"...he's not going to make it to tomorrow..." Spoke one voice.

"...oh son..." A deep familiar voice rang out.


Death is something we will all face one day, no one lives forever and nothing lives forever. I feared losing my family, even if someone not bound by blood joined the clan recently too. They were, they are everything, along with my friends, I fought for them no matter what. These bonds are the hardest to disassemble, not something even hatred can easily rip apart. I only risk everything, not because I want to be remembered or die. There needs not to be a reason for me to risk it all for them, it is just certainty one would not turn tail on their kin. And my family is just a grumpy man and a feared dragon, it is still worth everything to me to keep them in existence.

If I ever lost Toothless, I do not know what I would do next. What could come next? He gave me meaning for my life that I sensed I lost before. Never did I fit in until we were together; without him I would belong to nothing still. I cannot go back to my old life; death, would be the most wanted path to follow in some eyes versus returning to a miserable life where everyone hates you. I know not what path I would travel if presented to me. I am always thinking to the extra tail wings I have built and have tucked away, the ones which Toothless can fly the skies completely on his own. I was always tired of being such an inconvenience for everyone, I truly wanted to fit in. But that only happened, due to Toothless. A legendary dragon that I originally shot down and planned to butcher, but spared his life. I hate pondering on the possible outcomes have been like if I brought that night fury's heart to Stoic, but that path was avoided and can be forgotten. I am accepted now by people whose wishes were for my likes to disappear, only because of you Toothless.


The sound of a crackling fire was sounding off in my ears again, a welcoming sound I would dare not deny. It was warm all around, it felt like this feeling had been deprived from me for ages. It felt pleasant, a comforting aura, like I had been saved and brought back to a gentle world. But I started to think why was I feeling like this. I had not have fallen asleep, I had not done anything to get here. I start to try to move my body slowly, but another, more painful feeling then pinches my nerves. My body is aching.. I.. was at our cove... I suddenly remembered. My memories started to lull back to another time where this much ache had been present to me. Like the day I lost my leg...

I remembered risking it all, to save a dragon, again. Toothless was never 'just a dragon' to me, he was always more than that the day I stripped him from the wide, open skies. I hate thinking of that day, it was a day that was both the best and worst at the furthest end of each spectrum. I knew that even if Toothless understood that I was the one that stole his flight he would still be there for me and I would be there for him. I would risk it all any day, to protect him.

"Toothless!.." I call out springing up to a sitting position in my bed and looking around, but all I see is my father there with a face that looked sad. The first goal in my head was to find out what state my friend was in. Stoick's face suddenly changed to a smile and he locked his bear-like arms around into a tight hug after leaning in towards the bed I lay in. "Son!.. You're awake.." His voice cracked with the second sentence, but quickly recovered and let go of me. "Dad.. what happened? Where's Toothless?" I asked for my friend, both brain and heart demanding to know if Toothless was alright.

"He's safe son, and you're awake! They said you wouldn't make it through the night, but here you are! Alive! ..and well!" Stoick spoke with his large voice to me. I took time to scan my body, everything was there, including my wooden leg. "Well maybe not well, but at least you're not dead!" He had a large grin on his face. I just smiled a little and moved to get up, but my bones ignored the order. "Dad, I want to see Toothless..." I asked him in an exhausted tone, knowing I would fight my faint body to see my friend. He was all I cared about now in this moment. "Sure son." Stoick spoke going to the door and calling out for the night fury. I was just glad the man did not resist my request in this moment.

I knew that even though I got badly hurt I had done the right thing, that I had fought for the right someone. That I didn't care how hurt I would get, as long as Toothless would be in fine feather. I know he is a dragon that can fend for himself more so than others, but I would never stand by and watch him fight alone. If I even knew that I would lose my life to save his, not a second would be wasted.

Toothless came in quickly and ran to my bedside and welcomed me with licks to my face, "hey, hey now!.. C'mon bud I'm already hurting from the fight." The large black dragon had not been this happy to see me in a while, even more so than when I woke up with a busted leg. Memories of that day continued to rise. I ignored all my pain now, all I knew is that we were fighting for each other the other day, and we both came out alive and fine. Stoick just gave me a look and left knowing Toothless and I would be stuck with each other once again for a period.

I stared into his eyes as he did mine. This was a bond nothing could break, a bond that would fight death as hard as it could. Neither one giving up on the other no matter what the circumstance. Our connection was stout, it was secure, it was unyielding. There is nothing more durable than the affinity we shared. I wrapped my arms around his neck as tight as I could, even though my body told me to stop with pain.

"Thanks friend.." I spoke.

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