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Light a fire, a fire, a spark!

I pick my head up off my drool-covered pillow and shoot up out of bed, searching for the noise.

Light a fire, flame in my heart.

It has to stop. I desperately scramble out of bed.

We're run wild…we'll be glowing in the—

I grab my phone from my night stand, hitting the button on the side to silence it. I quickly glance at the phone to see what time it is.

8:02 A.M.

"Who in their right mind is calling me at eight in the morning?" I mutter with a raspy voice. I check my missed calls.


I frown, aggravated that she has the audacity to call me so early.

I stumble back toward my bed with my phone in hand and pull the covers back. I lay my head back down as my ringtone starts blaring.

"You've got to be kidding me." I groan and grab my phone.

"What, Alice?" I snap.

"Good morning to you, too," I heard a deep voice laugh. Butterflies fill my stomach as I realize who it is. I quickly sit up and start fixing my hair, even though I know he can't see me. "Note to self: Bella is not a morning person."

My smile is automatic.

"Hi, Edward," I practically sigh.


It had been ninety-six days since he first stepped foot into that biology room, turning my whole world upside down.

It had been sixty-eight days since I broke down and told him how much I hated it in Forks.

It had been thirty-five days since I drunkenly told him to take me to prom.

And it had been thirty-three days since he both told me to go to prom with him and asked me to be his girlfriend.

Thirty-three days since our first kiss.

Thirty-three days since he first asked me to be his girlfriend.

Thirty-two days since Lauren Mallory scoffed and told Edward he could do better when she saw us holding hands.

Thirty-one days since he bought our prom tickets. From Lauren.

And it had been seven days since I had the talk with Alice.

The talk.

We were sitting in my bedroom listening to Mumford & Sons, painting our nails, discussing prom and how exactly we were going to get ready.

"Bella, have you and Edward…you know?" she smiled secretively.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

"Have we what?" I asked.

"Had…" she glanced at my door. I looked at what she was looking at, wondering if the answer was written on the door knob or something.

"Had what?" I encouraged her.

"Clearly, if you don't know what I'm talking about by now, then you haven't," she laughed.

"Why don't you tell me?" I demanded. I was becoming annoyed with the cryptic lingo.

"Sex," she whispered. My eyes widened.


I hadn't been expecting that.

"No," I responded, blushing. I looked down and started chipping the dark nail polish off my nails. Nothing was said for a few moments.

"Stop ruining your nail polish, Bella," she scolded me. I smiled.

"Sorry," I muttered. I looked up at Alice analyzing her as she distinctly chose different colors to paint each nail. "Have you?"

She looked up at me.

"Have I what?"

"Clearly if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you haven't," I smirked, repeating her words back to her.

"Oh," she looked down as her eyes crinkled and lips turned upward. "Jasper and I have fooled around, but we're waiting until prom."

I stifled my gasp. She was going to have intercourse with Jasper on prom night?

"What have you done?"

"Um…well I gave him a hand-job," she giggled. "And I gave him a blowjob. Oh my God, Bella. Edward will be in love with you when you give him a blowjob. Like, guys suck that shit up. Or well, girls do, but guys enjoy it. And when he goes down on you…" She had a dreamy, dazed look on her face. "Now, that…that is…just…mmm."

My face was on fire. I had to give Edward a blowjob?

I had to have sex with him by prom?

I started to breathe heavily, and my eyes began to water.

"What about you, Bella?" Alice asked, looking back down at her fingernails, completely oblivious to the panic attack I was currently having. "Have you guys fooled around?"

I took a deep breath.

"Um…" I croaked. "We've just kissed and he gave me a hickey."

"What?" She laughed, looking up at me. "No way!"

"Well, it's gone, now," I mumbled. "I had to wear a turtleneck."

"So that's why," she mused. "Well, don't let that happen right before prom. My dress doesn't cover up hickeys so you'd be shit out of luck."

"Yeah," I snorted. "Believe me, lesson learned."

"Unless you had your hair down," she said. "How are you doing your hair? You should leave it down. You have beautiful hair, Bella."

And the sex talk was officially done.

"How are you?" Edward's voice snaps me out of the memory.

"Oh, I'm good," I answer. "Sorry for yelling at you. I thought you were Alice…and well, I was sleeping."

"Yeah," he chuckles. "About that. She made me call you. Apparently you ladies have to start getting ready for prom."

"Shoot," I moan. "Prom is today?"

"Yeah," he laughs, nervously. "We're still going, right?"

My eyes widen. Why am I so awkward?

