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Kaiya Higurashi had always found history and relics incredibly boring.

No matter how interesting her Grandpa might think it was, she found it completely like junk. Which would explain why she felt like killing herself as her Grandpa explained to her about the Shinkon no Tama, and the many key chains of it. "You don't actually think tourists are going to buy these stupid key chains, do you, Gramps?" Kaiya asked as she observed the keychain that rung like a bell as she held one.

"This is not just a keychain" Her grandpa retorted. "That crystal there at the end is a replica of an ancient jewel which . . ." he trailed off when Buyo, Kaiya's cat, started to play with the 'jewel' at the end of the keychain that Kaiya was holding up. He frowned when he realised Kaiya wasn't even listening to him. He cleared his throat before starting again. "As I was saying, that crystal is a replica of an ancient jewel which . . ." once again, Gramps trailed off as Kaiya held out the keychain away from Buyo. Her cat, leaned over trying to reach for it but fell over on his side, not bothering to get up. "An ancient jewel which –"

Kaiya interrupted him excitedly as a smile spread along her face. "You do remember that tomorrows my birthday, right?" A twinkle seemed to appear in her blue eyes, which were framed with thick eyelashes. I can't wait till I turn fifteen! She thought happily. Just one more day!

Her Grandpa dropped his own keychain in frustration but then started laughing. "I planned to wait another day, but –" Grandpa began.

"So you did get me something!" Kaiya interrupted excitedly. She held out her hand as her smile became bigger. "I wanna see it! Hand it over!"

Disappointment washed over her when she realised it wasn't the new phone she wanted. Instead it was a hand of some kind of monster. Kaiya sweat dropped as her Grandpa proceeded to tell her it was a mummified hand of a Water imp. "Here you go, Buyo, here's your snack" Kaiya said blankly as she handed the hand to Buyo. The cat sniffed it before biting into it and walking out of the room. "Ahh! That's an antique!" Her Grandpa exclaimed as he fell to the floor.

Kaiya only sighed and picked herself off the ground and left the room. Kaiya headed up the stairs slowly, her hand trailing the rail. Her midnight black hair fell down her back and over her shoulders elegantly. Unlike her mother's curly hair, she had earned incredibly long, delicate hair; except when it got wet, which it would start to curl slightly. Her deep blue eyes were her best feature, as they hid a lot of emotion in them. Hope, love, warmth. When Kaiya made her way to the top of the stairs, she practically bolted for her room and threw herself on her bed.

"I can't believe I'm turning fifteen tomorrow!" she exclaimed as she jumped on her bed with the energy of a six year old. "I finally won't be fourteen anymore!"

Kaiya stopped jumping on her bed childishly when she heard the doorbell ring and her brother rush to get it. Kaiya landed on her bed with her legs folded and her hands onto her wrists. I wonder who that could be, Kaiya wondered.

"Kaiya! Your friends are here!" She heard her brother, Akio, shout from downstairs.

"Coming!" Kaiya called as she stood up from her bed. Kaiya grabbed her black handbag and made her way out of her room. Kaiya wore a pink shirt tucked into a jean skirt that came halfway down her thighs. She wore her black ballet flats on her small feet, though she was a bit of a klutz.

"Hey guys!" Kaiya greeted cheerfully as she made her way down the stairs.

"Hi, Kaiya!" they all cheered back.

"I'm going out for a couple hours, Mum!" Kaiya shouted as she and her friends made their way out.

"Alright, Kaiya, be sure to be back by six!" she heard her Mum reply from the kitchen just before she shut the door.

She and her friends made their way down the steps of the temple. Ami had short honey shaded hair that reached down to her jaw. Ami was Kaiya's best friend, and had been her best friend since preschool. Ami had always been the shy type, except around her three friends.

Kaori was a type of extreme dare devil who would do almost anything to complete a dare. She also was very sarcastic and extremely competitive. Kaori had fiery red hair that kind of represented her personality. She was defiantly a hot-head and had taken Karate since the age of eight.

And last, but not least, was Miyu. She had a very calm and gentle personality , as well as being very understanding and kind. Out of all her friends, Kaiya had decided that Miyu was the easiest friend to talk to, since she normally understood Kaiya's problems. Miyu had long soft blonde hair that fell down her back in gentle curls.

"So, guys, where are we going?" Kaiya asked excitedly. The atmosphere that her friends possessed made Kaiya brighten up even after her lame present from Gramps.

