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Monday 11:56 - School - With Rito, Yui, Lala, and Tearju

"Where do people keep getting all these cameras?" Asked Rito irritatedly as he pulled the film out of a hidden camera Yui had heard going off nearby. "I knew that you'd be drawing attention, but I never imagined it would get this bad." He remarked as he threw the now useless film into a bucket full of likewise ruined film. "Even on the roof, even with Yui here to confiscate all the cameras, and even after Lala activated a machine that makes all cameras in a set area useless, they just keep coming." He remarked as he munched on a sandwich and glanced thoughtfully at an antenna with a very familiar design theme to it.

"Most men at this age are just useless perverts," Scoffed Yui as she took the camera and placed it in a bag full of confiscated cameras. "Just wait until they grow up. Then they'll have to clean up their acts and become respectable members of society if they want to make it out there in the real world."

"Don't you think that's a little harsh, Yui?" Asked Lala curiously. "They're still young now, after all."

"There's no time like the present to get ready for the future." Insisted Yui before taking an angry bite out of her lettuce and anchovy sandwich.

"I hate to say it, but Yui's right." Tearju remarked before biting into her BLT. "Those kids need to learn more self-control before it's too late. Not all boys at that age are as nice as Rito." As she realized the words that just came out of her mouth, Tearju blushed and tried to hide her face behind her thermos.

"Sometimes the older ones are even worse," Deadpanned Rito. "Worse yet, they can even manage to get jobs that make them even more dangerous. Case and point," He paused as he and Tearju casually walked over to the railings and unhooked a grappling hook, sending The Principal falling to the ground in a panic. "How he keeps his job is beyond me."

"Has The Principal ever done that before?" Peke asked worriedly.

"I don't think so," Muttered Yui irritably before turning to Tearju. "How big have you gotten, anyway? If you're driving even The Principal to new extremes you must be beyond belief."

"184-56-165," Recited Ryouko from memory as she arrived at the rooftop, a pouting Yami in her arms. "I've gotta say Tearju, you keep growing and you might break a few world records soon."

"Hello, Yami." Greeted Tearju shyly, ignoring Ryouko's remark in favor of her daughter.

"Hello, Tear." Returned Yami as she averted her eyes. "Will you let me go now, Ryouko?"

"Of course," Smiled Ryouko as she tossed Yami at Rito, who barely managed to catch her before a heavy and ecchi collision. "Nice catch, Rito! Definitely an improvement from your normal fare."

"Thanks for bringing her here, Ryouko." Rito said gratefully as she sat down next to him and began her own lunch. "It's good to see you again, Yami. I've missed you these past few days."

"I've missed you too," Yami replied as she tried to break Rito's hold on her, but he managed to hold tight. "You can let go of me now."

"Sorry Yami, but that's not going to happen." Rito apologized as he turned her around so she was seated comfortably in his lap, though still restrained by his arms. "Now you can just sit there and eat your lunch."

"You're being a lot more forward than usual, Rito." Noted Yui curiously. "Not that it's a bad thing, of course! I just might like something like that too." She insisted.

By this point, Yami was blushing madly at the close physical contact with her boyfriend. "Rito, please let me go." She demanded steadily, trying to hold back her every impulse from her old life screaming at her to use extreme violence.

"Yami, you're a smart girl. You already know what I want." Rito shook his head before glancing at Tearju then back to Yami, who was now distracting herself by eating. "This can go one of two ways, but the outcome is going to be the same no matter what. As your fiance, I'll make sure of that."

"Fiance?" Asked Yui, Yami, and Tearju in astonishment, while Lala and Ryouko just smiled.

"Of course," Rito nodded as he brushed Yami's arms, though he was silently thinking that there may have been better ways to go about broaching this subject. "Regardless of how it all happened, I'm taking all my relationships very seriously. I tried to fight it for a long time, but the fact of the matter is that I can't stand the idea of things going back to how they were. I have a harem. I'm fine with that, I like it, and I want to be with all of you for the rest of my life."

"Rito," Said Yui breathlessly. "What are you saying?"

"Do you really intend to go so far, so soon?" Asked Tearju nervously.

"Not now, not yet." Amended Rito as he brushed Yami's hair. "Someday, when I'm older, I'll ask for real. Until then though, I want these days to last."