"Of course, Edward," I respond softly. "I can't wait."

I could hear the relief in his voice when he says, "Perfect. I can't wait to see you. I'm sure you'll be beautiful, as always."

I love you.

The words are on the tip of my tongue, but I can't say it. Definitely not over the phone.

And definitely not so soon.

It's only been thirty-three days after all.

"Edward," I breathe out. "You're so great. I wish I could just get ready with you."

He laughs and I giggle.

"Tonight will be great," he says. "But I'll let you get ready with Alice."

"Ugh. Fine, bye, Edward."

"Good bye, Bella," I hear him smile. "Love you."


"What?!" I squeal, falling out of my bed.

"He said what?" Alice exclaims as she waited for me to get out of the shower.

She had come over right after I got off the phone with Edward, knowing that since he got a hold of me, I was awake.

And apparently ready to take on the prom world.

"He said, 'Love you,' right before getting off the phone with me," I answer nervously as I began to wash my hair.

"Oh my God," she shrieks, throwing open the shower curtains. My eyes snap open and shampoo gets in them.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ALICE?" I yell, trying to cover up my body as soapy tears stream down my face.

"He loves you!" she giggles excitedly.

"I'm naked!" I snap, closing the curtains. "And now, I'm blind. I can't see."

"Oh, don't be so dramatic, Bella."

"Dramatic? You're the one who pulls open shower curtains when someone is showering behind them."

"Oh please," she mutters. "It's nothing I don't have. And I could tell Edward that I saw you naked."

"Please don't."

"Why not? He loooooves you."

I rinse my hair out ignoring her teasing.

He said he loves me.

Actually he didn't say he loves me; he said, 'Love you.'

Maybe I misheard. Maybe he said, 'My dog love you," and just spoke incorrect English.

That's it.

Except he doesn't have a dog.

And he has a pretty spectacular vernacular.

Ooh. I like sound the sound of that.

Spectacular vernacular.

I pour some conditioner into my hair as I consider his words.

He loves me.

My eyes water up. This time it's not from the shampoo.

It's from extreme joy.

I squeal.


Alice throws the curtain open again.

After putting on my robe, Alice and I go downstairs to make some breakfast.

"For goodness sakes, Bella," my father mutters. "Put some goddamn clothes on."

"Language, dad."

"Yeah, Chief. You wouldn't want Bella to pick up on that awful language."

"You're worse than he is, Alice."

She pretends to be offended by the accusation.

I take out the meat, eggs, and oil and begin to make bacon and eggs for all three of us.

"So, are you excited to see Bella all pretty-fied, Charlie?"

"Pretty-fied?" I could feel him raising an eyebrow at her.

"Yeah! She is going to look soooo gorgeous when I'm done with her."

"Bella is already a pretty girl. She doesn't need makeup."

I smile involuntarily at my father's compliment.

"You sound like Edward."

Surprisingly, Edward and my dad got along very well.

I was rushing around my house trying to get dinner made by the time Edward got to the house.

Charlie walked into the kitchen looking bewildered at the tornado that was me.

"What the hell is going on here, Bells?"

"Edward is coming over tonight!"

"Edward? Who is Edward? He better not be some pimp!"

"A pimp—who do you think I hang out with at school?"

"I don't know, Bells. You've got that big guy who eats all the food every time he's over with his blonde girl. He might be a pimp."

"That's Emmett and he is not a pimp. The blonde is his girlfriend and my good friend, Rosalie."

"And that hippie pixie."

"You love Alice."

He didn't deny it.

"Who is Edward?"

"He's my…boyfriend," I mumbled as I pulled out a pot to heat up my home made Alfredo sauce.

"Your what?"

"Boyfriend! Don't act so surprised. I told you he was coming over."

"He better not be a pimp."

I roll my eyes.

Forty-five minutes later the doorbell ring and I saw Charlie walking to answer it. I ran past him and gave him the stink-eye, warning him not to try any funny business.

He raised his hands in innocence.

Yeah. Right.

I opened the door to see a delectable Edward holding flowers and dressed in a dark blue long-sleeved shirt and dark jeans.

I was wearing basically the same thing, but probably didn't look nearly as great as he did.

"Hi," I spoke, breathlessly.

"Hi," he smiled. "These are for you." He handed me the flowers. They were beautiful. I smiled in appreciation.

We stared at each other for a moment as I leaned closer to Edward to give him a kiss.

"Are you going to invite the pimp in or what?"

We both jumped back and I scowled.

Edward looked at me and mouths, 'pimp?' I shook my head and opened the door wider so he can come in.

