Chapter 1


Sarutobi smiled as he watched Naruto and the woman next to him walked out of the office, masks and robes in place making him frown at the idea that was about to happen. 'I hope you know what your doing, Naruto.' he thought to himself as he shuffled paperwork around on his desk, smiling before looking at the already filed paperwork of the orphanage MInato had created years ago. 'You and he thought too much alike, Naruto.' he smiled. "Okay," he whispered to himself. "Cat," he called out, watching as the cat-faced ANBU appeared. "I want you to watch over those two. Do NOT engage. And make sure that any stores give him any grief. He's not the same Shinobi." he growled.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Cat said softly with a nod. "Hokage-sama, may I ask a small request?" she asked, her ponytail falling over her shoulder.

"What is it, Cat?" he asked, looking concerned.

"Since he is a new shinobi, shouldn't they be given a team? Both of them are strong even I could tell that much." she explained, fingering her gauntlet softly. "I would humbly like to know if I could possibly give them the required training."

"You know something about those weapons, don't you Cat." Sarutobi smiled as he looked at the woman. "Something was familiar to those weapons, wasn't it."

"Legends mostly, Hokage-sama." she said, her gauntlet now shining as she continued to finger the armor. "A sword that was once used to kill dragons and another that was apart of a Brotherhood from ancient times." she explained. "I'm one of the Kenjutsu masters in the village. Hayate is the only other one that could teach him. And with his health declining as it is he shouldn't even BE in the program." she grumbled.

"I understand that." Sarutobi smiled, his brain going through multiple readings of the possibilities. "Cat, I want you here when they get back here. I may have a solution that would benefit everyone." he said happily.

"Hai Hokage-sama." she smiled before she was gone.


Clothes Shop


Naruto smiled as he watched Kyouko going through the clothes racks. "Kyouko we need to get going honey." he called out. "We still need to get to the Shinobi Store!"

"I know that honey, but you and I both know that you shouldn't rush a woman after she just got money to specifically shop!" she called back, her hair flying as she seemed to go through everything. "Besides, we need to get you outfitted my dear boy." she said as she turned around, showing him a mask that seemed ornate. It looked like a monster roaring, covering the lower jaw of the face. "Its chakra infused. I found it earlier laying in a garbage can." she smiled.

"You found this?" he asked, grabbing the mask and slowly turning it around. Noticing that the rim of the mask was covered in seals, and the mouth that he knew was open was blocked off by a mesh underlayer of fabric. "Interesting seals. I don't recognize them though." he frowned, putting it in a pocket in the robe. "Lets get going Kyouko-chan." he said, holding her hands as he looked at the assembled clothes, both for him and for her, though hers was noticeably smaller. "We need to get our stuff from the Weapon Dealer."

"Yes and the idea I already know about honey." she sighed. "Come on, you've ruined my fun so lets get going so we can get back to the Hokage." she grumbled. "I have a feeling about him. He's about to do something, and I dont think I like it." she frowned angrily.

"Well lets get going." Naruto sighed as he looked around and quickly payed for the clothes, at half priced because of the 'Death Festival' that was going on around the village.

Kyouto was barely restraining herself from cutting the man at the counter in half. 'Lets go Naruto' she thought over the mental link she had made sure she would have with him. 'I want to kill this man but I have to behave.'

'I know, Kyouko.' he sighed as he felt her hand in his as they left the store.

"Daituro-kun," Kyouto smiled as he looked at her. "What were you thinking would be a good idea for a weapon?" she asked, absently twirling a several locks of her hair around her finger.

"We'll have to see about that when we get there." he chuckled, walking over to a place he knew would give them a good deal for good material.


Weapons Shop ~ The Destructive Fist


Naruto smiled as he looked at the multi-storied shop, walking toward the back where he knew most of the Shinobi clothes were being racked. Smiling as he saw some mesh undershirts and a sleeveless trenchcoat. 'Too much like that interrogator Anko.' he thought happily as he looked around again, Kyouko sighed as she looked at the multitude of weaponry. "Dai-kun, there's alot of weaponry here." she frowned.

"Thats whats good about this place." Naruto laughed as he picked up a trenchcoat and threw it over his shoulder.

"Dai-kun I found something." she called out, her voice showing a side Naruto himself had rarely seen. Moving over to where she was, he found that she was looking at a pair of what could only be described as throwing tanto. Slender blades on a short handle with no hilt. Picking up one of the blades, he smiled at how lightweight the weapon was. Giving her a nod, he smiled as she seemed to vibrate with excitement. 'What has you so excitced, Kyouko-chan?' he asked her mentally.

'If you realized what could be good about these knives you would be excited too.' she commented, sending him images of how he could utilize the weapon, causing Naruto to chuckle himself.

"Okay." Naruto smiled, patting her on the shoulder.


Weapon's Shop ~ 1 Hour Later


Naruto sighed as he looked at the large amount of stuff on the countteer. 'Never bring you shopping with me again.' he chuckled, getting a growl from the women as she had returned to the seal for a short time, 'What damnit?' he asked, rolling his eyes at the demon's inside him. 'You bought a shitload of kunai, shuriken, and even those throwing blades we found!' he shouted.

'Practice, Naruto-kun.' Kyouko's voice called out. 'You need help with your 'aim'' she smiled.

'Kid your accuracy is acceptable at minimum.' Zabuza's voice called out, drawing the blondes attention. 'Did you send that Clone to the store for all that hair dye?' he asked.

'You know I did.' Naruto sighed as he flexed his hands.

Movement caught his attention, causing him to stiffen up as he looked at the newly revealed clerk. "Hello my young friend." the clerk smiled, watching the boy stiffen. 'I wish I knew why you were hiding, my young friend.' he thought as he spied a bit of one of Naruto's whisker marks out of the corner of his eye.

