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A Presidential Love Affair

Chapter 1

I knew that my life had been anything but normal since the day I was born. But for the first time in my life I desperately wanted to be just like all the other teenage girls. I wanted to go to college and stay in a dorm. I wanted to sleep over at my best friend's house, or maybe even sneak a beer without the threat of being front-page news. I really wanted to be anyone but the President's daughter.

I rolled over in her bed again, punching my pillow before letting myself fall back. I was completely frustrated by my father's demands and truth be told I was extremely anxious. In just a few hours, I would officially be a freshman at George Washington University. But unlike my peers, who were probably spending their last day of summer break out partying, I had gone to bed at ten o'clock.

I was aware that my life had many perks. I had traveled much of the world, met countless dignitaries and celebrities, and attended many social functions. But I had also missed out on a normal teenage life. It was difficult trying to carve out a social life when I had two Secret Service agents shadowing my every move. At eighteen, I had never even been kissed.

I desperately held on to the belief that it would all change when I started college. I had big plans to attend college outside the realm of D.C., getting the chance to just be Bella instead of Isabella Marie Cullen, daughter of President Carlisle Cullen. But my dreams were short lived once my father had begun his reelection campaign. According to Eleazer Denali, my father's Chief of Staff, my presence helped solidified his family man persona. The only bright spot of the entire ordeal was the chance I had to attend school with my best friend, Alice.

I took one more glance at the alarm clock, realizing I had been tossing and turning for the past three hours. With a loud sigh I kicked off my covers before climbing out of bed. I needed to get away from my room in the hope of finding something to keep me occupied until I was tired enough to sleep.

I quietly made my way out of my room, noticing that the kitchen light was still on. Although I lived in one of the most recognizable houses on the planet I had been lucky enough to have a family that liked to keep things as normal as possible. It was not unusual for my mom to cook dinner or for us to share a family dinner in the evening.

"Hi, dad," I greeted quietly as I stepped into the kitchen. Carlisle, my father, was hunched over the kitchen counter studying a stack of papers.

"Hi, sweetie. What are you doing up? Esme said you had gone to bed early." Carlisle dropped his pen as I grabbed two glasses from the cabinet filling them with milk before reaching for the pack of Oreo cookies.

"I did, but I can't sleep." I took a seat across my father before sI passed him one of the glasses. "How about you? Mom said you got held up and couldn't have dinner with us."

"Things have been crazy," Carlisle took a deep breath. "You know James left to join Marcus's campaign last month, leaving us without a speechwriter. It's been hell trying to find a replacement."

"Did you find someone?" I asked curiously as I sipped my milk.

"We may have. He's a GWU alum and comes highly recommended by Eleazer." I listened attentively as my father explained. I was always intrigued by politics and had learned a lot from my father.

"You don't seem convinced," I observed taking one of the cookies apart and licking the cream.

"He's not even thirty and has no experience in politics." One thing I greatly admired about my father was his ability to see great potential in people. He had assembled quite the impressive team when he first started running for the Presidency which had lead him to victory three years before.

"That may not be a bad thing," I stated simply. "He might not jaded like most everyone else in D.C. Have you read any of his speeches?"

Carlisle nodded gesturing to the papers in front of him. "He's a great writer which is the only reason I'm even meeting with him tomorrow."

"Then you shouldn't be so quick to judge," I concluded before finishing my glass of milk.

"You know, Bella," Carlisle shook his head as he chuckled. "You're going to be one hell of a politician one day."

I shrugged my shoulders as I looked away from my father. I really had no idea how to answer him. I had spent years dreaming about being the first female President, but now I wasn't quite so sure if that was the life I wanted for myself or my future family.

"Are you ready to start school tomorrow?" Carlisle continued with a smile.

"I guess," I answered hesitantly. I didn't quite know what to expect and I was anxiously dreading the reaction of my classmates. Most people either avoided me like the plague or wanted to become my new best friend. The only person outside my family I really trusted was Alice.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. GWU is a great school and soon you'll fit right in." I smiled at my father's response before stifling a yawn. "You should head to bed, tomorrow is a big day."

"You, too," I countered as I picked up the now empty glasses. "You'll figure out the right course of action tomorrow."

"I know, I know." Carlisle stood up as I leaned in for a hug. Things would find a way to work themselves out.

I met Emmett and Felix by the door early the next morning. I was emotionally exhausted, but a good night sleep had put my anxious mind at ease. I really had no control over what others thought of me, so there was no point in fretting over it.

"Hi, Belly Bell," Emmett greeted with a high five as I approached him. Emmett had been assigned my protection since the day my father had won the election. The two of us immediately hit it off, becoming fast friends. My relationship with Emmett was not usually professional like the one I shared with Felix. Emmett made the effort to understand me as a person, giving me the space I needed. As great as my relationship with Emmett was, I didn't share that same type of easiness with my other guard.

"Hey, Em Bear. Are you ready for a change of pace?" I smiled and waved at Felix while speaking to Emmett. Felix tended to remain distant, focusing solely on his job.

"I was born ready," Emmett put in his earpiece as Felix opened the door leading the way out.

I sat quietly in the back of the black SUV as we drove the short distance to GWU. I checked my cell phone, already finding a text from Alice.

Hey! I'm here, waiting outside our first class. Already found out the best seats near one of the hotties.

I laughed at Alice's message. Alice and I had become very close since our father's won the ticket for the last elections. We attended school together and Alice was secretly head over heels for Jasper, her Secret Service Agent. But that didn't stop her from checking out the available selections. I couldn't blame her since there was no real chance for a relationship between them.

"Let's get this show on the road," Emmett announced when they arrived outside the building that would house my first college course.

I waited for Emmett and Felix to open the car door before stepping out, ignoring the stares of the students hanging around the building. Emmett and Felix kept some distance from me as I moved inside and smiled slightly at some of the students. I hated the attention, but I knew it came with the territory. It was just easier to smile at the gawkers and go on with my day.

"Hi Bella!" Alice seemed to appear out of thin air as she brought me into a hug with much more force than a tiny person should have.

"Alice, sweetie, I need to breath," I stated as Alice yanked my arm, practically dragging me down the steps to our seats behind a blond haired student. Emmett took his place at the back of the classroom, keeping a close eye on me and the doors while Felix kept watch over the hallway. Jasper stood nearby also keeping watch on Alice while his partner, Mike, joined Felix outside.

"I can't believe we're really here. It seems like just yesterday we met and now we're starting college. This is so exciting!" Alice almost radiated energy as she bounced in her seat, waiting for class to begin. I knew that Alice tended to overwhelm most people, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. The two of us just seemed to click.

The rest of the seats quickly filled up as the professor took his spot behind the podium to begin class. I ignored the whispers and stares, focusing instead on the syllabus that the teaching assistant had passed around. I was thankful that the professor did not draw attention to me or Alice, continuing class as if two Secret Service agents stationed around class was an everyday occurrence.

My day continued in much the same fashion, ending early in the afternoon. Most students didn't approach me, and the few that did seemed to be trying too hard to get in my good graces. I tried to be as polite as possible, steering clear of any political talk and excusing myself after a few minutes. The entire experience left me worn out and exhausted. The next few days were going to be tough until everyone acclimated to my presence or the students found something new to gossip about.

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