To say John Watson was in shock would be the understatement of the century. He had arrived early from work only to find his wife of three years in bed with another. John stood frozen in the door frame as Mary smiled and turned over and nuzzled her face into the other mans shoulder. "Mmmm Jasper," she whispered and kissed his shoulder. John growled and the two people in the bed woke with a start and looked at the door. "JOHN!" Mary screamed and scrambled out of the bed with a sheet wrapped around her. "I. . . I. . . It's not what it looks like!" Mary stammers.

"That's funny it looks like your sleeping with another man!" Watson screeched.

"OK then maybe it is the way it looks." Mary mumbled. "But you see me and Jasper go way back. We were childhood sweethearts. Until he and his family moved to America. But now that he's back we kind of fell for each other again," Mary told John.

"BUT YOU'RE MY WIFE!" Watson roared.

"I know," Mary replied. "I'm so sorry."

"Yeah well as of tonight we are getting a divorce!" Watson cried and stormed out into the living room and began to pack up his belongings. He knew exactly where he was going to go.

~Page Brake~

"221B Baker Street," the cabby said. Watson paid him and pulled all his suitcases out of the cab and placed them by the bottom of the steps. He then walked up them and knocked on the door.

"MRS HUDSON!" a voice yelled that Watson recognised and smiled to himself.

"WHAT NOW MR HOLMES?" she yelled back.

"THE DOOR!" Holmes replied.

"CAN'T YOU ANSWER IT ON YOUR OWN?" Mrs Hudson yelled back.

"NO I'M BUSY!" Holmes yelled back. There was a sigh and the door opened revealing a dishevelled Mrs Hudson, whose eyes widened comically when she saw who it was.

"Dr Watson!" Mrs Hudson said with a smile. "What brings you here?" she asked.

"Do you possibly still have my old room vacant?" Watson asked in a small voice.

"Well of course," she replied with a furrow of her brow. "Come in. MAXWELL!" she yelled and a teenage boy ran over to them. "Please take Dr Watson's things to his room. The one down the hall from Mr Holmes's," Mrs Hudson said sweetly.

"I know which one it is ma'am," the boy replied with a roll of his eyes and made his way up the stairs with the suitcases.

"Who is that?" Watson asked.

"Maxwell. An orphan, he's sixteen and offered to work for me on a small wage to help support his three other brothers." Mrs Hudson replied. "Poor kid," she mumbled and led the Doctor into the kitchen. "So what brings you back?" Mrs Hudson asked.

"I'd rather discuss this with Holmes first," Watson said.

"Of course dear," Mrs Hudson said just as a toddler ran into the room.

"Nanny. I demand that you get me a glass of milk this instant. Make sure you do not poison it," the toddler demanded and Watson was shocked.

"Jamieson ask nicely and maybe I shall consider it," Mrs Hudson retorted.

"No you shall do as I say!" Jamieson cried.

"I shall do no such thing!" Mrs Hudson bellowed and the toddler promptly began to cry. Mrs Hudson paled. "Oh dear," she murmured. Soon thundering footsteps sounded from upstairs and soon Sherlock Holmes burst into the room. Upon seeing the crying toddler he bent down and scooped the child up into his arms and began to rock him.

"Shh Jamie shhh." Holmes cooed and soon the child resolved to sniffing. "Nanny please to tell me what you did to make my son cry. Again," Holmes ground out. He had obviously not noticed Watson yet.

"He was demanding a drink in a very rude way and I told him to ask for it nicely. He promptly shouted that he must do as I say and I said I shall do no such thing and he started crying," Mrs Hudson sniffed angrily.

"She shouted at me daddy," the toddler whispered and Holmes's eyes blazed.

"Actually, although she shouted it wasn't technically directed at the small boy there," Watson said speaking for the first time since the toddler had ran into the room. All occupants jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Watson old boy. It's good to see you again. Jamie this is Uncle John, why don't you show him your room while I have a word with Mrs Hudson," Holmes said forcing a smile onto his face for the sake of the child.

"Don't shout at her daddy it was my fault," the small boy admitted.

"I'm not going to shout I promise but go on and show Uncle John your room," Holmes said and the boy nodded his head holding his hand out for Watson who took it and the toddler lead the shocked man up the stairs.