A/N - this is for Livvi (the alpha hale)

{ever-changing views}

Loki had really weird views on life; ever-changing. When he was younger, he mostly wanted to be king, setting all his goals and aims on impressing his father, showing he was worthy to the kingdom of Asgard.

And then, when he realised the odds didn't favour him, they favoured Thor, he realised that life wasn't fair, and even the most accomplished didn't get what they deserved. He turned against his kingdom only because he didn't get what he craved, he was always in the background, the unloved of the prince duo. He joined the side of the forgotten, the men that had fallen into the darkness, the Frost Giants.

Once Loki had been given the throne and found out about his ancestry, he didn't know what to think. His views were jumbled up, and he didn't know what to do with himself. It was like the Midgardian cartoons, where there would be the devil on one of your shoulders, and an angel on the other, debating as to what you should do. Decisions were hard to make, but Loki didn't know whether the decisions he had made were good or bad.

So, here he was, one staff keeping him from falling into the abyss that was space. Decisions were piling up and ever-changing, but Loki did the first thing he could think of. "I could've done it, father!" came his call, his eyes pleading with desperation. He needed to be admired.

Odin, emotionless, looked down to the son, and boomed, "No, Loki." For, what was really the point? He was king, the Allfather, he loved his son, he really did, but why explain to a man, so torn from the truth, who thought his life was a poisonous dream, that what he was doing was wrong?

But Loki saw the truth. He saw that Odin would convince Thor, but simply stop Loki, like he was a fool. He saw his childhood, his upbringing of lies, and his decisions and views locked onto something that was the truth in this endless lying world.

He let go.