the little yellow guy.

an: i do not own anything of despicable me and/or hellboy. enjoy.

one day at gru's house, a minion was sitting in the lab. the minion was bored to death. he could'nt do anything today. all 3 of the girls were sick, there was nothing to do in the lab, and the other minions couldn't think of anything to do either. so the minion say there bored until his eyes came upon a huge circular metal object that had a strange yet pretty, purple vortex inside it. the minion got out of his chair and walked toward the object. the minion starred at it for a little while, and tried to touch it. the minion got closer to the object, but tripped on a wire that led to one of the computers in the lab, and fell through the purple vortex. when he got out of the purple vortex, he found himself hungry, and in a room full of kittens, beer, and TVs showing a woman who seemed very depressed and pale. the minion looked around until his eyes fell upon a babe ruth bar still in the package. the minion picked up the bar, but he heard somone entering the room. so the minion hid behind all of the TVs. when the minion looked over the TVs he saw a red man type creature, he had a tail and yellow eyes. the minion hid back behind the TVs hoping the creature wouldn't see him. the red creature was walking through the room humming a tune to himself. he was looking for something. he searched the room and said to himself

hellboy: i wonder where my babe ruth went?

hellboy kept looking around the room until he saw little feet under the TVs. hellboy walked closer to the TVs. the minion was so scared he jumped above the TVs and ran under hellboys legs.

hellboy: hey! what the?

hellboy then saw what the minion had in his hand. his babe ruth bar! hellboy angrily ran down the hall trying the catch the little yellow creature. the minion down the hall saw and bumped into a reptilian creature with webbed hands and feet. when the minion looked up he let out a huge scream. the minion ran away from the creature. hellboy also bumped into the reptilian aswell.

abe sapien: hey wait!

abe confused, continued his walk down the hall. hellboy was still in high presuit of the minion. the minion dodged many agents along the way. but hellboy just ran into them. the minion ran until he was stopped by the woman he saw in all of the TVs.

liz: aww! how cute!

the woman picked up the minion and starred at him for a while. hellboy managed to catch up to the minion,

hellboy: why you little yellow bast...oh hi liz. [hides gun behind back]

the minion pointed at hellboy and made shooting gestures.

liz: hellboy! where you trying to shoot this little guy?

hellboy: no...yes...maybe.

liz: hellboy, why where you trying to shoot him?

hellboy: because he stole my babe ruth bar!

liz: oh my god hellboy! if you really wanted a babe ruth that bad, you could've bought another one out of the snack machine.

hellboy: but...but...aughhh

liz: here take this money and go buy a babe ruth.

hellboy: fine.

hellboy walks to the candy machine, but on his way the minion looks over liz's sholder and sticks his tung at him. hellboy very angry continues his walk to the candy machine.

hellboy:[mumbling] little figgin yellow pottheaded...thief!...

and so hellboy got his chocolate bar.