"Dad, this is Edward. Edward, this is my dad, Charlie."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Swan," Edward stuck out his hand to shake my dad's. I already knew the first mistake he made.

"It's Chief Swan, Edward."

I glared at Charlie.

"Sorry, sir," Edward responded with wide eyes. My dad shook his hand anyway.

"Do you like baseball?" My dad asked.

Edward's face lit up. "Yes, sir. I love baseball."

"Why don't you sit down and watch the game with me while Bella finishes up in the kitchen?"

"Um…well, do you need any help, Bella?" Edward asked. I felt a smile spread across my face.

He was so sweet. I glanced at my dad and he had his eyebrows raised in appreciation. I looked back to Edward who was looking at me with the question still in his eyes.

"No, you enjoy the game with my dad. Dinner will be ready shortly."

I returned to the kitchen already knowing that things were going to go well.

"So, Bella tells me you're a pimp," I heard my father say.

"Who's Edward?"

"Dad, knock it off," I scold him as I place our breakfast at the table.

He chuckles, stealing a piece of bacon from the large pile.

Alice helps herself to a large serving.

"Aren't you worried about fitting in your dress, Alice?" I tease.

"No, but you should be."

I scowl. "You're mean."

"You started it!"

"And apparently you had to continue with it instead of accepting the joke for what it was. A joke."

"I was joking, too!"

"Right," I mutter.

"Bella, are you on your period? Is that why you're being a crab?"

"No. That's so sexist, Alice, automatically assuming that a girl is bleeding from her vagina when she's annoyed, when really it's because I haven't gotten enough sleep."

"And I've lost my appetite," my dad mumbles, standing with his plate of food. "I'm going to eat in front of the television."

He walked out of the room.

"I was kidding, Bella," Alice spoke softly. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Oh, I know," I smile. "I just wanted to get Charlie out of the room, so we could talk more about boys."

She giggled. "You're normally such a bad liar."

"So are you and Edward going to have sexy time tonight?"

"I don't know," I blushed.

"Do you want to?"

"I don't know," I repeated.

"There's no pressure. I mean, Edward might not want to have sex tonight."

"He doesn't want to have sex with me?" I could hear my voice get higher in pitch.

"No, that's not what I meant. Honestly, he probably is thinking about having sex with you as we speak. That's all guys think about sex, sex, sex. I bet Charlie is sitting in the living room thinking about sex…"


"And Edward will definitely want to have sex, but he probably isn't expecting it. That's what I meant to say. Is he a virgin?"

"Um…I'm actually not sure. We've never officially talked about it."

"What do you mean officially?"

"Well, we kind of skirt around the issue."

"It's not an issue. It's something you can talk about."

"Right, whatever. I don't know."

"He probably had sex at his old school."

"I don't want to know about that."

"Well, if he's experienced, then it will be good for you," she frowns. "Well, actually either way, it's going to hurt the first time. That's what I'm not looking forward to."

"Is Jasper a virgin?"

She smiles and blushes. "Yes."

"That will be so special for you both," I grin.

"It would be special either way, you know."

I nod, chewing on a piece of bacon.

"Let's get started on your hair. It's going to take ages."

"Coffee first!"

Edward is definitely not a virgin.

Alice and I are sipping on our cold coffee drinks, listening to an assortment of alternative music with my favorites, Imagine Dragons, of course, and some Coldplay dispersed in there, too. Alice forced me to add in some of The Mowgli's, which surprisingly is a very good band. We even added in some pop music so we could prepare for the atrocity that will be prom music.

Two and a half hours later, my hair is finished.

There is one large inverted braid on the left side that wraps around to the right. My hair falls in elegant, soft curls.

I am in love.

With my hair.

And with Edward. I hope he enjoys my hair.

When Alice begins to curl her own hair, I grab my phone and send a quick text to Edward.

My hair looks superb :-) I can't wait to see you. –B

I pull out a magazine and begin to read the embarrassing stories from both men and women. After a few minutes, my phone beeps.

I hope you have it up, I love your neck. -E

I gasp and yell out, "Fuck!"

Alice jumps. "What the hell is your problem? And why are you swearing? It's actually pretty awesome, but if I had burned myself, I would think differently. I mean, I can't exactly go to prom with a –"

"Edward prefers that my hair is up. What am I going to do?"

She tries to hold back a smile and I narrow my eyes at her.


She shoves her phone in my face.

What does Bella's hair look like? I want to mess with her. –E

I'm not telling you! It's down. And it took hours, so you better like it! That's all I'm saying. –A

Perfect. That's all I need. Thanks. –E

What a jerk!

