I don't believe that I have a destination. My life used to be so simple before I met him.

My father's Spence Montgomery, a famous Hollywood actor. Being his son kind of makes things easier in a way. Once people find out that he's my dad, they're all super nice to me. I can do whatever I want to do without making them angry, they tolerate everything I say. Another advantage of having Spence as my father is that some things are easier to accomplish. Some teacher even let me pass their subjects just because of my dad.

Did I ever want these things? No. I don't want all the attention, I don't want all the advantages I have. It isn't fair compared to the other kids at my school. I don't want to move every three months because my father has a new movie to shoot in another state. I want to live like a normal teenager. I want to live in one place, make real friends, not just people who pretend to be your friend just because you've got money.

But all of this changed when I moved back to Beverly Hills. I'd lived there before, knew some people. The greatest thing of Beverly Hills is that about 75% of the inhabitants are rich, which makes me feel a bit better about myself.

I think that you're asking yourself why I'm not happy about myself. Well, I'm gay. And being gay in the United States of America isn't easy. People look at you as if you're a parasite, a creature made by the devil. So that's why I kept it a secret. I pretended to be a womanizer, forever loving the opposite sex. Not that women are awful. Women are passionate, romantic and very sweet, but they're simply not a guy.

My name's Teddy Montgomery and this is my story.