"Rito, you make my heart pound," Ryouko smiled as she pulled a surprised Rito onto her own lap. "If you're already thinking so much about the future, I know of a few things that could help you become an adult even faster." She whispered in his ear, causing Rito, Yami, and Tearju to blush.

"Not at school." Insisted Yui. "Save it for another time."

Yami was trembling now. Whether in fear or anticipation was only known to her.

"You're already thinking about such steps," Yami whispered softly. "But why then? What does she have to do with that?"

"Because I want you to be happy, Yami." Rito explained. "I know that you've missed Tearju, even if you won't admit it, so I'm just going to make you admit it."

Ordinarily Yami would protest heavily to such demands. However, for reasons she barely understood herself, she wanted his words to be true. 'Maybe this is part of being in love?' She thought. 'Most philosophers agree that there isn't anyone who can be right all the time. I suppose it only stands to reason that maybe this is part of why people fall in love, so that they can try to be right where the other is wrong.' Deciding to give the words of her lover a try, she said to Tearju, "Would you mind trading a sandwich for one of mine?" She offered quietly as she held out a PB&J.

Tearju stared at her daughter in astonishment for several seconds before coming to her senses. "I'd love to." She said tenderly as they each swapped a triangle shaped cut of sandwich.

Over the next several days, Rito would continue to make efforts to bring Yami and Tearju closer together. Trying to help bridge the gap between mother and daughter that had been torn asunder so long ago. However, it was an uphill battle, and interactions were short and far between at best.

Tuesday After School - School Library - With Rito, Tearju, and Yami

"If you're not here for books, you should leave." Said Yami coldly as she glared at Rito and Tearju over the edge of a book titled 'The Hunger Games'. "I know what you're doing, but the library is my space. If you're not here for it's purpose, then leave." She neglected to mention that since it was after school only the faculty should technically still be here. However, if push came to shove she dared anybody to try and remover her from the library by force.

"I suppose your books are very important to you," Consented Rito awkwardly. "I guess we should get going then." He said as he helped Tearju get up.

"Are you sure about this, Rito?" Asked Tearju quietly as he lead them away. "I thought you said we wanted to talk to her while she was in here because she'd be in a good mood?"

"And she will be," Rito whispered as soon as they rounded a corner. "Just follow my lead."

Yami had been reading peacefully for about half an hour before they returned. This time, holding their own copies of 'The Hunger Games'. "What are you two doing?" She quirked her eyebrow as they sat at the table she had.

"Reading, the same as you." Rito explained as he and Tearju paid most of their attention to their books. "Since we're using the library for it's purpose, there shouldn't be any problems." Turning a page he added, "If you'd like to discuss what we've read so far, feel free to."

Yami silently glared at Rito and Tearju, her eyes a steely cold gaze of frustration. While she knew what they were up to and wanted them gone, she didn't want to use force in her favorite place for fear of damaging books. So she just sat there and continued reading. The silence pressed on for about an hour, Yami occasionally catching Tearju or Rito sneaking peeks over the edge of their books. Eventually, she decided she wasn't going to get more reading done, and left to return her book the the shelve and leave, an actions Rito and Tearju soon mimicked.

Wednesday Evening - Ryouko's House - Rito, His Harem, and Tearju

"I'm glad you could join us for dinner, Yami." Tearju said as her daughter took her seat at a long dining table Ryouko didn't often get to use until recently. "With the way things have been we've had to spend the last few days here. Since we can't really get too far apart because of these cuffs, and Haruna needs a lot of attention."

"I thought that only you and Rito were handcuffed." Yami deadpanned. "How is it suppose to affect Ryouko, Yui, and Lala?"

"It's a long story," Sighed Yui as she set out the dishes she and Ryouko had prepared. "But the bottom line is that unless Ryouko, Lala, and I stay within 100 meters of Rito and Tearju, we experience extreme sadness."

"I like the way things have gotten!" Said Lala energetically. "I see it as practicing for when we're all one big family."

"Emphasis on big." Ryouko said as she set out a large roasted salmon. "At first the idea of any more than 5 sister wives was a bit much for me to think about, but now I'm thinking there should be at least twice as many."

"Isn't that supposed to be my decision?" Asked Rito rhetorically as he got some salmon for himself and Tearju. "Right now I've got my hands full with just the women in this room."

Tearju blushed at this declaration. "Except for me of course." She corrected him.

