My head hurt from the fumes in the factory. It was an old mining factory that had been turned into a 'stranded' barter ground. I walked through the old scrap door. With my sling bag and my rifle on my back and my pet dog Hero at my side I almost felt safe to enter this building.

I whistled and the Border collie started to follow my side instead of wondering in front and behind me. Food was important if you were selling it then it made you important, I hadn't realised my black leather jacket was making me hot I unzipped it so it showed my dirty white tank top and messed my up my fringe frizzled over my face to blend in. Normally COG soldiers kept away from these types of places so it was ok to be here.

"Hey everyone, Aces is back from her trip, how are you going Aces?" the door guard Darrel asked.

Nearly everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at me I was defiantly important. I had been gone for over two months which was a lot longer than my normal hunting trips were, so everyone must of thought that I had a good haul, so of course I must of had good luck and stayed out later than usual.

People often relied on what I was selling and buying because I usually had the best haul from the hunters in this area. And besides it would be three and a half months before I would be allowed to go anywhere near the abandoned sites again because of the cold.

"I am going great, sorry I took so long but I had a really good time up in the mountains" he froze at this.

"Wait you went up in the mountains at this time of year? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Do you know what the temperature is up there girl?" he asked with concern.

"It was fine Darrel, besides I made sure no trails were left behind so gears won't find us and I kept warm enough thanks to Hero licking my face whenever I slept longer than four hour" I moaned.

He bent down to scratch under Hero's chin; I smiled at the thought that everyone loves Hero whenever they go near him or first meet him.

"Still you were longer than usual even for the tradesman around here, well better let you get on with your day it was good to see you again." He waved and I left everyone nodded and said hello as I passed through their stalls.

I walked over to Jeremy Daze he and his wife Sally who owned a trade stall selling things like old parts, fruit and knickknacks people like to have for comfort with things being bad as it is people need as much as they can get, all of this sold to buy food and clothing so they could survive the cold inhuman temperature's that happened in the winter.

They were good people, if anyone asked me I would say their practically my adopted parents and very honest people.

That was probably why I usually traded with them and because they kept me with them in an old hotel, along with their kids in the winter and when I came home from hunting trips.

I earned my keep and even though they disapproved of my choice of being a hunter, it was better than being a gear for COG. They also appreciated my help looking after their five kids by teaching them how to read and write.

"Hey Aces what did you haul this time from your searches?" Sally greeted me she still wore the same apricot skirt white top grey apron and brown lace-up boots. She was in her early fifties but still looked at the age of thirty.

She then patted Hero on the head. Jeremy was dealing with a haggler who was trying to buy some medical supplies I noted that they were from my previous hunts he nodded and smiled at me. I felt a massive smile spread across my face, "you're not going to believe this one; I think chance really loved me this time"

I unzipped the bag, inside showed twenty tomato, vegetable, asparagus, and even spaghetti cans, soap which was rare, china plates, fish, chicken and other meats were in there to, wrapped in paper that I found and the other half of the bag was filled with warm cloths and blankets also a few bandages painkillers and other medical supplies.

I heard her gasp and my smile grew, "how…how did…did you find this?" she looked at me.

"I didn't steal or kill people for it. The meat I hunted for in the woods, the food I found in an old cellar, the medical supplies in an abandoned hospital and the soap and plates were left behind in an old gift shop" she sighed with relief.

"I thought you did something terrible for a moment darling, by the way I hate to mention this because you just got back, but Hera and Michael keep asking when you're going to go hunting next apparently they want to enlist in COG, and think if you escort them there I would approve and I said if you said yes then I would let them go" she crossed her arms as if to say 'I don't approve and I know you don't either'.

"They want to do what!" I almost yelled and fell against the stall almost knocking it over. Sally took me to out the back to a resting area that was abandoned at the moment. No one had heard me knock the stall or yell amongst all the noise being made by fellow tradespeople.