"Well since you'll be the birthday girl tomorrow and fifteen," Kaori began as she ruffled Kayia's hair slightly, making Kaiya giggle. "We decided you can choose what we do."

"Really?" Kaiya asked.

"As long as it's cheap" Ami stretched out the word 'cheap' since she knew Kaiya would immediately think of shopping for clothes or something.

"And fun" Miyu added as she smiled sweetly at Kaiya.

Kaiya put a hand to her chin as she stared up at the sky. "Fun . . . and cheap . . ." she trailed off as she tried to concentrate. She then smiled again as she thought of a place. "I know just the place!"

"You know, Kaiya, when we said 'fun and cheap' we didn't mean we wanted to seat on our butts all day" Ami complained as she sipped from her coke.

The four friends all sat at their favourite table at Wacdonalds, the place Kaiya had chosen to spend the day. Kaiya looked up from eating her burger. "What'd you mean?" she asked, her mouth full of hamburger.

"Must we spend the whole day eating?" Ami asked. "We could get a stomach ache if we do this all day. Not to mention we could gain weight by this as well."

"But I don't get stomach aches" Kaiya objected. "And not to mention I'll be able to take off the extra weight when I chase after my brother for sneaking into my room."

Ami and Miyu both sweat dropped. "Typical" Ami sighed.

"You must admit, the girl loves her food" Miyu sighed.

Kaori, who was sitting in between them, slapped them both on the shoulder. "Hey, no being mean to the birthday girl!"

Kaiya nodded thankfully to Kaori. "Thanks, Kaori."

Kaori winked. "No sweat, birthday girl."

"But are you sure you're not going to get a stomach ache?" Miyu asked cautiously. "There is an awful lot of fat, sugar and salt in these meals."

Kaiya only laughed. "Don't worry, Miyu, I may be turning fifteen tomorrow but I'm still a kid!" she laughed. "I don't get stomach aches because I'm a kid, and kids need a lot of sugar!"

Kaiya moaned as she clutched her stomach and rolled on her bed. "Damn stomach ache," she moaned. "I will not be eating any more Wacdonalds, I can't even stand the sight of it."

As Kaiya rolled onto her side she saw the sight out her window. It was of the of the Thousand year old Sacred Tree, and the Hidden well. Kaiya stood up and walked to her window and gazed out at the Sacred Tree. The many leaves blew as a gentle breeze swept by. The Thousand year old Sacred Tree, legend of the Hidden Well. Kaiya thought as she stared blankly at the tree. Gramps has told of these legends since I was a little kid, but I've never believed in them. No matter how old I was . . . but . . .

Kaiya thought of what the legends spoke of and how cool it would be if they came to life. It would be kinda cool if the legends were true . . . that would mean no more school for a very long time!

Kaiya's attention was called away from the Sacred Tree when she heard her Mum calling. "Kaiya, dinners ready!"

"Coming!" Kaiya called back, the Sacred Tree and her stomach ache immediately forgotten as she raced out of the room.

"I'm leaving for school!" Kaiya called as she made her way to the door, now as a fifteen year old. She had tied her hair up in a light blue ribbon, her hair still rained down her back since it was fairly long. Around her torso she wore a white blouse with a black blazer over it. A thin emerald ribbon was laced around the collar of her blouse in a bow. A cream coloured, pleated skirt that came to her knees flared from her waist. On her feet she wore a pair of white socks and black Mary-janes shoes.

"Hang on, Kaiya!" she heard her Mum yell from behind her. Kaiya turned around and realised she had forgotten her blue shoulder bag since her Mum was carrying it. "You forgot your bag."

Kaiya sweat dropped as she laughed nervously. "Oh y-yeah, right." I guess age doesn't help my memory.

Mrs Higurashi handed Kaiya her bag and then brushed her hand against her daughter's cheek. "I just can't get over the fact that your now fifteen."

"Neither can I, Mama" Kaiya admitted. "I'm sure fifteen year olds don't forget their bags on the way to school."

Mrs Higurashi laughed softly before pulling Kaiya into a hug. "Promise you'll have a good day at school, Kaiya?"

"Yes, Mama, but I hardly think I will be able to if I'm dead" Kaiya said, the hug her Mum had her in was incredibly strong.

Her Mum let go and muttered an apology. "Have a good day, Kaiya."

