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[TSAB Administrated Planet #1 "Mid-Childa"]
[The Saint's Cradle: Throne Room]
[BGM: "Via Purifico" FFX OST]

Shortly after securing Eggman, the teams met back up in the Cradle, with the throne room serving as their command center once more. Eggman was held in a bind of his wrists out of suspicion in case he was to try anything.

The throne room had a display of the map of Mid-Childa pulled up on it once more Hayate had a communication feed with Genya Nakajima up as well.

"I'm telling you people, really! I'm reformed!" Eggman tried to convince the squad.

"I doubt that Eggman, you tried fooling the Bureau with that lie before, but you're not going to fool them again." Hayate shot that down.

"Regardless, I don't know where the Chaos Emeralds are.. if I did, why would I be sending my own robots out to find them?" the doctor asked.

"Explain the ones we saw the Marauders with" Sonic snapped.

"They were older ones I brought over on one of my round trips during my period of hiding.. I was planning on using them for scrap and new robots.. those thieves stole them from me and reprogrammed them!" Eggman gritted his teeth.

"In any case.. we still need to find the Marauders, as well as Angel Island." Hayate pointed out.

Genya, from his feed, provided an option for that, "I think I can help you there.. We just received a signal from the team on the island. They still have it under guard. We also tracked it to this location."

On the map appeared another point in the middle of a mountain range of snow-caps. The coordinates came to some surprise to Eggman.

"That's one of my bases I used when I was hiding from you people." The doctor observed.

"Then let's head over there. Vivio, get a course for that location." Hayate ordered.

"Not so fast.." Eggman interrupted, "You don't really think a warship like this can make it to my hideout, do you?"

"Why?" Fate asked.

"The base is completely in the middle of the mountains, you'll be cut off from it if you try to go in from the air." the doctor informed.

"He's right." Genya replied, "Angel Island can barely fit over it's location from what I heard in the reports."

"We'll have to go in on the ground then.." Nanoha summarized.

[Opening: "Phantom Minds" Mizuki Nana]

Sonic Adventure: Lyrical Record
Record 6
A Wolf in the Shadows, pursuit of the Marauders

[Mountainous region: TSAB Safe house]
[BGM: "Ice Cap" Sonic Adventure]

To avoid sending everyone in her unit out to infiltrate the base, Hayate dispatched the Lighting team, consisting of Sonic, Nanoha, Fate, Vita, Nove and Cinque, out to the mountains in search of the Marauders. They landed at a TSAB outpost in the middle of the region. The weather was a slightly chilling one with the skies cloudy, but no snow falling.

A couple of uniformed mages met the deployed team at the outpost. One woman in particular, who wore the garments and badge signifying a commanding officer, approached the deployed team.

"Welcome, I understand you are of the Special Mobile Force 6 we were told were coming out here? Which one of you is in command of this group?" The girl asked.

Nanoha stepped forward, "That would be me, thank you for having us."

"It's no trouble at all.. If you'll all come this way, we've tracked the location of this "base" that the 108th battalion tracked down." the girl guided the team inside.

The outpost interior housed a huge map of the mountain region, a red dot was displayed that showed the exact location of the base. It was in the middle of the mountains with the most obvious entrance located at the end of a pass. The map also detected mechanical signals indicating robots that seemed to be on a patrol.

"The main entrance is here.. but I advise caution..the robots caused a bit of trouble for some of our patrols." the woman explained.

"We'll be careful." Nanoha noted and the team walked out of the outpost.

"Good luck" the woman spoke as she watched the group leave.

[Mountain Pass]

The wind was calm, the air was a bit chilly, but it didn't bother anyone as they were all used to it. The only real issue the team of six encountered were the robots. While old and outdated, the mechs still tried, to little success, to block the team from advancing on the stronghold the Marauders held.

Vita felt a bit of annoyance over the failed attempts of the mechs in taking her down, "These things are like a chore.."

"Yup.. you gotta do them.. and you probably don't like to do them.." Sonic added.

"Well.. the chores can't do themselves you know.." Nanoha noted positively.

