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It's funny what people believe about love, what idealistic people think about love. They believe that it should be platonic – sweet, patient, and nonsexual. That if they fall in love, it'll sweep them off their feet and let them fall breathlessly. They think those people who experience problems in relationships are not really meant to be because if they are, then the whole thing should be smooth sailing. Maybe, fairytales do come true?

I'll tell you what. I used to be one of those people – the dreamers. I believed in it, I grabbed it, but what happened? I fell so hard, in the end, I was broken, wholly broken. That changed my views of the world. I should never have let myself be one of them.

I let myself give out so many chances, but where did all of them end up? What happened to it? It went to waste. A dumbfuck like me should've known the consequences the very first time I gave him the chance. Well, what do you expect? The whole thing was so good, so perfect I thought it will never end.

I hope I can prove I'm a good friend to Alice for doing this. Admittedly, I know I have so much to make up for the years that we spent apart from each other. I did miss her and the rest of the gang. But I'm just so full of their crap! Never growing up? Really? It's fun, I know. I'm one of those people who want the 'forever young' concept, but, there's no such thing. I have grown up while they weren't ready... while he wasn't ready. Deep sigh.

I've always hoped they changed after I walked out on all of them. I still do, but now that I see them again? Groan.

What hurts more than seeing your ex changed up and acting like the real civilized person you wanted him to be when you were together?

Nothing. You know why?

'Cause I still love him. So much.