"Just getting some equipment. Just got to the village." Naruto smiled. "Name's Daituro, Daituro Uzumaki." he said, seeing a smile from the man.

"I know exactly who you are." the clerk smiled, motioning for him to follow him. "Leave your stuff on the counter." he told him. "I have a Shadow Clone waiting." he explained.

"Okay." Naruto smiled, his hands unclenching worriedly. 'I knew I couldn't fool him.' he thought angrily as he walked behind the counter.

As soon as the two entered the back room, Naruto was greated with the sight of a clone passing him, patting him on the head. "Naruto," the clerk began as he sat at a stool next to a counter. "Why or how are you still alive?" he asked, making several handseals before the blonde relaced again. "The Hokage made a village wide announcement."

"I know." Naruto sighed, a lone tear falling from his face as he removed the clothe mask. "It was Kakashi-teme." he began. "We had just finished our first C Rank and I was having to bury our enemies, by myself." he sighed. "I did the job, farther away in the forest of the Bridge we helped protect. But as soon as I touched Zabuza Momichi's sword, it disolved." he frowned at the smirk the man gave him. "What?" he asked.

"If your talking about the Kubikiribocho," the clerk smiled. "I know for a fact that it didn't just 'disolve', Naru-kun." he said with a smile. "You know you can trust me."

"I know that." Naruto said with a smile. "I inherited the blade, but it transformed."

"Like their supposed to." the clerk said happily. "So what is different?" he asked, hoping the blonde would show him. "Their supposed to change depending on the chakra of the weilder." he explained.

'Hell I didn't even know that!' Zabuza shouted.

"Jizoruki," Naruto said with a smile. "You just surprised a Swordsmen of the Mist." he laughed.

"So its true?" the man now revealed as Jizoruki smiled. "The last weilder of the blade becomes a tutor to use the blade. And if the wielder is asked, he also trains the new wielder on anything else that the former is able to."

"So he trains the new guy in everything he knew?" Naruto asked, surprised.

"Only if he really impresses the former sword wielder." Jizoruki said with a frown.

"Ahhh." Naruto frowned, realizing that Zabuza hadn't said anything like that to him. Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto continued his story. "Anyways, Kakashi-teme didn't do anything besides train us in Tree Climbing but thats neither here nor there." he frowned. "But the next day, after my 'talk' with Zabuza, and raiding Gato's HQ, Kakashi just started yelling at me becuase apparently, I was supposed to leave the sword so Sasuke-teme could claim the sword. I spent the next several hours being personally violated by my team as they tried searching everything I owned. BUT, I completed the mission, helped the people get back on their feet, learned the secret of the Kage Bunshin, stole about a billion riu from an asshole shipping company that is now bankrupt, have a bridge named after me." he said with a gentle smile.

"Thats alot."

"And when I finally come back to the village, I find that not only are people thinking I'm dead, but that my own SENSEI has reported me as killed in action!" he shrieked, pounding the wall, only to discover that his chakra had extended again, and a hole in the far wall was burnt lightly.

"Naruto calm down." Jizoruki said anxiously. "You and I both know that you are a good person. And if you go to the Hokage..."

"I did, and thats how I found out." Naruto said. "Amongst other things that he ttold me." he sighed, rubbing his wrists. "I found out about my parents." he said with a smile.

"Thats GREAT!" Jizo shouted as he looked the blonde. "Why do you look so unhappy?" he askeed.

"Because it was the same guy who put Kyuubi-chan in me." Naruto said sadly. "My father was the Yondaime Hokage. And my mother was the Kyuubi's last container."

"Oh my kami." Jizoruki said worriedly. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah." Naruto mumbled. "But me and jiji decided to do something about Kakashi." he said with a slight rise of his hair. "I'm still dead, but I'm standing by the idea of being a brought in shinobi to strengthen the ranks, and then that is where it gets complicated." he frowned. "Everyone thinks I'm dead. So I'm starting new. I have to get a place to stay, and a few other things, thats why I came here."

"Naruto," the old man smiled. "Daituro, gonna have to get use to that." he laughed. "Anyways, you know me and the wife are there for you if you need us."

"Thats nice of you." Naruto blushed. "You and your wife have always been nice to me." he said happily. "But I need to get things done on my own." he chuckled. "Or at least as on my own as I can get." he laughed, pointing to his head when Jizoruki looked at him oddly.

"Well guess what kid, you got yourself a small deal going on." the man smiled as he went into the cabinets further in the back of the shop. In a rush of falling equipment and tools, Naruto saw his friend pulling out a long box and another pair of boxes. "I wanted to give you these when you made Chuunin." he smiled, handing them out as Naruto picked them up.

Opening the box, Naruto frowned as he saw a pair of bladed tonfa in the box. (Got the idea from Rayne's Swords from Blood Rayne the movie.) Wrapped snugly in dark blue cloth, the blades seemed like they'd be able to shift from a defensive posture to a more aggressive one. Smiling at the old man, he quickly became concerned at the look of the old man. "Whats wrong?" he asked, looking at the way the man seemed like he would starrt crying soon.

"You are not the first nor the second Uzumaki I have known, Naruto-kun." Jizoruki smiled sadly. "I made those for Mito Uzumaki, the wife of the First Hokage." he explained. "She loved seals almost more than your father and mother did. She made this design so she could do a seal in combat. Notice the tip?" he asked.

