Three-year-old Ember Jacobs skipped down the hall, singing to herself.
"My time is now! You can't see me, my time is now!"
She was so busy singing that she accidentally bumped into the back of someone and fell backwards, landing on her butt.
The superstar turned and glared down at the girl, eyes angry.
"Who dares touch me?"
Ember whimpered as he grabbed her arm harshly.
"I want daddy."
Alberto laughed.
"Who's your daddy?"
She pointed to the picture on her shirt, where Kane leered up at her.
"This my daddy."
"Sure he is, niƱa chiquita. Let's go for a walk."
He pulled her roughly down the hallway before she bit his hand and backed away quickly.
"Ow! You little-"
"Wot are yeh doing with that little girl?"
Ember ran to the man who had just spoken, burying her face in his neck and whimpering.
"It's alright, lass," Sheamus said gently as he glared at Alberto Del Rio and his lap dog.
"I was only trying to help the girl," Alberto lied.
"Get lost."
Alberto turned and walked down the hallway, scoffing loudly.
Ember sniffled and looked up at him.
"You help me find Daddy?"
Sheamus smiled down at the little girl, whose brown eyes reminded him of someone.
Actually, two someones.
"Come on, little bird. Let's go find your daddy."
"He big and scary-looking but he likes to play ponies and wrestle with me. I beat him all the time," she said with a grin.
Sheamus laughed.
"Is that so? Well maybe, when you're older, you can be a wrestler just like him."
Ember brightened considerably.
"I like you, mister."
"I like yeh too, lass. What's your name?"
"My name Ember."
Yep. He definitely knew who her dad was.

Kane sat in the locker room, patiently waiting for his match.
A knock on the door made him jump and he walked over to it, opening it and leaning on the doorframe.
"Sheamus? To what do I owe this visit?"
Smiling, the Celtic Warrior stepped aside to reveal...
"Daddy!", she cried, launching herself at him.
Kane crouched and scooped her up, grinning.
"Baby girl, what are you doing here?"
"Unca Johnny gived Mommy tickets. I bored so I come find you. Daddy, somebody hurted my arm."
His eyes narrowed at the hand-shaped bruise on her wrist.
"Who did it baby?"
"That guy whose name has a lot of o's, Daddy."
Confused, he looked up at Sheamus, who was snickering.
Understanding Ember's accidental joke, he chuckled before walking over and setting her on the bench.
"Stay here, okay baby?"
"Kane! I can't find Ember anywhere!"
Sheamus turned and looked at the woman who had entered.
"Ye must be Kane's girl, yeah?"
Tristen grinned.
"Aw, Sheamus, I'm hurt. You don't recognize the girl who kicked your ass five years ago?"
Kane chuckled.
"Ember's right here, Hellaena. Walk me down to the ring?"
The Irishman choked on air as he heard the familiar ring name.
"Hellaena? Straightedge Hellaena?"
"The one and only. Let's go get you a title, babe."
Ember hugged both her parents before they walked out of the room.
Sheamus turned and looked at her.
"I thought yeh looked familiar, lass. I fought yer momma once."
Ember smiled up at him.
"She beated you, though."
"Yeah, she did."
"Unca Sheashea?"
"Yes, lass?"
"I love you."
He smiled and accepted her hug.
"I love yeh too, Ember."