Settle down with me

I'll be your safety

You'll be my lady


After dinner, we all went to the living room to watch Tropic Thunder, popcorns, chips and and beers ready. I already have the Nutella I bought at a store inside the airport.

Edward eventually blocks the screen as the movie starts, making Emmett and Rose whine in annoyance. "You should've done whateverthefuck you want before we started the fucking movie!"

Edward hits the pause on the DVD player manually and takes a deep breath. We all look at him expectantly. This thing about to go on, I bet this is massive. Like the-nuclear-bomb-in-Japan-during-the-WW II explosive. He doesn't do deep breaths and nervous fidgets, except for big, important things. Even I am already breathing heavily. "I wanna get this out of the way, that's why I decided to tell it now." He gulps. "Bella?" he calls me. I look at him, my eyebrows arched. He suddenly goes down on one knee in front of me. The tension gets heavier. One of the guys whistled. Edward brings out a small box. My breathing hitches. "Will you move in with me?" he asks, looking at me through his lashes and opening the box with a key inside it.

I glare at him. "Edward kiddo, you fucker," I hiss, showing him my fist.

He arches his brow. "What? I already gave you a ring. Now, moving in will just complete the piece."