Naruto looked at the tip, seeing that it seemed like it had the same shape as a paintbrush! 'She deigned to create a style where she would be able to stab lightly into the ground, and a seal would appear. She could never get the right way to do it though.' Kyuubi supplied sadly. 'Your father was able to do something like this, but only for the Hiraishin seals.'

"I think I understand." Naruto smiled sadly, nearly breaking down as he looked at the weapons. Putting them in his lap, Naruto smiled as he opened the other box, revealing a pair of red and blue gauntlets with metal pieces along each of the fingers and a metal strap along the back and underside. "Chakra seal?" he asked angrily.

Naruto was taken by surprise however, when Jizoruki started laughing. "Naruto," he laughed. "Those gauntlets were built as a way to absorb enemy chakra." he began. "Think of it as a way to simply deflect or absorb the chakra behind a ninjutsu."

"That is so damn cool!" Naruto shouted, looking at the side of the gauntlets and saw something. "Wait a second." Naruto said as he looked at the swords in his lap. Looking back at the side of the gauntlets again, he looked back at Jizoruki again. "They can combine?" he asked, earning himself a nod from the old man.

"If you'll notice at the knuckle of each gauntlet," Jizo began. "They have ejectors for senbon needles." he explained. "Also the metal on the gauntlet itself, just not on the outward absorber seals, you can conduct your chakra into your punches."

Naruto could hardly believe what was going on. "Are you sure about giving me these?" he asked, looking doubtfully at the weapons in his hands.

"Naruto-kun," Jizo smiled again, his eyes clouded. "There are a great things that you must understand around the world. One of those is that there is always someone stronger than you." he said wisely, causing Naruto to nod. "But there are other things, especially that you must remember. Is family." he said, causing Naruto to start.

"Family?" the blonde asked.

"Your mother was a great woman. And she hated how people were sometimes. Nobody ever knew that she was the former container of the Kyuubi. Except maybe the Hokage's but thats up to them. I'm a small time shop owner." he said with a chuckle. "Those gauntlets also have restriction and chakra weight seals. You have to actually adjust to the level before you can really function." he said wisely. "Now, open up the last box." he said as he pointed to the somewhat wider box.

Naruto immediately put the swords and gauntlets on the self next to him. Reverently picking the box up, Naruto felt something moving in the box, causing him to stiffen. Slowly pulling the lid off, Naruto sweatdropped as he looked at a pair of hand scythes. The blades themselves looked like they were thicker then usual, but at the joint of the blade and handle, along the blade area was a set of slit-irised eyes. Accidentally pushing a curious chakra pulse into the one in his hand, he was shocked to see the blade change. The blade itself now looked like a fan with several seals on it, drawing his attention. "Wait a second. Chakra Amplification seals? Flame seals?" he asked.

Jizo looked at Naruto happily, his hands shaking happily. "I wanted to give your chakra a boost. If you dont push the chakra into the blade but at the pummel, he said, pointing to the other scythe.

Taking a more ttentative reaction to this new news, Naruto followed his directions and was instantly stabbed in his forearm as another scythe blade unsealed, making it look like a throwing weapon. "Now see what you have?" Jizo asked, looking at the two weapons. "Now, I want you to do something for me, Dai-kun." he smiled. "I want you to wait. At least until you get your Affinity." he said, looking through several drawers. "Ah ha!" he shouted, looking at Naruto once again. "Push some chakra into this and it'll reveal your affinity." he began. "If it splits, it'll be Wind Element. Gets soaked, water. Crumbles its earth, catches flame, obvious really. If it crinkles,well that would be lightning." he explained. "Understand?" he asked, getting a nod.

Naruto immediately pushed chakra into the paper, getting a result that made Naruto AND Jizoruki gulp in concern. The paper split in half, with one side becoming dripping wet and the other becoming crinkled to the point electricity seemed to jump off of it. Naruto immediately collapse in fear as the thing seemed to move on its own. "What the hell!" he shouted.

'It looks like your good to go on your Stormbringer Bloodline.' Zabuza laughed.

'I thought it was just a fluke!' Naruto shouted at the ghost.

"Naruto, you need to learn your other weapons before you can use your scythes." he swallowed worriedly. "If you don't have the control, which I'd assume was the result of the storm from earlier, those scythes can kill you." he explained. "When you reach the third level of element affinity, THEN you'll be able to use them, but please, only in a case of emergencies, even then." he said worriedly.

"I think I understand what your talking about." Naruto smiled happily. Then a thought brought another smile to his lips. "Do you have any throwing scythes?" he asked. "That way I can use some ideas for combat." he smiled, the grin quickly becoming evil.

Jizoruki simply chuckled at the blonde. "Lets go see what I have." he smiled, drawing the gifted weapons into a seal scroll. "Also, what are you thinking about in terms of color for your hair?" he asked.

"Well I wanted to put some red highlights into it." Naruto said as he looked at the old me as they walked out into the main shop, putting his mask back on.

"I'd say stay away from that red color." Jizo smiled, running a finger thru his hair. "I'd say go a dark blue and black or some purple." he said as they moved back to the Throwing weapon section.

"I think I'd agree with that one." Naruto smiled as he watched Jizo showing him the throwing weapons.


Village Gate ~ Later That day, near dark


Kakashi sighed as he looked around the gateshack, trying to get a feeling around the village for anything possible. 'Where are you, stupid demon.' he thought angrily as he looked at Izumo and his partner Kotetsu. He frowned as each of them were wearing seals on their necks. 'Awareness Seals?' he thought cconfusedly. "Hey guys, Team 7 returning from mission." he began. "Have you guys seen Naruto?" he asked. "The guy wanted to get here quicker for some Ramen or something."

