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"How's the boat coming along?" Tony asked leaning back in the chair and putting his feet up on the coffee table.

"Good." Gibbs nodded sitting on the couch, the far right side of it, keeping as much distance from Tony as possible while still sitting comfortable in the same room. He looked at the empty Chinese containers on the coffee table and it reminded him of the past, the not too distant past, but the past none the less.

"You're going to the awards ceremony Friday?" Tony asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah. Abby wants me there." Gibbs said taking a swig of his beer.

Of course. Tony sighed to himself, Gibbs would do anything for Abby. Too bad he never realized that's part of being in a relationship as well. Supporting your partner as much as you support your Forensic Scientist. "I'm sure Abby's thrilled. You at a black tie affair."

"She deserves the award." Gibbs paused. "Not every day you win an award for outstanding discovery in Forensic Science."


"You going?"

Tony nodded. "Been threatened with bodily harm if I don't show up."

Gibbs chuckled. "Yeah I think we all received that threat."

"I'll get rid of this stuff." Tony started gathering the empty containers.

"I can do it."

"It will only take two seconds."

Gibbs nodded. This whole being friends with your ex still made him uncomfortable at times. Tony knew too much about him, knew if he didn't throw the containers away they would sit there until at least tomorrow night. So, just like when they were together, Tony still made sure to get rid of the empty Chinese containers, pizza boxes, or plastic containers of whatever food they happened to eat that night. Do normal people really do this? He asked himself. Stay friends after a break-up. Their jobs demanded some level of professionalism within the office, but why the hell were they still hanging out together outside of work? Because you're still friends. Like it or not. Gibbs rubbed his forehead. Their relationship had lasted little over a year, Tony living here the last four months of the relationship. Maybe living together had caused the problem, maybe if they'd both kept separate places they'd still be together. He chuckled to himself. Living together was not the problem.

"You want another beer?" Tony asked from the kitchen.

"No." Gibbs answer was quick and short. No living together wasn't the problem, everything else was. The last two months together they were either not talking or arguing. They both held equal blame for the problems in their relationship. Originally they thought some space, Tony living back at the apartment might help them repair the relationship. After two months, they both realized, it wasn't about trying to fix the relationship anymore. It was about moving on and trying to find some way to maintain a friendship and working relationship. Another two months passed and they had at least managed that much. Although it had been awkward and uncomfortable at first, at least now they could share a meal together and not bring up their failed relationship. "I found a few of your things. Put them in a bag by the door."

Tony paused as he stepped into the living room. A bag of his things at the door was Gibbs polite way of saying it was time for him to leave. He glanced casually at his watch. Almost nine thirty, Gibbs had made it a whole hour and twenty-three minutes tonight. Ten minutes less than a few weeks ago when they had dinner together. Every time they had dinner, Gibbs tolerated him less and less. He wondered how long it would be before Gibbs just started refusing to have dinner all together. At the rate they were going it would only take about a month, since they only shared a meal every few weeks. Then any comfort Tony took in spending time here would disappear as well. Gibbs already barely tolerated his visits just to talk after a hard case or when something was bothering him. He'd lose that comfort too eventually.

"I should take off." Tony headed towards the front door. Gibbs following a few steps behind.

"Thanks for dinner." Gibbs forced a smile.

"No problem."

Gibbs opened the door and they both stared at the man standing at the door, hand raised to knock.

"Hi." The man smiled. "Didn't mean to intrude. I'm your new neighbor." He pointed towards the house on the left of Gibbs. Sticking out his hand to Gibbs, he continued smiling. "Alonzo Spiros."

"Jethro Gibbs." Gibbs shook the man's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Jethro." Alonzo said holding onto the handshake slightly longer than was necessary.

"Anthony DiNozzo." Tony extended his hand.

"Hi." Alonzo nodded, finally letting go of Gibbs' hand and quickly shaking Tony's. "Am I interrupting?"

"No." Gibbs shook his head. "Tony was just leaving."

Tony glanced at Gibbs. "Yeah leaving."

"See you at work tomorrow."

Nothing like practically pushing me out the door. Tony thought annoyed. He smiled at the other man. "Alonzo. Italian?"

"Half Italian. My mother's Italian. My father's Greek." Alonzo was still smiling.

Great. Not only does he look like a Greek God, he actually is a Greek God. The man was gorgeous, by any one's standards. Thick, sandy blond hair that contrasted with the deep olive hue of his skin. Dark blue eyes that sparkled even in the moon light. And of course a body that any man or woman would kill for. Although thin, he had muscles in all the right places. His biceps hugged tightly in the blue t-shirt he wore, well developed pecs defined against the front of the shirt. The jeans he wore were tight and no doubt showed off his ass. He stood almost eye to eye with Gibbs, so six foot.

Jesus please let him be straight! Tony groaned to himself. Looking down at Alonzo's shoes, Tony groaned to himself.

"Night Tony." Gibbs said looking at Tony.

"Night." Tony forced a smile as he slowly started to walk off the porch.

