SonicANIME2010 here with the pilot to the long awaited sequel story to Sonic Adventure: Lyrical Step.. hope ya'll enjoyed the month break.. I had to take a month off to get my thoughts in order. And now they are in order so here I am bringing in the first chapter to the new story.

Ages areas appropriate as according to StrikerS canon

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sonic Team and SEGA. Nanoha Takamachi and characters related belong to Seven Arcs

Here we go!

[Unspecified Location in Wilderness: Late at night]

In a clearing of this dark forest, two figures stood back-to-back. The first was a red echidna with long dread-lock style hair-like fur, purple eyes and a white crescent moon birthmark across his chest. He was wearing a brown cow-boy style hat, steel-toe boots, and thick mittens that had indents for the knuckles of his hands. His partner was a young 9-10 year old girl in appearance with silver, long and flowing hair, her left eye was an amber-yellow in color while her right eye was covered by a black eye-patch. This girl was wearing a thick grayish duster coat that extended down to her ankles almost, a light blue form-fitting shirt and knee-length skirt, gray fingerless gloves and shoes to match. The girl held several small gray daggers in between her knuckles of both her hands.

The echidna bared his fists against an unknown force that he met eyes with, all that could be seen were the light blue trims of the assailants' outfits, "You're not going anywhere with that emerald. Not while I have any say in it!" he spat out

The echidna's companion caught glimpse of another figure rushing silently for her friend's side, "Knuckles watch out!" she threw a wave of the daggers in front of said figure. The daggers exploded on impact and sent the assailant back into the woods forcefully.

The echidna, identified as Knuckles, slammed his fist into the temple of the figure in front of him, driving him back into the woods as well, "Didn't need your help, but thanks Cinque."

The girl gave a nod in the echidna's direction and pressed to engage a few more enemies in front of her while the echidna did the same.

The echidna was doing well until another assailant appeared using some warp mechanism and scored a lucky shot that knocked the wind out of him.

"Ugh!" Knuckles doubled over, which granted the opportunity for two more figures to swoop in, grab him, and drag him into the trees and out of sight.

"Knuckles!" Cinque cried in surprise as the ones she fought also disappeared, "Damn!" she cursed with a snap of her fingers

[Opening: "Phantom Minds" Mizuki Nana; Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st OST]

A close up of Raising Heart appears as the music starts with a long note, the words: STAND BY, READY appear along the center of it.

A light blue sky serves as a backdrop as dozens and dozens of white feathers scatter away to reveal the Sonic Team logo inside the Nanoha star, big silver letters read out in English.

Sonic Adventure: Lyrical Record

Scene first shows Vivio waving goodbye to Sonic, Nanoha and Fate, who each waved back in return as the young girl ran off.
"Itsumo sagishitetanda hontou no egao afureru basho" (I've always been searching for the place I can show my true smile,)

Vivio runs past the Saint Church, waving at Deed, Otto, Sein, Carim and Schach as she passed. The others returned the wave.
Vivio then runs by Angel Island, waving at Knuckles, Blaze and Shadow, who each offer their own wave of recognition.
"kazukana sono nukumori ni mirai wo utsushite ugokezuita" (but that faint warmth reflected my future and I couldn't move.)

Now inside the Cradle of the Saints, Vivio sat at the throne, in front of her is Hayate, Cinque, Nove, Wendi and Dieci. Hayate gives a "go ahead" type signal to Sonic, Nanoha and Fate on the exterior, who held out their hands and a bright light flashed from them all.
"mienai ashita ni kibou wo kasanete" (I gather all hope into this unforeseeable future)
"fuanna yoru wo kurikaesu yori" (and rather than repeat these nights full of anxiety,)

Scene shifts to mages shifting into their barrier jackets / knight clothing. Three at a time in the following order: Sonic, Nanoha and Fate; Shadow, Blaze and Knuckles; Vita, Signum and Reinforce Zwei; Cinque, Nove and Dieci. After shifting, everyone would assume poses.
"ima koko ni aru chiisana shiawase wo mamoritai"(I want to protect this small happiness I have now.)

