Revenge of the Ten Tails

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I noticed that I had not introduced Honda Lee very well and showed little of his character. I was going to go straight into Canon but it seemed that if I did people would immediately think that Honda is a Gary-Stu (shudders)

So I created a small four part Arc called the Honda Arc. A small history of Honda Lee and his adventures till the Bijuu War to show what Honda's likes and dislikes are, how he acts around people and even how he meets his future wife Oichi and believe me its not a typical love at first sight thing.

So without further ado here is Chapter 2! Read and Enjoy.


Chapter 1 Honda Arc (Part 1)

1 year before the Valley of the Beginning

Training Ground 2 in the Village Hidden in the Abyss

Suiton: Water Bullet Jutsu!

The lance of water blew the boulder apart and before the rubble touched the ground, the ninja was already blurring though hand-seals.

Suiton: Great Water Contraction Jutsu!

The moister from the water bullet, suddenly encased the rubble into a bubble before condensing to the size of a finger-nail. Honda Lee deactivated the jutsu and let out a pleased sigh as he had finally managed to create his first Jutsu.

The only draw back was that the target had to be soaked from another Suiton Jutsu before he could use the Water Contraction. Honda was the best Suiton user in the whole country and was well on his way to mastering the Mokuton, a perk from having the Juubi Rinnegan. (this is Juubi's trait it gives to its container and as it only has one eye. Only one eye of the container gains the Rinnegan)

The only problem that he had was the fact the Council were doing their best to stop him from attaining the rank of Jounin, believing that his tenant could influence his squad if they were anywhere near him.

Honda always wanted to have students and teach them the art of Suiton and the Scorpion Taijutsu, Suiton being pushed aside for Katon or Raiton just because water was associated with peace and healing, the Scorpion style was of his own creation that he planned to pass onto a apprentice that was worthy enough to use it but it seemed fear had gripped the Council once more.

He sensed the DUST member before she appeared before him with a shunshin.

" Honda-san, the Yamikage wishes to see you." the hooded and masked warrior said in monotone. Honda smiled.

" Thank you Sapphire." the DUST nodded before vanishing, closely followed by Honda who vanished in a sudden burst of water.


The Nindaime Yamikage, Honda Tadakatsu and Honda Lee's grandfather, was on the verge of throwing his desk out of the window as the paperwork pile just got bigger and bigger. Tadakatsu was a monster of a man and his iron like muscles were barley contained by his robes. His moustache bristled and his small ruby eyes glared at the Kage's nemesis hoping it would just wither and die.

The Kage was interrupted from his glaring match as a pillar of water suddenly appeared in front of his desk before receding to show a slightly damp but smiling Honda Lee.

" Yo Gramps." Honda greeted with a smile only to dodge a mud bullet that cracked the wall behind him.

" Lee how many time have I told you not to use Suiton Shunshin?" Tadakatsu snarled as the paperwork he had done was now drenched .

Honda chuckled nervously as he ran a hand through his damp, brown hair. The Kage decided to get down to business and bury the kid in mud later.

" Chunin Honda, I am giving you a A-Rank mission." as soon as the words left his mouth, his armoured grandson suddenly shot to attention and his constant small smile was replaced with a serious look. " We just received word that the princess of Whirlpool is coming here to discuss a alliance. Your job is to make sure she gets here alive as rumours say the Mori are planning to assassinate her on route, we believe they are planning to make Whirlpool our enemy and reap the benefits if we go to war." Tadakatsu knew the Mori as he had faced them before and even Lee had faced them on several occasion.

For their so-called defensive policy, they love to kill any emissary they can find.

Honda nodded and took the offered scroll.

" Understood. Where is the rendezvous point?" Honda asked as he attached the scroll to his belt.

" There is a town called Tzu a mile from our southern border. It's a small market town , mostly trades in silk and salt coming from Tosa too Isumigaya. The town hires ninja from here and the Senju family, so expect to see some of those Sharigan flunkies trying to see why a Abyss ninja is escorting a royal." Tadakatsu did not like the Senju but with his grandsons friendship with the Senju Heir Goken, peace has reigned between the two clans.

" Now scram or I'll give you a E-rank mission to clean the mansion." The Yamikage threatened, making Honda vanish into thin air.

Unfortunately scattering the paperwork.



Somewhere on the road to Ravine Country.

The Royal Caravan of Whirlpool.

The caravan trundled across the rocky paths and the summer heat was beginning to get on Uzumaki Oichi's nerves.

Being from Whirlpool where the summer is cooled by the sea breeze, the princess was not ready for the scorching heat of the eastern deserts where the Hidden Abyss resides.

Oichi sipped her ice water as she looked through the treaty for the seventh time since she left Whirlpool. It was simple and too the point and none of the sugar coating that Abyss Ninjas hated.

Such a straight forward bunch she mused. She had heard of the Honda Families exploits during the Sixth Mori war and how their current Kage had fought in 42 wars and 67 battles without being injured and rumours of the mans grandson where beginning to pop up saying he ripped out the Three Tails eye and forced it to flee when the Mori won its services.

Oichi wondered what this Grandson of a Kage was like. He was young having just turned sixteen, if the rumours were belived, he also wielded the famed Tonbo Giri.

The spear thought to have been crafted by a ancient conqueror called Tsubodai and wetted with demon blood.

He was rumoured to be blunt but charming, smart but only when focused and his temper was legendary.

One could not defeat one of the Bijuu by being a pacifist.

Oh yes Oichi was interested.

Being twenty four and not having a husband caused her father political headaches as she killed or beaten the snot out of her suitors. She wanted to choose the man she wanted to spend her life with and she had a thing for younger and stronger men.

Not old fogies who lived on their own tales.

Uzumaki Oichi was a proud woman and Whirlpools greatest swordswoman and all her suitors failed to court her because they could not best her in a spar.

One thing was for sure though.

She was going to test this Honda Lee also known as Silver Fang.

Maybe this journey would be worth the discomfort after all.


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Note: DUST stands for Death Under the Shadows Team a elite group that serves as the Yamikage's bodyguards.