Kotetsu looked at the man as if he had grown a second head. "Kakashi, Naruto is dead." he said, shrugging his head. "We thought you'd be bringing his body back with you." he explained. "Where is his body?" he asked, looking to Sasuke and Sakura.

"We buried the ashes after we burned it." Kakashi snarled out. "Now we have to go talk to the Hokage." he said as he instantly started to get angrier. 'What did you do, demon?' he thought as he watched Sasuke and Sakura as they seemed to stop moving.

Sasuke was internalizing his irritation. Ever since they had left Wave, Sasuke had been waiting to finally claim the one blade of the Seven Swordsmen that he knew was there. And Naruto had it. No matter how many times Naruto said that he didn't have the Cleaver, Sasuke could see that he was lying. But when he was unable to find the sword, Sasuke himself could barely contain himself from his rage. 'I have to have that sword!' he snarled. 'Its the only way to kill Itachi!'

Sakura on the other hand, could care less about Naruto, alive or dead. "Lets go talk to the Hokage, Kakashi-sensei." she called out, sliding up to Sasuke's side. "We need to get paid. I need to get my hair cleaned." she sighed, holding up her hair.

Sasuke moved in front of them, watching as the people moved out of his way, Kakashi and Sakura right behind him.

That was before Sasuke saw a new face in the crowd, moving away from him. 'Who is that?' he wondered, watching the new face walking away. "Kakashi." he called out, hoping that his sensei was paying attention.

"Yes, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked, looking up from his book, looking around the area.

"There's someone new in the village." the Avenger frowned as he stopped walking for a second.

"Hmph." Kakashi said as he looked around. "I don't see him." he frowned, looking at Sakura. "Did you see anything?" he asked.

"No." Sakura said as she looked around.

"Oh well." Kakashi said, shrugging his shoulders. "We'll ask the Hokage when we get there, he should be able to tell us why we have new faces. Was he wearing a hitai-ate?" he asked.

"Yes." Sasuke frowned, wondering who was stupid enough not to know him.

"Then that is the answer." Kakashi eye-smiled. "We'll ask the Hokage."


Hokage's Office


Daituro sighed as he sat on one of the couches of the old man's office. Looking at his now gloved hands, he smiled as he flipped out a blade and looked at his new reflection. Gone was his blonde hair. He had used Jizoruki's idea and made the decision to change his hair in a combination of three colors. Sitting on top of his head was now a longer head of black hair slicked back, no longer spiked, with purple/dark blue streaks in it. On the tips of his bangs, after Kyouko taught him how to use his chakra combined with bits of her own to increase his hair length, allowing him to use several techniques she would be teaching him. At the tips of his bangs, which only a few large strands with an inch or two of deep crimson, making it seem like he had a bit of blood on it. Several hair bead strands hung from loose hair on each side of his face, pointing to the mask that Kyouko had given him, which he had had Sarutobi look at before he put it on. His orange suit was now laying torn and bloodie on the floor next to him. On his body was a totally different story. Black and grey camouflage ANBU pants, a red body suit, the gauntlets that he had been given with the Tonfa mounted as Jizo had recommended were on his arms, with the sleeveless trenchcoat he had gotten and a pair of metal shin guards covering his legs. Almost all of his equipment was sealed inside the coat with a pair of Tanto blades on each hip. Sarutobi had explained that until he had more physical strength he should train with those blades instead of the ones he had been given by the Kubikiribocho's transformation. Zabuza had agreed, saying that the rest of his weaponry he had was a nice way to practice for the rest of the swords.

"Daituro?" Sarutobi said as the Hokage tried not to look at the mask Naruto was now wearing. It made him worried for his grandson figure. "You don't have to do this you know." he said worriedly.

"Yes I do." Naruto sighed. "Naruto is dead." he began. "And with the guards reporting that Kakashi and Sasuke have returned, his 'body' has to be buried." he explained. "And I would think that the Rookie Nine deserve to know that there is a new guy in the area. And I can also use this as a way to say 'hello' to everyone." he explained.

"Well I can't call that a fault of logic." Sarutobi sighed. "But you know that Inouichi isn't going to say anything, right?" he asked.

"I know that." Naruto smiled. "But him, Zabuza, and Kyouko talking in my head is still disconcerning." he blushed.

"I can imagine how that would be cause for concern." Sarutobi laughed, scratching his nose before pulling out his pipe. "But the teams should be here soon. Did you want to do anything for them when they get here?" he asked.

"Yeah." he smiled, instantly Kyouko appeared, in a red and orange chinese shirt and pants, much like Naruto remembered Tenten wearing.

"Daituro-kun!" she giggled before jumping him in a hug. "You should have let me out sooner."

"Yeah well you know the reason for that goof ball kitsune." Naruto chuckled.

A knock on the door however caused any reaction from the kitsune to stop as the two went into the darkening corner of the office, Naruto calmly unrolling a ball and chain from a storage seal on his wrist. 'What, you think I'm stupid enough that some of them wont have a violent reaction?' he thought as Kyouto raised an eyebrow only for the quirk to disappear.


Sarutobi could only shake his head at the two before looking at the door. "Enter." he called out, sounding as sorrowful as he could, which wasn't as much a stretch.

The door to his office slowly opened revealing Team 9 walking into the room, Lee looking worse then Sarutobi had ever seen him. Neji was having to hold the boy up, with Tenten assisting as much as she could, which was limited seeing as Lee was holding a rather big claymore in his hand as a crutch. Gai quickly followed, holding up several scrolls in his hands that he quickly gave to the Hokage. "Hokage-sama," he began. "Training Sequence 3 has commenced and Mission 42 completed. Next mission please."

Sarutobi frowned as he looked at the green clad man and his team. "Gai is everything okay?" he asked. "You and your team look like you went through hell." he explained, gesturing towards the three behind the man.

