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Destiny StarGem turned to her best friend Heather WindSpear.

"You don't have to do this" Heather said

"Yes I do!" Destiny replied "I'm sorry"

Destiny's other friend Alexandra WaterPyre ran up "Destiny no!"

"I'm sorry Alex, Heather" Destiny was almost crying she could almost hear Moira laughing at her in the background

"Goodbye Destiny" Heather said finally "I know there is no stopping you when you set your mind to something"

"Thanks for understanding Heather" Destiny whispered her heart pounding she turned to a giant dark voice "Goodbye" she jumped

2 Years earlier

Destiny sat at her desk crying. Why did her Uncle hate her so much? Her mom had died her dad had turned evil and her uncle treated her like a worthless pen or something that could easily be lost and replaced, how worse could her life get. Her twin brother Noah wasn't making it any easier, he spent most of his time being a normal know it all conjurer just like her Uncle Cyrus Drake. She the quiet little Theurgist that didn't stand up to her uncle or brother was picked on at school, Ravenwood School of magical arts. She'd even changed her last name from Drake to Stargem just so she didn't have to remember that horrible name.

Why had her mom had to die? Why was her father out to destroy the spiral? Her head was spinning and finally she had to sit down. In a month her life had gone from awesome to absolutely horrible. The only person that made her feel better was her best friend, Heather.

Are you alright? Of course Heather took this time to mentally send her a message. Way better than texting by the way.

I'm fine replied Destiny trying to keep the sadness out of her voice

There was a long pause before Heather said You're not fine and I swear to god Destiny if you start lying saying everything is OK I will force an answer out of you

Nothing is wrong! Protested Destiny

Destiny Heather knew something was wrong and Destiny would just have to suck it up and admit it

It's just Noah and Cyrus again Destiny sighed

Don't worry Destiny Heather said It will get better

What if it doesn't snapped Destiny What if it never gets better?

Heather was silent

See even you don't have a positive spin on this Destiny sighed I'm sorry it's just so hard …

I know replied Heather

Destiny got into bed and pulled the covers over her head. Cyrus wasn't going to help her through this and Noah was being a jerk. If her father Malistaire would just come over and check up on her…

He's evil he doesn't care about you thought Destiny and she broke out crying again But he did … he cared about you a lot once

Moira Shadowhunter walked down the long damp hallway of Malistaire's dungeon. The bright eyes of hopeful wizards locked up there had gone dull all the hope sucked out of them. Moira felt such a mix of pride and shame in what she did, but mostly pride. Most people would break under the pressure of being part of Malistaire's forces but not Moira. She'd felt enough loss in her life to care about the losses of some weak wizards who didn't know not to stick their noses into other people's business.

"Raven" she said as she walked in

A boy in a black raven's hood looked up. He wore the entire Raven's outfit, only the hat was pure black the rest had dark red trim.

"Yes my lady" he rasped his voice sounded like nails on a chalk board

Moira had gotten used to that horrible voice and didn't even flinch as he talked like most of the prisoners she would although never get used to someone 2 years older than her calling her my lady "I wanted to check on how things were going"

Raven smiled evilly

"Good" Moira replied she'd get used to the voice but never the smile, it was an evil kind of smile you'd only see in nightmares but here it was painted on the face of an otherwise average 15 year old Necromancer

"Can I do anything else for you my lady?" asked Raven

"Nothing else" replied Moira then she added coldly "Keep doing your job and I'll make sure you end up in one of those cages"

Noah Drake sat in the Myth Classroom. It was obviously one of the best schools no doubt about that what so ever. What was he saying that for? It was the best school not one of the best. The best. He was taking note about trolls watching the other conjurers struggle to copy all the words down in the seconds that the words came out of Noah's Uncle, Cyrus Drake's mouth. Noah had become an oddly fast write, his father always fell he was destined to be in the myth school because he was the only one who could keep up with Cyrus's long boring lectures that were spoken so fast you could hardly figure out what he was saying. But his father was evil now, after his mother's death he'd freaked out and blown up the death school.

Noah couldn't exactly blame him his mother had been awesome. She was the kind of mother that would bake cookies but could still kick butt. That was the best kind of mom by far and Noah had lost her just like that.

Just thinking about her made Noah lose his place in the endless pages of notes. He swore under his breath and began writing where he left off trying to memorize the rest of what his uncle said to write it down later.

Destiny took the sheets off her face. She'd fallen asleep, the sky was beginning to darken. Prof. Moolinda Wu would understand she'd lost everyone she'd ever loved in her life, it was OK if she missed one class. She got out of bed and walked downstairs she brushed her hair quickly and used the world door to travel to Ravenwood. She looked around it appeared the next class hadn't started yet she could just go explain the situation to Prof. Wu and copy someone's notes or something.

She ran into the life school, Prof. Wu was talking to a different wizard.

"Alexandra I can't change your classes you'll have to take this up with the Headmaster" Prof. Wu said

The student sighed "I…I don't want to be a Theurgist Prof. Wu…"

"It's alright" Prof. Wu said though she sounded very disappointed "But you are a Theurgist and I'm positive you'll be a great Theurgist… Oh Destiny when did you get here?"

The girl turned around, she was wearing the usual novice Theurgist garb but she looked as old as Destiny and should be starting her Journeyman classes this year.

"I'm sorry I missed class today" Destiny apologized

"It's alright we weren't doing anything especially important today" Prof. Wu said in her usual cheerful voice "Just don't let it happen again"

Destiny smiled "Thanks"

"Oh and" Prof. Wu said "I'd like to introduce you to Alexandra, she's just been evacuated from Tanglewood Way"

Tanglewood Way was all the way in Wysteria Destiny suddenly remembered that people there had to be evacuated when Green Men took over the street. But it took 2 years to get less than a quarter of the people out the rest were forced to sit inside their homes received food and water by a

Alexandra smiled "Hi… I'm Alexandra WaterPyre. But I'd prefer if students called me Alex"

"I'm Destiny Dra-StarGem" Destiny said almost saying her old last name

"Destiny DraStarGem?" Alex asked confused

"Just Destiny StarGem" Destiny replied

"Oh" Alex said blushing

"It's fine" Destiny said "What classes are you taking?"

"Right now Theurgistry and Necromancy" replied Alex

"Life and Death" Destiny said "Odd combo, Same as me"

Alex grinned "Cool maybe we'll see each other in class"

"Doubt it" Destiny frowned "I'm level 16 it looks like your level 2"

Alex's mouth formed and O "I guess I'll see you around then …"

Destiny left the classroom as she left she heard Alex say "Maybe I should try the school of life … just a little bit longer …"

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