Warnings: The main focus of the story will be the MGLN characters, if you don't know MGLN you might get lost as I won't explain every single thing. The main pairing is NanoFate, if you don't know what that is don't bother reading this story. This prologue should give you a good enough idea of what to expect from the whole story.
Now, if I haven't scared you off yet, enjoy your reading and let me know what you think.


Love&Magic - Prologue


Nanoha closed the door behind her and looked up into the living room, immediately spotting the one she was looking for.

Smiling slightly, she stealthily made her way across the room until she was standing behind the couch, then leaned forward and covered the sitting blonde's eyes with her hands.

"Guess who?"

"Nanoha," Fate called her at the same time she grabbed one of the auburn haired girl's wrists and pulled her hand down to kiss her palm, her now uncovered crimson eyes somehow smiling as much as her lips.

They had just finished to greet each other when an indistinct whine coming from Fate's lap claimed their attention. Looking down, Nanoha saw a familiar pair of cats snuggling on said lap. One of them was enjoying being petted by Fate's deft fingers while the other, the one who had let out the whining sound, had been left unattended by the hand that had moved to grasp Nanoha's own.

Fate chuckled, amused by the feline's action, and resumed her pampering after giving Nanoha an apologetic look. The latter pouted and moved to sit on the couch herself, all the while fixing the twin cats with a jealous look.

"Fate, the white devil is glaring at us, she wants to kill us," one of the two spoke up.

"Yeah, please Fate, protect us from the white devil who'd kill two innocent kittens," the other agreed.

The blonde girl couldn't help laughing at the indignant sputtering that came from said white devil.

"Fate-chan! Don't laugh!" Nanoha protested. "This is all wrong, if one of us were to hurt cats that'd be you, not me!" She received three quizzical expressions, two feline and one human, and she smiled at the chance of pulling Fate's hair after the blonde had laughed at her. "Don't tell me you forgot about when we first met."

It didn't take more than a blink of her eyes before she understood what the blue eyed girl was referring to. "That didn't count, Nanoha that cat was possessed by a Jewel Seed! It was as tall as the Tokyo tower!"

"Don't be so melodramatic, it barely reached the tree tops." She dismissed Fate's words with a wave of her hand before adding, "and it was just a good little kit that wanted to play."

"No, no, I'm sure it was bigger than that, it was a hungry beast."

"You're exaggerating, you're just looking for excuses because you shot him with more electricity than a city consumes in a week."

"Who's exaggerating now?" Fate pointed out amused. "Yuuno was the only other person present and he would agree with me."

"Of course he would," Nanoha said rolling her eyes. "He was a ferret back then, and he never forgave that cat for trying to eat him, even-" she hurriedly continued to talk before Fate could say anything about how she was right about the kit being an hungry beast, "even if it really just wanted to play."

"Was all this before or after you ended up naked because of a malfunction with your barrier jackets?" Aria -or was it Lotte? It was hard enough to distinguish them when the two familiars were in their human form, but when they were cats it was impossible for anyone not Gil Graham- asked.

Since Fate's natural shyness had put her out of commission as soon as the question came, it fell to Nanoha to answer.

"We never ended up naked, who told yo- No, wait, more importantly, what kind of extravagant tale did you hear?"

"That your devices were damaged because of a Jewel Seed, and your barrier jackets vanished leaving you two bare naked except for your hair ribbons to stare at each other and call each other's names," the other cat twin answered.

"Raising Heart, take note: must track down the source of this rumor and come up with a suitable punishment."

[Yes, master.] The mechanical voice of Nanoha's trusted intelligent device came from around her neck where the red sphere was hanging.

"Ok you two, let's make this clear, we did not end up naked back then."

"So, when did you?"

Nanoha furtively glanced at Fate, but with the direction the conversation had taken the blonde wasn't going to be able to do much more than blush cutely and shuffle in her seat. Actions that made her look absolutely adorable and spurred Nanoha into trying to get rid of their extra company.

"Don't you know that curiosity killed the cat?"

