollux what did you do this time" Kanaya asks. "Why does it have to be my fault"Sollux asks defensively. "Because you have that look on your face" Kanaya snaps. "Now what happened?" "Its nothing" Karkat mutters and walks out of the kitchen. Kanaya gives Sollux a look. "Must you always upset him?" Sollux shrugs nonchalantly. There is a moment of tension between Kanaya and Sollux. Jade looks like she is ready to break up a fight if she has to. The tension is broken when Karkat yells "For Christ sake! Get a fucking room!" Sollux breaks eye contact and strolls out of the room.

Kanaya doesn't move until Jade puts a hand on her shoulder. Jade walks past her and takes 3 of the plates of cookies into the other room. I pick up the plate she didn't get. Kanaya hasn't moved from her spot. I put the plate down and turn towards her. "Hey are you okay?" I ask. She smiles weakly and nods "sorry John. Karkat just seemed genially upset. I just get a little too protective of him" I walk up to her and take her hand. "I think it's sweet that you care for him so much." "Thank you John" she says and gently squeezes my hand. I pull her in for a hug that she gladly accepts. "You're a great friend John. You always have been. You do not even remember me and you still show me such kindness and compassion." "From what I can remember, I know that you deserve it." you mumble. you release each other and smile. She grabs one of the many bowls of popcorn and you pick up the cookies once more and head into the front room. You know that this movie night will be fantastic.

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