"I know what I said." Rito declared neutrally before he began eating, causing Tearju to fidget in her seat as she focused on her food.

Yami, who didn't like what she was hearing glared at Rito. She had already seen through what Rito was trying to do, and she didn't like it one bit. Regardless of any other circumstances beyond the control of anyone here, she considered herself estranged from Tearju, and the thought of being in a harem with her was killing her appetite.

"Yami, are you feeling alright?" Asked Tearju, cutting off her brooding. "You haven't gotten anything to eat yet."

Yami looked at her bare plate, then to the various dishes set out in front of her, then she gazed at the loaded plates of everyone else before looking back to her own. "I'm not hungry." She answered honestly. Being in the same room as Tearju, however much she knew Rito was trying to help them reconcile, was still unsettling.

Tearju looked distraught at her daughter's response, until her face lit up as if remembering something important. "Rito, could you come with me for a second?" She asked as she quickly hoisted herself up in spite of her weighty breasts and guided him into the kitchen, Yami looking on curiously.

After listening to them shuffle about in the kitchen for a minute, Tearju and Rito came back into the dining room, Tearju with a gentle smile, while Rito looked slightly nervous. Instantly Yami's guard was up. She didn't know what they were up to, but she didn't like how their expressions contrasted each other so much.

"Here you go, Yami." Tearju said as she handed her a paper bag. "I heard that you really like these, so when you said that you'd come over tonight I decided to bake you some as a treat."

Yami didn't need to be told what was in the bag. The moment she had handed it to her she already knew what it was and opened the bag with a twinge of excitement. However, upon reaching inside the bag, she pulled out what appeared to be some badly burnt mess. "Is this supposed to be taiyaki?" She asked, severely disappointed.

From her seat, Yui shook her head. "This is why I told you not to give it to her." She groaned.

"I see your cooking skills haven't changed at all." Chuckled Ryouko nervously.

"I'm really sorry about this Yami," Rito apologized to her quietly. "She told me she was a good cook, so I thought it would be alright. I never guessed that it would turn out like this."

"What are you talking about?" Tearju asked worriedly. "Is there something wrong with my cooking? I followed the recipe while adding my own touches, just like I always do. Did I get something wrong?"

Suddenly, Yami realized why all the food she'd eaten back at the lab where she was born had been prepared by professionals, instead of eating meals prepared by her mother like in some of the stories Tearju had read to her. She didn't really want to hurt Tearju's feelings, but at the same time she also didn't necessarily want to get food poisoning or give her false hope of reconciling. In the end, she decided it was best to just take a small bite, then politely say it wasn't to her liking while trying to keep her lunch down. Throwing caution to the wind, she took a small bite out of the burnt mess.

"What do you think of it?" Tearju asked hopefully as Rito, Yui, and Ryouko prayed for Yami's safety.

After quickly swallowing the piece of charcoal taiyaki she'd bitten off, her eyes suddenly opened wide, and her whole body began to shiver.

"Yami, are you alright?-!" Panicked Rito as he grabbed her by the shoulders.

"It's... it's... it's..." Yami strained as she curled up and everyone gathered around her in concern.

"DELICIOUS!" Yami cried in a joyous tone of excitement one would never expect to hear from her, prompting everyone except an elated Tearju to fall over. "THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!" She exclaimed as she quickly took another, much bigger bite from the charcoal in her hands.

"You really like it?" Asked Tearju excitedly, her huge breasts bouncing after she jumped for joy. "I didn't have any ingredients that I was used to on hand, so I had to improvise a lot of the recipe. I was worried you might not like it."

"I love it!" Yami reassured her happily. "I've never had anything like it in my-" She stopped herself abruptly, quickly reigning in her uncharacteristic excitement and covering it with her usual stoicism, though she couldn't do anything about the embarrassed blush covering her face. "It's very nice." She said calmly, trying to cover up her outburst of joy, though even a blind man could see through her after that vote of approval.

"She actually likes it?" Yui whispered to Ryouko in disbelief.

"Well she is Tear's clone after all," Ryouko whispered back. "They're bound to have a lot of biological similarities because of that."

"I don't think that their personalities could be more different though." Yui noted.

"I'm just glad that they're starting to get along again," Smiled Rito as he hung back with the others, though the handcuffs limited how far he could go. "This alone will go a long way toward fixing their relationship."

