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Shugo Chara

Hell's Lingering Kiss

Summary: There are a lot of things I don't understand about life. Referring to my so-called "destiny", Hell wants me, Heaven needs me, and the Earth is about to be shaken up. So what does forbidden love have to do with anything? Amuto.

ShellyCullen: I didn't think I was actually going to write this story. The thought came while I was on vacation, and began to grow into something more. But what with all my other fanfictions, I didn't even write it out. That is…until I had a dream about it. THAT'S when I decided on writing it. That and…because I have to for school.

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Chapter One:


Dear God, thank You that I can talk with You-that You are my intimate Friend. I want prayer to become more and more a part of my life, so that each and everything I do will be a prayer that ties me closer to You. Amen.

The swirling colors began as nothing at all, but that. Different shades mixing in with each other. I was able to decipher great works of blue and red, shooting out in amazing rays. While the green and orange came from the sides, creating a picture, almost as if it came from a movie screen.

I had always had a dream like this very one, filled with multiple colors and shapes…I just never understood what they meant. Or if they were just as they seemed to be.


A voice broke through my mixtures and a face formed. Sensei stood over me, here mouth a thin line as I watched her, dazed. I could feel the cool surface of my classroom desk under my right cheek, and my arms draped over the sides.

"So nice of you to join us. That will be another detention for you tomorrow morning." She remarked, walking away as I groaned inwardly. I sat back up, stretching and letting a small yawn escape my lips. I could see all the other girls, mocking me from behind their harsh masks and pretending not to care.

"Now, class. Your homework is fairly simple. It is indeed a long term project I'm sure all of you will have fun with." Our teacher, Ms. Oshinge sighed, passing out the warm white paper to each of the girls in the room. I placed the tip of a pen in my mouth as I stared lazily out the window.

Ms. Oshinge was to expect the silent groans and faces from her students. The girls took the assignment with wary glances, passing down the sheet until it reached my desk. The girl who sat beside me flicked the paper my way and I was able to catch it before it fell onto the floor. Mostly by routine.

"This will be a long term project, and it will be due in at least six months. The reason for the time is for you to explore and research different kinds of poems and songs." She wrote a few notes on the board, underlining a specific name. Then she glanced back at us.

"Does anyone know who this is?"

The room was silent, no hands raised or voices spoken. Ms. Oshinge smiled, as if it were an accomplishment to have her class puzzled and continued with the lecture.

"A very famous musician back in the 1940s. Can anyone tell me why I have shown you this?" Another question came as her eyes darted around the room, finally landing on me. I was thankful I had pulled out the pen, not needing to be scowled.

"Hinamori. Any ideas?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. I was stumped. How the hell should I know why we're learning about a musician?

I could feel numerous eyes bore into my skull, waiting for an answer or comment of some sort. I sighed, closing my eyes and lightly resting my chin onto my propped up arm.

"Hai, sensei. Music was a great thing to have in that time period. The 1940s were a great time for change." My voice came out relaxed and at ease, maybe even a little cocky. Ms. Oshinge frowned, disapproving.

"Check again, Hinamori. Read the sheet." She replied, pointing at the desk I was casually leaning over. I looked down and skimmed the paragraph.

Write a feeling or time when you had a great deal of emotion. Turn the event into lyrics to transform the thoughts to a song.

This lady doesn't know anything about teenagers.

"I want each and everyone of you to write a song. The project will be graded on how well your grammar is and the lyrics. This doesn't have to be a masterpiece, but I would like to feel some emotion and liveliness in it." She finished off just as the bell rang. We all stood up, relieved for the end of the day.

I grabbed my bag, dropping the heavy load unto the white-topped desk so it made a thud and stuffed the paper into a folder. I slipped everything back in and carelessly held my bag in my right hand, letting it hang behind my shoulder.

