Dragonborn – Chapter 01.

The slayer and the dragon

A loud roar shivered the whole place, chilling the blood in every living being. Some small rocks fell from the ceiling, heavy steps stomped on the ground. The wind hissed through the large fangs as the beast took a deep breath, orange light appeared in the throat. With another roar the dragon released its fire, destroying everything in its way. The rocks blazed red and some of them melt by the heat.

"That's all you can do, you damned lizard?" yelled a human voice, echoing in the cave. The dragon slayer jumped out from behind the rock he used as shelter, raising his spear against the monster.

Claws scratched on the hot ground as the massive body charged forward, snapping its jaw after the irritating creature. The slayer rolled to the right and stabbed, piercing the blade into the soft underarm. The dragon shouted painfully and slammed away the slayer with its claws. The male groaned as his back hit the wall, the spear clanked when it was hit out of his hand.

"Nghh damn…" he grit his teeth as he tried to get back his senses, but the dragon not hesitated. With another furious hiss it opened its jaws, preparing to devour the slayer. There was a loud splash… and the dragon froze in the middle of its movement. In the opened mouth the human knelt with a large sword impaled into the upper jaw. The slayer clenched his teeth as he forced the blade deeper into the monster's head.

Startled groan left the dragon's throat before it tottered to the left and collapsed down. It's body jerked a few before it finally died. With loud pants the slayer stood up, his originally black fur was now soaked in blood and saliva.

"It seems I was a bit big bite for you…" frowned the rabbit, staring at the corpse with disgust.

Oswald was one of the strongest dragon slayer in the kingdom, so it was obvious the king asked him to do this job. The slayer broke off one of the smaller fang of the dragon as a proof he finished the beast. He picked up the dropped spear and managed to leave the cave when he noticed something on the opposite side. Oswald raised a brow and, avoiding the dragon's body he walked to the wall. Between the fallen rocks he saw something plain shining in the bare light. He reached down and picked it up, letting out a surprised moan.

"A-an egg?" in startle he almost dropped it. The egg was darker gray with some light spot on the surface. Oswald stared at it for some long minutes, trying to find out what should he does with the egg. He rubbed his head, then took it inside his pack alongside with the fang and left the cave, not caring about the dragon anymore "Another job finished. Finally I can go home… geesh my scars aching from the fire…" grimaced and scratched his cheek where a long, healed gash covered the skin.

He didn't like his 'job', with the age he already lost the fire of adventure and found the kills monotone and boring. Each work was the same. The dragon comes and terrorizes the country, the king panics and asks many slayers to kill it without success, bla bla bla… Then the great hero arrives, the dragon roar, spit fire again and again, then the hero kills it. The king relieves, everyone's happy, hallelujah… Just the same shit as always… When he was younger Oswald enjoyed the fame and glory he got from the citizens, but today he just worked for money. Now, as he finished he wanted only one thing, finally rest and be alone.

His house stood on the edge of the forest, far enough from the town he lived in. He just hated the animation, the villagers and the kids. It was so annoying when they jumped around him, squeaked and yelled and asked many damned stupid question endless. That's why he never got married. He found really disgusting when a baby cries, drools, pukes and farts and everyone coos how cute it is. Then he'd rather fight with a dozen of dragons than even touch one of this stinky monsters.

It was already night when he arrived home. Oswald took a glance around in the small house and sighed. Finally here. He put his long jacket to the coat-rack and dropped the sac right next to his chair. He lit up the small oil lamp on the table and made fire in the fireplace. Orange light illuminated on the furniture and the rabbit's face. When the fire warmly bounced he cleaned his hands and cheek in a basin of water, then settled into his chair with another sigh.

"Nhhh now this is what I missed…" muttered with closed eyes. His boot accidentally poked his pack. Oswald reached inside and took the egg, placing it onto his lap "What should I do with this? I don't think it's edible. Maybe place it next to my other trophies?" glanced at a shelf where many fangs and claws rested. He even had a dragon tooth as medallion in his neck.

No matter how long he was thinking, he had no idea what to do with the egg. At last the tiredness got over him and he fell asleep in the chair. As his grasp eased on the shell, the egg slipped out from his hands, knocked on the carpet and stopped near to the fireplace. The kind flames illuminated on the plain shell.

Oswald wasn't sure how long he slept when a soft noise awakened him. He snorted and blinked heavily. Outside everything was bright, so the sun already rose up. The rabbit rubbed his eyes and yawned when he heard again the same noise. It was like rats' scratching in the wall, but louder. Oswald glanced around and noticed the egg resting near the fireplace. And for his surprise, it slightly moved.

