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Forbidden never felt so good


''Sunglasses here'' she proclaimed as she crossed the word from the list ''Sunscreen,bikinis,stuff to read all here…'' she continued

''Blair chill out'' her friend called from the bed where she was playing with Blair's now 3 years old bulldog Handsome ''Everything is taken care of, the only thing missing is us on that plane to Venice,isn't that right Handsome'' she pouted the last words out picking Handsome up in the air.

Blair smiled at her friend. She was always so casual,always so unplaned,always so spontaneous,always so….Serena. Blair was the right opposite. Always put down and always had everything planned

''S you realise I'm not taking Handsome with us'' she laughed

''Well it's a shame. Looks like I'm gonna have to find myself an other handsome occupation while we're there'' she winked

''You realise you have a boyfriend…the one that'll be hogging you away from me two weeks from now'' she said glumly

''B don't be such a drama queen. I promised him I would go on that stupid bussines trip of his and keep him company,he's under pressure with work and school,he needs a distraction''

''Carter Baizen always has an occupation'' she said sarcasticly

''What's that supposed to mean?'' her friend turned serious and put Handsome down

''Nothing,I'm gonna go grab a water'' she said as she went downstairs. Serena just sighed and lay back on the bed. She was very well aware of her best friend not being a big fan of her very best boyfriend. But she made it work.

She even got her to go out with them one night. That didn't end quite well and by that she means Blair going all Uper East Side Bitch Style and throwing her Cosmo in Carter's face cause he "accidentaly" pushed her towards some drunk guy. She laughed to herself at the memory,remembering Carter's confused yet appaled face watching Blair just storm of. Tipical queen B.

''The view is awesome B'' Serena said with excitement

''Well I wouldn't know,since you oh so childishly called dibs on the window seat'' Blair said as she rolled her eyes at Serena

''Oh don't be such a party breaker B. Think about all those stores we're going to ravish the minute we get of this plane''

''I seriously can't wait any longer'' she said as she smiled at her friend ''Italy get ready,hurricanes B and S are about to strike!'' Serena said with her reporter voice. Both of the girls lauged in harmony


''Race you to the Rosolina beach'' Dan said to his friend

''Then let's make it interesting,like a bet''

''Fine. What are we betting for?'' Nate eyed his friend

''We'll come up with something when I win''

''Oh you misspronounced ,it's spelled W-H-E-N N W-I-N-S

''Yeah in your dreams,I could do this with my eyes closed''

''We'll see about that'' Nate grinned




They raced for about five minutes with Dan winning for a second because he pushed Nate of his scooter right before the "winning line"

''Told you I'll win''

''You cheating bastard'' Nate said jokingly

''Hey that hurts'' Dan said as he faked pain in his heart by placing his hand across his heart ''and for the record,nobody said anything about cheating being forbidden''

''You're lucky I'm so loyal and never resist a bet….I'm just to good of a person'' he said dramaticly as both of them laughed

To be continued

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