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Though the characters of Sally Jendson, Morgan Seliecourt, and other characters not appearing or named in the movie are of my creation.


Wishes and Dreams of Love

Chapter One : The Assignment

Any couple's dream,
Wished with the same strength,
Will come true.

~Dulce Maria~

Sarah closed her locker and sighed. Even with all of her Aboveground friends surrounding her, the shy center of their worlds still felt so alone this day.

She knew that she should feel proud and happy, being the only mortal to ever beat the Labyrinth in its entire three eon span is a great accomplishment – even if she could only tell it to those outside of the Underground as a fairy tale of her own design.

This world had become gray, dull, and lifeless for her since that night. But when she laid back and really examined how the journey had changed her, the world seemed to simply stop.

"Earth to Sarah Williams!"

Sarah found herself pulled back into reality by her friend, Sally Jendson. "Sorry. I was just thinking."

"Yeah, you've been doing a lot of that this month. Look, we are going to be late for Ms. Seliecourt's class! This being our last week, it would look stupid to show up late – wouldn't it?"

Sarah barely managed a grin at that one as she nodded and ran after Sally up the stairs to her favorite class – English Literature.

It was supposed to be taught by Mr. Klughton that year, but he hit the lottery and retired. For a substitute teacher, Morgan Seliecourt turned out to be one of the best. Sarah had grown to adore this sweet teacher and came to dread this awful week – the last week of her senior year.

Just as the late bell rang, Sarah and Sally came up to the class door. Sally turned to her friend. "Looks like we're off for late passes."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, we've been standing here chatting for the past few minutes girls." Both girls nearly jumped out of their skins as they noticed Ms. Seliecourt was holding the door open with her strange and completely beautiful smile. She seemed young and old all the same time. Her hair was long, dark as night, with sparkles of silver that seemed to change with her every move – like twinkling stars at midnight in the country.

Her eyes seemed to change with her moods. One minute they seemed to be brown and almost violet as she shined with laughter. But when she was made angry, they both turned as black as coal – shimmering with rage that seemed to burn a person from within (Sarah had gotten on her bad side a very few times).

Her skin was pale, like porcelain or ivory … no somewhat paler than even that – more like no-fat milk, the kind that has a bluish tinge to it. But the tinge to her skin was almost gold in color.

She always wore something black. This made for interesting stories of everything from witches to lost love (a reversed Emily Dickinson or something of that sort). Sarah made a few of her own stories up. A queen of a far off kingdom … a friend of awesome, yet secret powers  … a  goddess of a time long forgotten … a Fae sent to guard the love of a dear friend from harm. Then Sarah remembered, she had never written that type of story. Where did it come from?

Sarah brushed it off as she chuckled and she gave the friendly teacher a quick hug. "How do you always do that?"

Ms. Seliecourt raised an eyebrow in surprise. "What do you mean, Sarah?"

"Show up just at the right moment to startle us students?"

Sarah couldn't help but join in Ms. Seliecourt's amused chuckle. "With some students it is a matter of necessity. While the rest is only a harmless bit of fun. Everyone can use a practical joke now and again to lift his or her spirits. Now on to work. Today's assignment might be of a special interest to you Sarah."

Sarah nodded and quickly got to her seat in the front row. She knew what the teacher had meant by those who need it. There were many times that bullies were taking their cruelty just too far, and the sweet, ageless teacher showed up to intercede. While that last practical joke had made Sarah happier than she had been that day.

"Time to settle down class. Do we remember the practice test we ran through last week for the finals – to see how well you could do without the review we should be doing this week? Well I have a confession to make. Since all of you passed with a grade of 'A' or 'B', I have been informed that those are the grades going to be recorded for your finals – unless those with 'B's would like to re-test?"

The room erupted with no's and celebrating. But as quickly as it had begun, Ms. Seliecourt had them quieted again. "There is a down side to this. I have to show that you have been hard at work. So for extra credit and to show off your talents, I am going to ask you all to write a paper for me. The subject will be your life's journey. How it is to be written is completely up to each of you. As we have covered many styles of writing, everything from creative to college level research, I want to see which one you consider to be your personal best.