Kaiya nodded. "I will. You to, Mama!" she called over her shoulder as she started running out of the house. She stopped when she passed Akio, who was standing in the door of the temple that led to the old well. "Akio, what are you doing?"

"Nothing . . ." he lied.

Kaiya could tell he was lying because he held a bowl of Buyo's meal. "You know you're not supposed to play in there" Kaiya said as she walked towards her brother and set her bag on the ground.

"I'm not" Akio replied. "It's the cat!"

"Did he go to the well?" Kaiya asked as she walked into the well with Akio following her inside. They both peered at the well and almost jumped when they saw how many bones there was beside it.

"Buyo . . ." Akio called as he crouched down on the step. "I don't know where else he could be."

Kaiya knelt down beside him. "So just go down."

"But why do I gotta be the one?" Akio whined.

"Because you're the one looking for Buyo" Kaiya answered. Though the real reason why she didn't go was because she still had her child fear of the dark. Even at fifteen she was afraid of the dark.

A noise of creaking wood came from the well that startled both Kaiya and Akio and made them both jump in fright. "Something's down there!" Akio exclaimed.

"Ah yeah, I think it's the cat" Kaiya said. Well that's what she hoped it to be. For all she knew it could be some dead Mummy thing finally awakening because someone disturbed his resting place. Deciding to get this over and done with, Kaiya slowly made her way down the well, the creakiness continuing as she stepped on each step. Is that sound . . . coming from the well? Kaiya asked as she got down to the well. When she felt something brush against her leg, Kaiya jumped and yelped, causing Akio to cry in panic and fall on his butt.

Kaiya smiled, though, when she realised it was just Buyo who brushed against her leg. "Buyo" she said as she picked him up. "You almost made me jump out of my skin."

"You make fun of me cause I'm scared, but your all 'Ahh-ahh!'" Akio tried to do an impression of Kaiya's voice but failed miserably.

Kaiya spun around, with a frown set on her face. "Look who's talking Mr Why-Do-I-Have-To-Go?"

Akio paled as more creaky noises came from the well behind Kaiya, who didn't even take any notice since she was too busy glaring at him. Blue energy traced the doors of the well before the energy grew stronger and burst them off. A ghostly pale new energy burst through the well in the forms of long arms. Kaiya didn't even have time to turn around before several hands wrapped around her arms and dragged her head first into the well. Buyo was able to jump out of her arms before he was dragged in.

Kaiya screamed as she was pulled into the well. But the inside was something she defiantly hadn't expected to see. She had expected it to be dark and made out of wood. But instead it seemed to be a never ending space of a blue light. Numerous of other lights shone as well, but before Kaiya had time to admire them one of the six hands wrapped around her forced her face to look at the body that owned the hands.

Kaiya gasped.

The person who owned these six hands was not a person at all! She seemed to be a centipede of some sort. Her upper body belonged to a normal woman while the bottom half was the skeleton of a centipede. The centipede had long hair as dark as Kaiya's hair, her skin was milky white and her face reminded Kaiya a little bit of a porcelain doll. Except for the centipedes eyes, which were fully white and only had two dots as the pupils. "Alive" it said in a dry voice. "Oh to be alive once more." Kaiya looked down and felt her eyes widen as the bones of the centipede began to grow flesh. "Already my spirit returns."

The centipede brought Kaiya's face closer as Kaiya struggled to break free. "You have it, don't you?" the centipede asked Kaiya. She then let her long tongue wipe along Kaiya's cheek. "Give to me."

Kaiya managed to break free from the centipede. "What are you doing?" Kaiya demanded. She then pressed her hand in the centipede's face. "Just leave me alone!" A glow that was a neon pink emitted from Kaiya's palm when it came in contact with the centipede.

The glow that shone at Kaiya's hand was strong enough to force the centipede into the darkness that floated by. "You stupid girl" the centipede said. "I must have the sacred jewel!"

As the centipede disappeared, a light around Kaiya shone brightly. "The Sacred Jewel?" Kaiya repeated to herself. Kaiya felt her feet meeting the ground and the light around her started to fade. Unfortunately for Kaiya she landed on her butt, but she didn't take notice of that. She couldn't bring herself to stop panting at what she had just witnessed.

