The beginning of a new year, and now my brother is a freshman at St. Pigeo's, just as I was. It both warms and breaks my heart to see him. As always, he holds himself well, tail fanned and head high. I am so proud of him.

"How are you enjoying your first day, brother?" I ask him casually.

He looks down his beak at me. "Enjoy? How am I supposed to enjoy being forced to fraternize with all these… these lowlifes?"

My dear, naïve little brother. It hurts me to hear the same vitriol from your beak as from Monsieur Le Bel's. But this is for the best – for you – so I endure the stab of pain and smile it away. "I think you will grow to like it in time, Sakuya. You certainly have some very charming classmates." Most notably, a human in our midst – an unusual sight, but to my eyes, a hopeful one. "Would you introduce me around?"

The distaste was clear in his eyes, but if Msr. Le Bel had ingrained one positive thing into my brother's head, it was manners. He took me over to where two of them were gathered and cleared his throat pompously. "Excuse me. This is my half-brother, Sakazaki Yuuya; he wished to be introduced to you."

I greeted the rock dove, who introduced himself as Kawara Ryouta, and then turned my attention to the girl. She calls herself Tosaka Hiyoko, and the name brings a genuine smile to my face. "I am very glad to meet you, mon amie. It has been a long time since I have met someone with your charming looks." She seems flustered at my coy language and posture. While it does give me some enjoyment to flatter a pretty girl, there is another reason I affect such manners.

The arrival of the human representative in the school represents a pivotal point in the history of human-bird relations. As one of the Dove Party's operatives at St. PigeoNation's, it is my duty to make sure that this girl stays safe. The Hawk Party operative here will undoubtedly try his best to undermine the program and destroy this delicate overture of peace between the two species. I cannot let that damned doctor harm her. The easiest way to protect her is to integrate myself into her social circle, so that I have a reason to be by her side at all times.

But I will think about that later. For right now, I have my brother here with me, and I am content. I wish with all my heart that I could tell him the truth, make him see…! But I cannot. All I have ever done was to protect him, and if he learns the truth, it will shatter him. Msr. Le Bel took such care to make my brother his son, but in that respect, neither of us is the true winner. I kept my brother, but he stole his heart and mind. The only one who came out ahead was Sakuya himself – but this is as it should be. My brother is more important to me than anything in this world.

this fandom actually exists on this site. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FFNET

but yeah, just a random Yuuya drabble because he went from being insufferable to making me bawl my eyes out when his backstory was explained in the BBL madness. THIS GAME, I SWEAR

so as fair warning to anyone reading this who didn't come from the Hatoful Boyfriend fandom... go find Angie's LP on quartertothree right now.