I immediately call Edward and decide to play my own game.

"Hello, Bella." I hear the smile in his voice.

Butterflies fill my stomach and I'm not so sure that I can mess with him.

"Edward," I keep my voice neutral.

"What's up? How does your hair look?"

"I liked it before…but now? Now…I made Alice redo it because I wanted to please you. Because that's what I do." My lies sound pathetic, even for me.

Fortunately, Edward fell for it.

"What? Why would you do that?" His voice begins to rise. He's probably nervous that Alice will kill him.

"You said you wanted me to wear my hair up," I respond nonchalantly.

There's silence.

"Oh okay. Good. I'm glad she's putting it up, then."

"What?" I snap.

"What?" he responds too innocently.

"Gosh darn it! You know I'm lying."

"Actually, I wasn't sure, but thank you for confirming."

"You suck."

"But you like me. So that doesn't show a lot about you then," he teases.

"You like me, too. So I guess that doesn't show much about you other than you like people who like people who suck. So I win this round, mister."

My logic makes absolutely no sense. And I said like. Because well, maybe he didn't mean what he said before.

He chuckles. "Yes, you do."

"I really can't wait to see you," I say with a little too much longing in my voice. In my peripherals, I see Alice mime gagging.

"I can't wait to see you. I'm sure you look beautiful as always."

"I'm sure you look beautiful too. Handsome, I mean handsome." I shake my head at my rambling.

He laughs. "Well, Emmett is actually going to curl my hair right now."

"That's fucking right!" I hear Emmett in the background and then he takes the phone. "Bella! I heard that you said 'fuck' again. I'm kinda pissed that I didn't get to hear you say it. So…"

He waits for me to curse.

"Not happening, Emmett."

"Damn it. Fine. But I'll get you drunk again. And you'll say fuck. And we'll all take more shots, and you swear some more."

I feel my face turn red, remembering the last and only other time I had been drunk.

"Alright, bye, Bella," Edward chuckles after taking back the phone.

I notice that he doesn't tell me he loves me.

Another forty five minutes later, Alice finishes her hair and we decide to take a lunch break. I have been pacing back and forth muttering to myself about Edward's lack of words, even though I know it's ridiculous.

But really, I can't help but wonder if he didn't mean to say, 'Love you," earlier.

I can't help but wonder if he doesn't feel that way about me.

We decide on McDonald's, with my convincing, and I stuff my sorrows in a Big Mac and fries. Alice scowls at me as she eats her salad.

"Your fat ass better not rip my dress," she says with a mouth full of lettuce.

"You think you're being healthy by eating that salad. I bet there is more sugar in that than there was in our coffee from earlier."

She frowns. "What the hell is wrong with us? Why are we eating shit the day of our prom?"

"I don't know, but I'm not worried. My rock hard abs will still be here tomorrow."

She giggles. "I am pretty sure that you have absolutely no muscle mass on your body. Or fat. You're practically skin and bones."

"No, I'm not! There's jelly in this," I grab my boobs, "and this," I grab my butt.

"No wonder Edward wants you. He thinks your body is bootylicious."

"Darn tootin'" I smile.

Alice stares at me.

"Sometimes I feel like you're a cartoon character," she mutters as she continues to eat her lettuce.

After we finish our lunches, we wash our faces, brush our teeth, and instead of starting our makeup, we killed two hours with video games and Facebook stalking. Well, I was playing video games and Alice was Facebook stalking.

"I hate this game!" I snap, throwing my remote controller down. I lost at Fuzion Frenzy for the third time, but I shouldn't be surprised since I haven't played this game since I was in the fifth grade.

"Edward Cullen just liked Lauren Mallory's Facebook status," Alice taunts.

"What?" I stand up and walk over, moving Alice out of the way.

Lauren Mallory

I can't wait to see everyone tonight. PROM WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!

"Why would he do that? He knows how much she hates me!"

"I think he just agrees with her," she speaks reassuringly from behind me. "It is true. Prom will be a lot of fun."

Apparently so does the rest of Forks since she already has 56 likes.

"I'm going to make my own status," I mutter as I begin to type.

"Um…that's actually my facebook that you're on."

"Dumb." I log out and go back on under my name.

I type: Prom will be cool.

And then I backspace because that is lame.

I then type: Prom is going to be super great.

Why am I such a nerd?

I backspace again.

I begin to type one more time.

I feel Alice leaning over me to read what I wrote.

I'm about to backspace when I hear and feel her laugh so hard that it knocks me over.