Sonic and Nove engage in a defensive avoiding chase on foot to avoid ranged shots from a variety or robots and organic foes, Sonic's on his air-board while Nove's on her roller blades. The two come to a stop and Sonic rolls into his powerful spin-dash, which Nove uses as a make-shift soccer ball and kicks him clean through all the enemies. The hedgehog skidded to Nove's side and they both high-five.
"ano hi deatta kiseki wa dare ni mo souzou dekinai" (The miracle of us meeting that day)

Nanoha and Fate take their own turn against a variety of aerial foes. Nanoha was shooting them down while Fate cut through a few with her Haken form Bardiche, then releasing the blade to boomerang it through the rest.
"monogatari no purorogu [prologue]no ni tsunagatte yuku" (Is a prologue to a story that no one can imagine)

Shadow, Blaze and Cinque stand and throw chaos spears, flame daggers and exploding daggers respectively at their variety of enemies. Vita and Signum double team with their hammer and sword respectively; they crush and slice their way through.
"arifureta kotoba demo ii massugu ni tsutaetai yo" (I want to tell you even if the words end up ordinary)

Quick shots of Tails, Amy Rose, Shahra, Reinforce Zwei and Agito showing their support
"kimi no moto he to habataiteiku" (I'll flap my wings and fly to you)

Super Sonic along with Nanoha and Saint Kaiser Vivio team up for a triple blast attack that seemed like it was endless.
"zutto soba ni iru kara" (Because I'll always be at your side...)

The music slows down as everyone returns to normal, Sonic and the others stood overlooking a horizon as a camera pans up to the sky and the emblem and logo from before appear.

Sonic Adventure: Lyrical Record
Record 1
Honeymoon ending, Knuckles has been captured!

[TSAB Administrated World #1: Mid-Childa]
[Vacation Resort: Honeymoon Suite: 6 am]

This marvelous and luxurious resort including a spa, hotel, and quick beach access served as a great spot for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or in the case here, a nice and peaceful honeymoon.

A particular trio shared the same bed in this particular suite. An anthropomorphic male hedgehog with royal blue fur and green eyes, a late-teen human female with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes, and a third late-teen human female with blonde hair and red eyes. All were not wearing any clothes, and their usual outfits were hanging by the wall nearby. They were the newly-married Takamachi family, Sonic Takamachi (Hedgehog), Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Takamachi-Harlaown.

A month after the end of Riot Force 6's, these newlyweds were finally able to take some time off for their honeymoon which was a 2 week stay at this fabulous resort. Their adoptive daughter, Vivio, was sent to the Saint Church to stay at for some time during the honeymoon.

Now we turn to the lovely trio, who were only starting to wake on their last day of the stay and had a nice long night to rest. Though if one were to ask them, the three really wouldn't recall getting much "rest" at all. The first to wake up was the brunette Nanoha, Ace of Aces and the lovely woman who was born into the Takamachi name that her two loves now share with her. She woke up and quickly dressed up in a pair of pink pajamas and went to start up some tea for her family. Fate, the blonde, woke up just minutes after Nanoha finished, she dressed in a black pajama outfit and joined her wife in the kitchen area. Finally, the blue hedgehog, Sonic, woke up and dressed in a pair of sky-blue pajamas before joining his loves in the kitchen.

"Morning Nanoha. Morning Fate." the hedgehog yawned a bit.

"Good morning." Nanoha set several cups of tea on the small table for them all, "That was a fun two week vacation we had."

"Yeah, I'm surprised they let us take the weeks off." Sonic added.

"And we didn't have to pay for it." Fate noted as well, their honeymoon's tab was picked up for some reason.

"Something could be up.." Sonic thought out loud, his suspicions were slightly confirmed when a call came in to their suite, a video phone call, which Sonic took.

A blue screen in front of them for the call, on the other end was a brown-haired girl wearing a tanuki mask?

"Eh? Hayate!" All three nearly fell off their chairs.

The late-teen girl removed the tanuki mask, revealing her blue eyes. This girl was Hayate Yagami, "Good morning Takamachi family.. hope you enjoyed your honeymoon"

"Hayate-chan, only you can call us and then wear a tanuki mask when we answer." Nanoha giggled.

"We did enjoy our time off. What's on your mind? We're on holiday" Fate asked.

Hayate smiled a bit and held up a vanilla folder, "Not anymore you're not; orders from the Bureau."

"Eh.. I knew the higher ups wouldn't book us at the best beach resort in Mid-Childa out of pure gratitude." Sonic sighed.

The brunette let out a few giggles, "Actually they did.. the orders come from me. Congratulations, you three have been promoted to my new squad, we're en route to pick you up."

"Wait, promotions? New squad?" Nanoha took in what was said.

"Yup.. Special Mobile Force 6, I formed it just recently, and I know you wouldn't forgive me if I didn't give you three a personal invitation, so here it is" Hayate replied.

"You're en route to us? Why?" Fate asked.

