Revenge of the Ten Tails Revamp!

Summary: The vessel of the Juubi no Sasori is awakened to a world in chaos. Honda must face off against a organization hell-bent on world domination, the Juchunriki of the original Nine and the Nations that wish to keep whatever power they have. Honda will have to find the Lost Bijuu also known as the Children of Himiko if he is to reinstate the Balance and reawaken the Keeper of Peace Himiko!

OC form:





Bijuu (Tailed Beast):

Elemental Affinity:

Village (if they live in one):

Bloodline or Eye Technique (if they have one. Be creative please)


Jutsu Specialty: (Tai, Gen, Nin or Ken)

Bijuu Positions Available!

Eleven Tails: Utsuri The Eleven Tailed Chameleon ( Taken by Kuro Shukaku )

Twelve Tails: Open

Thirteen Tails: Open

Fourteen Tails: Open

Fifteen Tails: Open

Fourteen Tails: Open

Fifteen Tails: Open

Sixteen Tails: Open

Seventeen Tails: Open

Eighteen Tails: Open

Nineteen Tails: Open

Note: The Eleven Tails is as strong as Kyuubi and the Nineteen Tails is as strong as Ichibi. All positions must be taken before story starts!

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