"You have to post that!" She tries to grab the mouse as I pull on her arm.

"No," I say from the floor, struggling to get back up as she shoves me back down. "It's weird. And perverted!"

"It's hilarious," she cackles, clicking on the mouse.

I feel my mouth widen in horror.

Alice smirks at the screen, reading my newly posted status.

Bella Swan

P.R.O.M.: Panty-Ridding Orgasms…Mmmm. Who's having sex tonight?

"Dance, puppets," she murmurs as I stare in horror as the notifications build.

After about ten minutes and two shots of the tequila that Alice snuck into my house, I feel a little better.

Especially since Edward is the first to like my status. He sends me a text telling me he thinks that it was hilarious.

My status receives 87 likes and a few comments.

Emmett is the first person to comment, stating, "I didn't know you had it in you, Swan! And by 'it', I mean a penis."

Lauren is the second. "Gro up Bella. Srsly."

I ignore her horrific grammar.

And to follow:

Emmett McCarty: Lauren, learn how to spell or stick at what you're good at. Sucking the D. (13 likes)
Lauren Mallory: Emmett, nobody fucking likes you. (2 likes)
Rosalie Hale: Lauren, quit being a dumb bitch. Guys only like you because you're easy. (6 likes)
Alice Brandon: Hey, I intend on showing this to my pastor, so can you please refrain from swearing? Thanks, peace and blessings! Btw, Mallory, you're a twat.

"Alice!" I chastise her as she sits at my computer.

"What? It's funny," she giggles. She's right. It is funny.

At least another hour later, Alice and I both have our makeup done. I am actually surprised at how quickly she did mine, but we practiced before. The last time it seemed to take two hours because she kept starting over.

I try on Alice's dress and slip on the silver heels she gave me. I'm glad I painted my toe nails but am feeling self-conscious about my stubby finger nails.

Whatever, nothing to dwell on now.

"Alice," I call out. "Can you come and zip my dress?"

"Yeah, one second."

While I am waiting, I move my hair off my neck to nervously scratch and my fingers graze the spot that Edward had once left a hickey on.

I shudder, smiling.

My eyes closed, remembering.

We had been dating for twelve days.

And he was in my room. My bedroom! On my bed.

Totally innocent though.

We were going looking through catalogues for class.

"Most of my classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays…like all day long," Edward muttered. "But I guess that really depends on whether or not I get in to them."

"You will," I smile and continue looking at my schedule. "What are you planning to major in anyway?" I realized that I had never asked this question.

"Um…I wanted to be a music teacher," he responded bashfully. My eyes widened.

"What kind of music teacher?" I whispered. This information was very new to me. Why had I not known about his passion for music?

No wait. I did. How did I not know how talented he was?"

"I wanted to teach at a high school…like the fine arts type of music. Guitar, piano, band…"

"You know how to do that?" I responded in shock.

"How to do what?"

"I don't know…music?"

"I know how to read music. My school offered band classes during the day. I actually got to compose a song. It was pretty cool," he smiled.

"Wow…why didn't you do that here?"

He smiled. "Well, first, you don't have band at Forks."

"Oh yeah," I hadn't noticed. In Phoenix, our school's band program was one of the best in the state. I don't know how I missed the fact that Forks didn't actually have a band program.

There was silence and we both continued to look through our respective catalogues. After a few minutes, I interrupted the quiet.

"There is a creative writing class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10, which is perfect because I can't get out of bed before nine," I mutter.

Edward didn't respond with his nose in his catalogue.

"And the other classes I need appear to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, too, or during the day." I whined. "That means I'm never going to see you."

"Yes, you will," Edward reassured me. I scowled.

"I'm not a fan of 'gen eds', especially since I have to take Human Heredity. Like, when am I going to use meiosis in a writing career?"

Edward looked up. "Maybe you'll have to write a book on meiosis. You can make it fun, with characters as the cells and stuff."

I glanced at him, prepared to laugh when I realized he was serious. He actually looked hopeful, which was adorable.

"Maybe you're right," I responded, nodded. "I might write a book about…the lives of…cell characters?"

He was smirking.

"What?" I blushed.

"You are so easy," he laughed, looking down then snapping his head back up, "to mess with."

"Yeah, you have to work for this," I giggled pointing to my lips and shimmying.

His eyes darkened as they eyed my lips and slowly trailed down my chest. I felt a blush break out across my body.

"I suppose that…maybe…letting me hear you play will play a role in my….easiness."

"Okay," he smiled, glancing back through his classes.

