15 years later:

Caitlynne's POV:

The Addams Family let us stay in their mansion for five out of fifteen years. When Judge Womack died, Cameron, Mother and I moved into his mansion. Deale, Nora, and Aunt Anna still live with the Addams'. I'm thirty now. So are Deale, Cameron, and Nora. We just got done filming a movie together. Mother is 85 and still kicking it. Aunt Anna is 81. They still look the same from 15 years ago, only their hair is gray. The third generation Craven kids have moved on to marry and have the fourth generation. I married the love of my life, Karl Hanover. Karl and I have a son and a daughter. Their names are Gordon Michael-Andrew Oliver-Cameron and Abigail Anna-Louise Nora-Danielle. Danielle married Joseph Klinger. She has a son and two daughters. Joseph Michael-Andrew Oliver-Cameron, Caitlynne Anna-Louise Nora-Abigail, and Nora Anna-Louise Abigail-Marguerite. Cameron married the stuck-up, rich snob, Amanda Buckman. He has a son and a daughter. Amanda named them Nora Anna-Louise Caitlynne-Danielle and Cameron Pugsley-Matthew Oliver-Michael. Nora, oh Nora, she married Joel Glicker. They have two sons and three daughters. The sons' names are Cameron Joel-Oliver Matthew-Michael and Joel Cameron-Matthew Oliver-Michael Craven. Their daughters' names are Anna Nora-Abigail Caitlynne-Louise, Danielle Nora-Abigail Anna-Louise and Wednesday Nora-Abigail Anna-Louise. Deale and Nora's kids call Aunt Anna Grandmama. Cameron and mine do the same with Mother.

"Aunt Catty," Danni asked, "can you take us to the mall?"

"Who's 'us', darling," I asked.

"Me, Abby, Caity, Annie, Nora, and Day," Danni said, "And Aunt Deale, Grandmama, Auntie Abigail, and Mother, too."

"Okay," I answered, "Let's go!" This was the life. Being an actress, a daughter, a niece, a sister, a cousin, a mom of two, an aunt of ten, and rich. I loved it. Gomez and Morticia are still in their mansion with sixteen-year-old Pubert. Gordon, or Fester I should say, re-married Debbie Jellinsky and have three sons and five daughters. Their sons' names are Gordon, Joel, and Cameron. Their daughters are Caitlynne, Nora, Danielle, Abigail, and Anna-Louise. I loved my life, and I still do. I have no reasoning to strike back.

Danielle's POV:

Absolutely. I loved my life. I had no desire to strike back. My life was and still is perfect. I'm an actress, a daughter, a niece, a sister, a cousin, a mom of three, an aunt of nine, and rich.

Nora's POV:

A perfect life. A perfect husband. And a perfect family. What more could I ask for? I'm an actress, a daughter, a niece, a sister, a cousin, a mom of five, an aunt of seven, and rich.

Cameron's POV:

My life couldn't be any more perfect than it already is. I'm an actor, a son, a nephew, a sister, a cousin, a father of two, an uncle of ten, and rich.

Abigail's POV:

I'm 85, and still alive. I'm a grandmother of four. I love my family. We just got back from the mall when I took my four grandchildren and I told them what I told Caitlynne and Fester seventeen years ago. I brought their heads to my chest.

"Can you hear it, my treasures," I asked them, "My heartbeat. It beats for only the four of you as well as Catty and Cameron. Listen closely it says, 'I love you all, and I always will.'"

"I can hear it," they all replied. I know my heartbeat was probably super slow, but still. Their young hearts would not exist if it weren't for mine.

Anna's POV:

I decided to pull another Abigail. I took my eight grandchildren, four at a time and placed their heads on my chest.

"Can you hear it, my darling angels," I asked them, "My heartbeat. It only beats for the eight of you, and your mothers. It says, 'I love you all, and I always will.'"

They all responded with, "I can hear it."

"Your heart is so… slow," Day added.

"It's because I'm old," I said, "It happens." I love Day especially. She has a smart ass comment for everything. My life couldn't have been more perfect. I loved it.

Caitlynne's POV:

All our lives are more perfect than what we asked. It just goes to show that we are one big family. All loving and caring. We have no need to strike back.