Kaiya was eventually able to stop panting when she was back in the well. What? She thought confusedly. "I must have fallen into the well and hit my head or something." Kaiya said, though she didn't believe it. But why would that have just happened if it were real? She questioned. It had to be fake, there's no way I could shoot pink energy and save myself from a giant centipede. However Kaiya's convincing was soon proven wrong when she caught sight of a pale unattached arm a few feet away from her. "Or maybe not."

Kaiya looked up at the top of the well and shielded her eyes from the brightness of the light that was streaming in. Kaiya stood up and called to the top, "Akio! Go get Grandpa!"

After she heard no answer, she decided to climb up the walls, which held many vines on them. Kaiya was little cautious about climbing since she never was the best climber and not to mention her skirt was incredibly short. Kaiya blinked in confusion when a glowing white butterfly flew by her for a while before it floated back out of the well. That's strange, Kaiya thought. I've never seen a butterfly that pure before. It was practically glowing.

Kaiya forced herself to continue her climbing till she reached the top. She poked her friend out of the well but almost fell back in. The temple and her brother had both been replaced with a very green forest. The grass on the ground was a vibrant, healthy green, and was caressed by the golden sunlight. Tall trees sprouted from the grass and stood happily and still. A warm summer breeze swept by and blew Kaiya's hair over her shoulder.

Kaiya used all her strength to pull herself up out of the well and onto the soft grass. Kaiya made her way through the new world, scanning the area and calling out for her family. "It's as if the family shrine disappeared . . ." Kaiya trailed off when she realised the Sacred Tree standing in the distance. "The Sacred Tree!"

Kaiya wasted no time in making her way to the sacred tree. If the tree is here then I'm practically home, she thought as she pushed the bushes out of her way. As she got closer, one of her blue eyes twinkled and her smile seemed to have grown brighter. However her smile immediately faded when she noticed something different about the tree.

"Is that a . . . boy?" Kaiya asked herself as she slowly walked toward the tree. A boy around Kaiya's age, maybe a few years older, was pinned to the Sacred Tree by an old withered arrow. The tree's wild roots wrapped around the boy and the arrow. The boy wore a large blood red kimono and his hair was long and (surprisingly) white. On the top of his head were two white furry dog ears. His face appeared to be calm and at peace, as if he were sleeping. "Hey, there!" Kaiya said as she found herself climbing up the roots and toward the boy, who didn't wake up. "Whatcha doing?"

His ears, she thought, they look like dog ears. Unable to stop herself, she reached forward and rubbed his ears. They felt soft and furry. Kaiya immediately started smiling as she continued to rub his ears. "He's so cute!" she whispered excitedly as a blush rose in her cheeks. Not even after she said that could she stop rubbing his ears. They were so soft!

"Get away from there!" Kaiya heard someone shout from behind her. She had no time to react because several arrows shot toward her. She yelped and clung to the boy's kimono. Luckily the arrows missed her and the boy and she sighed in relief. Kaiya heard people's footsteps approach her and she looked down to see several man running toward her dressed in feudal era clothes.

Kaiya blinked confusedly.

Kaiya felt her throat go dry when she was forced to sit in the middle of a strange town. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back and her angles were roughly tied together. Due to her dry throat Kaiya didn't say anything as the people in the town observed her as if she were a piece of art rather than a person.

As the villagers whispered among themselves, Kaiya looked at the clothes they all were wearing and found that each and every one of them was dressed in feudal clothing. "Make way for high priestess, Kaede!" Someone called put as an old woman stepped forward. The woman, Kaede wore a traditional priestess outfit and her long grey hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. She wore an eye patch over her right eye.

Kaede made her way to Kaiya and reached into her pouch and pulled out what looked to be dust. She threw it at Kaiya's face and Kaiya tightly shut her eyes. "Demon, be gone!"

"Hey!" Kaiya exclaimed angrily, suddenly able to find her voice. "I'm not a demon, okay?"

"Are ye not?" Kaede asked as she stopped throwing the dust. "Then why were ye found in the Forest of Inuyasha?"

"Then could she be a foreign spy?" the villager, who stood next to Kaede, asked.

"In that case, she would be a fool" Kaede said. "Who would invade such a poor village such as ours?"

Kaiya glared at Kaede as her eyes widened. Kaede looked a bit closer at Kaiya, causing Kaiya to blink in confusion. "Let me have a good look at ye" she said, not waiting for Kaiya to say anything. Kaede walked forward to Kaiya and grabbed onto her face and observed Kaiya closely. "Look clever, girl, or be a half-wit."

