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"Who said that?!" Tomoya asked.

"It was none other than me," the voice said as the form of a monstrous Digimon appeared before the group. "My name is Dexmon."


"Does my name not sound familiar? Try to recall that moment when you and your Digimon partner lost control and nearly killed everyone."

"You mean…back when I was DexDynasmon?" Candlemon asked.

"That is precisely what I mean; your corruption, your hatred, all of it was created by me. So were Phelesmon, Arkadimon, Astamon, and the Death Generals. Oh, and I can't forget about Deltamon, can I? It was me who turned him into Kimeramon."

"So, that was you?" Devimon asked calmly. "You're the bastard that tore our group apart? You're the one that forced me to murder two of my friends?! And for what?!"

"As I have already said, I wish to destroy both the human and digital worlds, so I created a few Digimon to do the job for me."

"But why?! Why do you want both worlds destroyed?!" Mia asked.

"Both the humans and the Digimon…they are creatures of emotion. Emotion is a pitiful distraction from the truth, so I seek to eliminate it," Dexmon said. "Enough talk; it is time for your destruction. When I am finished dealing with you Digidestined, nobody will be able to stop me from destroying both worlds!"

"Like we'd let you! Guilmon, are you ready?!" Takato asked, and his Digimon partner nodded vigorously. "Biomerge, activate!"

"Guilmon Biomerge to, Gallantmon!"

"Candlemon, what say we give my dad a hand in fighting this Digimon?" Tomoya asked as he and the others placed their keys into their locks.

"Candlemon Warp Digivolve to, Dynasmon!"

"You can do it, Dynasmon!" Tomoya shouted.

"Agumon Warp Digivolve to, Machinedramon!"

"Show that bastard who's boss!" Nate shouted.

"Tapirmon Warp Digivolve to, SkullMammothmon!"

"Please…don't get hurt," Lilac said softly.

"Lunamon Warp Digivolve to, Dianamon!"

"Don't you dare die! I won't let you leave your brother all alone!" Emerilla shouted.

"Betamon Warp Digivolve to, Aegisdramon!"

"Hope you don't mind if I kick back for a bit…haven't slept in a while…" Dalton said with a yawn.

"Salamon Warp Digivolve to, Magnadramon!"

"Dexmon cannot be left alive; thousands of innocent humans and Digimon will die if we do," Mia said.

"Hawkmon Warp Digivolve to, Eaglemon!"

"Destroying humans and Digimon simply because emotions get in the way of finding the truth…how illogical!" Theo muttered.

"Is everybody ready?" Gallantmon asked the other Digimon, all of whom nodded. "Stand back, everyone; this could get pretty messy!"

"You don't need to tell me twice," Devimon said.

"Please…allow me to fight alongside you," Grademon said weakly.

"No way; we don't want you dying on us!" Gallantmon said. "Everyone; prepare for battle! Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon's attack struck Dexmon directly in the face, but he didn't even flinch.

"Come, now; your friend obviously wishes to fight me; why stop him from doing so?" Dexmon asked as he reached down at Grademon with his claws.

"Kaiser Phoenix!" Eaglemon rammed into Dexmon's arm, moving it away from Grademon.

"Giga Cannon!"

"Fire Tornado!"

"Shine Breaker!" Machinedramon, Magnadramon, and Aegisdramon all attacked Dexmon at once, forcing him back.

"This is for making me fight Beelzemon; Breath of Wyvern!" Dynasmon's attack crashed right into Dexmon.

"Gran Charge!"

"Crescent Harken!" SkullMammothmon and Dianamon leaped up and attacked Dexmon, but he easily swatted them away before they could reach him.

"Kaiser Phoenix!" Eaglemon prepared to attack again, but Dexmon simply flicked him away.

"Eaglemon, are you ok?!" Theo asked.

"I shall be fine," Eaglemon said weakly as he struggled to stand himself up. "This Digimon…is far more powerful than any of the Death Generals…"

"Please…allow me to help you!" Grademon insisted. "I'm sure I can –"

"For the last time, no!" Gallantmon yelled as Dexmon pinned him to the roof of the tower with his right arm. "We don't want you to die!"