"We're fine, Hokage-sama."

"Did you get my summons?" Sarutobi asked, interrupting any kind of sentence from the man in front of him. "I summoned your Team, Team 7, 8, and 10 to my offfice." he explained at the confused look from Gai.

"No, Hokage-sama." Lee said as he forced himself to raise himself up. "We were out training so we have been hard to reach."

"Lee and Gai-sensei have been having me train them in weapons, Hokage-sama." Tenten said from beside Lee as he began to walk towards a chair. Before he got there, he was stopped by Kyouko, causing the team to start as they saw her catch the Taijutsu student, and his weapon.

"Its okay, lets get you to sit down." she said as she carried him the rest of the way. "Now sit down before I put you down." she ordered, causing Tenten to bristle.

"Who are you and what do you think your doing to my teammate?" the girl shouted angrily as she saw what the woman was wearing. 'At least I'm not the only one now.'

"This is Kyouto Burijee, one of the newer shinobi for Konoha." Sarutobi sighed, holding up a red folder.

"He was about to collapse." Kyouto said as she looked at the girl in front of her. "And the pretty boy over there was just going to let him."

The arrival of a tentative knock on the door caused the two to stop glaring at each other. "Enter!" the Hokage growled, rubbing his temples as Team 8 walked in, Team 10 right behind them.

This time however, something caused Daituro's heart to break. Hinata was literally having to be carried into the office by Choji! The girl wasn't wearing her jacket, causing the former blonde to be concerned. Shikamaru walked into the room and instantly found both Daituro and Kyouko and sighed.

But as soon as Hinata opened her eyes, and saw him, she seemed to have a break down and began to cry profusely as she pushed her face into Choji's shoulder. Kiba was instantly at her side, as well as Shino. "Hinata-san," the bug-user said anxiously, which made Daituro frown.

'When did an Aburame get emotions?' he wondered, having known Shino for years.

"You know that Naruto-kun would not like to see you like this." he said as he pushed her face away from Choji's shoulder. "He would want you to be safe, and to train your hardest."

"Some of us are not loosers like him." Kiba piped in, only to receive a heavy punch from Shikamaru, which caused Daituro's jaw to hit the ground.

Ino however, was true to form. She looked around the room even with the drama happening behind her. "Who's the bimbo?" she asked, causing Kyouko to stiffen, only to be calmed by Lee grabbing her hands.

"Thank you for helping me." he whispered, causing her to blush.

Gai instantly looked at the platinum haired Gennin and snapped. "How dare you being so callous and unyouthful." he growled. "You have no right to insult a shinobi of this village."

"She's not a member of this village!" Ino screamed as she fell backward.

"Is that so?" Kyouto asked as she stood up fully, revealing a pair of Hitai-Ate mounted on her knee armor.

"Thats not a proper use!" Ino shouted, causing several people to snarl at her.

The coming fight however was stopped however, by the timely sounds of fist hitting flesh. Looking back to the small grouping, Ino gasped as she saw Kiba on the ground and Hinata standing over him, panting even as she cried tears on her face.

"Don't you dare." Hinata whispered, causing several people to lean in to hear what she had said. "DONT YOU DARE INSULT NARUTO-KUN!" she screamed, causing several people to look at her in amazement as she bore down with her fist and punched him in the face again, Akamaru hiding between Shino's legs.

"Hinata-sama!" Neji snarled at her as he moved to stop her from pounding her own teammate. "Stop!" he ordered. "You know that isn't the way you should remember him!"

"Silence!" Hinata snarled, pointing a finger in the boys face. "The next person who insults Naruto-kun's memory will not be considered a shinobi for much longer." she threatened.

"I'd like to see you try that, Gennin." a new voice called out, shocking everyone out of their stupor. Hinata however, immediately saw red as she whirled around, removing Kiba from her sights only to come upon the sight of Naruto's own sensei and teammates.

"Your nothing next to an Uchiha." Sasuke called out from behind the Jounin.

"And your just nothing." Hinata growled. "What happened, Sasuke? Did Naruto-kun save your ass so instead of saving him you let him die?" she asked, causing everyone to gasp.

Nobody realized the newest male to the group was lightly twirling his ball and chain ready for anything. "How dare you insult Sasuke-kun!" Sakura demanded, balling her fist and moving closer.

"I think she would dare, little girl," Kyouko's voice called out, making everyone gasp as they turned to her. "Because she lost somone she loved, and your bringing him up like he did something wrong."

"Of course he did!" Sakura shouted angrily, moving to stand in front of the woman next to Lee. "He got in Sasuke-kun's way!"

"And here I thought he died fighting someone." Shikamaru said as he looked at the pink-haired girl. "That is what the reports say doesn't it Choji?" he asked, looking out the corner of his eye at his silent friend, only to get a nod and grunt from him.

"But if the guy was so much stronger than him," Ino began with a sigh. "Why didn't he leave the fighting to his sensei?"

"I would think that the better question would be, Yamanaka-san, would be why they were up against someone so strong without the idea of backup being called." Neji called out as he looked at Hinata. "He would not want you to kill them." he whispered.

"I don't like the tone you are using, Hyuuga-san." Kakashi said as he looked down at him and the rest of the Gennin. "Hokage-sama, Team 7 here to report mission completion and salary collection."

"Thats nice Kakashi." Sarutobi said angrily looking at his paperwork. "Now kindly leave." he ordered.

"But we're here to get our money, Hokage-san!" Sakura shrieked as she stomped her foot.