"Now that is a surprise I'll let you find out when we get there.. in the mean time, check out, shower, clean up and be ready because you start work. I'll explain when we arrive." Hayate ended the call.

The trio just sat there for a brief moment, then once they took in what their brunette friend was saying they didn't waste much time. After having their breakfast, they showered, changed into better casual clothes.

Sonic wore a sky-blue t-shirt underneath a white collared button up shirt that had short sleeves, he wore the shirt with only the middle button done. Along with a pair of blue jeans and his trademark red and white shoes and gloves. Nanoha wore a casual, light-blue skirt and a white collared shirt, her hair tied up in a side-tail to her left. Fate let all of her hair down and tied a small bow at the end, she wore a black and gray shirt and skirt outfit.

They stood in a wide grassy field just outside the resort.

"Okay.. now where is she?" Sonic tapped his foot in his wait.

"I'm sure she'll be here about.. whoa!" Nanoha was interrupted by a large shadow that began to descend on their location. The shadow came from a huge airship that was painted yellow with purple trims along the wings, back and head, a large fin was located at the bottom of the ship, while the air-ship's shape was not unlike a large paper airplane in form, (minus the fold).. The ship was very much recognizable to the trio.

"Seio no Yurikago! (Cradle of the Saints/Saint's Cradle)" the three called out.

The all too familiar Cradle of the Saints made a landing just in front of them,. The hatch opened to reveal Hayate, who stepped forward.

"Heyo!" the brunette waved.

"How?" the trio asked in shock.

"I'll explain in a bit.. come aboard so we can take off." Hayate replied.

"Right.." The trio went in and the Cradle took flight.

[Cradle of the Saints: In flight]
[BGM: "Via Purifico" FFX OST]

As the Cradle flew, Hayate guided Sonic, Nanoha and Fate through an all familiar hallway to the throne room, which served as a debriefing room of sorts.

"How did you get all this taken care of? Sonic asked

"Remember how we took over the Cradle and got it to land? Well we fixed it without any issue and we can use it as the base for my new squad." Hayate explained.

"Wait a minute," Nanoha noted, "To use the Cradle, we needed someone of the bloodline of the Saint King..." her musings were interrupted as the sliding doors into the throne room opened and what they saw drew a complete shock.

[Throne Room]

The same silver-haired girl with the eye-patch stood at attention, facing those who entered, she now wore a blue suit and skirt uniform. Standing next to her was another child-in-appearance with red hair tied into twin ques, blue eyes, her 8 year old child body wore the same outfit as the eye-patched girl; this was Vita of the Wolkenritter.

Across from Cinque and Vita were a black hedgehog, a purple cat and a tall woman with pink-purplish hair. The black hedgehog had red highlights amongst his spikey quills as well as his arm and leg fur, he had red eyes and a stoic expression amongst his face, he wore the same uniform as Cinque and Vita, only without the skirt. This was Shadow the Hedgehog. Beside him was Signum of the Wolkenritter; she wore her hair in a long ponytail, tied up by a yellow thin hair-tie. Her eyes were a lighter blue and she wore the same blue uniform as Vita and Cinque, what stood out most was her generous bust, which if noted she'll probably be shy about. Lastly was Blaze the Cat, the regal cat had her hair spiked up and held in a ponytail pointing up, her eyes yellow and catlike, and on her forehead was a red gem.

Also in the room were three more girls, all bearing the same uniform. The first one had long brown hair that was tied up with a yellow bow just at her neck, but the bow was loose enough to allow several long strands of her hair to fall down her back, her eyes matched the color of her hair. This was Dieci of the newly reformed Numbers. Next to her was Nove, another reformed cyborg, her hair was red and cut short, just reaching to her neckline, and her eyes were amber in color, her expression was one of content, and like Signum, she too had a good sized bust, though she'd be more or less neutral about it. Though the girl next to her, Wendi, another reformed cyborg, would probably exploit the size to her own fondling. Wendi had purplish-red hair and eyes to match, her expression was one of great mischief.

But what really got the attention of Sonic, Nanoha and Fate was the small girl sitting at the throne of the room, a young blonde with hetero-chromatic eyes: the left one was red and the right one was green. She was a small 6 year old girl, and pretty much the last person you'd expect up here.

"Vivio?" Sonic, Nanoha and Fate were surprised.

"Sonic-papa! Nanoha-mama! Fate-mama!" Vivio pressed a button on the console and ran for her parents, excited to see them. She gave each a hug while they were recovering from the surprise.

