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Emily pulled her car into the closest parking spot then leaned back in her seat. She just left her therapist's office. Hotch had ordered a six month check since Ian Doyle walked back into her life. All went well which was a relief to the brunette. Most of her nightmares had stopped, only a few, since letting JJ all the way in again and the flashbacks she experienced had simmered down as well. Only at rare times when she was thinking too much about that night did one jump at her. But she was lucky, JJ was right beside her every time. The blonde knew the words to say and the ways to touch her to bring her out of the scenes in her head.

In the months since deciding to take things slow both her and JJ grew as a couple and also as individuals. Ian Doyle had changed them and Emily wasn't going to pretend otherwise. Her vulnerability that she hid from everyone shined when the blonde was around and it seemed that Emily didn't mind as much as she first thought. She finally had someone to show that side to without worrying what anyone would think. Emily was able to let her guard down without the fear of being hurt again. JJ proved that.

She reassured Emily anytime she needed that she wasn't going anywhere. And she kept her word. If Emily needed her she was there and vice versa. Emily was finally able to truly understand why JJ left in the first place and forgive her. JJ still kept a worried eye on Henry but Emily figured she was just going to be that overprotective parent most kids hate. And honestly she wouldn't have the blonde any other way.

Sighing with a grin Emily climbed out of her car and locked it behind her. She took to the side walk as she made her way down the busy street where she was meeting JJ and Garcia for a quick bite then she was taking JJ for the afternoon. She had something to show her and she hoped JJ would like it.

Coming up on one of the stores near the café she stopped. She bit her lip nervously gazing at the object that caught her eye then pushed the door open. She didn't plan on seeing it but right in the window she knew it was perfect.

After dropping a good chunk of change she slipped the black box into her pocket and found her way to the café where JJ was laughing at something Garcia said. Her stomach fluttered as she leaned down placing a kiss on her girlfriend's lips and her hand rested on her pocket.

"Hey you. What took you so long?" JJ asked grabbing Emily's hand and interlacing their fingers as the brunette took a seat next to her.

"Session ran late I guess." She lied knowing she spent too much time in her previous store.

"How was it?" Garcia asked motioning to their waitress.

"Not bad. She said all was good which we already knew. I think Hotch was just crossing all his t's which I understand." She shrugged before ordering a sandwich and water.

"That's good. So what are we doing after this?" JJ begged hoping her girlfriend would just tell her. Emily had asked her to take the afternoon off so they could have some time together away from work and Henry. Not that Henry was in the way but some good adult time was always nice and since Reid had insisted on taking Henry for the day JJ agreed.

"I can't tell you but I think it will be good for us." Emily smirked sipping her water.

"Oh, that sounds like a spa day or something! Romantic I bet!" Garcia cooed but Emily shook her head.

"Nope, Henry and I already got her a spa day thing for her birthday. Plus it's not really a date outing." She slapped her mouth closed before more came out. "That is all you get." She said pointedly after gathering herself so she wouldn't spill more.

JJ frowned. "Pretty please?" the pout on her lips made Emily grin.

"No, now eat or we'll be late."

After settling the bill and leaving the café Emily took JJ's hand as they strolled back to her car. It was nice being away just the two of them not a care in the world. Their hands locked together giving them both that connection and grounding they both needed so desperately.

"Can you tell me now?" JJ broke their silence as they approached the car.

"Not yet. I will probably have to explain when we get there but…" she breathed in turning JJ to face her. "I want you to meet someone."

JJ frowned and raised an eye brow but slid into the passenger seat after Emily opened the door. "Opening the door? Is it something bad?" she joked.

"No," Emily told her running around and climbing into the driver's seat. "Not bad but I think it will give us some closure we need."

"Closure for what?"

"Doyle" Emily said simply pulling into traffic. JJ turned to face her so Emily explained. "Believe it or not this was actually Hotch's idea. We kind of formed a weird bond I guess. With the Foyet thing before and Doyle now, we understand one another better I think. But anyways he suggested I do this and well I thought it might be good for you too." she bit at her bottom lip as she glanced at the blonde.

JJ smiled softly at her. If Emily wanted to do whatever they were about to do then she would too. "Okay" she agreed grabbing at Emily's hand once again.

Twenty minutes later Emily pulled the car into a school parking lot. JJ raised a brow again but didn't question anything. She would just go along with the flow. Emily walked them to the entrance of the fields.

