Now it's a week since my birthday and I'm here in my bedroom with my boyfriend Shawn.

"Ashley, I want to ask you something..." says Shawn.

"Okey, ask me then." says I.

Shawn pull out something from the pocket of his shirt. Oh my gosh, is he gonna ask me to marry him?

"Ashley, my love...would you be my wife?" says Shawn as he goes down on his knee in front of me and open a small black box and give me a gold ring with a large purple gem-stone.

"Yes, Shawn! Of course I wanna marry you! YES!" says I. I'm soo happy.

"I love you, Ash!" says Shawn as he sit down next to me on the bed. He's the only one who can call me Ash by the way.

"I love you too, Shawn!" says I with a cute smile.

My heart beat like crazy. I'm so happy to get to marry the man I love.

"Ash, you're an angel." says Shawn as he put the ring on my finger.

"You're my knight in silver armor, Shawn." says I with a smile.

"I look forward to spendin' the rest of my life with you, Ash." says Shawn.

"Aww! I feel the same, Shawn." says I with a soft cute voice.

"How would you feel about getting married in Paris, France, Ash?" says Shawn with a smile.

"Really? I'd love it, Shawn!" says I.

"Then Paris, France it is!" says Shawn.

"Do you have enough money for that...?" says I.

"No problem, Ash! Anything for my beauty!" says Shawn.

"Aww!" says I with a soft voice.

Shawn is such a nice romantic man. I'm so lucky.

The End.