Moira: Mwahahahahaha revenge for not putting me in the last chapter

Me: You have nothing to do with that I just lost my notebook x_x

Rachel: *reading notebook*


Rachel: uh oh O_O

Destiny: This scene isn't gonna be pretty so let's just do the disclaimer so the readers don't have to see this

Heather: I DOES IT! Wait what's her name?

Heather: Okay I'm gonna kill Rachel doesn't own Wizard101

Everybody but Heather: *facepalm*

Heather: Whaaat?

Destiny couldn't sleep. That dream was just too startling. Destiny was trying to whisper (mentally message) Alex but she was having trouble.

Alex? She asked

It's 3:00 in the morning what do you want StarGem an aggravated male voice said

Oh… sorry Antonio I was trying to message my friend Alexandra WaterPyre just having a problem my face was turning scarlet

Well she probably won't appreciate being woken up again it's 3:00 AM nobody is going to want to talk to you right now

You are

Anthony was silent for a minute

I think I know her… try sending out a chat request to 42 Unicorn Way. Good Luck. Antonio yawned and Destiny decided to leave him alone for a while she sent the request and it was answered right away.

Destiny…is that you? It was Alex's voice

D-did you … have a weird … dream … stammered Destiny

It was real! I was hoping it wasn't… the Theurgist's voice was coated in fear

Me too replied Destiny

I don't want to be locked up again… like…at my other home…I…I…I don't want to admit…I'm scared Alex sounded like a 10 year old even though she was 14, just like Destiny herself. It was probably due to the fact that she had lived in a house, trapped there, for 2, 3 maybe 4 years of her life.

I'm…really scared too admitted Destiny

Moira, with no idea what had happened to Malistaire slinked into Gamma's Tower.

"Hello Young Wizards!" greeted Gamma

"Hello stupid pigeon" Galen smirked before paralyzing Gamma

"Nice one" Moira grinned

"Oh so I'm not soft" joked Galen

"Maybe a little" growled Moira, she was liking this boy more and more every day

Galen rolled his eyes "Let's just do it"

"What young wizard?" asked Merle Ambrose snapping to attention


Nice acting complimented Moira whispered to him but you might want to try saying it a bit quieter

The Headmaster quickly rushed to the door and hurry to the Olde Town so he could get to the Dark Cave. He wouldn't realize there wasn't an actual issue until he got there. Moira quickly ran over to his desk and looked at the crystal in a protective bubble just as it had been before.

Galen hit it with his sword, a dent wasn't made in the bubble but Galen was thrown against a wall by the force.

Moira smirked "Use your head you don't just go bluntly hitting the thing"

"Well how else do we crack it?" asked Galen rubbing his head

"A spell" Moira sighed "Use your head nitwit"

Galen smirked "I'm pretty sure I just used my head to dent this wall"

Even Moira had to smile at that but it quickly faded "Get up and watch"

Moira put the lollipop wand in her bag and pulled out a Dragonrider's Staff. She whispered a few words that would sound like nonsense to anybody other than a wizard. The bubble began to glow black.

Moira flinched "It's strong"

Galen made a death sign with his raptor blade causing many dark orbs to throw themselves at the bubble.

Moira was a bit stunned when the bubble suddenly grew weaker she mumbled a "Thanks"

"Who's soft now?" Galen smirked

Moira growled something in response but it was unnoticed by Galen as the bubble cracked revealing a green crystal. It held the memories of the great Warrior Ozone who had defended Dragonspyre for many years before he was murdered by his brother Clay for unknown reasons.

"Holy Dragon Droppings…" Galen muttered not used to feeling so much powerful energy (Me: *dies of laughter*)

"Now let's find that energy" commanded Moira

Galen's mouth was open a bit as he stared at the crystal "I-isn't that energy …"

"Not what we're looking for" Moira replied

She felt horrible, she was actually beginning to like Galen thanks to this stupid mission. He was her enemy, her competition…wasn't he?