Compared to Yami's excitement over the taiyaki Tearju prepared, the rest of the night was largely uneventful. However, as Rito spoke animatedly with his harem (and soon to be haremette) he noticed with a soft grin that Tearju and Yami seemed to be just a bit closer now. He had hopes for them. Hopes that they might reconcile their problems and start acting as family again. However, after dinner was done, Yami had left for her ship, and everyone was ready for bed, Rito noticed with no small degree of joy, and some embarrassment, that Tearju was huddled up closely to him. Her head in the crook of his neck, and her mammoth mammaries resting on his torso.

Thursday Morning - Ryouko's House - With Rito, Lala, Ryouko, Yui, and Tearju

"It's official," Noted Yui as she listened to the weather report, her cat ears twitching in annoyance. "Because of the heavy downpour and flood risks, schools everywhere are closed for the day." Suddenly, lightning struck and Yui rushed under the coffee table as fast as she could.

"Are you alright, Yui?" Asked Rito as he and Tearju walked into the room with a tray of hot chocolate (made by Rito at his insistence, thankfully). "This storm's got you pretty jumpy." He noted as he set the tray down on the table she was taking refuge under.

"I can't help it, Rito," Yui explained as she crawled out from under the table and got back on the sofa, her ears flat against her head. "Animals like cats have much more keen senses, which means we can feel the storm much more acutely than you do."

"It's the same way with my tail," Lala moaned in empathy. "All this electricity in the air is tickling it."

"I know what you're talking about," Tearju agreed as she rubbed her giant breasts tenderly, much to Rito and Yui's embarrassment. "Not to sound offensive or anything, but this weather is making my breasts tingle all over."

"You have my condolences," Grunted Ryouko as she bench pressed about 700 pounds. "Even though my breasts are smaller than yours now, uhrg, I know all too well what it's like to feel that tingle, uhrg. Considering your current size, urgh, it must be a nightmare to suffer that, uhrg! If you want, I'm sure that Rito, uuhrg, wouldn't mind rubbing them better, uhrg!" She grunted as she set the barbell down.

"Ehhh!" Panicked Tearju, and to a lesser extent Rito and Yui.

"I'm glad I came over when I did," Interrupted Mikan, who'd just arrived with Yami, both of them soaked from the rain in spite of the umbrella Mikan had.

"Mikan! Yami!" Panicked Rito as he tried to decipher the cold expression Yami had. "This really isn't what it seems like! The rain was just making Tearju uncomfortable, and you both know how Ryouko gets, right?"

"We do know what she's like," Consented Yami evenly, not showing any hint of emotion. Rito had yet to decide if that was a good thing or bad thing. "However, you seem to be changing lately. You've been getting a lot bolder the past few weeks." Rito now decided that Yami's current tone was a bad thing for him. "What guarantee do I have that things wouldn't have gone further if we hadn't arrived just now?"

"I promise that things wouldn't have gone further," Yui vowed sternly. "Even though I'm fine with a certain degree of intimacy between lovers, there are some steps that must be saved for later in a relationship."

The room was silent until, "Um, Yui?" Began Tearju awkwardly. "Not that I'm not grateful that you're trying to keep everyone calm, but Rito and I aren't lovers."

Yui suddenly went stiff as a board and red as a tomato before correcting herself. "Of course you're not! I'd just gotten so used to you being around Rito and the rest of us that I forgot you weren't in his harem!"

"Is it really so easy to make a mistake like that?" Wondered Lala curiously, unaware that she was only stoking the fire.

"Of course it isn't," Mikan shook her head teasingly. "Because they're handcuffed together, they've been sleeping together, bathing together, even going to the bathroom together. Exactly what kind of girl is being added to the harem this time, I wonder?" She said mischievously.

"One he really should be further along with by now, all things considered." Ryouko joked as she pat a heavily blushing Tearju on the shoulder. "How about it, Tear? Are you gonna be the one who takes Rito's virginity?"

"No, no, no!" Panicked Tearju, both her and Rito equally flustered. "It's not that I don't get along with Rito, but before I do anything else I want to try and make amends to Yami." As she said this, she turned to the girl in question and saw her wearing the same impartial expression as when she first came in.

"If you really feel that way, then why don't you prove it?" Suggested Ryouko, a little twinkle in her eye. "Go into the bath with both Rito and Yami, and we'll see exactly how much you really mean that."