"He's kind of busy but if we wait we can see him." Emily said leading JJ to some empty bleacher seats. JJ looked out on the field and noticed the schools soccer team running drills but it still didn't click. Emily watched as the blonde was processing but she decided she could give her a hint. "Go Declan!" Emily shouted as the blonde headed boy kicked his ball in the goal.

Tears formed in JJ's eyes but they weren't sad ones. "Declan? We're here to see Declan?"

"Yeah, he is number twelve right there." Emily pointed to the almost teenage boy. "He loves soccer."

"Em," JJ smiled at the enthusiastic look on Emily face. "I love you." She kissed her cheek then turned to see the boy wave at the brunette.

"With everything behind us I wanted you to see something good came out of it too. Declan can do what he loves with people who adore him." she pointed over the bleachers to a tall dark haired man nearly jumping in his seat. "That's Tom Kohler. He is Declan's dad."

JJ looked over and saw the love shining for the boy in the man's eyes as he watched Declan. "Thank you for this." She whispered scooting in close so she could rest her head on Emily's shoulder. They watched practice until the team was let go. Declan came running over with a smile on his sweaty face.

"Emily!" he shouted.

"Hey bud!" Emily pulled him into a tight hug. She was surprised how tall he was getting, it seemed like just yesterday he was at her waist. "You were great."

"Thanks. Hey dad." The boy smiled and waved to his father.

"Great job, son. Hey Emily, glad you made it." Tom greeted the brunette.

"I was happy to come. Oh, this is Jennifer Jareau." She pulled her girlfriend front and center. "Jen, this is Declan."

"Hi Declan, it's really nice to meet you. Emily's been telling me a lot about you." The blonde smiled softly at the boy. "I use to play soccer too."

"Really? That's cool!" he smiled as the two of them walked away talking about the game they both love while Emily stayed back to chat with Tom.

"That's her huh?" he smirked.

"Yep, that's her. So how's Declan doing at school?" Emily asked. Every few months she would call Tom up and ask about Declan. Even though she was no longer responsible for him and Tom was a great father she still worried. She probably always would.

"He is doing great. Grades are up and with his love of soccer he stays busy and active. Oh, I wanted to thank you for coming and speaking on my behalf at the adoption hearing. I know things got crazy afterwards and I never got to talk to you but I really appreciate everything you did." Tom said.

Emily smiled looking over at the boy and JJ. "I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Emily swatted at JJ as the blonde brushed past her later that night on her way into the bathroom. "Hurry up in there." Emily grinned as JJ stripped her clothes off tossing them back at her on her way.

"You could always join me." JJ sauntered into the small bathroom then turned tossing her last garment at her girlfriend.

Emily wagged her eye brows and smirked. "Be right there." She promised as JJ closed the door. A split second later Emily was pulling open her dresser drawer and getting the black box from her pocket. All day she had been on edge trying to keep JJ's hands off her so she wouldn't find it. But finally making it home and getting Henry to bed they were alone so she could put it in a safe place.

She didn't know for sure when she would pull it out but she knew it would be soon. But for now she was happy to put it away and join her very hot girlfriend in the shower. Dropping her clothes she opened the door slightly and slid through. She could see the outline of JJ's body through the shower door so she took a second to stare.

"Are you just going to stare or are you going to join me?" JJ poked her head out and asked.

"Oh, I was just admiring the view." Emily said coyly them stepping into the warm spray. The steam was already making the room foggy but she didn't care. Wrapping an arm around JJ's waist she pulled the blonde into a hard, passionate kiss.

"Today was amazing. Thank you." JJ said pulling back.

"My pleasure." Emily joked grabbing the body wash from the shelf and poured some in her palm. "Turn please." JJ did as told and Emily washed her back while placing soft kisses along her neck and shoulders.

JJ moaned softly and braced herself on the tiled wall as Emily moved to her front lathering soapy circles on her stomach and breasts. The brunette teased running her fingers over hard nipples but never paying them much mind like the blonde wanted. Then her hands went south as her body covered JJ's back.

"You taste delicious." The brunette growled running her tongue and lips over JJ's neck and ear.

"Emily please" the blonde moaned as deft fingers found her aching core. Emily knew her body better than JJ did. She was always surprised how fast she could get to the edge with just a few touches from the brunette. And Emily knew just how to play her. Emily grinned against her skin as she entered the blonde and sent her searing over the edge of passion.

JJ's breaths came in pants as her body settled back down and she turned in strong arms to face Emily. They stared at one another for a few seconds.

"Will you marry me?"

Silence surrounded them for a moment and then "Yes"

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