"I was wondering if you might have a utility knife I could borrow." Alonzo asked Gibbs. "Promise to get it back to you tomorrow."

"Yeah sure."

"You're a life saver." Alonzo sighed touching Gibbs' arm. "I don't know the city real well yet and I didn't want to have to drive around aimlessly looking for a store."

"Come on in." Gibbs held open the door.

"I owe you dinner for this one."

Tony rolled his eyes as he reached the car. Oh he is so not straight.

Tossing his keys on the counter, Tony grabbed a beer and flopped down on the couch. Shaking his head, he tried to erase the vision of the Greek God at Gibbs' door. Alonzo wasn't Gibbs type, too metrosexual. The man's fingernails were obviously manicured, his hands soft like they'd never done a hard day's work EVER. He was probably a personal trainer or something that never required him to get his hands dirty.

Groaning, he rubbed his hands through his hair. Why the hell did he even care? It wasn't like he thought Gibbs was just sitting at home pining away for him, he knew Gibbs better than that. He had no idea if Gibbs had been dating or getting laid. Wasn't like Gibbs would share that information with him. But given his familiarity with Gibbs sexual appetite, he found it hard to believe Gibbs hadn't gotten laid in four months, well three and a half months. During that first month of living separately, there were a few times they had slept together. Sex was definitely not their problem. They could make love for hours, sleep and start all over again.

"Damn it." Tony growled, his cock starting to harden at the mere thought. "Stop!" He said looking down at his growing hard on.

It wasn't like he could just turn his emotions for Gibbs off, it wasn't that easy. He knew it was over, but that didn't obliterate the fact that he cared for the man. Even given the state of their friendship at the moment he knew if he needed anything he could call Gibbs at any time and the man would be there. There was no hate between them, regret, disappointment, but no hate. Although, he was starting to understand that Gibbs was slowly getting more and more uncomfortable with them spending time together outside work.

"You knew that could happen when the relationship started." Tony said out loud. It was one of the risks of being in love with the one man that had always been there for him. Gibbs had always been the person he could go to day or night, and Gibbs would be there. That wouldn't be an option when Gibbs started seeing someone. Not exactly what the new person in your life wants, the ex showing up at all hours. Oh God he was one of the ex's. He chuckled, never did he think he would be grouped in with the likes of Stephanie and Diane. At least their split hadn't involved lawyers. That was a plus on his side.

Enough dwelling, he decided as he got up and headed into the bedroom. Stripping down he climbed under the covers and stared at the ceiling, an image suddenly flashing through his mind. Gibbs bending Alonzo over the dining room table fucking him mercilessly. STOP! He screamed at himself inside his head. It's none of your damn business and you shouldn't be thinking about it. Hard not to be a little pissed at the thought of some guy being bend over the table that Gibbs used to bend him over.

"Stop!" He barked out into the darkness. Gibbs could do whatever the hell he wanted with whomever he wanted. Even if it was with some over muscled, metrosexual, Greek boy toy.

The kick to the desk, made Tony jerk his head up. "Sorry boss." He'd been struggling all day not to fall asleep and evidently he'd failed.

"Go home." Gibbs said walking over to his own desk.

Rubbing his eyes, Tony looked at the clock. Almost eight, damn he'd been asleep forty-five minutes. "I have a couple reports to finish up, want me to go grab us some dinner?"

"No." Gibbs turned off his computer. "Go home, finish them in the morning. I don't want mistakes because you're too tired to focus." He headed towards the elevator, but instead took the steps.

"Night." Tony mumbled to himself. So much for any kind of goodbye. Packing up his stuff, he turned off the computer.

"Hey." Abby looked around the bullpen. "Where's Gibbs."


"Oh. Can I catch a ride with you?"

"Sure. Car in the shop?"

"Yeah. Tune up, new tires all that stuff." She grinned. "Maybe we can stop and have a drink."

"Not sure I'm up to that."

"What's wrong?" Her eyes saddened and concern washed over her face. "Did something happen?"

"No." Tony smiled half-heartedly. "I'm fine. Just tired, didn't sleep well last night."

"So something is wrong." She instantly hugged him. "Tell me?"

"It's nothing." Tony gave her a quick hug back then pried her arms off him. "Let's get out of here."

He was already half way to the door when he heard the knock.

"I brought beer." Alonzo smiled as the door opened.

"Come on in." Gibbs chuckled, holding open the door, then closing it behind his guest.

"I wish you would have let me buy dinner."

"You said Chinese was okay."

"Absolutely." Alonzo nodded. "Can I put this in the fridge?"

Gibbs nodded.

Walking back in Alonzo handed a beer to Gibbs and dropped down on the other end of the couch. "So what do we have?" He asked checking out a couple of the containers. "Ooh low mien."

"Have at it." Gibbs said grabbing a pair of chopsticks and a container.

"So you're still friends with your ex?" Alonzo asked, using chopsticks to take a bite.

"Excuse me?" Gibbs coughed, clearing his throat.

"Sorry." Alonzo chuckled. "I have a tendency to ask questions that are really none of my business."