"With me and Yami?" Repeated Rito cautiously as he glanced at Yami, who was still maintaining her neutral expression. "Are you sure that's such a good idea?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Asked Yami, breaking her stoic silence with a shred of emotion. "Rito has been bathing with Tearju for a few weeks now, why would bathing with both of us be any different?" Taking her many belts off of her legs as she walked over to Rito, she added, "Or is it that you just find me unattractive?"

"That's not it at all," Denied Rito, "You're very attractive, it's just that-"

"Then there should be no problem," Concluded Yami as she grabbed Rito's hand and lead him and Tearju off. "If I'm not unattractive to you, then we can do this without shame."

"Yami, what's gotten into you?" Worried Yui as she tried to go after them, but Ryouko halted her with one powerful arm.

"Let them go," Ryouko whispered in her ear as she pulled her back. "It's about time that Yami got over herself and closed the gap between her and Tear, and if a little bit of envy can manage that, then more power to them. As for Tear..." She trailed off as they watched Rito and Tearju struggle in futility against Yami's surprising strength. "She needs to close the gap between herself and Rito."

The Bathroom - With Rito, Tearju, and Yami

"Yami, are you certain about this?" Asked Tearju nervously as Yami began removing her clothes and Rito kept his eyes averted to the corner. "I mean, Rito and I have only been bathing together by necessity these past few weeks. There's really no need for you to get involved in this."

"Then there should be no problem with me bathing with Rito," Yami concluded as she finished removing her clothes and covered herself with her hands. "Unlike you, I'm his girlfriend. If he's fine with your body, he'll be fine with mine." As she said this, she gave a cold glare directed at Tearju's huge breasts and hips before patting her own flat chest self-consciously.

"Tearju and I don't even look at each other in the bathroom," Insisted Rito firmly, though not uncomfortably. "We just sit back to back and wash up, nothing else."

"Then it's fine this way." Yami said as she began running the bathwater. "It's a big bath, so we don't need to trouble each other much."

"Bath?-!" Panicked Rito and Tearju as they both looked at Yami in shock, Rito getting a nosebleed as soon as he saw Yami nude.

"Now hold on just a second, Yami!" Rito tried to stop her by grabbing her arms. "We just clean ourselves off with a shower hose and soap. We've never used a tub together." Suddenly, Rito's mind caught up completely with the present and noticed that he was restraining a naked Yami, and not getting hurt.

"Ecchi," Whispered Yami as she grabbed a now very nervous Rito by his arms. "This is very ecchi, and normally I'd be mad," Her hair turned into blades and slashed rapidly at Rito, who recoiled in fear. "But even so, I'm still a girl, and you're my boyfriend," Suddenly, all of Rito's clothes fell off, revealing him unharmed, as well as just revealing him before he covered himself in a panic, and Tearju looked away blushing. "All this time we've been apart, I've wanted to be with you more and more." Saying this, she wrapped Rito in her arms. "I wonder why I've wanted to do this for so long now. At first I just thought that if it was you, it was okay," As she said this, she pulled Rito over to the tub. "Now I'm thinking, that if it's you, I want it." With this, she pulled them both into the tub with a splash.

"Wait a second! What do you two think you're doing?-!" Panicked Tearju as she tried to pull Rito and Yami apart, getting herself soaked in the process.

"Believe me, this isn't my idea!" Struggled Rito as he tried to get out.

"AHHH!" Screeched Yami as her hair turned into blades and slashed wildly, cutting off Tearju's clothes by accident.

"No! Not like this!" Panicked Tearju as she tried to cover her epic breasts. "I wanted Rito to see me, but not like this!"

"You wanted me to see you nude?-!" Questioned Rito worriedly as his continued struggle pulled Tearju into the bath as well.

Downstairs - With Ryouko, Yui, Lala, and Mikan

"They certainly are making a lot of noise," Said Mikan neutrally as the sounds of the struggle reached all the way downstairs. "What do you think they're doing?"

"Something they really shouldn't be doing!" Grunted Yui as she tried to pry herself from Ryouko's arms to stop it. "Will you please let me go?"

"Nope," Denied Ryouko as she held tight. "Remember what Rito said about wanting Tearju in the harem? Well I trust in his judgement to find a way to do it in this situation."

"Aren't you the one who suggested that they take a bath together in the first place?" Asked Yui suspiciously. "Did you know something like this would happen?"

