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Summary: This is book one of my first series entitled Elements. Jay and Nya have had their date at Mega Monster Amusement Park. Thus, their blossoming relationship begins. From dangers to new discoveries, their bond sets the wheels in motion for an adventurous future.

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Chapter 1

I can still feel them…her soft lips against my skin, the thundering of my heart as it sped up.

"I like you best when you're you."

She…she really likes me.


I snap my head up just in time to see Kai's fist come hurling towards my face. Reflexively, I quickly jump back to avoid it. Damn! That was close!

"Jay, just because you've unlocked your True Potential doesn't mean you can slack off during training. You are Ninja. Ergo, you must always strive to improve yourself and go beyond your limits." Sensei Wu's chastising voice comes from behind me, as he has come to observe our match.

I get back into my stance and shake my head to clear it. Geez, why did I challenge Kai to a sparring match again…?

We were all training on the upper deck of the Destiny's Bounty. Cole and Zane were going through some new katas, while Kai and I were squaring-off.

"Yeah, Jay, better watch out if you don't wanna end up face-down on the deck!" Kai taunts, cracking his knuckles.

"Oh really? Well I say bring it on, you Fantastic Four reject!" I challenge with renewed focus.

Kai charges at me again with a shout and throws a straight punch aimed at my face. Shifting my weight to offset his momentum, I sidestep his attack and counter with a high left roundhouse kick. His body is a blur as he ducks and flips backwards to gain a little distance from me. We both were showing the tell-tale signs of fatigue. After all, we've all been training rigorously since we woke up this morning. And judging from the excruciating heat, it has to be well-pass noon by now.

"Hey guys, I made some fresh lemonade for you, so feel free to have some when you're done."

Nya… Her sweet voice reaches my ears and I turn to see her placing a tray on a table by the door to the interior. My eyes sweep her frame and I feel my mouth go dry.

Damn… She's so beautiful…

She had replaced her usual cherry Chinese outfit for a simple evergreen tank top and white pants with green cherry blossom embroidery going down the outside of each leg. Oh man, Sensei just had to make us train with our hoods on! It's already hard to breath, and now with Nya's new outfit showing off her feminine curves…it's damn near impossible!


Pain explodes from my chest as Kai lands a solid kick that plants me flat on my back. I place a hand on the spot of abuse and grimace. Owww….

A hearty chuckle sounds from above and Kai's smirking face soon comes into view, "What I tell ya, bro! Smack-down right on the deck!"

"No! You said "face down" on the deck," I point out lamely. Kai just laughs, though, and offers me a hand up which I take, though a little begrudgingly. Goddammit! I don't want to look bad in front of Nya!

"Jay, are you okay?"

I glance over to see the object of my affection walking towards us with two glasses of lemonade in her hands. "Y-Yeah I'm okay! Kai got lucky that's all." I say quickly, trying to play off my defeat.

"Lucky? Please! You let your guard down and I saw an opening and took it. End of story," Kai counters, smug smirk still in place. I fling off my hood also and shoot him a dirty look before turning my attention back to Nya.

"Thanks, Nya, is that for us?"

The look of concern on her face lifts and she smiles while handing us each a glass. "Yeah, it's a real scorcher today and I thought you guys might need a little refreshment," she says, wearing a hint of a blush on her cheeks. The light sheen of perspiration makes her ivory skin glow divinely under the unforgiving sun. Nya is definitely one helluva beauty, but I like her for much more than her looks. Her intelligence, consideration, creativity, and kickass combat prowess are just to name a few things, and my list continues to get longer and longer with each passing day. Just being near her has an incredible impact on me!

"Heh, I'm gonna go before you two start makin' out," Kai comments off-handedly, and ambles over to where Cole and Zane are standing, who're each drinking a glass of lemonade themselves.

My face goes instantly scarlet and I shut my eyes tight. Gah! I'm going to kill that red hot chili pepper if it's the last thing I do! Nya! I open my eyes to see the blush on her cheeks intensify, and her hair swishes to the side as she quickly turns her head away from me.

I clench the glass of lemonade tightly, "Um, Nya—"

"Oh! I just remembered there was something I forgot to take care of! So—ah… Yeah! S-See ya later, Jay!" She pivots on her heel and practically flees from the deck.

Damn you, Kai!

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