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Chapter One - Run Away…

Percy weaves through the crowds of kids, he was happy that it was his last year and happy that he'd never have to deal with the tortuous life that was school life. He wouldn't miss it, any of it. He held the strap of his bag on his shoulder, staring downward and navigating the corridor via people's leg movements. But one pair of legs decided to walk right into him, shoulder barging him. He lifted his head to say sorry but swallowed his apology when he saw who it was. Shane.

"Watch where you're goin' freak." Shane was stocky and tall and he really didn't like Percy at all, he probably felt threatened by him, the demigod was confident and strong, something bullies didn't like. He didn't intimidate Percy in the slightest, but he liked to think he did, he liked to think that he intimidated everyone he came into contact with, and some he didn't. The demigod gave him a stoic stare before turning back around and continuing down the corridor. He couldn't be bothered with him "Yeah, you better keep walking!" Percy rolled his eyes.

He dropped his school bag down at the foot of his bed and collapsed onto the soft mattress, curling up and hugging his soft blankets and pillows. Home at last. Another day of teenage hell over with. He laid face down as he toed off his converse, letting them drop down by his bag. His mom didn't like it when he got shoes on the furniture, even his own. He fell into an afternoon nap.

Paul woke him later for dinner, he sat and ate quietly, listening to Paul and Sally chatting happily. It made him smile to see that they were happy.

Later that evening Percy went into his room, locking the door behind him and drawing the curtains to his windows. He had big windows and nosey neighbours. The demigod knelt at his bed, stretching an arm beneath and flicking out an ordinary looking storage box. He sat on his bed, lifting the box's lid to reveal a small but impressive collection of porn magazines. But not just any porn magazines, they were all of men, some more specifically of men touching other men and more, it was, you know; gay porn. It was Percy's little secret. He pulled one out, the next five minutes saw him propped back against his headboard stroking himself to the images.

He'd suspected for a while that this is what he liked, men that is. And I say suspected because he still wouldn't openly admit it to himself, even though here he was touching himself over other guys. He'd even tried fingering himself, during these moments he often ached to be penetrated, ached for another to penetrate him. Though he wasn't very good at it himself, he didn't really know what to do, he had just ended up hurting himself the first time he tried.

He felt a little silly being eighteen and not knowing his own sexual identity yet. He was pretty sure Annabeth still hated him for 'running off with another girl' as she was convinced he did, he couldn't explain to her, he didn't even know how to explain it to himself. That was a year ago now, and he was still none the wiser.

He grabbed a tissue from his bedside table as he neared his end, biting his lip against his moans of pleasure. He spilled his seed in the tissue, stroking himself until he stopped. It was good, but as always it was tinged with a little guilt. This was his dirty secret, half of him wanted it to stay that way, but the other half wanted the burden off his shoulders.

He screwed up the tissue, landing it in the trash basket before dropping down onto his bed. He gave himself a minute before sitting up to return the magazine to its box and push it back under his bed.

The next morning he was back in the throng of kids travelling the school halls, he'd grown to dislike people somewhat, too selfish and ignorant. He kept to himself and made a habit of not being too social when speaking to people was necessary. It was nothing to do with his personal identity crisis. He guessed that it was just who he was, a bit of a loner, whether he was at camp or not.

Later that day, Percy was running through the empty corridor, late for class. As he sprinted around a corner he came to an abrupt halt against Shane. "Get off me you fucking faggot!" he growled, shoving the demigod backwards. Percy thankfully didn't trip over, he glared, brushing himself off. He gave the other boy a dirty stare as he moved to walk around him and his lackys. "You got a problem gay boy?" he said, stepping in Percy's way. The demigod tried to cool off his anger, he hated Shane calling him things like that, he obviously didn't know the truth, but it hit close to home, bullies must have a sixth sense about knowing that. He stared defiantly at him, clenching a fist, he wasn't really meant to use his skills outside camp, not on mortals anyway...

"Not as much of a problem as you'll have if you don't get out of my way." he said threateningly. Shane stepped toward Percy, sizing them up, he was taller but size wasn't everything, after all, he'd taken down much bigger enemies before. *cough* Ares. *cough*

"What was that fag?" he shoved the demigod backwards roughly. "Got something to say?"

"Awwh look, he's goin' red. I think he likes you Shane." one of the lackys said, elbowing the main brute up front. These guys were full of it.

"You looking at me with your queer eyes?"

"Get fucked Shane." Percy retorted

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you, faggot? Cause that's what you are isn't it? Nothing but a filthy gay boy." he gave him another sharp shove.

It didn't even take Percy a second to recover and hit back, landing a punch straight to the bully's jaw. He recoiled, slapping a hand to the injury. Percy quickly disabled the two lackys as they came for him.

"Percy! Shane!" the demigod span around to see Paul running up the corridor. Great.

"Oh look, daddy's here." one of them snarked quietly.

"What are you doing?" all the students stopped what they were doing, Percy stepped back from them, an annoyed expression playing adamant on his face. Needless to say, this wasn't going to be pleasant.

Two hours later saw Percy getting into the passenger seat of Paul's car at the end of the school day. The teacher got in the driver's seat with an exasperated sigh. His threat towards his step-son still hung in the air. 'we'll talk about it tonight with your mother.' Percy hated when his mom finds out that he'd done something bad. She was beginning to think that he was over this irresponsible stuff. Percy had detention, the other three got off lightly because they hadn't actually laid a finger on Percy, not that they would have been able to had they even got the chance. Percy on the other hand had caused some bruising, he'd kept his reaction of 'big whoop' to himself.

It was a silent drive home. And a silent wait at the dining room table for Percy as Paul told Sally what happened.

"What were you thinking Perce, getting into a fight?" his mother asked, no matter what she was saying it always came across as sweet and caring. It made Percy feel guilty, even if those jerks did deserve it.

"They were asking for it." Paul sighed.

"Percy, your record works against you, you can't afford to get into trouble like this." Paul said, trying to be reasonable. Percy narrowed his eyes.

"And that's my fault?" the demigod asked.

"Of course not Perce." his mother added, she could tell her son was getting agitated. "But this wasn't a monster, they were just kids and you could have hurt them."

"You think I'd actually have seriously hurt them? They deserved what they got."

"How did they Percy?" Paul asked. "Because you weren't exactly forthcoming with the details." the demigod sat back in his chair stubbornly. "Are they bullying you Percy?" Paul found it hard to believe that anyone could bully Percy.

"No." he stared off into the middle distance, avoiding their eyes.

"Then what did they say?" Percy refused to talk.

"Perce, I know you've been upset since breaking up with Annabeth, and... I found those magazines in your room..." Percy looked at her in horror.

"Is that what this is about Percy?" Paul asked. Percy had had enough of this; he bit his lip in anger and stood up from the table.

"Fine! They called me a fucking faggot, okay?" he stormed out, quickly running upstairs to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him and locking it for good measure. He paced along the length of the room as he heard someone run up the stairs.

"Perce, it's okay, we don't mind what you like." it was his mother, she tried the door handle. "please open the door, we're here to help you, it'll be okay." he scrubbed his hands through his hair. He had to get out of here. He opened one of his bedroom windows, he could easily fit through them. He climbed out onto the downstairs roof. Walking silently to the side of the house and scaling a drainpipe down to the ground. He jumped the back yard fence and ran as fast as he could for as far as he could.

End of Chapter One…