Hey! Kaiya yelled in her head. I'm not a half-wit!

Kaede let go of Kaiya's face and took a step back. "It is there, though I do not know why."


Moonlight poured into Kaede's hut and shone where Kaiya sat. Kaiya sniffed the air and sighed happily when she smelt the delicious sent of the soup Kaede was making. The beautiful smell made Kaiya's stomach rumble. I'm so hungry, she thought, I haven't anything since breakfast early this morning.

Kaiya had taken off her blazer when the temperature from the fire finally came to her. Kaiya rubbed her dry wrists again, she had done that every ten minutes, trying to numb the remaining pain of the robes.

"Stew?" Kaede asked as she held a bowl toward Kaiya and some chop sticks.

Kaiya smiled brightly and nodded. "Thank you!" she said as she took the bowl and chop sticks. Kaiya drank eagerly from the bowl and enjoyed the sweet taste of the stew. "This is so delicious!"

As Kaiya continued eating Kaede started speaking. "Bear us no ill will, child, for though I will now see that you mean us no harm." Kaede apologized. "In these troubled times of war, no stranger may be helpful among us without deep distress."

"War?" Kaiya repeated hesitantly. She then looked down at the stew, avoiding the gaze of the old priestess. "We aren't in Tokyo, are we?"

"Toke-ee-oh?" Kaede repeated. "Never heard of it. Is this the land from which ye are from?"

"Uh, okay" Kaiya said. She then used her chopsticks to eat the vegetables. I wonder how I'm going to get back, she thought, I know I thought it would be cool if the legends were true, but I didn't actually expect this to happen! I wasn't challenging fate!

Kaiya had just finished her soup when loud crashes came from outside the hut. Kaiya and Kaede both quickly ran out of the hut and into the night. "What is going on?" Kaede demanded.

Emitting from a cloud of smoke the centipede that had kidnapped Kaiya appeared. In her jaw she carried a brown horse, but at the sight of Kaiya she let the horse fall to the ground.

"Uh . . . oh" Kaiya mumbled.

"Give me the Sacred Jewel!" the centipede yelled at Kaiya as she slid over to Kaiya. Both Kaede and Kaiya were able to dodge it by jumping toward the ground. "The Sacred Jewel?" Kaede repeated. "Do ye have it?"

"I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about!" Kaiya said. "I've heard of it before, but I don't have it!"

"I must have it!" the centipede yelled incredibly desperately. "I must!"

The villagers began to fire arrows at it, but their arrows had no effect. It begun to spin her body as fast a drill and swiped it's spinning tail at the villagers. That centipede thing, Kaiya thought, it's coming after me!

"Our spears and arrows have no effect!" one of the panicked villagers told Kaede.

"We must throw her into the Dry Well" Kaede said.

"Dry well?" Kaiya repeated confusedly.

Kaede turned to Kaiya. "The well in the Inuyasha forest" Kaede explained.

Is the Dry well the well I came out of? Kaiya asked. "Which was is the forest?" Kaiya asked urgently. Kaede's attention, however, seemed to have been drawn to the neon pink and yellow decorated sky. "Is it where that light is?" Kaiya asked before she took off running as fast as she could, ignoring Kaede's calls telling her to stop.

Kaiya ran like she had never run before, hoping her klutziness wouldn't catch up with her and cause her to fall over. Kaiya, stupidly, looked over her shoulder to check if the centipede was still following. She screamed when she saw the centipede was closing in on her. And fast. Kaiya tried her best to lead it away from the village, she hardly wanted so many deaths just because the centipede wanted something that she didn't have.

As Kaiya ran on the path over the lake she thought frantically of how she could get herself out of this mess. What do I do now? Isn't someone going to save me? Like the damsel in distress I am? How can all of this happen on my birthday?

The young fifteen year old was so scared she didn't even notice the tears appearing in her eyes. Though she ignored them as she kept on running. "Ahhhh! Someone save me!" she yelled.

Kaiya continued her fast running up a slop that would lead her to the forest, the centipede gaining on her. "Give it to me!" it desperately demanded.

"I've already told you, I don't have it!" Kaiya yelled, though without looking over her shoulder. Without warning the centipede lunged at Kaiya, sending her flying in the air and landing on her stomach in front of the tree that had the boy sealed to it. Inuyasha. "Ow!" Kaiya groaned, her hair falling out of its ponytail since her ribbon was extremely loose.