"Okay," I mumble but continue to stare at him. Edward was very attractive. I was still wondering what he saw in me, but that didn't stop me from ogling him. That jaw. I had never been so attracted to a jaw in my life. My eyes traveled downward across his chest. Of course, he was wearing a green t-shirt.

Green. My favorite color on him.

And it really flattered his features. I could see his biceps through his sleeves and his chest with was lean, but still sculpted.

I licked my lips.

"I cannot concentrate with you looking at me like that."

I jumped.

"Like what?"

He laughed roughly.

"Like I'm a piece of meat."

My cheeks erupted in flames. I didn't think I could be redder than I was at that moment.

"Sorry!" I said quickly and moved to get off my bed.

To get some air. Or to get some water. Or to take a cold shower.

I felt myself get pulled back down onto my bed, back to where I was originally sitting.

"No worries. I'd like you to stay." He grinned playfully even though his eyes were much, much darker than usual.

He continued to browse through the catalogues as I fought the urge to fan myself. I was about to stand up to turn on my fan when he sudden threw the catalogue down.

"Okay, I'm done looking at classes," he spoke roughly as he pulled me to him. I gasped at his lips met mine.

It was awkward since I had been sitting with my legs crossed and my upper body was the only thing that was leaning toward him.

But as his lips devoured mine and he pulled me closer, I couldn't find it in me to care if I pulled a muscle. I raised myself on my knees as I drew his tongue into my mouth.

There was nothing that tasted better than Edward. And I loved being so close to him. I loved how tightly he held me. I loved how hard his body was.

I loved him.

I brought my hands up to his hair and gripped his locks, smiling when I heard him growl. He pulled away and before I could say anything, began pepping kissing along my jaw and down my throat until he hit a spot that had me moaning out loud.

It was a very good thing that Charlie was working.

He chuckled and began to lick that spot as I pulled him closer—to feel more. And when he began to suck, I whimpered.

I actually whimpered. It was amazing. I didn't want to stop. I felt a bubble in my lower abdomen. I wanted friction and I was about to give in when I heard the front door open.

Even in this bliss, I knew that we had to stop. I jumped off of Edward and saw him adjust his pants. I bit my lip to try not to smile, knowing what that meant.

He looked up at me and half smiled with a softness in his eyes that kind of made me want to cry. I felt vulnerable. And then his eyes widened in horror.

"What?" I gasped.

"I gave you a hickey," he whispered harshly. "You dad is going to kill me."

I ran to the mirror and saw the bruising begin to form on my neck. I immediately sprang into action, running to my drawer and pulling out a black turtle neck.

I stripped my shirt off as I heard Charlie coming up the stairs and forced the sweater on. My head got stuck and for a split second, I was terrified that Charlie would find me with my head stuck inside my turtle neck until I finally forced it through. I jumped back onto the bed and pulled out the catalogue.

"Hey Bells—Edward! How's it going, son? What the hell are you doing in my daughter's room?"

It was then that I realized I had actually stripped—stripped—in front of Edward.

Edward paled.

"We were looking at the classes we have to take next year," I muttered, trying to appear nonchalant.

"Oh, okay, but no more boys in the room unless I'm home."

"Okay, Charlie," I responded. He left the room and I turned back and grinned at Edward.

His smile spread slowly across his face, but I could tell that he was pleased, despite his problem in his pants.

But I wasn't ready to tackle that just yet.

My eyes snap open when I hear Alice walking into the room, taking me out of the memory. I gasp when I see her.

"Alice, you're…beautiful," I whisper.

"Thank you," she giggled, moving behind me to zip up the dress. "And Bella, I think we need to bring you to a mirror because you look absolutely stunning."

I laughed and rolled my eyes then turned around.

"I'm serious, Bella," she grabbed my hand. "Come with me."

She brought—no dragged—me into the bathroom with her and pushed me in front of the mirror.

"Look," she demanded.

I looked.

And I did not recognize the girl—woman.

Her eyes looked large and seductive and her pink lips were polished to look like they were pouting.

Her nose…well that was how I knew it was me.

I smiled.

I looked pretty.

"See," she smiled warmly. "You are stunning. Edward will not be able to keep his hands off of you. Like really, I have a feeling that he won't know what hit him."

"Alice. I'm pretty sure you and Jasper won't even be able to make it to prom. He probably will want to have his way with you beforehand."

Right then, the doorbell rang.

I glanced at my phone. 4:27

"Oh my God!" Alice squeals. "They're here!"

My stomach rumbles in nerves as Alice forces her flask in my face. "Drink up, I'm about to refill it."