"Grademon…please, listen to them," Sanzomon pleaded. "You are very important to me; everyone up here fighting Dexmon is. I couldn't live with the thought of never being able to see any of you again, especially…you."

"Sanzomon, I…I'm sorry…but I need to do this," Grademon said, struggling as he forced himself to stand up.

"Grademon, please…" Sanzomon whispered.

"I'm sorry, Sanzomon, but if this is the price I must pay to protect both worlds, then so be it!" Grademon leapt up and flung himself at Dexmon, who thrust his enormous claw straight into Grademon's abdomen.

"Grademon!" Gallantmon yelled. "Damn it, I told you not to –"

"Dynasmon, absorb my data!" Grademon shouted, and Dynasmon gave him a blank stare. "I am…a carrier of the X-Antibody. If you absorb my data, then you will also be a carrier. Use the strength it gives you…to destroy Dexmon."

"Grademon…you can't be serious!" Dynasmon shouted.

"Absorb my data! Do not let my sacrifice be in vain!" Grademon ordered, and after a moment, Dynasmon shook his head, and Grademon's data went to him. "Sanzomon…I love you…Wisemon…look after her for me, will you?"

"Grademon…" Sanzomon's eyes were filled with tears as the last of Grademon's data was absorbed by Dynasmon.

"Grademon…I promise you; Dexmon will be destroyed! Dynasmon X Evolution, Dynasmon X!" Dynasmon, now Dynasmon X, stood taller than even Dexmon.

"You beings really are pathetic, aren't you? Even with an X-Antibody, you will not be able to destroy me!" Dexmon roared.

"Well then, how about we even the odds?" Gallantmon asked. "Gallantmon Mode Change to, Crimson Mode! Crimson Light!" Gallantmon Crimson Mode threw his spear at Dexmon, creating an explosion of light.

"Breath of Wyvern!" Dynasmon X unleashed a stronger looking version of his attack, which then crashed into Dexmon, creating another explosion. When the dust cleared, Dexmon was nowhere to be seen.

"…You…you did it! You really did it!" Tomoya exclaimed.

"It's finally over; now we can go home without having to worry about those Death Generals," Mia sighed.

"Fools! Did you really think I would go down that easily?!" Dexmon roared. The top half of his body was floating in the sky, but the other half was missing. "I realized that I may not be able to destroy you just as you cannot defeat me, so I'll just pull you all into my own private dimension known as Prison Land!" Dexmon leaped forward, with his arms extended.

"Guys, what are we going to do?! We're not going to be able to escape from him fast enough!" Theo shouted.

"Dynasmon, I'll need some help," Gallantmon Crimson Mode said as he took flight.

"Of course," Dynasmon X said as he followed. "Tomoya, what are you doing? This is dangerous; get off my shoulder!"

"Dynasmon, do you remember what you said to me in Gravimon's territory?" Tomoya asked. "The two of us stick together, no matter what. Never forget that."

"I see…well, it's obvious I won't be able to change your mind," Dynasmon X said as he and Gallantmon Crimson Mode flew toward the upper half of Dexmon's body to push him into Prison Land.

"You bastards! You won't get rid of me that easily!" Dexmon grabbed the two Digimon and pulled them into Prison Land with him, the portal to his dimension closing after him. "Now, we'll all be trapped in here…forever!"

"Tomoya! Dynasmon!" Mia shouted.

"Wisemon, how can we get them out of there?!" Theo asked.

"I'm afraid…there is no way to get them out," Wisemon said. "Dexmon said that they would all be trapped in there forever, implying that not even he could possibly escape."

"Tomoya…you shouldn't have followed us in here," Takato said once Gallantmon turned back into Guilmon and him.

"What if we never make it out of here?" Candlemon asked. "I don't see Dexmon anywhere around here…" Tomoya looked around the barren, misty landscape, the cracked ground and the dead trees, and then shrugged.

"Well…we might be trapped in here forever," Tomoya said. "We might be trapped here forever, but it's better than living a life without you, or my father…oh, and Guilmon, too. It's too late for regrets; the only thing left to do is wander around…from now until the end of time."

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