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"Is there something wrong with me?" JJ asked in a slightly inebriated voice. Drinks with the girls right after getting back from California turned into 'Why do guys suck?' night. And after too many drinks Jennifer Jareau was on a rant. "I'm serious! Every date I've been on since Will and I broke up has ended in disaster. And now Will is dating again. And I can't even hate the girl because my kid is in love with her." she whined as Emily and Penelope laughed.

"Jayje there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe you just haven't met the right guy yet." Emily Prentiss ran her hand down JJ's arm soothingly.

"Guys suck Jayje! Maybe you should bat for the other team like Em." Penelope Garcia chipped in taking a sip of her fruity drink. She had no clue what was actually in it but it was pretty.

"Hate to tell you but it's not any better. Women are vicious!" Emily told them putting her elbows on the table in defeat. "My last date was horrible and I haven't gotten laid in weeks."

"Me either. Plus I don't know that I could sleep with a woman. What's it like?" JJ asked in a serious tone that made Emily's insides quiver.

When Emily first joined the BAU JJ caught her attention right away. She was stunning and as they became friends Emily learned more and more about JJ that she couldn't shake. And on Emily's part that friendship became more. She struggled with her feelings for the blonde constantly and whenever they ended up having these kinds of conversations she had to keep those feelings hidden. She made sure to put on a professional front when interacting with JJ at work but as they grew closer over the years it was harder to keep that front in their personal life.

"What's it like with a man?" Emily countered laughing as they sounded like teenagers. The alcohol, she mused.

Penelope giggled and JJ rolled her eyes. "Why don't you just sleep with a man and then you'll know?" JJ said taking the last swig of her drink and motioned to the bartender for another.

"Why don't you sleep with a woman and then you'll know?" Emily shot back in a whisper as JJ leaned closer to her while reaching for her drink. JJ's eyes widened as her head turned and their eyes locked. Emily could hear the blonde's slight gasp and it sent a chill down her spine. Their faces so close Emily itched to grab JJ and kiss her. She knew it was the alcohol talking but it was also that small part of her that still craved the blonde.

"I think we've all had too much to drink and I must take my leave. Kevin is at home and if I'm lucky I might get laid." Penelope was oblivious of the connection she just broke as she stood and grabbed her purse.

Emily and JJ moved apart quickly both smiling awkwardly at Penelope. "Yeah we have, I guess." Emily said avoiding any contact with JJ as they gathered their things and stalked to the door.

"Hey Em, do you think you can get Jayje home? I think she's too out of it." Pen asked trying to hold up the drunken media liaison.

"No I'm fine I can get a cab." JJ said straightening herself only to lean on Pen a second later.

"I'll split one with you just to make sure you get home safe." Emily told her hugging Pen goodnight and taking over walking service for JJ.

The cab ride to JJ's was quiet which Emily appreciated. Her mind was still reeling from the moment back at the bar. She could've swore JJ's eyes darkened with desire as hers did but after Pen interrupted JJ covered quickly and acted like it was nothing. Emily was old enough to know she was just pining and wishing but that's all she had. Working for the BAU she was limited on time to date, which she didn't due often, to try to get over the blonde. One night stands were her norm and that worked but JJ was different.

Over the years there were moments that gave her hope that something might happen between the two. Touches or words that brought light and made her see she was worth it but in an instant, much like tonight, it was gone. Pathetically she held onto those moments. They were the moments that were making it harder and harder to not fall in love with JJ.

Arriving at JJ's apartment Emily let the two of them in after JJ unsuccessfully tried to put the key into the door.

"Alright let's get you to bed." Emily wrapped an arm around JJ's waist and walked her to her bedroom. Emily had been there many times and knew her way around the apartment. She carefully set JJ on the edge of the bed and went to the dresser for some sweats.

"Em, you don't have to help me. I am a very capable woman." JJ slurred trying to stand but falling back with a drunken giggle. "Ok maybe not. Glad Henry's not here to see his Mama drunk off her ass."

"It's okay Jen. Here put these on and I'll grab some water and Advil." Emily handed her the clothes and went to the bathroom. On her way back she froze. JJ was topless lying on the bed. Quietly Emily moved into the room once again trying hard to avoid looking at JJ's perfect body and shuffled a passed out blonde onto the pillows and threw a blanket over her. She stared at her sleeping face. The stress she normally saw was gone and a hint of a smile tugged at the blonde's lips. Lips… Emily shook her head.

"Don't think about her lips." Emily whispered berating herself for the thoughts of her best friend's lips doing wonderful things to her body. Closing the door to JJ's room Emily looked at the clock. Wandering into the living room she plopped down on the couch. It was past 2am and there was no way she was going to get a cab at this hour. Instead she settled down on the couch and closed her eyes.

JJ's eyes opened slowly. She looked around and sighed. Home. Noticing the water and pills on the night stand she sat up and downed the water. Slowly moving to the kitchen for another drink she caught sight of the brunette on her couch.

Bits and pieces of hours before ran through her mind as she stared at Emily's sleeping form. "Why don't you sleep with a woman and then you'll know?" Emily's words haunted her. Though she said the same to Emily it was those words that stuck to her. Did she really want to know or was it just her way of bitching about men? She couldn't answer that. But if the moment she shared with Emily earlier was any indication she might really want to know. The second Emily's eyes locked with hers JJ could feel her heart hammering in her chest and was left breathless as the dark chocolate eyes swallowed her whole. Every so often when Emily looked at her or touched her a certain way her heart would flutter and her body would react but she ignored it. She wasn't gay. Heck she had a kid with a man that she did at one point love.

