Now is Loki's 16 birthday.

"Loki",the King said.

" I know you don't want a birthday party but your mother wants to have one!"

"Loki! Loki! Loki! Loki?",the king shouted

"Loki quit being a fool and come out!"

"Loki I am losing my patients with you!"

The King went upstairs to Loki's room.

He looked around and saw no Loki.

Then he looked on the desk and found a note it said.

Dear Father,

I have decided to go to Earth to find peace with myself.

The King shed a tear.

Ha like that's going to happen.

I really went to make those puny little mortals bow down to ME and only ME.

Why, Loki ,why?

Right about now you are probably asking the question 'Why?'.

Well, since you never loved me it was very easy.

Just kidding.

Really,I just like people bowing down to me.

It boost your self-esteem.

Well, good-bye Father.

Love(really love is so over rated Father)


That is the end!