Sherlock gasped loudly in pain as he felt like he was being split in two. "You need to push harder for me Mr Holmes-Watson," the midwife said carmly.
"I have given birth to five children in my life time thank you very much," the midwife retorted. Sherlock sneered at the woman and squeesed the life out of John's hand as he pushed.
"That's it Sherlock. It's crowning," John said in excitment. Sherlock gasped as he felt the head slip free of his body. Soon the baby was out and screaming.
"It's a girl," the midwife said smiling.
"You here that Sherlock. It's a little girl. Our little girl. Our little Eleanora Martha Holmes-Watson," John whispered as Sherlock birthed the after birth and then fell asleep.

When Sherlock awoke again he saw his whole family cramped into one room. John was holding the little bundle of joy. "Congratulations little brother. May I enqire what you have called this little buety?" Mycroft asked.
"Eleanora Matha Holmes-Watson," Sherlock replied looking at the baby who had just started to cry.
"Oh I think someones hungry," John smiled as he handed the little girl to Sherlock who lead the small puckered mouth to his nipple. Sherlock gasped at the sensation but enjoyed it non the less. "Daddy me see?" Silas asked.
"In a minute Silas. Let her feed first," Sherlock said as he dropped a kiss on the little boys head. John came over and picked Slias up onto his hip. Wendy stood next to him holding his hand and Jamieson climbed onto the bed with his birth father. Sherlock smiled at his little family. He wondered why he never tried to find that bible peice before hand. But then he knew that Silas, Jamieson and possibly Wendy wouldn't be here. And Sherlock didn't think he had the heart to imagine life without his gorgeous children and husband. Nor his deseased wife who gave him Jamieson. Sherlock loved them all and prayed that they all loved him and never left him alone.

Ten Years later

Silas was now thirteen and at school, enjoying himself emensily. Jamieson and Wendy were already working as consultants to Scottland Yard, Sherlock and John and little ten year old Eleanora was also attending primary school where she bested the boys in every subject. But then again all of the Holmes-Watson children had. Now they had to wait and see if six year olds Georgiana May and Geroge John did the same and not forgetting little one year olds Meredith Louise and Medwin Mycroft. Yes the Holmes-Watson household had become very full and Mycroft had to pay for several extensions to the flat with Mrs Hudson's agreement. 221B Baker street never looked the same again. But then again who wanted to change it?