"Who…" Vivian was quickly cut off.

A yellow beam hit Vivian. She staggered back trying to fight the magic forced upon her.

"She's trying to fight it!"

"Hit her again!" Vivian's movements began to slow in momentum but she was able to knock over the wizards surrounding her. The few that hit the floor, screamed for help.

"Harry, she won't go down!"

"Help us!" Before Vivian could attack again, she was hit with something painful.

"Crucio!" Never had she felt pain this deep inside, she began to panic.

"STOP, MY BABY!" The pain ceased, but she fell to her knees. One of the wizards that had originally attacked Vivian shoved the newcomer away from her.

"What are you thinking?! An unforgivable on a pregnant woman! Are you mad?!" Ginny yelled.

"I didn't, I didn't know!" Ron stuttered.

"Bind her before she attacks us again." Ginny barked towards the others. She turned back to her brother. "Are you bloody blind? She looks like she's ready to give birth!"

"I just attacked, alright!"

"Quit making excuses and let's get her over to Harry, he'll know if she's the right person or not." Vivian made no move to fight against them as they brought her to the living room in the apartment. She realized that her father was nowhere in sight, he had left her alone.

"Is she the one that they are chasing?" A young man had approached Vivian, his glassed gaze met her black glare. All Harry could think was why this woman? What would he want with another half-blood?

"I can't really tell. I've only caught glimpses of her true form a few times. She doesn't look right."

"Harry, we really don't have the time for guesses, is this Vivian Turner?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure it's her. Otherwise, why would so many demons be protecting her; including the source, who evaded capture. She can't be just anyone. My only concern is that I wasn't informed that she was heavily pregnant. Even our hidden allies never had described such…circumstances." Vivian's anxiety grew as the man moved in closer, to inspect her like she was a piece of furniture. "Are you Vivian Turner, daughter of the source?"

"Depends who is asking." The man chuckled at the woman, despite being captured against her will and unable to use any of her active powers, she still was stubborn enough not to cooperate. He stuck his hand out for her.

"Harry Potter." She hissed at him, her worse fears were coming true. He flinched, but he was persistent, "Well, are you Vivian Turner?"

"Yes." It physically hurt to utter the word.

"Good." Harry turned to his fellow wizards nodding in approval. Vivian was brought to her feet, and dragged towards the door. She began to panic once again.

"I can't leave the house! I have no defenses!"

"We will protect you, but we need to leave before the Deatheaters get here."

"I need my powers! You can't leave me like this!" They kept pushing her towards the door. The only charm placed upon the complex was an anti-apparition spell to keep from wizards popping in magically. If they go outside, they could come from anywhere for her.

"It will be fine. Keep moving." They had filed out of the apartment trying to leave the premise of the property quickly. Suddenly, a woman to her right, had fell to the ground. Followed by another, and another.

"They're here. Hurry!" Vivian got pushed away from the remainder of the group.

"Seriously, I need my powers! I need them now!" Vivian screamed as Deatheaters started to grab at her.

"Not so fast." A blonde man had blasted Vivian with another vicious charm.

"You stand no chance MALFOY!"

"I highly doubt that." Ropes came flying out of nowhere, but with a swift flick of his wand, they were incinerated. "Is that the best the Order can come up with?"

"I can't…I can't." Vivian's vision went blank, she had finally succumbed to the Deatheater's charm. No longer could she hear the tense voices, or feel the weight of her own body. She knew nothing and felt nothing.

~~~~Draco's POV~~~~

Despite the petite stature of the woman, she was very hard to hold onto. Her form kept changing as she was unconscious.

"Where do I put her?"

"Just put her in his chambers." No matter what kind of victory that I or my comrades had achieved, would I ever dare to enter our master's chambers.

"She should be checked out. I highly doubt he would want her to be presented as damaged goods and given her…current state."

"Right. This way."

~~~Vivian's POV~~~~

I could barely open my eyes just to be blinded with light.

"How are you feeling?"

"Too bright," I whispered. Suddenly I was greeted with darkness.

"How is the baby?" I sat up in the darkness. I could feel the damp, cold stone wall behind me.

"None of your concern."

"I'm not here to hurt you or the baby." I slapped her hands from me.

"Yeah right. There just happens to be a healer on hand for this place." She switched a light on, this time pointing in the opposite direction. Her tired face was looking down back at mine.