I take a huge swig for some liquid courage and hand it back to Alice who finishes it off. She grabs the bottle of tequila to fill it up but overestimates and spills on the floor.

"Clean that up or my dad will kill me!" I whisper harshly as the smell tickles my nostrils.

"Bella!" I hear my dad yell up to me. "Your friends are here!"

"Okay, dad," I shout back. "We'll be right down."

We furiously clean up the mess that Alice made, using soap and water. We probably look ridiculous, considering we're in our prom dresses, on our knees scrubbing up the mess. It's still very strong, so we use my air freshener to cover up its potency.

After determining that there is no smell of tequila lingering, we rinse our mouths with mouthwash and check our reflections. Alice shoves the flask into her purse, and we make our way toward the stairs. We hear the boys and their parents talking with my father.

Edward's parents are here. I haven't met them, yet. No fault of Edward's, but because of prom, I've had to work basically every other night to have some extra money to spend. He has invited me over, but I've had to work every time.

So, I'm going to meet them for the first time…in my house…after having taken a few gulps of tequila. I'm not feeling any of the effects. I'm just feeling a little bit warm, so I'm not worried about making a fool out of myself like at the party at Emmett's.

I am, however, afraid of Edward's parents not liking me.

I walk slowly down the stairs with Alice, gripping the railing as we go. Just because I'm not drunk doesn't mean I won't trip and break my tailbone from these shoes.

We finally reach the bottom of the stairs and travel to the kitchen where the voices are coming from.

I see him before he sees me. And the warmth from the tequila spreads through my veins at the sight of him.

I have never seen him dressed up. And while he looks absolutely delicious in his baseball uniform and in his regular clothing, nothing compares to the way he looks clean cut and in a tux. His shoulders look broader. He seems taller because of his shiny shoes. I practically drool.

I ogle him as he carries on, not noticing how I'm practically undressing him with my eyes.

His vest matches my dress. He has a plastic box containing a beautiful corsage in his hand. I smile, knowing that the one he has matches exactly the one I have in the refrigerator.

I'm head over heels.

I hear a throat clear as I glance to my left and see a woman I've never met before, but her familiar eyes give her away. My face turns red at being caught checking out her son.

"You must be Bella," she speaks warmly as she rushes over to me. "You are even more beautiful that Edward described. I'm Edward's mother, Esme. It's wonderful to finally meet the girl who has stolen my boy's heart."

I giggle, despite feeling uncomfortable from her attention. "It's lovely to meet you, too, Mrs. Cullen. I can see where Edward gets his kindness from."

I'm not one to suck up. But this is the mother of the boy I'm in love with. I will gladly kiss the ground she walks on.

She glances over toward where her son and before I even follow her eyes, I feel his on me.

And when I finally look, I see.

That he thinks I'm, like, it.

I hear my phone beep in my wristlet, but I ignore it.

Edward walks over to me and I think he is it. I understand that teenagers are inexperienced and think they're in love when they're not.

But I think he is it for me, too.

He puts his hand on my cheek and half smiles and I'm enamored by his lips.

"You're exquisite."

"Good SAT word," I mumble breathlessly.

"I studied the thesaurus because I knew my mother would call you beautiful. I wanted to do better."

I feel a lump in my throat over his admission.

"That's so corny."

He laughs. "I know, but you like it."

"I do."

"Hello, Bella," a deep voice interrupts us. I move my face away from Edward's hand to see an older, blonde version of Edward.

Holy guac. If I was into older men…

"Bella, this is my dad."

"Hello, Mr. Cullen," I shake his hand enthusiastically.

"Nice to meet you, Bella, but please call me Carlisle." He grins. And I get where Edward gets his charm from.

Darn. He got the perfect genes.

"Let's get our butts into the backyard to take pictures!" Emmett shouts. I hadn't even noticed who else is in my kitchen.

"Emmett!" I exclaim, taking in his appearance. He was wearing a green vest to match Rosalie's green dress.

And Rosalie was…a model.

"Rosalie, you're magnificent," I gasp, taking in her soft blonde curls, light makeup, and pink corsage on her hand.

That reminds me. I need to pin Edward's boutonniere to his jacket.

And I need to not stand next to perfect Rosalie.

Everyone begins to walk out and I call Edward over to me. I hold up my finger as I grab the purple flower from my refrigerator.

I feel cheesy.

And awkward.

And cheesy.

And a little more awkward.

With shaky hands, I hold the flower to his jacket and hear a snap of a camera. I roll my eyes, already knowing that it's Charlie, taking pictures for my mom in Phoenix. Somehow I manage to stick the pin in without hurting myself or Edward.

