Really short fillery thing. I'm sorry I havnt been able to ud for ages (I've had like so much coursework and stuff). But its half term now! So you won't be able to get enough of me :D

Chapter 10

I approached the door. My heart skipping beats as I prepared to face the music. My key turned into the lock as I braced myself.

Here we go.

I walked down through the hallway of the house. Stopping outside the living room, television lighting up the room, which was otherwise dark.

Piers was sat, red-eyed on the sofa, his eyes not turning from the television. Moments of silence passed as I stood motionless in the doorway.

'Decided to drop by have we?'

A figure appeared from the hallway. I was unsure as to whom, until I looked around. Before I knew it two hooded figures had grabbed and cuffed my wrists and the third had placed a knife to my throat.

Piers jumped to my aid, but they grabbed him too.

I began to sob.

'Kelly. Its going to be okay. Everythings going to be okay. I love you.'

I nodded slowly before bags were placed over our heads.


We were lead outside. My years of training went completely out of my mind and for the first time in years I felt truly hopeless.

I could not bring myself to think about how much danger we were in, all I could think about was Mia.

We were shoved into what seemed like a car and I hit my head. The whole world went black, and I was knocked unconcious.


I woke up and found myself in what appeared to be a cell.

Grey, cold and dimly lit. The best place to keep a victim.

I was about to get up when I was restricted my handcuffs on both my wrists. Turning my head fully as I began to feel less dizzy. Looking behind me I saw the back of a head. Sat on another chair behind mine was Piers, still unconcious.

'Piers' I whispered, gently rocking the chair as if to attempt and wake him.

No reply.


Still no answer.


I guess I'll have to get out of this myself.