Title: Double, Double, Toil, & Trouble

Summary: Sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins. In preparation for being turned into a vampire, Mary-Lynnette goes for a check up only to get some surprising results that end up halting the transformation.

Disclaimers/Spoilers/Warnings: The idea came from Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, characters do not belong to me.

Chapter One:

She felt the blood drain from her face, her eyes blinking rapidly as she listened to the soothing voice.

Had she heard right? Things could be easily misunderstood over the phone.

"I'm pregnant?" Mary-Lynnette whispered into the phone, clutching it to her ear as she leaned against the wall of the kitchen.

"About six weeks," Dr. Matheson responded with confirmation.

"Six weeks," she repeated, shaking her head for clarification. "Pregnant," she mumbled, rolling the idea around in her head, contemplating that word, that word that would cause so many complications. "Six weeks pregnant?"


"Are you serious!" she screeched as it finally set in. "Dr. Matheson, you've been our family doctor for a while and I would completely understand Mark getting you to play a joke, but now is the time to pop out and say 'ha, I was just kidding.'"

"I'm afraid I'm not. We can talk about the options you wish to pursue. You're young, unmarried, and the pregnancy is still at that point were termination is an option, there's also adoption, or-"

"I'll be keeping the baby," she interrupted. She hadn't even had to think about it. They'd never talked about having kids and she knew once she was changed the possibility would no longer be an option, but since it happened, well abortion was out of the question and adoption…she just couldn't do that, not when she loved the man she'd made the baby with.

"You'll be a great mother Mary-Lynnette. I have some specialists that will be able to guide you through what you need and what needs to be done," he spoke encouragingly, but paused. She could hear the hesitation in his voice. "Ah-Mary-Lynnette, I feel I should let you know there's something very strange about this pregnancy…"

Her heart dropped to her stomach and she slammed the phone down feeling the panic consume her. "No shit," she whispered to it, "the fathers a vampire."

How was she going to find a midwife that knew about the Night World and approved of human soul mates? It was a disaster waiting to happen.

A partial scream escaped her at the sudden ringing of the phone. She stared at the silver cover, focusing in on the caller id. Dr Matheson.

"Oh come on," she whispered, biting her lower lip before reaching for it, pulling it out of the cradle. "Sorry about that, I dropped the phone."

"Here I thought you hung up on me," he said dryly. "Not the first time I've been hung up on."

She cleared her throat nervously. "Sorry. You were saying?"

"You have abnormally high HcG levels."

"Uh-is that good or bad?"

"HcG is what people call the pregnancy hormone and at six weeks it's almost double what it should be," he informed her.

Mary-Lynnette sighed. "What exactly does that mean?"

"You may be pregnant with twins. An ultrasound with your gynecologist will confirm that."

It was like the world was slipping out from under her, like she was on a never ending upside down rollercoaster, and her chest tightened with fear. "I can't breathe," she gasped into the phone, falling back against the white wall that was next to the stand where the phone cradle was.

"Find a place to sit down and remember it's only a possibility. I have a list of some suggested gynecologists-"

"Um, no actually that's okay. I have one thank you."

There was a pause before he spoke again. "Mary-Lynnette if you need anything, as a friend of the family, please don't hesitate to call."

She took a deep, shaking breath before answering. "I won't. Thank you," she whispered the last part, then carefully set the phone into the cradle.

Dazed, she walked up to her room, slowly shutting the door behind her before she went to her bed. Lying on her back, she gazed up at the white ceiling, her hands resting against her belly, occasionally rubbing then stopping.

At least money wasn't going to be a problem, since Ash had just inherited money from a man he only spoke to for a few hours.

"Maybe the old man was psychic and knew we'd need the help," she spoke to herself as she turned to her side, her arm cradling her head as it leaned against the pillow.

How could she be pregnant? She felt sick to her stomach most of the time, had almost completely lost her appetite, and the only other symptoms she knew of pregnancy was mood swings, she's always had that. What was worrying was that the thought of any type of food, even her favorites, would make her run to the bathroom, that it had been like that for about five of the six weeks of pregnancy. She barely ate anything now and when she did she'd throw it up. She was losing weight, not gaining, and she couldn't help but think that if she was pregnant the baby inside her was vampire.

Vampires want blood, need blood, crave it, but Ash ate human food too. She scowled, tucking her head deeper into her arm, towards the sheets on her bed. "So what gives?"

She wasn't ready to tell Ash, because no matter how much he loved her men and babies weren't always the best mix. Being soul mates perhaps gave a little more advantage for her, but if Ash wasn't ready and decided to leave her, Mary-Lynnette didn't think she could do it on her own. She was a strong woman, she could do anything by herself, she could raise these babies for sure, but it was the loss of a soul mate that worried her the most, and that is what she couldn't survive.

What was she going to do? She needed more information about vampire births and the only way to do that was to go to a vampire. Ash was out of the question, for right now, that immediately excluded his sisters, because she couldn't risk them slipping. Mary-Lynnette barely recalled Ash mentioning a cousin that soul mated before him, James something. That he was in Las Vegas with a made vampire night lord named Thierry. It sounded very scary at the time and still did as she contemplated how she could get in touch with James.

Perhaps she could talk Ash into a trip to Las Vegas.

To Be Continued…

For this and future chapters if I get anything wrong about what it's like to be pregnant let me know and I'll see how I can work it into a vampire preganancy. I hope this chapter was enjoyed.

Sneak peak:

Ash agrees to the trip.

Mare talks to James who talks to Poppy who does a spell that causes havoc (hilarity ensues)