"When they threaten to murder my entire family there isn't much you can say no to. I patch up whomever is brought to me. I was told today that I was exclusively going to treat the patient in the west wing."

"West wing?"

"The containment cell closest to You-Know-Who's room." The breath literally left my body. She quickly laid me back down on the bed. "Just breathe. I didn't mean to upset you. Just breathe."


"It's okay. Just forget that I said anything." She frantically was trying to appease me.

"LEAVE!" I screamed.

"OH MY GOD! WHAT DID YOU DO? IT BURNS!" The healer's hand began to bubble. Her flesh started to melt away and singe on contact. She quickly fled from the room screaming. She shouldn't have touched my stomach. My son's powers were very unpredictable. I could hear her blubbering in the corridor. Either she was pushed into a wall or collapsed from the pain because the thud of her body was very distinct. Looking around room, there wasn't much in it. They had tried to give a previously, and recently used torture cell, a homey feel. There was a large vanity in the corner of the room with a few necessary items. Not optimal but I shouldn't be complaining. Besides the king size bed, there was a wardrobe full of long gowns, not exactly what I would want to be wearing, but none the less was workable. I must be going crazy, I'm sitting here going over the supplies they have provided me with. I should be thinking of a way out of here. No windows, just the one door.

~~~~Third Person POV~~~~

"Silenco!" The healer was stunned into silence. They knew their master wouldn't tolerant her insufferable crying for very long. His patience usually was worn thin and would kill people without a second thought of consequence and they still needed a healer with half a brain on their shoulders. "Will somebody go get an elixir from her station? She's turning into a hot mess." Finally, the others had dragged the woman out of their sight. The Malfoys could only handle one dramatic display of emotion at a time.

"What else could we do?"

"She won't be able to be in there much longer."

"She has some type of power yet, otherwise the healer wouldn't have come out hysteric and burnt to crisp." Draco sighed.

"I doubt she'll go back in there willingly."

"She'll do as she is instructed to do." They bowed their heads their master had returned sooner than they had anticipated.

"My lord, we have captured the girl as you asked."

"And Potter?"

"Apparated away the minute we arrived. Coward." The family let out a lost breath of air as they were greeted with smirk. Their lord didn't seem…angry?

"Is she in one piece?"

"Yes, my lord. We have sent the healer to check on the status of her and the baby."

"Which?" The Malfoys gulped.

"Went not as well as we planned, seeing how the healer returned from the room."

"How far long is she?"

"We expect her to give birth within the next few weeks. She's at the end stages of her pregnancy."

"Good. Let me into the chamber."

"Sir, we would advise against it." Suddenly, the weight of their own bodies seemed to push them to the floor. Every breath of air seemed to add to the pressure, they were quickly losing consciousness. And then nothing. They began panting air into their deprived lungs.

"It wasn't a question."

"Yes, my lord."

~~~~Vivian's POV~~~~

Who the fuck is coming in now? Didn't that chick learn not to come back in here anytime soon?

"Just leave, unless you haven't learned your lesson."

"I believe you haven't learned yours." It was as if time began to move in slow motion. My chest began to hurt from sudden pounding of my heart. He was here.

"Get away from me." There was nowhere else to go. My back was up against the corner of the room.

"Wouldn't you like that Vivian?" My hands were pinned beneath his in one swoop. "Still believing that you could overtake ME." His cold hand forced me to connect with his hungry gaze. The smugness in his red eyes made my breathing become labored. I need to look away. "Look at me, Vivian." I was trying to struggle against his grasped, if I couldn't see him, maybe he wasn't really there. "I said look at me." I struggled even harder. "LOOK AT ME!" My eyelids had betrayed me. My black eyes were greeted with his evil smirk.

"What do you want!?"

"Funny that you should ask. Everything I want…" I finally had noticed I was pinned beneath him on the bed. His cold hand lingered roughly down my torso, resting on my growing stomach, "Is right here."

"You can't have him. He is mine!"

"The thing is Vivian, it has been many, many years for me since that night, but for you, it has only been months. Time has only strengthen the reality, that you and my heir, are mine."


"You keep telling yourself that, but soon you'll understand that I get what I want."

"But you can't possibly think I will come crawling to you. Why don't you find one of your crazy slut followers' to keep you company and leave me alone!"

"Personally, I enjoy your struggle."

"You're bloody disgusting."

"Think what you want now, but soon you'll see it my way. Prisoners eventually see the error of their ways."