"What money?" Sarutobi laughed. "Your money was taken in fee's and donations." he explained, looking at the three of them. "Naruto Uzumaki died on your watch, Kakashi." he began. "So guess what, Sharingan no Kakashi," Sarutobi grinned from underneath his hat. "You'll each be donating your money from this mission to an orphanage and to accounts for new Gennin in the future so that they can get a start that is being started up baring our fallen soldier's name."

"How DARE you!" Sakura snarled out as she stared at the old man. "Your supposed to give that money to Sasuke-kun!"

"I'm not going to stand for this." Sasuke growled as he proceeded to step toward Hinata. "If I can't have the money, I'm going to take the one thing Naruto ever had without knowing it." he said, angrily approaching the heiress.

Only to be stopped with a heavy thud as a long chain hit him in the head and proceeded to wrap around his body, causing many to look at the source of the chains to reveal Daituro's form just now standing up and coming out of the shadows, causing several people to gasp at his look. "Now," Daituro began, wrapping more of his chain around his arm. "I may not have been in the village for very long," he said as he looked everyone in the eyes. "But the last time I checked, you shouldn't talk bad about someone who has died."

'Who is this guy?' Kakashi frowned as he looked at the boy's body language. 'He smells familiar.'

'Who does this guy think he is!' Sakura snarled as she looked at the boy in front of the doors. 'And why do I have a feeling that I should bash his head in?'

Daituro looked at them slowly as he unraveled Sasuke. "My name is Daituro Uzumaki. Son of Kushina Uzumaki." he said, shocking many of the people as he proceeded to seal up the chain length, Sasuke trying to stand only to have this new guy stand on his back, platform sandalls digging into his spine. "And like I said, young man," he sneered. "You should respect the dead." he growled.

"Get your foot off my student, Daituro-san." came the stern voice of Kakashi, causing Sarutobi to sit up higher in his chair.

"How about you tell him to get off his high horse?" Daituro asked angrily. "He think's he's a god already and he hasn't hit puberty." he said as he looked at Sakura and Ino as they blushed.

"That is none of your business, Uzumaki filth." Sasuke snarled, trying to get up by using his arms. He felt the weight of his foot leaving him, only to feel it crash down on his back again, causing him to stand out.

"So!" Daituro laughed. "I'm filth huh?" he asked, looking at everyone else. "Then do tell me something, Uchiha-teme," he smiled. "If I'm nothing more than 'Uzumaki filth', what does that make you, someone who is even now laying at my feet?" he asked, causing several of the Rookie 9 to laugh in their own way.

"Daituro-kun." Sarutobi chuckled.

"Yes Hokage-jiji?" Daituro said happily as he looked at the Hokage from staring at the downed Uchiha.

"Get your foot off of him." the old man smiled beneathe his hat as he tossed the former blonde a blue and green scroll. "These are some of the accommodations that are available." he said happily. "Take Kyouko with you and talk with some of the managers. Find a place you like." he ordered. "But get your butts back here in two days for assignments."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" the two quickly Shunshined out of the office with a whirlpool floating down.

"Hokage-sama!" Kakashi said angrily as he looked down at his downed student, only making everyone else laugh as they saw something on Sasuke's shirt and shorts.

Looking down at the Uchiha, Sarutobi had to hold in his laughter as he read what Daituro had left in his place. On the back of Sasuke's shorts and shirt a message was displayed: "R.I.P. Naruto Uzumaki, descendant of the one of the Founding Clans of Konohagakure."

"Ain't that the truth." Sarutobi turned to see Kurenei smiling with a small nod to the Hokage.

"Who was that guy? And why does he have Naruto-baka's last name? Is he that baka's family?" Sakura asked, causing several people to glare at her even as Choji and Shikamaru held Hinata back from what looked like killing her with the Juuken.

"Thats not important right now." Sarutobi smiled at the prank as he looked to Kakashi. "Where's the body?" he demanded, watching Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi seemed to frown.

"Where is your students body, Kakashi." Asuma snapped as he bit into a senbon. "You sent the Hokage a message that detailed that Naruto Uzumaki was dead in an engagement." he explained, making Kakashi sweat. "Where is the body of Uzumaki Naruto?"

"Burnt to ashes and tossed in the ocean around Wave." Kakashi said as if he rehearsed it, giving the two remaining members of his squad a glare. "He died because of foolishness during a mission." he explained.

"Kakashi-san." Sarutobi sighed, "stay behind after we get done from this meeting." he ordered. "To those of you who don't know why I am seeming disappointed, you will learn someday and this seems to be the perfect time." he began.

"Hokage-sama," Kakashi interrupted, causing several people to stiffen and become even angrier. "I need to let my team rest, we just got back from that mission and they need to cope."

"Looks like their already done coping." Shino said, his glasses falling from the tip of his nose. "In fact the only thing that seems to be troubling is because the Hokage has taken their mission pay and donated it."

"Don't talk to me like that, Aburame-san."

"I wasn't talking to you, Kakashi-san." Shino snapped. "I was talking to the room."

"Kakashi your already on my last nerve as it is." the Hokage said as he pointed to a chair. "Now sit your ass down and shut up." he ordered, a trickle of Killer Intent nearly knocking the Jounin on his ass. "Now before I was interrupted, I was explaining a procedure that should have been pounded into your heads at teh Academy." he began, keeping watch as Kakashi sat down with what looked like a huff. "Every shinobi of the Leaf Village is supposed to be afforded a proper burial." he smiled sadly as he looked at the pictures of the former Hokages. "That means, that no matter the situation, if a body of a fellow Konoha Shinobi can be recovered, if their active that is, they are to be preserved in a scroll and taken back to the village."

