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Wishes and Dreams of Love

The Wedding Night

Sarah kept her eyes shut as she felt their trip end and the glitter swirl fell. She knew where they were without looking. She wanted this night so badly, but she was still scared of it at the same time.

Looking into his eyes, Sarah saw that while he wanted her but was forcing himself to go slow. "I love you, Jareth."

"As I love you, my sweet Sarah. We don't have to do anything tonight. I don't want to hurt or frighten you anymore." Jareth couldn't help but hold her close.

He had longed to hold her as his wife and Queen … had longed to show her how much he wanted her. But, he refused to become the brute he had witness his father be to his beloved mother. Jareth swore to himself that he would never rape Sarah, despite the laws of the land that gave him the right to do so. Sarah meant the world to him, and he'd never do anything that would make her hate him as deeply as his mother had his father those last two years.

Seeing the struggle in his eyes end in determination, Sarah knew that Jareth was still comparing himself to his father. She knew what her husband had witness as a child, and knew how hurt and disgusted it had made the man who stood before her. "I know that you would never rape me, Jareth. And I know you would never put our children through watching what we both know will not happen."

"Oh Sarah!" Was all he could say. Here was the only woman who knew him heart and soul. The only woman that ring would have activated for when given by him.

Tears fell from Sarah's eyes. Tears full of hope, joy, and love. With a snap of her fingers, Sarah's clothes and hair changed dramatically. Her hair was flowing down about her back and shoulders in waves of shimmering chocolate brown. Her dress had vanished and in its place was a white silk gauze wide shouldered chemise.

Snapping his fingers Jareth had simply changed into a robe. He wanted as little clothing to come between them that night as was possible.

Instantly he gathered her into his arms and gently rested her on their bed. She was beautiful lying on their dark red sheets with her hair spread out on pillows cased in material of the same color. Yet, inside he was terrified of what he knew he might become if he allowed himself to dip into that darker realm of the Fae mind as his father had.

"Jareth?" Her voice sounded so shaken and hungry at the same time. "I know that you will not hurt me of your own free will. Please, make love to me."

Trembling, he bent forward to taste her sweet lips. Dragging his own across her cheek to her ear he whispered, "I'll never …"

Sarah gently forced his face to turn so he was looking into her brown eyes. "I know. I've always known."

Jareth finally gave into the hungers within them both. Once they fulfilled one another, Sarah saw the world spin as her husband clutched her still shaking body to his own and collapsed on the bed – her half covering him. For a long time neither said a word, only allowed their new lives settle in their minds.

"Jareth. That was amazing." Sarah finally whispered. It had been a long day and night, and their late nights were starting to take a toll on them both.

Jareth smiled as he tightened his hold on her. "It was my love. You are amazing my dearest. I lost you, found you, lost you, and now hold you as my bride and wife. My Sarah, my lost princess regained, my star, and at last my Queen."

"And tomorrow, I will tell you everything. Sleep well my husband and King. And in the morning we will repeat how we woke this morning." Sarah sighed as she snuggled tight to her husband and used her own magic to draw the sheets and blankets over them both, bringing a chuckle from his chest.

Jareth wrapped his arms over the blanket and around her shoulders. "Very well my wife and my Queen. A good rest to you as well. I hope that our new sister has pulled big brother out of his depression."

"Like I've done for you?" Sarah grinned as she brushed her lips against his.

Jareth chuckled as he returned that same kiss. "Exactly."

In a bedroom in another section of the castle, another couple looked very similar to the King and Queen. Their brother sighed happily as Sarah's friend snuggled tight to him.

Neither had been this happy in four years. Not since he was 'killed' to protect her.

He looked out at the night sky through their windows and smiled. The twinkling lights were celebrating for the two couples. He realized that they had never betrayed him, and that once again their words were proven to be true. He decided to never doubt their advice again.

"I have missed you so much my red haired angel." He grinned as she looked up at him with a bright smile on her weary face.

She never once thought that she would be in his bed as his wife, much less be in any bed with him! "I missed you more, my love. I am so glad that I got you back. Now I am not alone, and I'm your equal. Thank you for introducing me to your guides."

"It was only proper to introduce them to my wife and equal. Sleep now angel, you've been through so much. But I will be here to help you through whatever comes our way from now on."

She sighed as she slowly closed her eyes. "Just like I will always be here for you, my husband and my Prince."

"Of course my wife and my Princess. Good night." He rested as he pulled the sheets and blankets over himself and his bride.

"Good night." She yawned as they both fell into a happy sleep.

Conal read over his spy's reports. "So the King's brother has mated to a human as well, and then turned her into one of us! What is it now the 'in' thing to marry and turn humans?"

Now there were three former humans welcomed in polite Fae Society. Then his mate came in with a grin on her face.

"So I hear that my former minion is matched with his young lover?"

Conal growled. "Yes."

"Don't worry. We are here and the only ones who can hurt me are Aboveground. Together we will set things as they were before I was exiled. Wait and see."

Conal glared at her as he pulled her into his arms. "You of all creatures know that I greatly dislike waiting. Soon I will be freed of you and hurt the Goblin ruler and his brother by claiming their mates as my own."

"And soon I will have the Universe as a part of my realm. I want the brothers as my minions, that would be quite the blow to those Seelie fools." She chuckled with an evil look in her eyes.

Conal nibbled on her neck. "And then I will have the kingdom that should rightfully be mine."

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