Before leaving, sensei caught my shoulder in a firm grip. I turned to here slightly as the rest of the class filed out. "Hinamori." Her voice came out ghostly. "I do hope everything at home has gone fine." I sighed, knowing what was to come. Almost a routine I had gotten by many other people. And each person I answered the exact same way.

"Yes, of course." And I waited for her reaction, something the others had all thought up. She hesitated, and released me.

"Alright, then. I still expect you tomorrow morning, though."

I left the room and walked into the hard, marble floors. Of course I was used to the questions everyone had asked. Are you okay? Is there anything I can do? But my answer, I'm fine, really. No, it's okay. Didn't even come close to how I was feeling. I wasn't okay. Nothing was fine.

It had only been three weeks since the incident. Did they think I would just forget? Move on? Cry until my face was a swollen mess of mascara and eyeliner? None of those things happened, but I was indeed lying. I felt like shit, no less. It wasn't going to get better. Not now, anyway.

The halls began to fill with several teenage girls, until the whole building was cramped, almost as if the walls were closing in. I tried my best to shove my way through the heavy crowd, avoiding the snickers and glances I was getting.

High school. What's not to love, right?


"How was school, Amu-chan?" Mom asked as I began to take off my shoes, holding the back of the heel with one foot and pulling the other out. This gesture wasn't the easiest way to get my shoes off, but it was the simplest.

"Fine." I replied, taking the footwear to the side and dropping it by the corner.

"Any new friends?" She asked, seeming hopeful with the question. I didn't answer, but instead went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

"You know, Ami started 1st grade today." Mama continued on her babbling as I only listened slightly. A strange tune was ringing in my head, seeming to want to cover my own thoughts. I blame television.

"And she has at least five girls she loves to play with already. Its amazing how children find people they can be with in just a couple of minutes." She sighed, admiring the thought. I twisted the cap and took a big sip, letting the cold liquid fill my chest. Mom stared at me, speechless.

"What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Its not like I was acting different. In fact, this is how every day went. Just like it should.

"Well…don't you plan to bring someone over?" Her gaze held something higher than anticipation as I winced at the hope.

"Not really. The kids at my school are really…snooty." I stated, pursing my lips. Mom made a sound crossed with a strain and sigh.

"Well, then." She hesitated, trying to form a decent ending to our awkward conversation. "I guess you could just start with your homework." She suggested, turning back to whatever work she had. I walked up the steps to my room, shutting the door and walking to my desk.

It was pretty boring here, but it wasn't as if I wasn't happy. I didn't like change. So normal and ordinary checked out better in my book rather than extraordinary. Even if the days seemed to drag on.

I walked up to my table, flipped open the planner, and read my finished work and progress. Everything was pretty much completed, except for that song. This was going to be troublesome.

I chomped on the cap of my black pen, considering to start the lyrics a head of time. What was the point of earning it this early if I didn't take advantage of the time? Besides, Ms. Oshinge hardly ever gave us long term projects.

I grabbed my notebook and reread the directions. I took a few minutes to think.

How do I feel right now? Miserable. A major emotion or event that happened? None, besides the accident. How life is right now? Sucks.

I sighed in defeat, dropping my head onto the desk's cool surface. Why couldn't Ms. Oshinge be a normal teacher and just give us tests?

I groaned, just as sweat beads began to form on my forehead. I always had a problem with thinking too hard. Sometimes my energy would run low. This had always disturbed me, being that I once passed out during an Algebra test. Yeah, I had studied hard for it, but it wasn't like I had anything better to do.

I couldn't think of anything to do…so, of course bad memories began to stir up in my head. Most of the day, I'd keep myself so occupied with tests or school, or even my mom if I had to. Yet, every night the past would creep up on me. And I'd cry.

However, I had found a way not to hide, not to break down crumbling to the floor. The only way I thought of protecting myself was becoming numb. Thinking of absolutely nothing. Sure, it was boring and tiresome, but I wasn't filled with pain or grief.

I sighed, peering at my plain wall as I studied each individual line. A pattern consisted each time, and I fought to keep each one to a different space. It was very cold in the room, I soon realized, but didn't pay much attention to it.