"Yeah, so I can't complain there.." the hedgehog had to backpedal a little bit.

"Good... I'll be sure to remember that the next time I cook, Sonic-kun." Nanoha giggled a bit

"Nice save" Fate sent to Sonic mentally.

"Yeah.. lucked out there.." Sonic sent back.

"I can hear you both.. " Nanoha's voice echoed in their minds as she giggled again, "Don't expect me to go easy tonight.."

The mischievous tone carried in Nanoha's "promise" certainly gave Sonic and Fate a bit of a shock. Not only was she listening and heard, but they both know how brutal Nanoha can be in more ways than one.

Fearful thoughts aside, the team made their advance through the pass. The robots were the usual variety of rusted out E-series shooters, heavily armored but slow moving mechs and bomb launchers.

Some of the E-series they encountered were in the air, but were easy pickings for Nanoha's and Nove's shooting. The duo made a powerful combination together in regards to their shooting.

"You're doing well, Nove." Nanoha complimented.

"Thanks.." The cyborg replied.

While the ground based mechs were a mere annoyance, they were nothing but scrap metal in a few seconds to the power of Sonic and Fate's close range attacks. The hedgehog's spin-dash, combined with his other wife's Zanber form Bardiche made for a destructive balance that crushed any mech they encountered.

"Nicely done, Fate!" the blue hedgehog gave a small nod.

"You too." Fate echoed the thought.

The other makeshift combination of this highly versatile team contained the Iron Knight Vita and Cinque. The two double-teamed to take down a variety of their own robots. The cyborg's daggers combined with the knight's Schwablifliegen (flying swallow) mixed for a devastating combination when they were sent at the mechs. A combination that made scrap work of the robots.

"You're not too bad.." Vita said what would be a compliment to her.

"I'll take that as a compliment, odds are I won't be getting any more." Cinque noted.

"Wise choice.. now less talking more moving." the iron knight noted and the duo followed their teammates through the pass.

[The Saint's Cradle: Throne Room]
[BGM: "Via Purifico" FFX OST]

Hayate, Vivio and Knuckles met up in the throne room. The echidna held Doctor Eggman in a binding hold. The brunette and echidna monitored the lighting team's progress through the mountains.

"Eggman, why did you put your base in the middle of the mountains?" Hayate asked.

"Part to keep myself concealed why I plan out my invasions.. The mountain cover gave me some support in case any of the Bureau tried to attack me from the air." The doctor replied.

"I hope Sonic-papa, Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama will be alright.." Vivio sounded a bit worried as she kept the Cradle at an idle.

"I'm sure they'll be fine." the brunette assured the child.

Knuckles has been a bit silent over the past few minutes, deep in thought over something as he watched the progress on the screen. His silence had the attention of Vivio.

"Knuckles, are you okay?" the young girl asked.

"I'm fine..." the echidna replied.

"Thinking about something?" Hayate asked.

"Yeah.. the Marauders.. something seemed familiar about them.. I can't explain it though.." the echidna narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Familiar?" Vivio asked

"I can't put my finger on it.. but.. maybe the way they look or something, they just seem familiar." Knuckles seemed a bit confused in his thoughts.

"It's probably nothing to worry about." Hayate shrugged.

"Yeah.. you're probably right.." the echidna agreed.

[Mountain Pass]
[BGM: "Ice Cap" Sonic Adventure]

The Lighting team came to a stop when the path led between two hills and a female voice echoed throughout the area.

"You'll go no further!" the voice spoke as Procurator Shade, flanked by two other Marauders.

Nanoha held out her hand to signal a halt for her team, and the mages did just that and prepared themselves for the seemingly inevitable battle.

"Apologies.. but we cannot let you pass any further and interfere." Shade informed.

"Why are you stealing the Chaos Emeralds?" Sonic asked.

"We're not stealing them... only returning them to their true masters.." on the Procurator's signal, the marauders, including herself, slid the face-plates off their masks to reveal their heads above their necks, which revealed themselves to be echidnas. Shade's fur was light orange while her male echidna partners were red-furred.

"What the?! Echidnas?!" Vita just stared in surprise.