"It should start at your birth and end with either your last day in this room, or what you think graduation will be like. No severe limits on length, single side of the paper, and … as always … grammar and spelling count. Those who are going the creative route, might want to add adventures as you see fit – but do try to make this easy on me if you want a really good grade. Go ahead and talk about it quietly, and even start sketching it out if you'd like. It is due in on Wednesday. Thursday will be a class only revelry … not a party, as such are strictly forbidden. And Friday you will get your papers along with whatever leftovers are here from Thursday. So get to work."

Sally turned to Sarah with a knowing grin on her face. "We both know what style you're best at."

"I don't know. Maybe I should write something different for a change." The truth was Sarah was unnerved by the way Ms. Seliecourt had winked her way at the mention of what everyone was best at.

Sally sighed like a professional drama queen. "Sarah! You are the best creative writer in this class! And you have to admit that you've lived one strange fairy tale!"

/If you only knew the half of it, Sal!/ Sarah thought to herself.

"Besides, I'm going to write it like a history report on a famous person. Any tips?" Sally rattled as if she hadn't seen the way Sarah had rolled her eyes.

Sarah giggled at that. "How about reading the report of a real famous person first?"

"Very funny, Sarah! But, we both know that you're right as always! I'll get a book off of Ms. Seliecourt."

Sarah shook the doubts from her head and began writing out a timeline for her personal story.

June 19, 1971 – I was born

March 11, 1982 – Mom left for her career

September 11, 1983 – Mom dies in car crash

March 15, 1984 – Dad announces that he's marrying Karen

June 19, 1984 – Dad and Karen's rehearsal

June 20, 1984 – Dad and Karen get married.

May 7, 1985 – Toby was born

May 28, 1986 – Toby and I meet Jareth

May 29, 1986 – I /accepted my life and began to make changes in myself / began to grow up

September 9, 1988 – I first met Ms. Seliecourt.

September through June 14, 1989 – I got to know the child like heart I've always had and always will.

June 14, 1989 – I graduate from high school and set off for a new adventure

"Man Sarah, I didn't know that was how your life went! Sorry about your thirteenth birthday and all." Sally was looking over as she sat back in her seat.

Sarah swallowed to force her tears back. "That's ancient history. I think I can turn meeting Jareth into a fairy tale adventure. How does that sound Sal?"

Sally was thumbing through the thick book she now had on her desk. "Great. Maybe you can do it along the lines of that story Toby said you told him … something about goblins or whatever. These are long and boring!"

"Well, you could write it as if it were being published in a popular magazine. I'm sure you have one or two you can use as a reference in your book bag." Once again, Ms. Seliecourt had struck.

Sarah was pale as she looked down at her paper. Sally seemed oblivious to the problem she had caused for her poor friend. "No need! I should have thought of that idea before, since I have read so many of those things! Easy 'A', just like Sarah is sure to get with her paper. What's wrong Sarah?"

"Nothing … I'm just thinking about how soon it is until we are thrown out into the real world." Sarah knew Sally bought it, but had Ms. Seliecourt?

From the worried look on her face, Sarah guessed not. Then Ms. Seliecourt got an odd smile on her face – frightenly similar to Jareth's! "Sarah could you help me at my desk for a few minutes?"

Sarah only nodded her head as she walked behind the now odd teacher. Once she was up there however the mood and feel in the air slightly changed, Sarah got dizzy as Ms. Seliecourt began to speak. "Sarah, I only brought you up here to deliver a special message from an old friend. Don't worry about what Toby said to others, because to them it is only the story born from the imagination of a child right now. Soon he will learn that not just anyone should be given the knowledge that our Underground is indeed very real."

"I understand." Sarah whispered as if she had eaten another enchanted peach.

Ms. Seliecourt smiled as she noticed her words seeping into the young woman's mind. "Now, this message is only for you. You are not allowed to read it until after you have written your paper. I will be picking it up tonight once you decide that you are through with it. It will only be you and Toby tonight, as I and the friend who sent the message have arranged a small date for your father and stepmother that will keep them out until well after one in the morning. Now go back and slip the note in your book bag before anyone else notices it."

As she had been told, Sarah hid the thick sealed envelope in her bag. Then the enchantment went away and class, along with Sarah, was back to normal.