"Hello there, Kikyo" an unfamiliar voice said in front of her. "Playing with bugs now, are we?"

Kaiya looked up to see Inuyasha awake and glaring down at her. Why do I feel like I'm in the Wizard of Oz? she moaned in her head. Kaiya sat up and looked at Inuyasha in confusion. "Y-your alive?"

"Why are you taking so long to kill it? Just shoot her like you shot me" he said in a tone that sounded awfully teasing. Kaiya sweatdropped. What the hell is he talking about? She demanded. "You look pretty stupid down there, Kikyo."

Kaiya frowned and jumped up. "Kikyo? Kikyo? Who's this Kikyo?" she demanded. "You listen here, my name is–"

"She's coming." Inuyasha interrupted.

Kaiya blinked at Inuyasha, before the centipede lunged at her. Kaiya tripped over her feet and fell on her butt, making the centipede miss her by a hair. Thankfully for Kaiya, several hooks flew right into the centipede's body. Kaiya looked to her right shoulder to see her villagers holding ropes that were connected to the hooks.

Kaiya let out a sigh of relief. "I'm saved . . ."

Inuyasha scoffed, earning him a glare from Kaiya. "So hopeless, Kikyo!"

"Stop calling me that! I've already told you I'm not her!" Kaiya yelled as she started to walk up the root that held him to the tree. "I'm not this Kikyo your talking about!"

"Shut up! You have to be her! Cause there's no way you could smell so–" Inuyasha stopped mid-sentence and sniffed Kaiya. Kaiya sweat dropped as he did this, Is he . . . sniffing me? Inuyasha then looked back at her. "Or . . . maybe you're not Kikyo."

"What do you think I've been trying to tell you?" Kaiya yelled. "My name is Kaiya! K-A-I-Y-A!"

"It makes you're not her. Kikyo seemed to be smarter." Inuyasha mumbled under his breath. "And she was a beauty."

"What?" Kaiya demanded. How dare he say I'm not beautiful! She thought. I know I'm not a supermodel but I'm not hideous either!

Out of nowhere, Kaiya felt four hands grab her shoulders and waist roughly. Kaiya screamed as the centipede tried pulling her so she grabbed the closest thing she could find. Inuyasha's hair. "Let go of me!" Kaiya screamed.

"Ow, ow, ow! You let go!" Inuyasha yelped.

"Give me the Sacred Jewel!" The centipede yelled again.

"I haven't got it!"

The centipede, ignoring Kaiya's scream, opened its mouth, revealing it's sharp teeth. Like before in the well, Kaiya raised her hand at the centipedes face. "Stay away from me!" Kaiya yelled as a white light poured out of her palm and hit the centipede. The centipede screamed and let go of Kaiya, causing Kaiya to fall to the ground.

Kaiya stared at her hand in wonder. Something like this happened in the well, Kaiya thought as the villagers gasped at her. But . . . how is it I can do these things? Kaiya almost jumped when something in her side started glowing, when she looked to see she discovered the glow to be a small white orb.

The centipede saw the glow to and lunged toward Kaiya, grabbing her in the side where the white glow was shining. The centipede threw Kaiya in the air and the glow orb flew out of the new wound in her side. From within me . . . is that the Sacred Jewel? Kaiya asked. She landed on the ground, with the jewel in front of her. Kaiya clutched her bleeding side, she sighed when she realised her white shirt was covered in blood. Oh great, it'll take ages to wash this.

"Give me the Jewel!" she heard Inuyasha say and looked up at him. "Hurry!"

Kaiya had no time to react when the centipede circled its tail around the tree and Kaiya, causing Kaiya to smash against Inuyasha. Causing Kaiya to blush slightly.

"I heard that a half-demon brat was after the Sacred Jewel." The centipede said to Inuyasha. "So you're the one?"

Half demon . . .? Kaiya thought as she looked up at Inuyasha.

"Don't underestimate me, Centipede Monster!" Inuyasha yelled. "I can take care of you . . . if I really get down to business."

"Your awfully arrogant" Kaiya observed. "But are you strong?"

"Hmm?" Inuyasha looked down at her.

"Well, are you or aren't you?" Kaiya demanded.