[The Saint's Cradle: Throne Room]
[No BGM]

Knuckles was stunned himself about the appearances of who the Marauders really were. Echidnas, like himself, which would explain why they were familiar to him.

"Impossible! I thought all the echidnas were wiped out from Perfect Chaos's wrath!" the echidna was just about ready to rush down there, but Signum and Shadow flanked him from both sides and held him in place by the arms.

"What are you doing?" the swordswoman asked.

"I need to go down there!" Knuckles struggled with all he could to break free from the hold.

"No you don't.. calm yourself.. the others have this handled... just leave it be.." the ebony hedgehog attempted to persuade the echidna from making any mistakes.

"Just stay calm and watch what's happening down there." Signum offered.

"Fine.." Knuckles grumbled, but nonetheless he settled down for the moment and watched as the scene unfolded.

[Mountain Pass]

"You're echidnas.. like Knuckles..." Sonic observed.

"I thought his clan was wiped out by Perfect Chaos's wrath." Nanoha thought out loud.

"Pachahamac's tribe paid for their crimes, but we of the Nocturnus clan survived." Shade replied coldly.

"Nocturnus?" Fate questioned.

"We were the rival tribe to Pachahamac's.. during the ancient times we fought for superiority." the female echidna explained a little bit.

"Step aside now... all of us are members of the Time-Space Administration Bureau.. I'm Enforcer Fate Testarossa-Harlaown-Takamachi" Fate introduced herself informally and officially.

"Takamachi Nanoha. Captain of Special Mobile Section 6's Lightning Team" Nanoha introduced herself afterwards.

"Vice Captain Sonic Takamachi" the blue hedgehog added.

"Vice Captain Vita" Vita added

"Recruit Cinque Nakajima." Cinque introduced herself, seeing the others were doing so.

"Recruit Nove Nakajima" Nove went last with the formal introductions.

"Well, at least now we know who we are dealing with, nevertheless this is the end of the line." On Shade's signal, the scouts to her left and right prepared themselves in a stance with their blades. Shade also readied herself for the battle.

"Two per marauder.. be careful about their leech blades and take them down." Nanoha ordered.

[BGM: "Last Hunters" FFXIII-2 OST]

6 mages on 3 marauders divided themselves up to two mages per enemy. Fate and Nove took on the scout on the left flank, Vita and Cinque took on the scout on the right flank, while Nanoha and Sonic took on Shade directly.

Fate had Baridche once again in Zanber form to provide a bit more power to her melee attacks, seeing as in the current situation and teaming up with Nove, the extra power would be a good boost. The duo double-teamed on the marauder and continually kept their combat within close quarters. While the scout was one of the most talented to be selected by Shade in his mission, his skills in defending were strained to the max due to the incredible power his foes held. The leech blade, despite it's energy-sapping ability, wasn't able to be used. Fate cut him down with her sword while Nove shut him down with even further with her fighting and Gun Knuckle shooting.. Fate continually sliced down and diagonally against the scout while Nove just about literally beat him senseless with her Strike Arts. Fate finished the job with a broad-face slam against the wall. Down went the scout as he was forced to warp out.

Vita and Cinque took a different approach to their scout. The iron knight, with her Eisen in Raketenform, continually swung and crushed the armor of the echidna, but only sliced once per approach as she backed off for Cinque to throw her daggers at the precise spot where the armor was pierced. Not only did the actual stab of the blade hurt, the explosion of the impact added to the pain. The combination, mixed with Vita's own iron ball shooting spell, gave the scout a world of hurt. He like his other comrade went down rather quickly.

Shade on the other hand had much more of a success in keeping her foes at bay. While she wasn't able to really shut down Sonic or Nanoha, she held her own against the hedgehog's spin-dash and the mage's Axel Shooter. In addition, her close-combat experience and training kept her blocking each punch and kick Sonic threw while the two were close and trading blows.

"Not bad.." Shade noted, "Both of you are skilled."

"Oh.. We're just getting started, Shade..." Sonic smirked a bit and traded a look with Nanoha and before Shade knew it, the duo placed her under binding spells. Nanoha's Restrict Lock and Sonic's Ring Bind.