"No it's-"

"You don't have to explain. Forget I asked."

"We work together. It requires a level of professionalism."

"Last night was work?" Alonzo asked and took another bite.


"So you are friends?"

"Yeah." Why did it bother him so much to admit that.

"That's great." Alonzo shrugged. "Weird, but great."

Gibbs couldn't help it, he laughed. "Believe me, I know how weird it is."

"It's really not that weird. A lot of people try to stay friends." Alonzo sighed. "I tried with my ex, at least for awhile."

"Bad break-up?"

"Not really, just sad." Taking a deep breath, Alonzo shook his head. "But now I'm here, a fresh start. It's nice."

"Is that why you moved?"

"God no. Work." Alonzo looked at Gibbs a moment. "You big on museums?"

"When there's a good exhibit." Gibbs grinned. "Not one to go look at Picasso's or Rembrandts. History, military especially."

"So you've been to the Air and Space Museum a lot."


"Did you go to the Fly Marines exhibit?"

"I did."

"I set that exhibit up, well set up might be the wrong word." Alonzo chuckled. "I designed the layout, directed people on how to set it up."

"So that makes you what?"

"The term is Exhibit Specialist." They both laughed.

"Nice title."

"That was my title. I was working at the George Gustav Heye Center in New York, and would come here when they needed help. Now I'm here for good and I'm the Supervisor of Exhibits."


"Yeah, more work, a little more money, but still not enough."

Taking a swig of beer, Gibbs nodded.

"How long has it been?"

Gibbs took a deep breath, knowing what the question was referring to. "Four months."


"Not really."

"Getting laid."

"Um." Gibbs wasn't really comfortable sharing that kinda information.

"I'll take that as a no." Alonzo grinned. "We should take a night, hit a bar or a club, we can both look for the next Mr. Right."

"Not really one to go out to a club and meet people."

"A bar, no music or dancing. Just a couple drinks, see if anyone catches your eye." Alonzo didn't get a response. "What about Friday?"

"Have plans."

Alonzo smirked. "Actual plans or trying to be polite and brush me off?"

"Plans. Award ceremony for a friend, black tie."

"Must be an important friend." Alonzo grabbed his beer. "You don't strike me as the black tie kinda guy."


"Okay how about Saturday?"

"You don't give up." Gibbs chuckled.

"Come on new guy in town!" Alonzo leaned towards Gibbs. "Even if you don't wanna meet someone you can be my wing man."

"I have a counteroffer."

"So you think Gibbs is doing this guy just because he showed up and wanted to borrow a utility knife?" Abby's face was contorted into a mash of confusion.

"No, I think he's doing the guy because, Alonzo." The name came out snarky. "Wants to do Gibbs."

"And Gibbs is just gonna do him?"

Tony shook his head. "Abby, the man is gorgeous. Italian and Greek, buff. I look like a bowl of Jell-O next to him. A bowl of Jell-O you left out overnight and it started to liquefy again."

She couldn't help it, she started to laugh. "Tony, Gibbs isn't about the hard body boy toy. He wants a real man."

He turned on his bar stool and stared at her. "So you honestly think if Mr. Greek Adonis offered himself, for one night, Gibbs wouldn't do it?"

She swallowed hard and looked down at her drink on the bar.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Tony took the last swig of his beer and shook the bottle at the bartender for another. It appeared a few seconds later.

"Are you sure Alonzo is gay?"

He glared at her. "As sure as the Ferigamo's he was wearing were real."

"Ouch, that sure huh?" She shrugged. "Maybe he's not interested in Gibbs."

"Oh, he's interested." Tony rolled his eyes. "He was all smiles, shaking hands, touching Gibbs' arm."

"Do you still love him?"

"What!" Tony stared at her, eyes wide. "What the hell kinda question is that?"

"Well we're sitting at a bar, you're bitching about some guy that your ex may or may not be bending over and fucking, so it's a good question."

Tony sighed. "I care, that's all."

"About what? That he might be screwing someone or that he could have met someone and be happy."

Groaning, Tony dropped his head back. "I want him to be happy Abs...that's not it."

She grinned. "You just want him happy with someone that's not better looking than you."

Tony rolled his head to the side and looked at her. "And not younger."

Patting his shoulder, she shook her head. "Don't see Gibbs going for an older man."

"Doesn't have to be older than him, older than me would be nice." Tony groaned again and ran his hands down his face. "I hate this."

"So you think Gibbs has been celibate since you two broke up?"

"No." Tony scoffed. "But it's the first time I had to see it."

"But you didn't see anything. You just think you did." She nudged his shoulder. "The guy probably got the utility knife went home, brought it back today and that's it."

"I like that thought."

Laying her head on his shoulder, she hugged his arm. He was still in love with Gibbs, she knew that, problem was she had no idea how Gibbs felt. Plus she wasn't sure them loving each other was enough. Hell, she still wasn't sure exactly what had ended the relationship. They both just said it wasn't working.

He kissed the top of her head. She was right to ask the question. He did love Gibbs, the problem wasn't loving him, it was everything that went with it.