My concentration was interrupted by a tapping noise. I lifted my head up, turning to the balcony doors and watching them carefully. Nothing was out there…yet the tapping didn't stop.

I stood up, curious and approached the doors, just behind the glass. I peeked at the porch for any branches or rocks, but the sound was from nothing around. This began to scare me a little. I wasn't one for believing in the supernatural…but things like horror scared the crap out of me.

I turned around, shaking my head. I was being ridiculous. There weren't any ghosts there or zombies. It was probably just a stray cat or something. Yeah, that made sense.

I changed and crawled into bed, night dawning over the restless town and my silent, still bedroom.


I woke up…on the ground.

If I could be more surprised as I was now, I would have. I got up slowly, picking up the tangled blankets and pillows sprawled around the floor. I didn't think I moved much when I slept…apparently, I was wrong.

I began to grab all the sheets on my bed, pulling them and taking off the clothing on top. Once I grabbed something furry, it moved.

My eyes bugged out as I froze in fear, watching the soft thing in my hand. It shook side to side until it unrolled…into a dog?

Yes, it was indeed a dog. Much larger than I had anticipated on. Its fur soft and long enough to cover its paws and body shape. The eyes, big brown ones were staring at me as its head tilted slightly. I did the same, measuring its expression.

The last thing I needed to do was have any police involved. Maybe it was a stray without a home. Or it could be lost. But…how did it get in?

I looked around, my eyes falling on the balcony doors. The right one was open, letting a soft breeze pass by and shift the yellow curtains placed over it. I sighed, somewhat relived.

"So that's where you came from." I stated, to no one in particular. I glanced back at the dog, which was now panting and down on all fours. Its long tail wagged, excited as I walked toward the back doors.

Outside, I was able to see other houses and streets busy with taxis and other people. It was a loud day, car horns and yelling, along with the occasional cussing from below. It formed a bunch of different bickering, the whole city buzzed into a loud whisper of chaos. This was Japan in its highest arc.

But, no. There was no owner outside, asking or begging for his or her dog back. No trace of people, children, even a truck for the pound. No one cared as usual, and no one would care if I had asked. So what was the point, really?

I stared back at the canine, holding my hand out so it was able to sniff my fingers. The dog did asked and let a long, sloppy tongue brush against my knuckles. I smiled, patting the surprisingly soft hair, which was groomed and combed into a cute style.

This dog did have a home, that was no question. One where it was very familiar with people and trusting. But…how can I find the owner?

I sighed, gripping onto the railing over the heightened porch. Well…I know what I'm doing today.


"That will be sixteen dollars." The woman behind the scanner said, the pink bubble gum in her mouth popping. I dug into my pocket, taking out a crumpled twenty and handing it to her. She looked at the torn paper in disgust, flattening it out and placing it inside.

"Right. Your change is four dollars even." She gave me four singles and the bag while I gave a quiet, thank you in return. Then I left the store.

"Well, now that that's taken care of." I pulled out my item, a blue leash and collar and strapped it around the dog's neck, letting my hand wrap around the handle. "We better start putting these up."

In my other hand was a stack of papers, pictures of the animal stating "Lost dog found". I wasn't sure where this was going to get me, knowing that if you lose something in the city, its most likely gone forever. Plus, there are quite a bit of tourists, although they'd most likely come back to claim.

I went by the main park, the only place to really hang any signs and stapled the flyer onto a tree. I made sure to do it more than once, in case some retard came by and knocked it down by accident. Heaven forbid that should happen. Then I went onto the next one.

"Yo! Watch out!" A voice called. I turned, just as something shot by my side so fast, it was a blur. It left my hair flying past my shoulders and bangs getting into my eyes. I was frozen, stunned.