Cassie was covered in dirt. She slowly opened her eyes. What time was it? How long had it been since she'd last been awake? She couldn't even tell if it was day or night. She blinked a few times and took some deep breaths.

"Cassandra?" two voices said in unison

"Stephen? Ian?" Cassie recognized the voice she was happy to hear the voices of her friends but there was one she wanted to hear now more than ever.

"Cassie!" Stephen's voice shouted she was stuck in a bear hug

"Welcome back Cassie" mumbled Ian

"I…I can't see" Cassie said hoarsely

"What!" Stephen exclaimed "Ian you must have done something wrong"

"She's back!" Ian yelled angrily "Isn't that enough for you!"

"G-gone?" Cassie asked "Where was I?"

"Cassie…you died…" Stephen's voice was sad almost scared

Cassie's eyes opened wide she could faintly see the outlines of her friends. A sudden pain shot through her head.

"Luke!" Cassie cried "Luke!"

"Cassandra DragonHeart?" Luke turned

"Cassandra" laughed Cassie "Since when have you called me Cassandra?"

"Look I'm not who I was before—" Luke began

"Luke who are you talking to?" snapped an angry sounding female

"Who's that?" Cassie asked

"Um…Leesha this is Cassandra, Cassandra this is Leesha, Kayla this is Cassie and Cassie this is Kayla" Luke said quickly his voice sounded a bit worried

"Hi" Cassie smiled uneasily at the girls

"Who's she?" Leesha asked

"Yeah she doesn't look like anybody I know" growled Kayla narrowing her eyes

"As I said her name is Cassandra, Cassandra DragonHeart, she was my uh…"

Cassie rolled her eyes "Girlfriend"

"Um…yeah that" Luke said blushing "Anyways um…What do you want Cassandra?"

"Cassie" Cassie snapped annoyed "What is up with calling me Cassandra"

"It's your name I'm not that into using shortened names" replied Luke

"You were I haven't seen you for a freaking year!" Cassie exclaimed suddenly remembering that she was furious at the boy "You left me Ian and Stephen to fend for ourselves! None of us had jobs or quests that gave us enough gold to buy much!"

"It's because I found a new job" replied Luke

"But you left you left us to die!" screamed Cassie

"Shut up" growled Kayla "Your being a little brat"

"And you're going to stop me how" replied Cassie "This is none of your business"

Kayla pushed Leesha down "I'll do this-what!"

Cassie was falling she screamed as she fell. It was foggy, extremely foggy, she hadn't realized she was standing a foot away from a ledge. Kayla's push was just enough to cause her to fall of the ledge"

"Cassie!" screamed look

"I…I HATE YOU!" Cassie screamed before she shut her eyes

"Luke…" Cassie felt tears falling from her eyes "Luke killed me…!"

"What?" exclaimed Stephen "We…We thought you just fell off that ledge!"

"No!" Cassie replied "Luke and his little girl friends pushed me!"

Her vision was coming back to normal "What time is it anyways how long have I been dead?"

"A week" replied Ian

"My sight is coming back…" whispered Cassie "How'd you bring me back?"

"Ian was looking through a bunch of old Death and Life text books when we finally found a spell" explained Stephen "Only downside was we had to take a life to bring you back, not wanting to do that a bunch of people all came and helped sacrificing a day of their life to bring you back completely"

Cassie shivered "I can't believe this…"

Ian shrugged "You're okay now it's fine"
Stephen looked to Ian confused "You're really underreacting" Ian sighed "Our best friend just came back from the dead and your acting like it's no big deal"

"I…" Ian turned away

"It's fine" Cassie grinned "Where are we?"

"A valley in Cyclops Lane" explained Stephen "Where you fell and…err…died…"

"It's fine" Cassie sighed "I just can't believe it"

Destiny was jumpy the next morning. Whatever that dream…or vision…meant it couldn't be good.

"Destiny StarGem!" someone called

"H-hello?" Destiny asked not seeing anybody around

"My name is Roslyn, Roslyn DarkRiver"

"Where are you"

The voice of Roslyn giggled "Oops I forgot I was still invisible"

A girl with shoulder length black hair, purple eyes and tan skin appeared. She wore all gold royal attire, her entire bod was glimmering and she was sort of see through.