"I tried talking them out of it… but you know how they are" it is true I did they were as stubborn, and as bad as me when I wanted to do something for the matter.

"They are fifteen they have to wait a year don't they?" she sighed and gave me a poster.

She had held on to for a long time I could tell from the lines on it I started to read.

"they are lowering the enlistment age by a year for eight months, your children want to enlist to fight Lambent and god knows what else and they want me to take them halfway across a sector to Jacinto, that is nearly five hundred Kilometres away in the coldest part of the year on foot and on top of that they think I can keep them safe!"

"Can we talk about this later? I have some things to attend to and the kids want to see you again, they are at the soup stand also here, please take this I got it by bartering some old watch" she tucked in her apron. And passed me a soft oval shaped package wrapped in cloth it was real actual fresh bread.

I stared at this then at her and straight out hugged her she was a little taken back by this. "Thankyou you're a jewel" I whispered hugging her "you are worth it besides tonight we are going to celebrate" she laughed. "I also have something for you, coffee and tea" I said handing her a package. She tucked it away hugged me one more time before heading back to the stand.

I sat on a bench with my legs up. Hero kept trying to get the bread I gave him small pieces of it, my mouth had a party in it with every bite. Right now I wasn't anyone not a hunter, not an orphan, not even the girl who still believes her brother is coming back for her.

Delta Squad P.o.v

Delta's Day off

"Dude you didn't hit the dartboard, so you gotta tell us who the girl you have back home is?" Cole started to tackle Baird to the ground.

Marcus looked up from his drink as did Dom who just started laughing when Dizzy pointed over to what they were doing.

"What are you two idiots doing?" Marcus asked raising his eyebrow.

"Baird baby, lost a bet and now he has to tell us if he has a girl back home so who she?"

"I don't have one to tell you about! Cole! Get the fuck off me! Now! God you're as bad as my sister" Baird grunted Cole stopped and released his pressure everyone just stopped talking.

"You have a sister?" Baird had never mentioned her before ever.

"Little girl, died or went missing at the age of eleven" Baird spoke quietly everyone didn't want to push it further than they had to.

"Died or went missing?" Cole asked.

"Her letters stopped, when I went to find out what happened I heard that lambent had attacked the camp she was in, I had just signed up to be a gear at the time of our mother's death on E-day. She was eight years when our father died four years after E-day, I couldn't look after her by myself with me being a gear so I sent her into a fucking stranded camp thinking she would be safe and I was fucking wrong and it was my mistake."

No one had known this about Baird in all the time they knew him he never spoke of this they all knew his parents died but never about his siblings.

"What had she been like?" Dizzy asked.

Generally this happened a lot whenever family had been bought up, Baird just never talked about this instead he called everyone a bunch of wusses.

"Where do I begin? Smart, witty, funny, really pretty at a young age, stubborn, had an attitude and strong and tough as hell when challenged. I remember one of the only times I could I went to visit her I bought her a dog and she called him Hero because he saved her life from a stranded scum slave trader, right before she kicked him in the nuts."

Everyone laughed at this; they already liked the sound of her.

"She sounds a lot like you, come on, let's get back to base. Tomorrow we are getting sent out to investigate a bunch of locust attacks at an old mining town" Marcus ordered.

Baird spoke "can I stay behind for five minutes, I want to finish my drink" Marcus nodded and everyone left the room.

Baird sculled his drink, and then pulled out a photo taken before E-day, of him as a teenager with a six year old girl who had dark brown, two strides of black on her right side, and one stride of black on her left side of her head, her hair in pigtails that set of her dark brown eyes he swore that sometimes they were emerald green.

Dressed in a green jumper, and holding a ragdoll in her left hand. She was laughing along with him; they looked so different yet so alike. Standing up straight Baird held the photo up.

"I'll win this war for you, sis" he raised his drink to the photo, wondering that if she was still alive would she still have the same hair. Putting it back in his pocket he snapped back to reality.

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