"What the…" he knelt next to the egg and took a closer look. It was definitely moving and the scratches came from inside. Oswald reached out his hand, but before he could touch it the egg bounced and a small crack appeared on the shell. The rabbit almost fell behind in startle, he crawled back to his chair and grabbed the first thing he reached, the dead dragon's fang. Holding it as a dagger the slayer waited for what will happen next. After some soft rumble suddenly the egg explode into small pieces. Oswald yelped and covered his face, then he heard a soft moan. He took away his hands and his eyes grew wide in surprise.

He thought he will see an ugly little dragon, a fire spitting demon he needs to kill. But… instead of a beast…

"A…a mouse?" groaned in startle the slayer. Between the shell pieces a small kid sat. It had black fur, round ears, big olive nose, just like a normal mouse. The only difference was its yellow eyes those glared at Oswald "W-what are you looking at?" frowned the rabbit, whereof the hatchling tweeted happily and reached out its tiny hands. The adult became pale like chalk.

"H-how this can be? I thought I brought a dragon egg…" he reached out again, when the kid hiccuped and a small fireball came out of his mouth. Oswald fell onto his bottom startled. The mouse squeaked again and tumbled out of the remained shell, laying along the carped. Oswald just now recognized the small, scaled dragon tail the hatchling wagged "What the heck… I never thought dragons can have human form…" the rabbit carefully grabbed the hatchling and raised him to eye level, glaring at it suspiciously.

"Gyaa!" chirped again the newborn and moved its tiny paws toward Oswald, smiling happily.

"Ha? Oh no way!" groaned the male when he found out the kid's intention "I'm not your mother! Forget it, you little pest…" he hissed angrily and pressed the claw against the soft belly. However the kid only squeaked and tried to touch the adult. It was too innocent, and Oswald not really liked killing humans... "Tsss you're not a human but a wolf in lamb cover. I must kill you!" pumped his will to cut the tiny throat, but his hand not moved. It was just an infant.

"Oh dammit..." frowned the hare and dropped the hatchling and stood up, leaving it on the carpet. The tiny mouse reached after him squeaking, then its cute face pouted and burst up in tears. Oswald froze in mid-movement and shut his ears by the loud cry. "Stop it! Enough!" shouted angry the male, then, having no other choice he returned and picked up the kid. It immediately stopped the crying and happily nuzzled into Oswald's clothes.

"Now what should I do with you? I hate kids..." grumbled the rabbit "And you're a dragon... I guess. I can't keep you. It's against my personality..."

"Gyaaa." squeaked the tiny mouse, wagging its tail a little. Oswald awkwardly grimaced and scratched his scar on the face.

"Good job Oswald..." cursed himself then let out a sharp sigh "I think I have no other choice. Believe me or not, I'm not a cruel monster who should leave a child in the forest for wolf food. I never get that deep, that's your luck, kid." poked the olive nose, whereof the hatchling giggled and grabbed his finger. A muscle twitched on Oswald's cheek. He needed to admit, the kid had a very strong grip.

"First of all, you need a shower." stated the rabbit and went to the basin. He boiled it with some heated up rock then tried to place inside the hatchling. It wasn't as easy as the slayer thought so. The kid began to wiggle when the tip of its tail reached the water. With its tiny paws hold on Oswald's shirt very tight, he couldn't force the mouse off. The small struggle caused he lost balance and fell into the basin with a loud splash. Oswald snorted out water from his noses, then noticed the hatchling sitting on his lap and hit the surface with his small knuckles.

"So you not want to bath alone, little devil?" frowned the rabbit, but on a kinder tone. With some soap he cleaned the ebony fur, that the kid answered with happy squeaks. After the shower Oswald dried both of them with soft towel, making the mouse even more fluffy. In the end he fabricated diaper from one of his old shirt and collapsed back into his chair with the hatchling in his arms.

"This is crazy..." sighed Oswald, watching as the young one curl up, nuzzling into his furred chest "I can't raise you... I'm... not a father kind. I never took care about dragons, I slayed them with ease, but you... damn I just can't harm a pup like you. Better... if this time I let Fortune show the way she gave for you and me... okay?" he gently patted the mouse's fluffy head "But I won't allow you any cry, got it? No wail, no drool or other disgusting baby act! Deal?" the kid only hummed and buried its head more into the warm fur. Oswald flattened his ears.

"I feel so stupid, talking to an infant...well... At least I have to give it a name. I think... it's a boy." quickly checked hatchling's gender "Hmm.. then, what if I call you Drake from now? I know, not full with fantasies, but suit you well..." Oswald yawned, his eyes became heavy "I wonder... if it was just an accident I found you or the gods directed it. But we will see." before he fall asleep he embraced the small body and whispered "Sleep well... Drake..."

End of Chapter 01.