Chapter 1: The beginning

Matthew and Tyrell were standing on the roof, where there was an amazing view of the half-destroyed mountain of Aleph. The mountain was still wrapped in continuous minor explosions.

Isaac and Garet, Matthew's and Tyrell's fathers had taken their soarwings and left to check out the dead mountain.

"See them?" Tyrell asked

"Not yet." Matthew said, half blinded glare of the sun and of the distant explosions.

There was a giggle.

"I think I hear them!" Matthew cried

There was a loud 'boo'. The two boys leapt a foot in the air, lost balance, fell off the roof, and hit the ground.

Tyrell and Matthew looked up. Karis was laughing. "You've should've seen your faces! You were hilarious!"

Tyrell was instantly furious "You wild ape! What was that for?"

Karis grin disappeared as soon he had called her 'wild ape'.

"Why are calling me like that!"

It was Tyrell who was grinning now. "Because you look like one?"

While the two teens were arguing, Matthew climbed up to his room, took a bucket, and filled it with water. He went back outside. The argument was so heated that it was a wonder that it hadn't already gone into blows. Matthew took the bucket, and emptied it on his friends.

Karis and Tyrell, soaked, were stunned. They then burst out laughing, and charged at Matthew, who ran back inside. "HAVE MERCY FOR A POOR EARTH ADEPT!" he cried

The three teens raced to the room, where a HUGE pillow fight began.

When Isaac and Garet arrived back home, the sun was beginning to set. The two old warriors took off their soarwings.

"Mount Aleph hasn't stopped erupting. I hope it'll settle down" Garet said

Isaac shrugged. "I doubt it. It's one of the side-effects of the Golden Sun event. It hasn't settled within thirty years."

"In either way, we managed to cross the impassable barrage that kept us from coming near it. Next time, we'll try and land instead of flying above it."

They entered, but before Garet could continue, Isaac gestured at him to be silent. The Lookout Cabin was deadly silent.

Isaac looked at Garet, who looked as concerned as his friend. The two old Adepts took a few steps in the house. There wasn't a sound.

Worried, the two parents raced upstairs, and burst into Tyrell's and Matthew's room.

They looked around. The room was a complete mess. Books have fallen of the shelves; clothes had been turned inside out and were lying on the ground. The sheets of the beds were on the ground. There was also, three, sleeping, teenager Adepts.

Tyrell was lying face down on the ground, with some sheets over his head. Karis was lying on Matthew's bed, holding his pillow. Matthew was sitting against the wall, holding one pillow in one hand.

Isaac and Garet looked at each other, relaxed, closed the door and left.

"Teenagers these days are getting less and less mature."

"Oh leave them alone. They're allowed to have fun once in a while."

Garet chuckled. "They remind me of us when we were younger. We were just like that."

There was a knock on the front door. Isaac opened it.

An old, blond haired man with purple eyes came in. Garet and Isaac stood stunned for a moment.


Ivan smiled. "I came to visit."

'I don't believe it! I never thought I'd see you again after the Golden Sun event!"

"Me neither. By the way, Karis left a little before me. Did she make it here? And is it normal that it's so quiet?"

Garet laughed. "Don't worry. Karis is here all right. She and the boys turned the room inside-out."

Ivan looked at him, confused. "Wait what?"

"They had a 'little' pillow fight." Isaac coughed.

Ivan raised an eyebrow. "Are they trying to imitate us?"

"Looks like. Did you come to visit? Or is it to tell us something?"

Ivan turned serious. The mage looked at his friends. "I have something very important to say…"