"Well, I was kinda hoping." Shrugged Ryouko. "Tell you what, when the noise begins to die down, then we can go up there and join them. How do you like the sound of that?" She suggested to a blushing Yui.

"What are you thinking?" Asked Yui worriedly. "Whatever is going on in there is something that shouldn't be happening for a long time to come. If we don't put a stop to it now, things could happen that can't be undone!"

"Yes Rito!" Shouted Yami loud enough to be easily heard downstairs. "Yes! More! More!"

This outburst cast a spell of silence over everyone in the room for a few long awkward minutes. The only sound coming from the upstairs bathroom until Lala broke the silence. "Was that Yami-chan?" She asked.

"I'm pretty sure it was." Mikan said, a blush covering her face. As much as she supported Yami's relationship with her brother, to hear her having sex with him was a bit much.

"I had no idea she could ever sound like that," Ryouko said in silent astonishment. "Rito must be really good..." She contemplated this new information quickly, many vivid ideas swarming through her head. "Do you still want to go in there now? Or would you rather wait your turn like I suggested?" She asked Yui.

"Nyaaaa..." Yui mewed quietly as her own mind came up with a few dirty images. "I... well... if we went in there now it would already be too late." She said neutrally. "What I mean to say is... I mean this is shameless... I mean... I wanna make kitties." She admitted with a pout.

"There, there," Reassured Ryouko as she scratched Yui behind the ears. "Don't you feel better now that you've admitted it?" She asked her, to which Yui nodded.

Bathroom - With Rito, Tearju, and Yami

"Rito," Mumbled Yami groggily as she held him tightly on the bathroom floor.

"I know, Yami," Rito gasped as he brushed her hair, noticing a few splotches of blood on the ground that weren't from him. "It was nice."

"You two actually did it," Tearju said in astonishment. "You two actually did it on top of me." Suddenly, the camera panned out, showing Tearju on her back on the floor, Yami lying on her back on top her, and Rito lying on his stomach on top of her, his head sandwiched between Tearju's breasts as his hands massaged them.

"Hey Tearju," Began Rito as he continued massaging Tearju's breasts. "What was that you were saying when I started fucking you?" He asked bluntly, subtlety and decency not high on his priority list right now.

"You mean when I asked you to marry me?" Tearju asked, receiving a nod against her bare breasts as an answer. "I mean just that. Would you let me into your harem?" She asked him, too tired from the sex to ask him any other way.

"Of course," Rito said as he kissed the crown of Yami's head. "I was actually planning to ask you soon if you didn't."

"I'm just worried about how Yami will take it," She said as she stroked her daughter's hair. "I know she's still pretty mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you, Mom." Yami spoke up breathlessly, startling Tearju and Rito at her choice in words. "After this experience with you and Rito, holding onto an old grudge like that is stupid."

"Yami..." Gaped Tearju in shock, tears forming in her eyes. "Did you just call me... Mom?"

"I did Mother," Yami said as she crawled up between Tearju's breasts and looked her in the eye. "Even though I'm still inexperienced in such things, you, Rito, and I have just shared in the most personal actions people can make." Leaning forward, she captured her mother's lips with her own, much to the shock of both Rito and Tearju. Slowly but surely though, they both began to really get into it, with Rito looking on in embarrassment and arousal. Eventually, they both had to come up for air and separated. "I love you mom," She hugged Tearju gently. "So please... please don't leave me again."

"Yami," Tearju cried, tears flowing down her face freely. "Of course! I'll never leave you again!" She choked up as she hugged both Yami and Rito. "I promise." Suddenly, a dark glow began to emanate from the handcuffs linking Rito and Tearju.

"What is it this time?" Sighed Rito as he held up the cuffs in irritation.

"Ahhh, Rito," Moaned Tearju as her breasts and butt grew to even more ridiculously huge proportions. "I think I know what it's doing~!" She moaned pleasurably as two yellow flowers bloomed on the vine. Once the flowers were all fully bloomed and Tearju's figure had stopped growing, the cuffs vanished and the flowers fell to the floor.

"They're gone," Gaped Rito in surprise as he picked up the vine of flowers. "But how? We didn't sleep with anybody?"

"That depends on your definition of sleeping together." Said Ryouko in a sing-song voice as she, Yui, and Lala let themselves in. "You three certainly seem to be having fun." She smiled slyly.

