New Place

Annie's perspective of I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here and NYC

*I don't own rights the lyrics quoted at the end of the poem

Never have I seen

such a place

it glistens from floor to ceiling

I'm so used to the orphanage and having to clean

"I love you Ms Hannigan."

though really I hate her we all do.

I'm staying here for two weeks

Leapin' lizards what a way to spend Christmas.

I am almost knocked off my feet by

the Manhattten air

I've always seen the city from

outside the musty windows of the orphanage

Lived in New York for 11 years

but have never seen the sights

Central Park

The Roxy

Times Square

Broadway lights

Couldn't ask for a better way to spend my Christmas

Would love it if I could live here forever.

Ms. Farrell and Mr. Warbucks are such nice people

You crowd

you cramp

You're stil the champ

Amen for NYC