(Xander soliel and Dante belong to courtni-chaos)

Ember snuck out of the locker room, searching for her best friend and sister, Soliel.

"Little bit! Did you sneak out of Mom's locker room again?"

She turned to see Jeff grinning at her.

"Yes Unca Jeff! Soliel and auntie Xander in there?"

"Yep! Let's go see them!"

Ember grinned and jumped on her uncle's back, giggling as he ran down the hall with her.

Xander St. Pierre looked up as the door opened to reveal her rainbow-haired boyfriend.

"Look who I found."

He stepped aside to reveal Soliel's "sister", Ember.

"Hi Auntie Xan! SOLIEL!"

Soliel squealed and ran to hug the black and orange-haired toddler, and both girls jumped excitedly.



Jeff winced at the volume of the two girls, then grinned as he slowly edged out of the room and took Xander with him.

"Jeff we can't leave them in there!"

"It's only for ten minutes, Xan. They'll be fine."

"You sure?"



Ember looked over at Soliel, who was wearing a pink princess crown.



"You wann go get sammiches?"


Ember grinned.


The two girls ran out of the room and to the Catering table, filling up Ember's pikachu backpack with snacks.

"Well well well, if it isn't the little brat whose daddy chokeslammed me?"

Ember growled and pushed Soliel behind her.

"Go away!"

Dante grinned.

"I just want to say hi to Soliel."

Ember narrowed her eyes.

"No! You not good! Go away!"

The man shoved her out of the way, stepping toward Soliel, and the little girl's eyes widened.

Ember snarled and pulled her chain from the bag, thankful that daddy had let her keep the lock on it. She swung and was thrilled when the giant lock connected with Dante's head. He went down like a sack of bricks and both girls bolted back to the locker room, laughing.

"He gonna have an owie later!"

Ember giggled.

"I just glad daddy let me keep it. Told him it would come in handy if someone tried to hurt me."

Soliel hugged her.

"Thank you sissy."

"You welcome, sissy."

Somebody pounded on the door and they froze.


Ember grabbed her bag full of darts and crouched behind the bench, motioning for Soliel to go into the bathroom.

The toddler obeyed and the Halloween-haired girl quickly tied a string to the lock, darting back to her hiding spot. She pulled the string and began throwing darts at Dante, who cussed and went for her, but was stopped by Jeff and Xander.

"I told you to stay away," Xander growled.

"Like I'm ever gonna listen to you, lying bitch."

A voice from beside him made him turn.

"Maybe you'll listen to me," Kane snarled as he wrapped a hand around Dante's throat. "Stay away from these kids."

Ember peeked out the door and grinned.

"Beat him up daddy! He tried to hurt Soliel!"

Jeff growled and punched Dante in the face, breaking his nose.

"Stay away from them. Or I'll end you."

Xander walked in and looked around for her daughter.

"Bebe! Where are you?"

"Here mama!"

Soliel popped out from the bathroom, looking up at her mom.

Her hair was streaked green and blue, courtesy of Ember.

"Le mon dieu. Your hair!"

Soliel giggled and pointed to Ember, who was laughing.

"I did it Auntie Xan! I putted pretty colors in sissy's hair!"