"Ryouko! Yui! Lala!" Rito panicked as he got up and covered himself with a towel.

"To think that you'd actually go this far," Stared Yui, her face redder than ever before. "To think that this happened... What do you three think you're going to do if Yami and Tearju wind up pregnant?"

"Rito-dono... sex..." Blushed Peke from her perch on Lala's head before she fell off from embarrassment, leaving Lala completely naked.

"Is this that sex stuff you taught me about, Ryouko?" Asked Lala curiously, not even paying attention to her nudity.

"What have you been teaching her about?" Rito asked nervously.

"Nothing a girl her age shouldn't already know about," Ryouko explained as she started stripping off her own clothes, exposing her strong musculature. "Now then, since you're not a virgin anymore, I suppose you won't have any problems with having some fun with me next."

"Hold on just a second!" Yui protested as she began pulling off her own clothes. "I've known him the longest out of any of us! If anyone should go next, it should be me!"

"Yui, are you feeling alright?" Asked Rito worriedly. "And what's that about me knowing you longer? If anything, aside from Tearju, I've known you for the least amount of time of anyone in my harem."

"We met once when we were kids," Explained Yui as she finished undressing, her fur the only thing protecting her dignity now. "Let's just say that you made a very good first impression." She said as she positioned herself on top of Rito, a faint blush still on her face. "Now prepare yourself. This is my first time too... and it's taking me a lot of courage to say this... Rito, let's make kittens!" She blurted out.

"Ara, ara, Yui. This is surprisingly bold for you," Noticed Ryouko as Yui proceeded to essentially rape Rito. "What's gotten into you?"

"I want to be a mother!" Blurted Yui, making Rito twitch in embarrassment. "At first I just thought it was feline instincts, but it's more than that! Ever since puberty started for me, I've been holding it in, placing morals above all else, but not here! Not now!" She insisted as her tail wrapped around Rito's right leg. "To be with a man. To bear children. To be a mother. All this time I've been looking for the right one, and now that he's here I'm not holding back any longer!"

"Yui, I never knew you felt this way." Murmured Rito in surprise as he held her closely. "If I'd known..."

"Well you know now," Said Yui tenderly as she nuzzled his neck. "We're going to make kittens. Lots and lots of kittens. So be gentle with me, alright?"

"258-56-232," Said Yami as she finished measuring her mother. "You've gotten very, very big." She said enviously as she patted her own flat chest self-consciously.

"Well that's going to make it hard for you to function," Ryouko noted. "Do you want me to give you a reduction?"

"No thank you," Denied Tearju as she held up her boobs. "Rito seemed to like them very much. Not to mention that this is part of why I'm with him in the first place. My relationship with Rito, Yami, and the rest of you was helped along by these, and I don't feel like changing a thing."

"Well said," Smiled Ryouko as she, Yami, and Tearju moved over to Rito and Yui. "Hope you have room for a few more, because Yui isn't the only one who wants to start a family." As she said this, she turned back to Lala for a second. "Would you like to get in on this too? As the first girl he confessed to, you should have a place here as well."

Lala, who'd been staring at the scene like it was a slow moving train wreck until now, came to her senses and quietly nodded her head.

"Good, because this is gonna be a big step for all of us." Smiled Ryouko in a predatory grin before she, Tearju, Yami, and Lala all pounced.

Downstairs - With Mikan and Peke

"Honestly," Mikan blushed as she tried to drown out the sounds of sex with the TV, but to little avail. "Don't they know I can hear them from down here?"

"I'm not very fond of the situation either," Peke - in her human disguise - sighed from the recliner, having been snatched from the bathroom by an eavesdropping Mikan. "If anything, I can't help but feel a little jealous of them." She said with a blush.

"Jealous?" Repeated Mikan in shock. "Why on Earth would you be jealous?"

"Well, you see..." Began Peke awkwardly as she scratch her cheek. "Even though I was programmed with emotions, and I know what they all are, there are still some things that I don't fully understand sometimes..." She looked away in uncertainty, but that was all Mikan needed to see.

"Say Peke," She began mischievously. "You wouldn't happen to have a crush on my brother, would you?"

"Crush? Rito? Me?" Panicked Peke as her eyes darted around the room nervously.

"It's fine," Mikan reassured her after letting her worry for a few seconds. "It wouldn't be the first time someone fell for my idiot brother." She sighed as she cradled her head on the sofa's armrest in melancholy.