"You alright?" The person asked and I turned to meet lime green eyes. My body was still in a phase, cold, even as the person didn't move the slightest. It was a teenage boy, only a few years older than me with nice tanned skin and somewhat curly brown hair. He was holding a skateboard under his arm, smiling at me with a look of embarrassment and happiness. I wasn't sure if the right move was to greet him back or smack him upside the head.

"Hey? Everything okay?" He asked again, waving a hand in front of my face as if I were mental. I blushed, humiliated by my rushing thoughts that prohibited me from coming up with an incoherent answer.

"F-Fine." I finally stated, staring down at his shoes. Green sneakers with piercingly white shoelaces. Nice. He better watch those shoes, someone could steal them off his feet.

"That's a relief. Sorry about back there, I was going a little too fast." He admitted, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "I'm Kukai, by the way." He extended a hand and I took a second to stare at it.

"Amu." I replied, shaking it. His hand was very warm and bigger than mine was. I pulled back quickly, looking off to the side.

"Nice dog." He commented, and I raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked, bewildered.

"The dog you have?" He questioned, pointing at the golden retriever. My eyes widened and I mentally smacked myself.

"Oh! This isn't my dog. You see, I'm looking for the owner and I'm putting up flyers. It was just in my room this morning, from the balcony." I rambled on as he tried to focus on my words. Curse myself for being anti-social. I must look like an idiot.

"Ah, no worries. I get it." He said, putting the board onto the cement and standing on it. He began moving it in such a way, lifting the top part and supporting his weight in back, while steadying it back on the ground. It looked almost graceful to me.

"So, looking for this fellow's home? I can help." He offered, continuing to move side to side, concentrating on his feet.

"Uh, no it's okay. I'm fine and I don't know if it's a boy…" I answered, letting the subject drop. He stopped his tricks and looked back up at me, determined.

"Alright. I'll help you look for this here bitches home."

My mouth hung open, astounded. He began laughing.

"Joking, joking. Bitch is what a female dog is called." He explained and I relaxed, cheeks once again burning.

"Oh. I see." I let out, stupidly.

"Don't get out much, huh?" I shook my head.

"I'm not a people person."

He nodded, understanding and skated passed me, grabbing the papers from my arms.

"C'mon, slow poke. Maybe you can learn a thing or two about bitches."

Turned out Kukai wasn't half-bad. He had many opinions and was always happy and laughing. He said he even played the drums a little and was in a band with his friends. I happened to love rock bands, and offered to hear them play.

By the end of the day, we had ever poster up, which in count was about 49. I was impressed we had finished even before sun set. Kukai continued doing tricks, now skating backwards.

"How do you do that?" I asked, awed. Its not like he could see where he was going. Did he simply not care?

"Natural talent." He gloated, smiling at me and moving slightly faster.

"A natural, huh?" There was a female who had spoken just when Kukai came to a halt, turning around.

"Oh, hey Utau!" Kukai waved. I looked passed him. There, standing behind him could have been the prettiest girl on the planet. She was, is gorgeous!

Her hair was long and a rich blonde color, unlike the fake ones woman try to pull off. The hair was pulled into to side ponytails, layered so it came just above her waist. Her skin was pale, but not pasty and she had the most unique eyes, a bright violet color.

Her outfit seemed to have come from a fashion magazine. She had a black tank with a purple hooded sweater over. There were gray skinny jeans on her long legs and some silver heels to match. She stared at Kukai, raising an eyebrow, accusingly.

"I hope you weren't showing off." She said as Kukai just smiled, skating around the stoned path. The girl sighed, now looking at me and giving a small smile.

"Don't be fooled. Kukai can just be a bit full of himself at times." She held out her hand, just as Kukai did. Were teenagers always this formal?

"How are you? I am Utau Hoshina." She stated with pride and I took her hand, nervously.

"Amu…Hinamori." Was it really a good idea to tell last names to a stranger? We had only met a few seconds ago. Jeez, not everyone is a crazy stalker, Amu! My mind countered back.

"So, Amu. I take it my friend here has been letting you see his so called skills." She gestured to Kukai, who skated back to us.