Now thinking about it she was glad Pen broke the spell. Emily was her best friend and that would just be awkward…her thoughts trailed off as her feet moved towards the couch and looked down at the woman. Emily's eyes fluttered slightly then opened the moment she stopped. Dark eyes locked with bright blue and both women stayed still. The air between them seemed to evaporate and all that was heard was shallow breaths.

Emily was surprised to see JJ standing over her but as she stared into her eyes she was paralyzed. It was the same feeling she felt at the bar. Still foggy with sleep and alcohol Emily sat up but her eyes never left JJ.

JJ bit at her bottom lip making Emily's heart race. "You stayed?" she whispered not knowing what to say.

"It was late. I didn't think you'd…"

"I don't." JJ cut her off and tried smiling slightly.

Emily smiled back. Finally pulling her eyes away she looked down at her hands. "Maybe I should go?" she didn't realize she actually said it out loud until JJ moved forward to a few feet in front of her.

"No stay." JJ said quickly. She could tell Emily felt awkward but JJ couldn't let her leave. "I want to know." she said making a decision.

Emily frowned then gazed at her friend. It all clicked. Her eyes went wide. JJ wanted to know what it was like with a woman. Emily's heart sped up. "Jayje, your drunk." She said. Her mind was yelling at her to get out now. JJ didn't know what she was saying. The poor girl drank more than enough for three people.

"I might be but I'm coherent enough to know what I want and I want… you." Her blues eyes pleaded with Emily to comply.

Emily stood up and erased the few feet between them. "I don't know if I can do this Jen." Her voice quivered. Her dream was coming true before her very eyes but for some reason she was scared shitless.

"Please Em, I want to know." JJ begged reaching out to Emily's face. She pulled her closer and looked into her eyes one more time before kissing her. It was slow but as JJ moan Emily quickly took over pushing her tongue into the blonde's mouth. JJ ran her hands down Emily's arms to her hips pulling her closer. She moaned at the feeling of Emily's body against hers.

Emily pulled back and waited for JJ to open her eyes. "Are you sure?"

JJ smiled and nodded. "Bedroom"


Her blue eyes fluttered closed and a deep moan fell through her lips. God, she felt so good. She could feel heat boiling her body completely. It incased her starting at her head running through her veins all the way to her toes.

JJ's mind was mush. She couldn't think of anything but the heat as Emily's thigh pressed into her making her body burn. Her eyes opened once again but all she could see were dark chocolate eyes staring back at her swallowing her up and sending sparks to her core.

"Em…" a small plea left her mouth as the brunette pressed her body down on JJ's and smiled smugly. JJ's hands grasped at the other woman's back as soft lips found her neck, kissing a trail gently down her throat to her chest. Another moan erupted from the blonde and she arched her back pushing her breasts closer to the brunette's mouth. She could hear a slight chuckle from above her but she paid it no mind as more heat rushed her body and soul. Emily was killing her.

Her mind was racing to keep up but failed as Emily's hand trailed down her body lower and lower until JJ's eyes rolled up. Right there, her mind screamed but all that came up was a half moan half sob. Her hands found purchase on Emily's strong shoulders squeezing as the woman entered her.

Emily looked up at JJ with a sly smile playing at her lips. She moved slowly, just bringing JJ to the edge but never enough to toss her completely over. Why would she do a thing like that when her most secret of fantasies were coming true at that very moment? The blonde agent was spread out below her, mouth opened, face flushed and every incoherent thought bubbling to the surface. JJ's body beckoned for her hands, her mouth, and her body. Emily couldn't take her hands away even if JJ asked.

Gently Emily bit down on the soft skin at the junction of JJ's neck and shoulders. That earned her a growl which only made her own desire sky rocket. But she wouldn't give into to herself. Not yet at least. If this was the first and last time she had the other woman in this position she was dead set on making it unforgettable.

All too soon JJ's body clamped down on Emily and with a moan of her name JJ came apart in her arms. Emily watched her eyes flutter and her body relax back into the bed. She smirked when JJ's blue eyes bright with passion locked on hers.

"You're gorgeous" Emily whispered nipping at her bottom lip.

"Your turn" The blonde's husky voice sent waves of desire straight to Emily's core.

JJ pushed Emily off and leaned over her. Her body was still strumming but she had no problem giving as well as she got. And boy did she get. She captured Emily's full lips with hers. She didn't wait for permission pushing her tongue past the other woman's lips and straight into the warm wet cavern inside. JJ mimicked with her lips and tongue what she would soon be doing down a little south. The deep moans she got for her effort only boosted her confidence that much more.

JJ gently broke from their kisses and made her way lower leaving kisses and licks and even small nibbles behind as she went. Emily tensed just slightly as JJ's warm breath bathed her aching need at the apex of her tights. She smiled down at the blonde and pushed her head down telling her in not so many words to get to work and quit playing. All her worrying vanished as JJ's mouth was on her.

Light flashed behind her eye lids as JJ worked her like a pro. Emily moaned as she drove closer and closer to the edge. She never thought this would happen. Not in any reality did she think JJ would want her like this.

Not but hours before Emily was listening to JJ's rants on men and how she thought there was something wrong with her. Oh how wrong she could be, Emily thought as a low groan emitted into the air as JJ's tongue hit exactly where Emily needed it most.

A few strokes later Emily was high in the thrones of passion as her hands clutched at JJ's head and a harsh "Fuck" could be heard.

JJ crawled back up Emily's body kissing her way once more as the agent gathered her being. Their lips collided in a soft kiss leaving JJ breathless and aching for more but then her drunken state took over and her head dropped to Emily's shoulder.

"Wow" JJ smiled making Emily giggle softly.

"That's all you can say?"

JJ raised her head and an eyebrow. "Can you give me a second to gather my mind off the floor?"

Emily laughed lazily wrapping an arm around JJ's waist. "I can give you all the time you need."

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