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Chapter 20

Bella was looking through the room service menu when she heard the suite's doorbell ring. She had been amazingly calm about the date, but the doorbell had caused her heart rate to rapidly increase. She knew their situation was not the norm and she was expecting Edward to give up at any time.

She did a quick look around making sure everything was in place before opening the door. Edward was standing on the other side with his laptop bag and two shopping bags of takeout.

"What's all this?" Bella asked as she took one of the bags and stepped aside to let him in.

"Well, I couldn't allow our first date to be over stale hotel room service. And since I can't take you out to a nice restaurant and wine and dine you, well minus the wine," Edward quickly added the last part causing us both to laugh. "I'd thought I'd bring the food to you."

"Well, whatever it is, it smells mouth watering," Bella answered as they dropped all their bags in the small kitchen and Bella made her way to the cabinets. "I should look for some plates."

"Bella," Edward called as he took her hand to stop her and turned her towards him.

"What's wrong?" Bella questioned before their eyes met.

"I didn't get a proper hello," Edward almost whispered causing Bella's breath to hitch.

Bella didn't know how to answer. She wanted to lean in and kiss him herself, but she had never initiated that type of contact with Edward or anybody. It wasn't unwelcomed and she wasn't going to be shot down, but it was still nerve-wracking. Edward knew how to initiate a kiss in a way that made her insides melt and her legs feel like Jell-O and she wanted Edward to have a similar reaction to her.

Bella mustered up all the courage within her as she smiled in a way she hoped was flirtatious. She slowly leaned her body towards Edward, placing her hands on the hard muscles of his chest. Edward's crooked grin informed her that she was doing something right and allowed her to tiptoe and finally press her lips to his.

The kiss started as nothing more than a peck but as Edward wrapped his arms around her waist she felt as if she was floating in the clouds. The kiss deepened as Edward pulled her closer, their bodies flushed against the others. Bella was keenly aware of every inch of her body that was touching Edward's. It made her feel as if she was on fire burning from the outside in.

Bella's hands moved from his chest to his neck as she tried to get closer to him, but found it was not possible. Her lungs craved more air, but the rest of her didn't want to pull away.

"Now that's a welcoming," Edward said as he tried to catch his breath still not letting Bella move away from him.

Bella could barely breathe but managed a small smile in response before there was a knock on the door. Bella's eyes widen as they stepped away from each other.

"It's probably Tanya. Emmett would keep anybody else away," Bella stated frantically. She did not need a mirror to know that she looked like she had just been making out.

"Go to the bathroom and I'll talk to her," Edward urged as Bella rushed to her bedroom.

Bella heard the hotel room door opening as she closed the bathroom door and leaned against the sink and studied her reflection. Her cheeks were flushed red and her lips were swollen with all traces of the lip-gloss she had used gone.

She gave herself a few minutes for her body to regain composure before reapplying her gloss. She straightened out her dark green dress making sure everything was in order before walking back outside.

She found Tanya and Edward in the living room. Tanya was talking animatedly about something and not so subtly leaning towards Edward as she played with her own hair. Bella felt the jealousy rage within her and she was tempted to throw Tanya out of her hotel room after forbidding her from ever even looking at Edward.

"Bella," Edward called with a smile. "Tanya was just asking me about the tomorrow afternoon's speech."

"We were going to go over it a few more times tonight," Bella answered as she forced herself to smile at Tanya.

"Well, yes of course, I just wanted to check if you needed anything before I turned in for the night," She replied in what Bella knew had to be a lie.

"No we're good," Bella answered shortly hoping to get rid of Tanya as quickly as possible. "Edward brought us dinner."

"In that case," Tanya began as she stood up her eyes lingering on Edward. "I'll see you both tomorrow."

"Good night," Edward stated before grabbing his laptop bag.

Bella walked Tanya to the door making sure to lock it after she had left. She was well aware that Tanya had not visited her to find out if she needed anything, but rather to flirt with Edward.

"I can't stand her," Bella mumbled to herself as she walked towards the kitchen to get their plates and food.

"Did you say something?" Edward asked with a grin causing Bella to blush.

"No," Bella lied even though her cheeks were burning red. She didn't want to seem too clingy.

"Just so you know," Edward began as he closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her waist pressing her back to his front. "Tanya's advances were completely lost on me. I don't care how many times she asks me to come up to her room. The only place I want to be tonight and every night is with you."

Edward brushed his lips against Bella's neck causing her to shiver in response before turning around to face him. "You make me feel things I've never felt," Bella whispered as she held Edward's face.

"I hope it's all good feelings," Edward replied with a mischievous smile as he rested his forehead against hers.

"You have no idea," Bella answered before forcing herself to pull away from him. Things were starting to get out of hand and Bella was not sure whether she was ready to walk down that road. The temptation was too great and she didn't think she could stop herself if things continued.

"The food is probably cold by now." Bella grabbed the forgotten plates as Edward took the bags.

The two worked quietly as the served their meals. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, but one filled with anticipation. It wasn't by any mean a typical first date, but their relationship would probably never be "normal" because of who Bella was and who she may one day be.

"How did you know I liked Italian?" Bella asked after they had been eating for a few minutes.

"That's what we had when I first had dinner with you and your parents. I figured it was a safe bet and I've heard nothing but good things about Mama Risotto," Edward explained.

"I can't believe you remembered that," Bella commented in surprise. "I didn't think you had even noticed me that day."

"I noticed you the minute we saw each other outside your father's office the day I got the job." Edward reached across the table taking her hand in his. "You've been on my mind every second of each day since then."

"I felt the same way," Bella responded. "I still feel that way now."

"I hate hiding this from your father, Bella," Edward stated with a sigh. "I want to be able to walk down the street holding your hand and go up to visit you. I want to be able to treat you to nice dates and not have to see you in secrecy as if what we share is wrong."

"I want that too," Bella agreed as she finished eating. "But there's no way we can be out in the open with less than a month to Election Day."

"What if I can talk to your father?" Edward questioned. "I can explain how I feel about you. He's a reasonable man."

"Even if we talk to him that's not going to stop the secrecy. Let's say for argument's sake he's fine with the us being an us, we still have to hide it until after the election."

"But that means I can still go see you after work and you may even get to come over to my place and hang out. We'll see each other more often, Bella. Do you really think he'll be that against us?"

"No," Bella replied. "He'll be shocked, but he likes you and will eventually come around. But what would we tell him? What are we Edward?"

"I'd like for you to be my girlfriend," Edward answered without any hesitation. "That is if you'd take me."

Bella smiled and nodded as Edward stood up and pulled her up as well. Edward slowly leaned towards Bella his lips brushing hers causing Bella to sigh in anticipation. The two moved away from the table ignoring the dirty dishes, as their kiss grew deeper and more frantic. They somehow made it to the couch with Edward falling back and pulling Bella into his lap.

Bella forced her brain to shut down as she focused on the man in front of her. She straddled him carefully trying not to break their kiss, but wanting to be as close to him as possible.

She didn't think her body could get any hotter as Edward's hands wandered down and across her back settling on her hips. She was surprised by how forward she was and how natural it all felt. There was no awkwardness making her believe that what they shared was right.

As they continued to kiss and as his lips trailed from her lips to her neck, Bella could feel Edward's excitement growing underneath her. She was keenly aware that they were only separated by the thin layer of her underwear and his pants. For the first time in her life she felt sexy and desirable.

"Should I talk to Carlisle?" Edward questioned hopefully as they pulled apart slightly.

"No, I think we should both talk to him when we return to Washington," she replied with a smile before kissing him again. She wasn't ready to go all the way, but she was quite comfortable exploring their newfound closeness.

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