Tales of Aincrad - Author's Notes

Welcome to my Sword Art Online Fanfiction,

Tales of Aincrad

This will be a series of one-shots from the world of Aincrad, from the views of various characters, but mostly from the eyes of either Kirito or Asuna.

The way they are laid out are going to be very much like the actual side stories from the original light novel series. Depending on how committed I get, I might also bring in some OCs in various chapters of the story.

Chapters will most likely be published fairly irregularly, due to the fact that I'm in China at the moment, and my internet connection can get a bit touchy at times. Also, this is going to be a side project as I work on two longer, ongoing FanFics.


In the year 2022, the virtual massively online multiplayer role-playing game, Sword Art Online, was released, along with the Nerve Gear, a Virtual Reality system that could simulate all five of a player's senses. However, inside the world of Aincrad, a more sinister force had taken action. Players were prevented from logging out of the game until the entire castle of Aincrad, 100 floors, were cleared. Death in-game would cause the player's death in the real world. After just two months, already two thousand people had died. Still, the remaining players grimly pressed on, clearing level after level on their way to reach the final boss on the 100th floor.

After a long struggle, the Black Swordsman, known as Kirito, managed to clear the game, returning the entrapped Sword Art Online players back to the real world. However, these players left behind other things in the now abandoned world of Aincrad. Part of their memories, actions, and feelings stayed behind in that world, free for any who wished to see the lives of those entrapped in the game.

These are some of their tales.