At this information, everone in the room was reaching for a kunai or other weapon as they stared at Kakashi and his squad. "So why didn't you bring his body back, Kakashi?" Kurenei asked as she moved toward a newly crying Hinata.

"What I do with my squad is nothing of your concern, Kurenei-chan." the cyclops Jounin groaned as he leaned back in the seat he had taken.

"She's not the one you need to be worrying about, Kakashi." Asuma sneered, pulling the senbon out of his mouth. "And you can forget any support from me and my squad in the coming Chunnin Exams." he said. "Team 10, lets go. We have actual training to do." he ordered as he moved out of the room, Shikamaru and Choji immediately following, only to have Ino staring at the now kneeling form of Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun, are you okay?" she asked, only to be pulled away by an extended arm of an Akamichi. "Sasuke-kun!" she screamed as she was pulled out of the room.

"Team 8 lets go." Kurenei growled, looking Kakashi in the eye. "You just left yourself and your team in a big bunch of trouble." she growled. "You three are alone. You will always be alone." she said as her team left the office. "Hokage-sama," she sighed as she looked at the Hokage. "I request that you consider keeping my team away from team 7 for further missions, so that way there wont be any danger." she explained as the Hokage nodded.

"Like we'd want your help," Sakura snarled as she looked at the Jounin with a snarl. "We have the only two Sharingan users in the village," she said snidely. "What makes you think that we would need you or your pathetic team."

Her response was a knee being planted in her face, causing her to roll into the wall. Kakashi's eyes widened as he watched a green blur appear and disappear. "Tenten-chan." Lee's whispered voice called out. "Please help me get up, we need to leave before Neji-kun does worse." he panted as he grabbed his sword from the couch, Tenten quickly pushing herself into his available side, Neji holding the door open for the two.

As soon as Neji closed the door, Gai looked at Kakashi angrily. "I would think that a rival of mine would do better for his team." he said disgustedly before disappearing with a gust of air.

"Would you two pick yourselves up?" Sarutobi ordered. "Lee didn't hit you all that hard, Haruno-san." he sighed.

"I want that Gennin suspended." Kakashi said as he looked at the crumbled forms of his students. "And who the hell is that boy claiming to be an Uzumaki?" he demanded.

Sarutobi could barely hold in his chuckle as he looked at the Copycat Kakashi in front of him. "For one thing, Jounin, you should remember your place." he growled.

"My place, Hokage-sama," Kakashi sneered. "Is to train the new clan of the Uchiha."

"What clan, Hatake?" Sarutobi asked. "It's a clan of two." he explained as he looked at the man. "You have a traitor, who killed his clan, and his little baby brother."

"It doesn't matter." Kakashi shouted, drawing the Hokage's new anger. "The Uchiha should never have been killed in the first place!"

"And you should have been left at the age of twelve." Sarutobi said angrily. "Your team is hereby on probation." he decided. "For the crime of destroying a fellow shinobi's body and prohibiting the proper burial of said shinobi. Two months of nothing but D rank missions." he ordered. "And if I catch you in any way coming near the new occupants of the village, it will be extended."

"But Hokage-san," Sakura said as she stood up shakily. "What team are they going to be on?" she asked.

"Does it matter?" Sarutobi asked as his eyes drew on Sasuke as he finally was able to stand up. "I just told you that I had better not see Team 7 NEAR them!" he shouted, his fist pounding on the desk. "And Kakashi, don't even think about sending your dogs after them. They are on a team already, and they WILL know of the laws." he growled.

"But, Sarutobi-sama," Kakashi muttered. "What about the Chunnin Exams?" he asked. "We'll need a third team member to be able to participate."

"That isnt your concern, now is it, Kakashi Hatake?" Sarutobi asked. "Because as of this moment even if you DO get a third member, you won't be participating in the Exam. And thats final."


Daituro and Kyouko


Kyouko smiled as she grabbed Daituro's available arm. "How do you think that went, Kyouko-chan?" he asked, pulling at one of his bangs.

"I think that if the old man hadn't stopped you, you'd have tried to kill that stuck up ass." Kyouko smiled.

'And he would have deserved it!' Zabuza shouted along the link. 'We all know that he will do anything to be the supposed best.'

"Not even that." Dai sighed as he looked at the woman next to him. "He thinks his brother killed his clan." he frowned. "I still can't believe we discovered so much just from undoing those seals on me." he sighed as he pulled out a senbon.

"Just think about how it would have been if you wouldn't have found them." Kyouko smiled as she cuddled up closer to him. "We need to get to an apartment, Dai-kun." she frowned.

"I know." the former blond smiled as he looked around for the coast being clear. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" he whispered, large amounts of smoke appearing all over the roof tops, all looking exactly like him before they seemed to disappear, all moving on their own missions.

"Shall we?" he asked, looking at his hand before pushing it in front of her, Kyouko quickly taking it as they aimlessly walked toward the buildings a small away away from the Hokage's Tower.

- 3 Hours Later -

Daituro could only smile at the building manager. 'This chick seems alot more friendlier.' he thought as he looked around, glad that he hadn't had Kyouko with him. The last manager had been looking at her strangely and it had made her and him both uncomfortable. Another thing that seems to make the managers frown was him retaining his former identities last name. 'Why do people keep thinking that I am me?' he absently laughed, watching as the blonde guide shook her ass at him as they walked up the stairs to the only available condo.

"This Condo is just recently been vacated, its previous owner having gotten killed in a mission several months ago." she explained as she unlocked the door. "Shall we?" she asked, motioning him into the door. A simple nod was all she got as the two of them entered the room.

The former blonde could only whistle as he saw what was inside the condo. The floor was hardwood, with rugs sparingly covering some of the floor. Black leather couches decorated the front room with a decent sized television making him frown. 'What kind of man watches tv when he could be training.' Zabuza asked angrily.