"Grr.. Can't move.." Shade glared a bit in minor frustration, only to blink in surprise and shock as both her hedgehog and human foes held medium sized spheres of magic in light-blue and pink respectively in front of them.

"Divine..." Sonic and Nanoha announced simultaneously as their spell reached it's full charge

Shade had nowhere to go, not even her warp could be used as she was unable to activate it, the echidna was forced to watch in complete surprise at being caught with her guard lowered.

"Buster!" The duo unleashed the spell at the same time, beams of light-blue and pink combined to form a larger beam blast that engulfed Shade and metaphorically nailed her to the rocky wall in a harsh impact.

"Thanks for teaching me this spell, Nanoha, I owe ya!" Sonic sent mentally to his wife.

"Well, we had to have at least one spell we can use together. And we have it in the Buster" Nanoha replied back.

The combined double Divine Buster fired from Nanoha and Sonic drew complete shock from Vita and Fate. Neither of them expected Nanoha to teach one of her favorite spells to Sonic, let alone the hedgehog being able to learn the spell.

Whatever victory they could have shared was short-lived as Shade freed herself from the wall. She appeared shaken up quite a bit from the impact and beating, but she was still able to stand.

"Like.. I said.. you're at the end of the line.." the echidna pressed a button on her wrist and warped out. The second she warped out however, the valley started to shake and rattle as bomb blasts hit the valley and caused boulders to come crashing down.

"Quick! Withdraw!" Nanoha and her team pulled back just in the nick of time; a few seconds later they would have been stuck.

"Drat.. they ambushed us to stall for time to block off the path.." Sonic snapped his fingers.

"This isn't good.." Fate thought out loud, "With the path blocked, we can't get through to the island.."

Eggman's voice rang out through the communications, "Oh ho! Did you really think that was the only way in? Well you're wrong.. there is another way.. a secret way that I only have access to"

"Should we trust him?" Fate asked to the team.

"We don't have much of a choice..." Nanoha sighed and rang up Hayate, "Hayate-chan.. we'll need Eggman.."

"I'll send him down there with reinforcements.. just hang tight in the meantime." the brunette cut off the feed from there.

In a matter of seconds, the situation changed.. With the setback, will the team still be able to rescue Angel Island from the Marauders in time?

[End of Main Chapter]

[Omake: Practice for the cosplay event, part 2!]

Sonic, Nanoha, Fate and Vita were chosen for yet another cosplay practice event, Hayate really wanted to make sure everything with the costumes were in order, well that was what she told them.. and she wasn't easy to believe, the camera and notepad she had with her didn't help matters much there either. Again, to the embarrassment of Sonic, Nanoha and Fate, Vivio was also present with Hayate for the practice event.

The theme for the costumes this time was Maid Cafe. Which meant that all four of the "models" had to dress up in maid outfits. Hayate specifically picked out each outfit that she felt fit her "model" in color theme.

The first to come out of the changing area was Sonic. The blue hedgehog held a rather obvious blush of embarrassment as he walked out in a light-blue maid dress.

Vita was the next to come out, her maid dress held a dark red in color as she stood next to Sonic, the size difference between the two was plainly obvious as Sonic was barely up to the iron knight's neck.

The last two to come out did so at the same time, Nanoha and Fate, wearing pink and yellow maid outfits respectively, stood next to Sonic and Vita and like the other two just stood there in embarrassment.

"What's your line?" Hayate asked with a bit of a smirk

"How may we serve you?" on cue all four asked that question with embarrassing poses.

Vivio seemed to enjoy it, clapping with youthful glee, but thankfully she was too innocent to even see what Hayate was really thinking about putting the group in the outfits.

"Can Vivio do it next time?" the girl asked.

"No!" Sonic, Nanoha and Fate shot that question down quickly.

Unknown to them, Hayate was thinking of just that.. only problem was how to get away.

To be continued.

[Ending Theme: "Beautiful Amulet" Tamura Yukari]

[End of Chapter 6]

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