"Yeah, but satisfaction brought it back"

"I assure you I can shoot more than nine times. Now off you go, go to sleep, it's late. Let me have my Fate-chan time."

The two cats looked at each other in a silent exchange before they jumped down the couch, having decided to leave the girls to have their alone time together. After all the two deserved it since they were being a big help in managing their master -or father, as the Liese twins liked to call him- Graham's camping field.

Nanoha and Fate absently wished them a good night while the familiars disappeared upstairs, before the former moved down the couch until she occupied the place she had coveted since entering the room, namely Fate's lap. She squirmed around a bit until she found a comfortable position and snuggled against the taller blonde who smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. The actions were enough that neither of them minded too much when they were interrupted.

[Master, call from colonel Hayate.]

"Let it through," Nanoha said happily pulling Fate's arms tighter around her. As soon as she finished talking, a screen appeared floating in front of them showing the image of their childhood friend.

"Hey you two, how is my favorite couple? Are you enjoying your honeymoon on good old Earth?" Their childhood friend's smiling face greeted them from the screen floating in front of them.

"Hayate," Nanoha returned her greeting with equal enthusiasm from her position cuddled on Fate's lap, "we can't complain, the TSAB's basically paying us for doing nothing. Well, that's not true, there's so many people camping, the place's packed full. And we also had to help Graham-san and the twins since more than half the people here seem to have never camped out before in their lives."

"Ah ah, I'm sorry you had to do that instead of enjoying your vacation," the brunette chuckled sheepishly at her friends' situation. "But look at the bright side, for once it looks like the irregularities uncle picked up aren't anything that could implode and throw our whole solar system into a dimensional distortion."

"Yeah, that's new," Nanoha answered finding the joke mildly funny despite Hayate saying a rather scary truth. "But still, for as little as it is, I'm still working on my honeymoon, it's totally wrong!"

"I wish I could help you, I really do," the mistress of the Tome of the Night Sky said apologetically.

The truth was she could have easily helped her friends with their economic problems since her salary was rather high, if it wasn't for the fact she had to support not only herself but her knights too. Hayate was actually in the middle of presenting a petition for the four of them to receive their own salary, something the TSAB had initially refused on the base that they were programs and not real flesh and blood people.

"We know, don't worry Hayate, it's the thought that counts." Nanoha smiled at her friend.

"Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, but since Fate-chan didn't say a word and kept staring down your shirt this whole time I guess I'll hang up now."

"I wasn't!" Fate's head shot up so fast the other two girls wondered if she unconsciously used her sonic move.

"Oh, I see." Nanoha sighed with a sad face, "I guess Fate-chan doesn't like my chest after all..."

"No! Yes! Of course I love your breasts, but I wasn't staring, not because I didn't want to but I didn't, I mean... I..." The blonde's face had steadily gained color as she kept rambling until her brain finally caught up with what her mouth was spouting and sent the command to shut it. "You're making fun of me, aren't you?" she asked after a while, hiding her very red face with her hands.

Nanoha giggled at her while Hayate herself was punching her desk and laughing without holding back.

"I'm sorry Fate-chan, you're just so cute, we can't help it," her not-so-dear-right-now wife told her with mirth.

Fate pouted and pushed her down her lap, then turned her back to her and laid face down on the couch. "Why didn't you marry Hayate, then, if you get along so well making fun of me?"

"I would say yes, Nanoha-chan," the voice from the screen promptly answered.

Nanoha shook her head and said goodbye to Hayate before hanging up. Once she did that she turned her attention to her pouting wife who was still laying face down on the couch without looking at her.

"Fate-chan," she called as she crawled on the couch until she was hovering over the blonde on her hands and knees. "Fate-chaaaan," she called a second time while lowering her head until her lips brushed against said blonde's ear.

That got a reaction as the girl under her turned around so that she was facing her while laying on her back now. She was, however, still pouting with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You're mean," Fate accused her.