"...Say, Mikan..." Began Peke hesitantly. "Could it be that you also..." She trailed off, letting Mikan's mind fill in the blanks.

"EHH!" Panicked Mikan as she waved her arms in denial. "D-Don't be ridiculous! Why would I have feeling for my own brother?-! That would be incest!"

"I'm a robot," Peke deadpanned. "Yet as you pointed out, even I have feeling for Rito-dono."

"I guess that's true," Sighed Mikan as she laid down on the couch. "What is it about him, anyway?"

"Lala, Ryouko, Yami, Yui, and Tearju could probably answer that question for us." Peke joked as she jerked her thumb toward the stairs.

"I don't think that I want to ask them right now." Mikan chuckled, her mood lightened slightly by Peke's joke. "They seem preoccupied making my nieces and nephews right now."

"If you had children with Rito-dono, what family term would you classify them as?" Peke asked curiously.

"I'm not sure if there's an actual word for that besides inbred." Mikan sweatdropped. "I'll just wait and see how thing develop before I do anything."

"I believe that there's an old Earth proverb that goes 'Life is what happens when you sit around waiting for it'." Peke said sagely.

"Where did you learn that?" Asked Mikan curiously.

"I do a lot of reading whenever Lala's in the shower or wearing regular clothes." Peke shrugged as she pulled a book out of Lala's book bag. "Human literature is quite a bit more interesting than anything else I've read before. You all have such vivid imaginations."

"Since my dad is a writer, I'll take that as a personal compliment." Smiled Mikan before a very loud meow reverberated throughout the house, putting a buzzkill to their conversation.

"They're really going at it, aren't they?" Asked Peke awkwardly.

"I know," Nodded Mikan tensely. "And by the way, I empathize with you." She said as she continued channel surfing. "I'm also jealous."

Meanwhile - On a Spaceship in Earth's orbit

"Man, how do we keep winding up with all these dead end freight jobs in this remote area?" Asked a stout crab-headed alien of his lanky crab-headed co-worker.

"Because," Sighed the lanky crab-headed alien tiredly. "This backwater planet is such a cesspool of illegal dumping for things no one really wants, that a work related accident can easily be written off on any insurance form, and nobody would even bother to see if the stuff was really cleaned up if it's not much to worry about."

"Yeah, I can see that." Nodded the stout crab-headed alien. "Especially since our track record for transporting goods to their destination is horrible. Is that why our pay is so good even though we screw-up all the time."

"Yep," Agreed the lanky alien. "Our bad luck for these things could really only be put to use in a job like this. If word got out that the stuff we do was semi-intentional, there'd probably be at least a few arrests, so you have to keep quiet about this."

"No problem," Reassured the stout alien. "But while we're on the subject anyway, don't you think it's weird that most of our screw-ups are all for the same reason?"

"And what reason would that be?" Asked the lanky one rhetorically.

Suddenly, a giant blue robot with hot-rod flaming 8-balls and a red convertible for a head zoomed by and accidentally smashed the cargo hold off of the spaceship, sending the cargo hurtling down to the planet.

"That would be it right there." Answered the stout one.

"Oh yeah, that guy." Sighed the lanky one. "Well don't just sit there. Have the computer calculate where the cargo's going to land so we put it on the accident report."

"Roger that," Complied the stout one as he set to work on his task. "Here we go. The computer says it's gonna land in some place called Japan this time. That's weird, usually it always lands in some place called Jersey City."

"I really don't think it matters either way." Replied the lanky one. "As far as the insurance agencies are going to be concerned, it's just another screw-up in a place no one cares about. But still," He said as he looked out the window. "I can't help but feel a little bad for making these innocent people deal with stuff our employers don't want to. Not that those mutagens we lost today are the worst things we've ever dumped here, but I still wouldn't want to be an unwitting victim of them. Especially not an undistilled concentration."

"Do you wanna go clean it up then?" Asked the stout one.

"I don't feel that bad about it." The lanky one quickly backpedaled. "Let's just get back and report this already."

"Roger that!" Agreed the stout one as they rocketed off, leaving their cargo on a crash course towards Japan.

Alright! Cliffhanger! As I said at the beginning, look forward to Volume 5, starting on Halloween! In the mean time, check back on my profile in a few weeks for something else I have planned. It's not To Love-Ru, but it's something to look forward to all the same.