"Hey, I totally nailed it. Don't doubt me." He responded to Utau who made no motion to talk back.

"Uh, he's okay. Just finished the posters." I spoke shyly. Her eyebrows knitted together and I was crushed by humiliation again. How many times was this going to happen in one day?

"She means for that dog she has, which she really doesn't have, who she's been putting up papers to find who really had the dog." Kukai answered for me. At this point, I was sure we last Utau, who seemed dumbfounded.

"Okay." She replied, at last. "Any luck yet?" She asked me and I simply shook my head. "Too bad. I have to leave now, though. And they're looking for you as well, Kukai." She added, walking off. I stared after her, still stunned by her beauty.

"Isn't she something?" Kukai asked, only I couldn't tell if he was mocking or not. I just nodded. "Yeah, but I really do have to go. So…see yea round, I guess." He finished and skated after the girl. I was left alone in the setting background of the park.

"That was…different." I let out before heading back home.


"Do you…have a name?" I pondered, wondering if this dog was raised in a nice, fine house. The dog's head tilted in confusion as I rolled over on my bed, now staring up at the ceiling while my head dangled of the side. Blood began to rush up and pump to my brain.

"Maybe it would be easier if I knew your name." I got up too quickly, my hair falling back onto my shoulders while my head felt dizzy and throbbed. I clutched it for a second, before standing back up.

I could keep the dog, give it a name and a home. The idea was appealing, and mom always thought I was too lonely. I glanced dog at the retriever, the dog panting and looking around the room under its golden bangs. If I named the dog, I'd only grow an attachment to it. I didn't need another thing to be tied down to.

I squatted in front of the animal, leveling its head and stared into the dark, brown eyes. "So, what did you think of Kukai and Utau?" I questioned, just as the dog's tail wagged excitedly. I held my hand out, hesitant, but began to stroke its fur.

"Maybe…one night wouldn't be bad. How does that sound?" I asked, and I swear the dog's mouth curved into a smile.



I checked over my shoulder to see a boy with green hair and a pair of oval glasses placed on the bridge of his nose. He was wearing strange clothes, a long whit/yellow robe, the sleeves much too big for his arms and a long collar that hung out and covered his neck completely. I raised an eyebrow.

"Who wants to know?" I muttered under my breath, narrowing my eyes. This didn't send him in awe or anger as most kids would go, he merely stared.

"Well, what do you want?" I spat. This guy was wasting my time, not to mention making me late for detention. Wait a second…

"SHIT!" I yelled, running toward the front doors of the school. Now I was going to get it from Ms. Oshinge.

"Unforgivable." Her voice, much as her eyes were cruel and unnerving. I stepped into the classroom, panting as she sent me to a desk in the front of the room.

"Now, I want you to copy the notes on the board. Once you've done that, do it three more times." I looked up and almost regretted it. The whole two chalkboards were scribbled with writing, all about certain manners and respect. I could feel myself sulk, just as I grabbed a pen and began writing. Ms. Oshinge took a seat at the front desk and opened up a book.

Stupid teacher. All I did was fall asleep! Once!…. Okay, maybe twice, but this was torture! I mean, who has to copy notes like this three times?

I was halfway through the page when Sensei looked at the clock and left the room without a word. I dropped the pen, letting my head sink onto the surface of the desktop.

I knew what was going to happen now. I was going to think again, of that incident. And I was going to cry again. Tears were brimming up in the corner of my eyes and I already new it was too late to become numb. Too much was lined up at the surface.

A new breeze brushed passed my head and I lifted my face up, in fear sensei had returned. But I wasn't met with the beady eyes of my English teacher. Instead, I was face to face with dark blue ones.

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Inspiration for the story? The up coming apocalypse I keep hearing about. That and the fact that my friend has encouraged me to read the bible each night so my life will feel better. And to tell you the truth, it does. And one day when I was on vacation, this idea kind of just happened and came together.

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