"Are you a ghost?" exclaimed Destiny

"No" replied Roslyn sounding slightly offended "I'm made of the memories of 5 people, you are 4 others…I'm almost completely whole but not really…Well anyways I'm mostly made of one person's memories but I've got some of ours so I need you to help me"

"Um…" the Theurgist tried to comprehend what was happening, a girl made out of memories, weird "How can I help you?"

"Well I need you to help make me a complete person" replied Roslyn "You have to find the others and you might find them in places you don't expect" Roslyn got a worried expression for a moment "But there are others forming and they aren't as nice as me…so…please help me…"

"How do I make you a complete person?" asked Destiny

"Make your memories of me stronger" replied Roslyn "Picture me and sometimes maybe ask me for help and I will gladly help you with things" Roslyn held out her hand in it was an amulet of some kind of a bird "This will boost your powers and help you defeat new threats"

"O-Okay" replied Destiny "Good Luck becoming a new person…Thanks…"

"No problem" Roslyn smiled "I've got to go now but I'll always be here somewhere because I am part of you after all" Roslyn laughed "Goodbye Destiny Drake don't tell anybody about me…"

"It's Destiny StarGem!" Destiny protested but Roslyn had already faded away

Destiny sighed and continued her day as normal as she could. After class she met Alex and Heather in the Shopping District. She introduced them and explained to Heather what was going on.

Heather looked shocked "That's…horrible…and scary…horribly scary!"

"It is" agreed Destiny

"We should tell Headmaster Ambrose" suggested Heather

"No he'd take over the whole thing" sighed Alex "I sense we have to do this on our own"

"Let's go to my house I'm afraid we'll be overheard here" Destiny whispered

"Alright lead the way" Alex smiled

Destiny began walking out when she bumped into a girl and knocked her to the ground.

"Hey watch where you're going!" growled the girl

"Hey what's that?" Destiny asked a green crystal had fallen out of the girl's hand "Doesn't that belong to Headmaster Ambrose?"

"No it's mine" replied the girl a bit too quickly

"No it isn't!" Heather cried "I've seen that same crystal in his office many times! You stole it and I'm telling him!"

"I can't let you do that" hissed the girl standing up

"Moi-Molly are you okay?" a boy walked up

The girl narrowed her eyes as if her named annoyed her "No problem Bill"

The boy's eyes widened and he made a gagging sound

"Um…issue with your names?" Alex giggled

"Not at all!" the girl Molly replied picking up the crystal "And you guys are not telling Headmaster Ambrose"

Her lollipop wand vanished in a flash of light, when the light faded it revealed a Life Force Blade.

The boy's turned into a Raptor Blade.

"What are you doing!" exclaimed Heather

"You. Are. Not. Telling. Anyone." Molly said

The boy Bill smirked "It's not like they have any choice"

Moira sensed the energy coming from the girl who knocked her down. She was the one they had been looking for.

Galen: *looks in her notebook* oh noez!

Destiny: *Looks over shoulder* NOOOOOO
Me: Oh yes….

Moira: … O_O she gave us theme songs … and … ooh I'm going to get you…

Rachel: *Walks in with 2 broken arms* I'll help

Me: Uh … first let's see the theme songs

Galen: X_X

Destiny: 30 Minutes By t.a.t.u

Heather: Viva La Vida by Coldplay (For reasons that will be explained later)

Alex: How to save a life (More to be explained later)

Moira: Hello by Evanescence

Galen: What I've done by Linkin Park (Did I spell that right)

Leesha: Monster by Skillet

Kayla: Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars

Luke: Broken by Seether (Ooh more reasons to be explained later you guys must hate me)

Lunar: I will not bow by Breaking Benjamin

Stephen: Awake and Alive by Skillet

Ian: Quiet Like the Snow (Louder than Thunder)

Cassie: What Hurts the Most by Cascada


Heather: This is too long *facepalm*