This is for The Awesome March Here.

Rowlf was trying to push a very heavy piano into his dressing room, because he needed a quiet-ish place in which to practice, when Gonzo offered to lend a hand.

They tried to push the piano into the dressing room but even with two of them, it would not budge.

Rowlf lifted the top off and saw Beaker hiding amoung the strings.

"What are you doing?" Rowlf asked, Gonzo popped his head over.

"Mimimi mi mimi mi mi mi mi mimimi mimi mi mi mi" moaned Beaker.

"What?" asked Rowlf.

"He said, "Honeydew was trying to get me to eat broccoli covered in a safe poison"" explained Gonza.

"Okay," Rowlf shrugged and put the top back on.

They sat down on the stairs and watched as the scientist went around asking everyone if they had seen Beaker.

"You understood him?" Rowlf asked Gonzo. Gonzo nodded.
"You should be part of the Swedish Chef secret-not-so-secret gang" said Rowlf.

"What gang?"