"I'm sorry," Nanoha apologized while lowering herself on top of her. Almost on instinct, Fate uncrossed her arms to slip them around her waist.

"Please forgive me?" The request was done while laying a kiss at the corner of her mouth, which, combined with the sensation of their bodies touching as Fate felt the gentle weight of her lovely wife on her, gave her little choice but to nod to grant her a positive answer.

Nanoha grinned like the cat who ate the canary as she nuzzled her very gullible sweetheart and simply laid there, enjoying their closeness and Fate's caresses as the latter had started to move her hands up and down her back.

It might not be the best honeymoon they could have, but just being able to share a moment like this, just the two of them resting in each other's arms, it made it all worth it.

Really, even if they had to work as helpers for old man Graham as a cover while they investigated the anomalies the retired admiral had registered in his campground, Nanoha didn't care. She just saw it as something unique, and the fact it helped their finances and allowed them to actually come to Earth and Europe was the greatest stroke of luck. Even if Fate had made fun of her for wanting to see Europe when they had, quite literally, hundreds of different, foreign worlds they could have gone to.

Humming happily, Nanoha continued to cuddle with Fate. That was all she cared about, being together with the girl of her dreams.

They remained like that for some time before the mood eventually shifted, turning from peaceful to intense, mainly because the blue eyed girl started to lay kisses on the blonde's neck as well as sliding one of her legs between hers. At that point Fate didn't waste time to respond by sneaking under the auburn haired girl's shirt with her hands to continue her previous rubbing motion without the hindrance of the cloth separating her from the warm, soft, smooth skin of the love of her life.

Nanoha pulled herself up to look at those red eyes that made her fall in love before she could even understand what that feeling was, a mischievous smile full of promises plastered on her face. She felt the arms around her back tighten around her in an embrace that pulled her down and tilted her head a bit as she descended to kiss her wife's lips...

When someone banged on the door.

The two girls froze in their spots, their lips so close it was hard to believe they weren't touching.

Fate could clearly see the desperate struggle behind the violet blue eyes that shifted from her to the front door and back to her, the responsible and conscientious side warring against selfish desires as Nanoha bit her lower lip and looked at her with pleading eyes. She knew they were begging her to ask her to stay just as she knew that, should she do so, whoever was knocking on the door would be ignored and left to their own devices till the next day.

Unfortunately for the both of them, though, Fate's sense of responsibility and her selflessness was very similar to Nanoha's own.

"We should answer that," she murmured, regretfully putting a definite stop to their nightly activities.

A frustrated groan escaped from Nanoha's lips as she closed her eyes in resignation.

"I just hope it's not that old guy in a woman's sleeping dress who wants to ask how to flush the toilet. I mean, really, there's been a lot of weirdos camping out here these past few days and the place is packed full too," she grumbled unhappily as she made to get up.

However, despite her previous words, Fate's arms were still hugging her and seemed to have no intention to let her go, effectively preventing her from going to answer the door. Realizing this, Nanoha pecked her lips lightly while reaching behind her to grab one of her wrists and reluctantly free herself from the intimate embrace.

Once she was finally standing, she fixed her shirt walking to the front door. However, she stopped abruptly when she felt the lack of a certain support. Glancing back at Fate who was fixing her own skirt, Nanoha reached up her back to clasp her bra, idly wondering when and how exactly the blonde had managed to unclasp it without her notice, then waited for said blonde to be absolutely impeccable. There was no way she was going to let the annoying idiot who dared interrupt their fun get a peek at her woman.

'And now I sound like Hayate. I bet she'd laugh herself silly if she was here now.'

Shaking her head to clear her mind, she finally opened the door.

"Hello, how can I-"


[Protection- Divine Shooter]

The hooded, cloaked figure holding a wand that had tried to attack Nanoha was thrown away and fell on his back. The other people who had been standing in front of the door, both those dressed in the same hood and cloak getup and a few men in more normal clothes, stared at her in silence. On the few faces that weren't hidden, shock was clearly visible.

"Erm... oops? Nyahaha..."