He opens up the box and pulls out the corsage. He smiles sheepishly at me as I look up at him with what I'm sure is complete adoration. I hold out my hand without looking away from his face and his fingertips slowly graze my wrist as he slides the corsage on. I let out a shaky breath.

I see a flash of a camera and this time I know it's not my dad. It's Edward's mother.

"Come the fuck on!" Emmett yells.

"Emmett McCarty, watch your fucking mouth," his mother snaps.

Edward and I laugh and I tell him to go, knowing already I need a minute.

I pull out my phone to see what the beep was from earlier.

You and Edward are soooooo having sex tonight. I have a whole box of condoms if you need them, but you're going to owe me because that shit is expensive! –A

I feel my face turn beet red.

I take a deep breath and walk out to see everyone fixing each other. Whether it's hair or a tie or makeup.

Even Emmett dusts off Edward's jacket.

"Alright, line up. I'm thinking having them in front of the trees really will make these pictures gorgeous. Such a great setting, Charlie," Esme commends us on the backyard. Apparently we do have the best backyard for pictures.

"Alice! Alice!" I glance over and see Mrs. Brandon waving from off to the side by herself. I hadn't even noticed that she was here. "Look over here and smile."

"Mom, why are you over there? Why are you so weird?" Alice sighs but repositions herself and Jasper so they are facing her crazy mother anyway.

"Where are we looking first?" Edward whispers in my ear.

"I don't know," I speak while smiling. "I always just kind of stare toward the middle when a bunch of people are taking group pictures."

He laughs and his breath tickles my neck. I break out in goose-bumps. We continue to be repositioned by random parts of my backyard that apparently make us look better. I'm hyper aware of Edward's hands on my body. He is warm and I'm becoming warm and fidgety.

I hate taking pictures.

Finally, we are taking couples photos and Edward and I are waiting for our turn. I keep smiling wide at the fact that yes, we are a couple, and yes, we are taking a photo as one. He's holding my hand and cracking jokes about the awkwardness of seeing Jasper smile.

Alice's smile is completely genuine and you can tell she loves the attention.

Jasper truly has the fakest smile I've ever seen.

I start giggling as I take notice.

"You have a contagious smile," Edward notes in a low voice.

I look at him in disbelief, still grinning. "What? No, I don't."

"You do," he nods as his eyes darken, as we get called over for our couple's photo. "Or it could be the fact that I'm completely in love with you."

My smile drops in shock. Before I can respond, he's already dragging me over to where we need to stand. I'm completely giddy during our pictures. I know my smile is genuine.

When we are finished, it's time for the boy's picture. My eyes follow Edward as he walks away.

He isn't looking at me, but I can't take my eyes off of him.

He's in love with me.

When he looks at me again, I start laughing.

Of course.

He smiles with the other guys for a few of the pictures but then notices me laughing at him.

He looks confused, but I'm in disbelief over how obvious he is.

Now that I know.

Edward is completely transparent in his feelings for me as he stops and stares at me for a moment.

He looks in awe.

And I get it. Because it's the same look he gave me earlier.

And it's the same look I've given him for a while now.

The girls get called over to take their picture, and I can't stop giggling like a loon. Alice elbows my side and I manage to muffle the noise as we take the pictures. I make eye contact with him and he's frowning.

Fortunately, we're finished with the pictures and I whisper to Alice, "He says he's in love with me." She responds with a big grin and uses hand gestures to imply sex. I grab her hands and shove them down, giving her my best intimidating eyes.

She is not intimidated.

I walk back over to Edward, who is still frowning at me for basically laughing at him.

"What's so funny?" he mutters, sounding dejected.

"You're in love with me," I sigh with a slight giggle. His ears turn pink.

"How is that funny?" he responds annoyed.

"I was so worried," I whisper bringing my hands up to his face. He furrows his eyebrows in confusion. "Isn't it obvious?"

He's still confused.

"Oh, Edward. For someone who is intelligent, you can be quite dumb," I snicker. I pull him closer to me and smile warmly up at him.

His piercing green eyes force me to say what I had been so nervous about before today.

It seems silly now.

"I'm very much in love with you, too."

His eyes widen before crinkling around the edges and his lips turn up.

I hear the click of a camera as we bring our lips together.

We are so having sex tonight.

So we'll soar luminous and wired.

We'll be glowing in the dark.

Don't worry. Edward and Bella will have some sexy times. It might take a bit, but we'll get there.

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