'Does it matter damnit.' Kyouko growled. 'We already have the money for this, and you need to get some sleep, Dai-kun.'

"The bedrooms are on the above level there," the Manager smiled as she pointed to the staircase leading up to the next floor. "Three bedrooms, just a single bath, and a small onsen in the back, as far as we were able to tell." she explained, watching his eyes as they surveyed everything.

"How thick are the walls?" he asked, smiling as he saw several things that he would like to try out as he spied the kitchen.

"I think the final schematics that were given to me was that they walls are a foot to a foot and a half thick." she smiled happily.

"Not bad." he smiled. "Can I take a look around here for a few minutes?" he asked, getting a happy nod from the woman as he walked around and spying the kitchen again. Looking at the counterspace he was happy to see that it was all black marble, with a working sink and refridgerator and freezer. 'Got to hand it to this guy.' he thought to himself, 'He knew what he was doing.'

It took him about half an hour for him to finally get a small tour done of the condo. Walking up to the woman, Daituro was only able to smile before holding out his hand. "I'll take it." he said happily through his mask.

"Thank you!" she cried out as she hugged him before running off, dragging him after her.


Next Morning ~ Hokage's Office


Daituro sighed as he walked into the old man's office. "Hokage-jiji!" he shouted, causing the aged Hokage to jump in the air, making the old Naruto surface slightly as he gave the old man a fox-like grin. "Morning!"

"Damn it!" Sarutobi shouted as he clutched his chest. "Nar... Daituro you need to stop doing that." he frowned as he looked at the boy. "So I hear you bought that condo behind the heads?" he asked.

Daituro simply smiled as he scratched the back of his head. "Not only that but I found something very interesting about that guy." he explained as he looked around. "I found enough kunai and other weapons to supply an army of civilians." he frowned. "If Kyouko hadn't seen his seals, she wouldn't have known alot of what is going on in that condo."

"What do you mean, Dai-kun?" Sarutobi asked, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Jiji, that condo has an underground basement, and a loft upstairs. And a dojo." the boy replied happily. "Including a bamboo garden."

Sarutobi smiled as he remembered Naruto's old green thumb. "Dai-kun, is there anything you have planned for that stuff?" he asked.

"I have several ideas, but I need to get info from the library about them." he smiled, holding out a scroll for the old Hokage. "And there are some things that I could use as a help that has to come from you." he said with a blush.

"Okay, we'll look through it in a bit. But there are some things that I'd like to talk to you about." Sarutobi said as he looked at the former blonde. "I like how you found a half-mask to cover your cheeks." he whispered as he touched Daituro's forehead.

"Yeah well with the head band around my neck now, I thought that it would be a good idea to do this differently." the boy blushed, running his hands through his hair.

"By the way, Dai-kun," Sarutobi frowned. "Why the mini-kunai?" he asked.

"Oh, a chakra exercise that I'm trying to work on. Hair manipulation with weaponry." Daituro smiled as he looked at his hands. "Combine that with the swords I'm training with we should be good for now."

"I don't think its a good idea to keep you just on Kenjutsu, Daituro-kun." Sarutobi frowned.

"Oh I'm not." Dai smiled. "We're working on Fuinjutsu and Ninjutsu with clones and night training."

"Well thats good."

"We also discovered what my affinities are." Daituro blushed, causing Sarutobi's eyes to widen.

"Thats excellent what are they?" the Hokage asked as he looked through his mind on stuff he could be trained in.

"Lightning." Daituro smiled, causing Sarutobi to sigh. "Wind." a raised eyelid. "And Water." he laughed at the way the Hokage was now staring at him. "The storm I created that day wasn't a fluke apparently." he blushed, flicking some dust absently from his gauntlet. "Its supposedly the Elemental Bloodline of the Uzumaki." he sighed, looking down and kicking at the floor.

"But thats good right?" Sarutobi asked worriedly.

"How would you feel if you had nobody to teach you something important, jiji?" Daituro asked angrily. "If I had a scroll, or even a way to anything other than a storm, I'd be happy."

"I see." Sarutobi sighed. "The only thing that I can think of is looking through my library." he said with a smile, barely thinking of an action such as this. Daituro's head snapped up so fast, he might have damaged his neck.

"Jiji, what are you talking about?" the boy asked, causing Sarutobi to chuckle at the former blonde.

"I'm saying that I know you sent clones to the Library yesterday and studied beyond the closing." he smiled. "I'm saying that you should at the very least, send two dozen clones, to the library right next to me, you know, the one area where you broke into and stole the Forbidden Scroll." he said with a smile as the boy seemed to light up.

"Lets get going then, Jiji?" Daituro smiled anxiously.

"First we need to get over a small hurdle." Sarutobi sighed. "We need to get you assigned to a team." he frowned at the expression change that occured on Daituro's face.

"Hurry up." the boy growled. "And no, I am NOT going back to Team 7. Hell put me with Kurenei's Team. She should be able to have uses for a damn Juggernaut in training."

"A Juggernaut?" the aged Hokage asked, getting a small smile from the former blonde.

"Something that once started moving, doesn't stop." Daituro smiled, scratching the back of his head. "Kyouko-chan said that since I have so much Chakra, and some good Control over said Chkra, I'd make an excellent Juggernaut, and with the Shadow Clones and the SECRET of them, thanks for not telling me that one by the way," he growled slightly. "But with those alone scouting and tracking missions would be an easy thing for me, especially if I can get the hang of Sense Enhancing with Chakra."

"Oh this is going to be interesting." Sarutobi could only smile.

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