"What are you doing here?" Sonic was the first to ask.

"Hayate-oba-chan invited me, guess what, I learned how to fly this thing!" the girl was as energetic as ever.

"That's cool, Vivio. Fate-mama's proud." Fate replied

"Hayate-chan.. explain please." Nanoha asked after a sigh.

"Well..." Hayate started.


Hayate narrated at the Saint Church, "After Riot Force 6 was disbanded and the end of the JS Incident, there was still a matter of what to do with the Cradle. It was under the custody of the Saint Church. There was also the matter of Eggman's escape, he was still on the loose and on the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds, which were scattered to keep from enemy hands. Carim and I began planning for my next squad, the first one was a success and that built up merit. We wanted a base that could move about and still serve as a good place for training and residences. This brought me to establish the new squad and arrange for it to be based on the Cradle."

-Flashback end-

"Part of the reasoning for establishing this new squad was to serve as rehab for the combat cyborgs. Making sure they can adapt to society." Hayate finished.

"But, why bring Vivio into this? If it's dangerous, she could get hurt." Nanoha noted her discomfort with exposing Vivio to the dangers of their work.

"Vivio's the only one who can use the Cradle, and I understand your concern but she'll be safe here." Hayate gave her assurance.

"Who else is part of the squad?" Sonic asked.

"I couldn't arrange for Subaru, Erio or Caro to be pulled over here from their assignments, but I did get Teana Lanster and most of the backyard staff from Riot Force 6 back here." Hayate replied as Vivio returned to her seat on the throne, on the outside, the Cradle picked up speed.

"Where are we going anyway?" Sonic asked after he noted the increase of speed.

"That's where I was getting to now.. I wasn't kidding when I said you start work today. We have a new crisis on our hands. Knuckles has been captured." Hayate pulled up a map on a video screen, a red dot pin-pointed a forest zone, "He and Cinque were in this forest zone as part of a sting we set up to trap a group of thieves called the Marauders, who have been stealing the Chaos Emeralds.. For what reason we are not sure yet.."

"You guys set up a trap and they still won?" Fate asked.

"Yeah.. they caught them by surprise, stole the emerald and captured it's guardian." Hayate confirmed.

"They only captured Knuckles?" Sonic asked, he turned to Cinque, "Why?"

"I don't know.. We were holding our own until they blind-sighted him. They left after securing Knuckles." Cinque explained

"That's what we are going to investigate. I'm sending Sonic, Nanoha, Cinque and Nove into the forest zone to investigate the area further, and Sonic, unfortunately Shahra's still helping our techs with maintenance of a few devices so you'll be without her on this one for the moment.. Fate, Shadow and Signum will coordinate with Teana at the nearby base and work to find any information on these assailants. Nanoha, once your group is done in the forest, rendezvous with Fate's group in the city." Hayate explained it out.

"We're here" Vivio informed from her throne.

"I want to know what happened to Knuckles, who these Marauders are, and their plans with the emeralds stopped.. Go!" Hayate ordered out and the groups split up and went to their areas.

[Mid-Childa Forest Zone]
[BGM: "Green Hill" Sonic the Hedgehog]

Sonic, Cinque, Nanoha and Nove landed safely in the zone, it was a beautiful forest that had waterfalls, natural hills serving as the back-drop, and blue sky as peaceful as it could be. But our human and hedgehog mages knew better than to judge by appearances, as did the cyborgs with them.

"We better shift into our Barrier Jackets." Nanoha held Raising Heart out and changed her clothing into a white dress outfit with a red bow on her chest, thick shoulders, long sleeves with blue cuffs at the end and black fingerless gloves. Her device took the form of a golden-spearhead encasing a red orb along with a long silver pole with a thick pink tip at the end.

Sonic did the same with Blue Star, first his shoes, while still keeping the red and white color scheme, morphed into boots with greater traction and resistance to friction the straps were replaced by white laces and along the side of his boots were light blue highlights. His socks now extended up to below his knees and gained blue highlights. His gloves also altered now extending up to below his elbow and became smoother and lighter, while still made of a much more resilient material for resistance they provide support for greater reactions. Just at his wrists and ankles were silver bracelets and anklets with a blue diamond in the middle.

Cinque was next, her gray duster coat appeared and underneath it was her knee-length skirt and short-sleeve collared shirt combination with black finger-less gloves and gray boots.

Nove was next, her outfit was similar to Cinque's minus the coat, she wore gauntlets with an energy gun inbuilt installed on the back wrist. On her feet were a pair of 2-wheel motorized rollerblades and can ignite its exhaust nozzle boosters in its rear to boost the speed or kicking power.

