Flight of the Phoenix

Disclaimer: Characters belong to London's Burning.
Main characters: Adam, Hyper, Sally.

Blue Watch were in the course of tackling a fire in a derelict church. They had been pretty busy on the fire front just recently, especially where derelict buildings were concerned. Fire Investigation had been assigned to investigate the recent spate of arson attacks.

"Look at that," George Green commented on noticing something that had been present at every single fire they had attended during the last couple of shifts.

"Yeah, it's him again," Hyper had seen it too. "Watch out this time!"

They pressed forward further into the flames, dragging the hose behind them. Most of the church had already crumbled with age, there wasn't much left standing apart from the front wall. The fire burned fiercely in an oil drum in the centre of the weed-covered floor. A few vagrants had legged it to safety as the oil can exploded.

What the two firefighters were looking at was an outline of a bird, scrawled on the wall in white spray paint. This was the work of someone who liked his (or indeed her) little surprises.

The last arson attack they had attended, in an empty shop, had almost claimed the lives of two Blue Watch firefighters. This time though, Hyper and George tried to prepare themselves as best they could for whatever the seemingly innocent oil can may have in store for them.

A large, heavy, smoke cloud covered the church, and as it started to drift over the road, Pearce felt it necessary to get the police to stop the traffic. The smoke also poised a danger to the firefighters tackling the blaze from outside.

Sally had also seen the insignia on the side of the only standing church wall. She hoped Hyper and George wouldn't meet with the same nasty surprise as she and Adam had.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed round the area as something shot up into the air like a rocket.

"Look out!" Recall yelled as he saw the object plummeting back down to earth.

Sally jumped aside just in time as an aerosol can hit the ground where she had been standing and rolled away, smoking.

Recall got an extinguisher on the job.

"This guy is a right prat!" he commented to himself.

Sally picked up the radio to check on Hyper and George, thankfully they were fine. She warned them to be careful.

Soon it became like bonfire night as can after can whizzed up into the air and fell back down again. Blue Watch found themselves running around trying to dodge the burning cans. Pearce ordered Recall and Adam to move the appliances out of the way.

Eventually they managed to cool the fire, but it had proved a much more difficult task than they had first anticipated on receiving the call to the rubbish fire. But, by now, they were getting used to finding surprises in the simplest fires.

Phoenix, as the arsonist had been dubbed as, would probably be in the crowd now, hiding somewhere so he could keep watch on the firefighters without them seeing him. According to the FI team, it was someone who knew what they were doing. Someone who knew how to create the perfect fire. The police then reckoned it was someone who had a grudge against the fire brigade for some reason, they then suggested that it could be against Blue Watch in particular as they seemed to have attended most of the attacks!

The Watch each had their own theories on the identity of the serial arsonist.

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