Dear Pocksuppet, if my stories and grammer really offend you, stop reading, it's not that hard to figure out and do. Plus, NEWS FLASH, Emma talked to Mia because Manny was her friend, which actually did happen on the show. WATCH SEASON 5. Allison, thanks for the review! As always aha. People don't understand that this FICTION is for fun, I'm not putting a friggen book up on CHAPTERS shelves or anything, back off or stop reading. If you keep coming back and keep reviewing, obviously YOU'RE interested in the story, so shut up. I write characters the way I want, and I put OUT characters I don't like..such as Liberty ! (this is what fiction is, please look it up) .


"Why do you have to get it tonight?" Jay groaned, following Emma into the school.

Emma giggled, "Cause school is back tomorrow and I have to finish it!"she insisted, opening the school doors that were thankfully still open.

What a relief!

"Emma Nelson, always the bookwarm." Teased Jay.

Emma looked behind her shoulder, playfully glaring at him, "Your the reason I haven't finished the project yet."

Jay went to grin but his mouth dropped when Emma turned the corner, Emma saw his face and turned, to gasp, stopping in her tracks.

"P-Peter." She said and tilted her head, he was in the darkest part of the hallway.

"Oh hey guys." He said in a very preppish tone.

Jay walked up next to Emma, a little up more, protectively.

"What are you doing her-" Emma was cut up when Jay sh'd her, something was clearly wrong.

"You ok Stone?"

"As if you give a FUCK!" his curse echoed through the hall and Emma jumped.

Did Peter know? Did he find out what they did?

"Have you been drinking again?" jay asked, raising an eyebrow.

There was a sound of a click noise, and then another. Oh my god, a trigger. Peter pointed a gun at them and took one step foward, finally more in the light.

Emma's eyes widened in horror, "Peter.." she pleaded.

"SHUT UP!" cried Peter.

Jay swallowed hard. This was all his fault. He tried to stand infront of Emma, if she got hurt he'd die unhappily.

"What were you two doing here the night my mom died?" Peter asked, pointing at Jay until he saw no one was going to answer, he moved it toward Emma.

Jay snapped, "We were just picking up books!" he yelled and panicked, looking around, "Like tonight."

Peter shook madly, gun shaking in his hand.

Emma whimpered, whispering Jay's name.

Jay slowly walked closer to Peter as Peter stared forward at nothing, a numb look on his face.

Emma looked terrified for Jay's life, she wanted to yell at him to come back, but the best thing to do was be silent from someone with a gun telling you to shut up.

As Jay's hand reached Peter's gun, he quietly said, "No one has to know about this."

Peter finally broke into tears, let go of the gun and landed on his knees, crying.

Emma closed her eyes and leaned on the locker, catching the breath she held the entire time.

Jay looked back at Emma, putting the gun in the back of his jeans before putting a hand on Peter's shoulder.

Emma slid down the locker and put her head in her hands.

No more death, no more.

She looked back over to Jay, he had a numb look on his face, hand still on a crying Peters shoulder as he stood, staring at the ground.


"Many criminologists regard crime as one among several forms of deviance, about which there are conflicting theories. Some consider crime a type of anomic behavior; others characterize it as a more conscious response to social conditions, to stress, to the breakdown in law enforcement or social order, and to the labeling of certain behavior as deviant. Since cultures vary in organization and values, what is considered criminal may also vary, although most societies have restrictive law they've all come up with-"

The professor stopped talking and Emma snapped out of his lesson, taking her notes down as everyone got up and smiled before closing her book.

Yeah, yeah, how ironic. She was taking criminology.

Emma walked out of her class, millions of students going to their next or going home.

College was good, fun, a time to be independent.

Emma wore a long silk looking red skirt with a white tank belly top, her hair even longer and straight, down to her belly botton.

A muscular arm slid around her slim waist and she smiled softly, her body pressing to the side of Jay's.

"How was class smarty pants?" he teased into her ear before biting it.

Emma hit her book into his chest while they continued to walk out of school, across a long path towards the parking lot, trees blowing softly in the wind, sky blue.

"Good. How was work?" she asked.

Jay shrugged, leading her to his car, "Good. Tonys ready to really give up the place." He explained, finally letting her go as they reached the ol' civic.

"Still can't believe he's trusting you with it." Emma teased playfully, squinting her eyes at him as she opened her door.

He chuckled while opening his, "I believe my girl friend should be praising me for this." He smirked, "I'm more successful than even you, Emma Nelson."

"For now." Emma taunted, rolling her pretty brown eyes before crawling in.

The two entered a nice spacious apartment, Jay's old big flat plasma tv infront of Emma's new boughten black leather couches.

Yeah, they lived with another.

Love did the wacky.

Jay landed on the couch, putting his feet on it as well as Emma grabbed a water and took a few sips.

She went over and he watched her move one knee to the other side of him then sat on his lap. His hands rested on her hips

.She seductively smiled as he eyed her at the corner of his eyes and she leaned down.


Emma sat up straight, forgetting Jay as she listened to the neighbors loud annoying thuds.


Jay rubbed his hands down his face, ALWAYS ruined their moments.

"Ignore it baby." Jay groaned and pleaded, he hadn't seen her much the past few days, school dead lines and new work promotions.

"We can just kill them." Emma teased, shrugging innocently trying not to crack a smile.

She yelped when his hand smacked the back of her ass. God she hated when he did that, so much that- she kissed him right back just as passionately when he leaned his head up and grabbed the back of her head, kissing her hard.

"None of that now lover." He growled between the kiss and she full out leaned her body down and against him

His arms went around her and hugged her tightly. She laid her head on his chest, they both closed their eyes as Jay leaned his chin on her head.

"You make me feel...normal." Jay admitted quietly, out of nowhere.

Emma softly opened her eyes and smiled, nodding against him, "So do you." she never admitted that old feeling he made her feel. She was glad he felt it too.

He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes again.

"Don't ever leave." Emma lowly begged, so innocently, but both knew she wasn't all that innocent..but when it came to Jay...

"Never Baby."

And then they decided to actually go back to killing and go after Liberty just to piss off Pocksuppet. Hahahah. Jk... hope you enjoyed guys! Thinking of a sequal just don't know what about. Help me form ideas!