"What can he do, strapped down like that? His under a powerful spell." The centipede bent down to the Sacred Jewel. "Just stay where you are and watch!" The centipede stuck out her long tongue and scoped up the Jewel and swallowed it whole.

Kaiya sweatdropped. That came out of my body and she still swallows it?

"Damn you!" InuYasha yelled at her.

The limbs that had previously fallen off the centipede started to glow red and reattach themselves to it. The centipede slightly shook before the skin from its torso and up broke off. Revealing the purple and red flesh underneath, it's eyes were now a crazed blood red and it's tongue now slivered out of its mouth fully. "Rejoice!" it yelled gladly. "My power is being restored!"

It's hold around Kaiya and the tree tightened, making it harder to breath for poor Kaiya. "Ow!" she yelled as her hold on Inuyasha's kimono tightened.

"Hey" he said to Kaiya, his gaze not leaving the centipede. "Can you pull out this arrow?"

Kaiya looked up at him. "Huh?"

"I'm asking if you can pull out this arrow!" Inuyasha said fiercely.

Kaiya reached up to the arrow but stopped when she heard Kaede call out to her. "No, Kaiya, do not remove it!" Kaede barked. "The arrow secures the spell on Inuyasha! Ye must not free him!"

"Wake up, you old hag!" Inuyasha shouted at her. "Do you want to become dinner for this centipede? Once it completely absorbs the Sacred Jewel, it'll be the end!" He then turned down to Kaiya. "Do you want to die, too?"

Kaiya, without giving it much thought, grabbed hold of the arrow and pulled. As she tried to pull it out the arrow, a purple light emitted from it. "I don't want to die!" she shouted as she squeezed her eyes shut. The purple light glowed even brighter before the arrow disintegrated in her hand.

Kaiya could hear the sudden pulse that belonged to Inuyasha. It was deep and powerful. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Inu . . . ya . . . sha?" Kaiya whispered slowly, but he didn't show any signs of hearing her. Inuyasha started to laugh hysterically, which caused Kaiya to Sweatdrop again. Is he alright?

The centipede's grip around both Inuyasha and Kaiya tightened, but Inuyasha broke free with his demon power, causing the centipede's tail to fly apart. The sudden energy threw Kaiya to the ground with the body parts. Kaiya looked up to see Inuyasha somersaulting from the tree and in front of the centipede. "Little brat!" the centipede hissed at Inuyasha.

"Shut up, old hag!" Inuyasha yelled as he brandished his claws. "Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!" he yelled as dug his nails down the centipede's mouth, and split the centipede's body in two. The centipede's body broke into junks and landed at various places on the ground.

"Oh my . . ." Kaiya mumbled, her eyes wide. I think I'm gonna puke, she thought as she eyed all the body parts. Kaiya shrieked when a centipede body part next to her twitched, and quickly moved away from it. "Ew, it moved!"

Kaede made her way over to Kaiya. "Do you see the flesh that shines? The Sacred Jewel is embedded there!" Kaede said to Kaiya. Kaiya sent Kaede a confused look. "You must remove it, else it will keep rejuvenating!"

"I'll get right on it, then!" Kaiya replied as her eyes scanned each piece of flesh. She stopped when she saw one body part in particular that had a glow about it. "Found it!" Kaiya yelled as she ran to the flesh. Kaiya took a deep breath before pulling the Jewel out of the wet, gross flesh. Immediately as soon as the Jewel left the flesh, all the body pieces disintegrated, only leaving the bones.

Kaiya went to give it to Kaede but she only shook her head and pushed the jewel back into Kaiya's hand. "Only you can possess the Jewel."

"Why was it inside my body?" Kaiya asked curiously. "This Jewel which can empower such a demon?"

"Exactly" Kaiya heard Inuyasha say behind her. Kaiya turned around as Inuyasha stomped his foot on a bone, which broke easily. A shiver ran up Kaiya's spine when she saw the menacing smile on Inuyasha's face. "Which a human has no possible use for it! If you don't want to feel the pain of my claws, just give me the Jewel and get it over with!"

Kaiya's eyes widened. What? She thought in disbelief. I thought he was the good guy!

This doesn't really have anything to do with the story but I just wanna point out that the name Kaiya in Japanese means 'Forgiveness' which would explain a lot about her personality as I write more into the story. And her brother, I decided to change his name 'cause it means 'bright one.' I'm gonna make him one of those really smart little brothers.

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