"Well now, Cinque, Nove.. if I'm not mistaken this will be your first time working with us." Sonic noted.

"Both of us have progressed well in our little rehab, so you don't have to worry about trust, right Nove?" Cinque asked.

The red-head nodded with a rather confident expression, "Yeah.. just one thing, hedgehog.." she approached him on her skates and looked down in a challenging smirk, "You better not be any weaker since we fought last."

Sonic returned the smirk with one of his own, "Oh you don't have to worry there."

Nanoha giggled a bit, the only human there seemed amused by the growing rivalry, "Oh you two.. let's get going, we have an area to check out."

"Right!" The group set off.

At first the forest was normal, no immediate threats and that allowed them to progress. But, after a short period of time, a hostile unit made it's appearance. It was a small sentry robot.

"INTRUDERS DETECTED! FLEEING TO ALERT COMMAND!" The robot called out in alarm.

Nanoha frowned, "We can't let that sentry report our position, find a way to stop it!" and took off with the others in tow.

Sonic and Nove took the lead in their pursuit, the sentry wasn't too fast, which allowed for them to overtake it. The hedgehog engaged it first by curling up into his traditional spindash and blazed forward. The spin-ball scored a hit dead on the center of the sentry. Nove followed suit and with her Gun Knuckles, she fired a burst of rounds like a machine gun that ripped through the sentry's armor. The robot stood no chance as it was demolished.

The pair skidded to a stop in victory and high-fived each other. The hedgehog had to jump to make the slap, but it worked.

"Nice work, Nove!" Sonic noted.

"You too, hedgehog." Nove agreed.

Nanoha and Cinque just sighed at their antics. Destroying the robot was not what they intended.

"Sonic-kun..." Nanoha started.

"Nove..." Cinque added.

"Yes?" Both replied at the same time.

"Did you really have to destroy it?" Nanoha deadpanned.

"You told us to stop it, you didn't say anything about keeping it in one piece." Sonic retorted, which caused the captain to sigh.

"At any rate.. our enemy probably knows we're here now" Nanoha noted, "Sonic doesn't that robot seem a little bit odd?"

"Yeah.. it's one of Eggman's older sentries.. He usually wouldn't use any older models unless he's desperate.. which I doubt because we haven't seen him since the JS incident."

"At any rate, it's best we press on, the area we set up for the trap is this way." Cinque took the guide and led them to a small clearing that was littered with black spots from explosions of the night before.

"I thought Knuckles and I gave them some hurt or chipped some armor." Cinque explained as they looked around the clearing.

"Nothing.. how did they leave?" Sonic thought out loud.

"I don't know... There's nothing else here.." Cinque replied.

"Let's move on then.." Nanoha noted and the group pressed on.

Their investigation and scouting were almost complete, sure there were a few sentries to take care of, but they proved to be no issue. The group found themselves at a bridge leading out of the zone, having cleared the rest.

A mysterious male voice called out, "That's as far as you go".

The group stood defensively as a small figure in all black, full body armor with blue trims leaped down from a higher elevation and stood in front of them in defiance.

Cinque recognized the figure instantly, "That's a marauder.. one of the assailants that captured Knuckles!"

"Is that what you're calling us? Quaint.." The figure quipped.

"What have you done with our friend?" Nanoha asked with a glare.

"That is none of your concern, I've been given orders by Shade to stop you." The marauder replied.

"Who's this "Shade"person?" Nanoha asked again.

"Oh come on.. really? You really expect me to answer that? We only just met." the figure replied again in annoyance.

"Oy.. if you don't step out of our way we'll just plow right through you.." Sonic showed his own impatience.

"Them's fightin' words hedgehog."

"We'll give more than just words if you don't move it, punk!" Nove retorted.

"Well I'm not gonna move.. Shade told me to stop you only.." The figure held out and wielded twin black and blue trim blades, "But I'd rather just knock you out."

"Bring it!" Nove and Sonic retorted.

The four mages stared down the marauder in preparation for combat. The Marauder did the same...

[To Be Continued]

[Ending Theme: "Beautiful Amulet" Tamura Yukari, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS]

[End of Main Chapter]

[No Omake this time]

Author's Notes: I'm skipping the omake because I was pressed for time in releasing this.. I promise there will be one next time. Now anyways here's the first chapter to my new crossover sequel. This follows the Lyrical Step continuity so Nanoha is not a cyborg here. Hope you enjoy this one.