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Hells Lingering Kiss

Chapter 14- deception

Dear lord, please help open my eyes so that I will not be blind to the deceptions that fester with in this world. Please help so that my eyes and mind are not clouded by the lies of others. Amen.

It was the most peaceful sleep I had gotten in a long time. Though my dream was strange it did not involve any of the usual horrors I was used to. I knew I would still have to deal with all the weirdness that seemed to revolve around me lately, but I also felt as if something had finally changed for the better. I pulled my curtains opened and couldn't help but think it was a beautiful day.

I went down stairs smelling the eggs and bacon cooking. My mouth watered, and I sat down just as my mom had placed a plate of food in front of me. Ami stared wide eyed at me as I smiled and said good morning to both her and my mom. My mom nearly dropped her cup of coffee but quickly recovered with a huge grin of her own.

It felt great to see both my mom and little sister smiling and it felt even better talking with them like we used to. After washing my plate I went upstairs showered and wrapped my hair in a towel. Scanning my closet, I pulled out a pink and black shirt and some black jeans that had pink diamonds at the bottom. I brushed my hair and even fixed it up nicely, adding a little make up I finished and looked in the mirror.

I looked more like my old self today. My skin looked a little healthier and I actually dressed decent today. Pulling on my black flats with a pink bow I grabbed my book bag and headed down stairs. I kissed both my moms and sister cheek before leaving for school. When I walked through the hall ways of the school it was obvious just how shocked people were, they stared and some smiled and some even said hi to me.


My teachers even seemed relieved and even happy to see me doing the work and answering questions. Saya didn't even bother me so all in all the day was great so far. It was only at lunch that things got a little off. I was eating when a tray plopped down in front of me.

I looked up to see Rima she seemed to study me for a minute before taking a seat in front of her food. "You look better." She said after about five minutes of silence. "Thank you Rima" I said with a smile I tried to show that are last encounter didn't bug me.

"Maybe now your mind won't be clouded" She said, and I knew what she was referring to. I ignored this and feigned confused. She didn't seem to care or notice my act, so I decided to ask something I had been wondering for a while now. "Do you Know Ikuto?"

She seemed to freeze it looked as if she wasn't even breathing. After the shock settled her eyes narrowed. "Tell me just how did you come by such misfortune to know that name." She whispered the question , but it boomed loud in my head.

I tried to wave it off as my imagination but my gut said otherwise. "I met him a few times, but the real question is did he put you up to trying to scare me?" I tried to say this in a composed voice but failed miserably. "Listen carefully Amu you don't want anything to do with him."

I opened my mouth to demand answers only to be cut off by the bell. Rima was already up throwing her trash away and returning the tray, I followed suit after a minute. Now I was left with even more questions. If Ikuto wasn't the master mind behind the charades who was?

I had to force myself to take notes I was writing them blindly while my mind was stuck on the list of people who could be behind it all. That is until class ended and I was walking to my locker. Standing right next to my locker was none other than the second top suspect. Tadase Hotori the "angel boy" himself.

Obviously talking right now was not an option I needed to get him alone and then question him. How was the problem? Before I had the answer I was already at my locker and exchanging books. He remained silent until I was done.

"Amu look we really need to talk but we can't here. So can you come over after school?" I couldn't believe how perfect this was. However I was determined to do this on my own turf.

"I can't I have stuff to do…but you can come over to my house if you want." I tried to sound as friendly as I could. He took a second before nodding. I didn't wait I just walked away, happy that something seemed to go in my favor.


No one was home which was both good and bad. I dropped my bag on the couch and told Tadase to have a seat. I went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses and a pitcher of lemonade. Tadase was raising his glass to his lips and nearly dropped it when I spoke.

"Tell me what exactly your trying to do, I mean you have Rima, Ikuto, Utau and Kukai in on your joke." His eyes widened and for an instant I almost believed he was genuinely shocked. "A-Amu… I really don't think you get what's going on…" He trailed off. I jumped up about to protest when my leg gave way and I ended up right on top of Tadase.

I was red and in an awkward position. I had just jumped off and fumbled out an apology when I heard a growl. That was all that registered in my mind before a blur of blue had zoomed passed me. By the time I turned Tadase was lying across the floor, and a very angry Ikuto was pulling me to his chest.

I tried to pull away but he held tight to me. "Tsukiyomi!" I turned to see Tadase standing now, only now he seemed to be a very different person. His face was in an expression I never even thought possible for Tadase.

"Let go off Amu now!" The abhorrent was obvious in Tadase's voice. Ikuto chuckled and I would bet anything his mouth was set in a smirk. "Obviously you don't know how to stay away from what's mine" Ikuto's voice was that of deadly calm.

His words seemed to be just the thing to kick start my brain again. Stomping on his foot I yanked away from him. However both boys didn't seem to be paying much attention to me at the moment. "Yours? She is not yours she is essential to us all and no one needs your interference Ikuto."

This seemed to anger Ikuto even more. "Shut the hell up fairy boy! For your Info I marked her mines already there for she is mine and you should know the laws of taking from a nephilim!" At this point my mind was running through trying to decipher there conversation.

"If it were not Amu then yes the laws would apply but they do not when it comes to her." Tadase said pointing at me. I had heard enough and was getting very angry. So having heard enough I yelled "sit down and shut up now!"

Surprise did not describe what I felt when they complied. They both sat there on a couch staring up at me as if I were a parent scolding her children. "Now either you guys behave yourself and tell me what I want to know or you can get the hell out of my house." I waited watching them digest what I said.

"Well Ikuto really has nothing to do with this so why doesn't he just leave." I wanted to smack Tadase for keeping the atmosphere bad. "Well I couldn't very well leave you here alone with my Amu could I?" I decided if I didn't act quickly it would end up back to them fighting.

I slapped my hands on the coffee table getting their attention. "Last chance or both of you are out." Ikuto smirked and I knew he was just about to say something stupid so I didn't give him a chance. Slapping my hand down over his mouth I glared at him.

Tadase began to laugh so I turned my glare on him as well. "Now I am going to ask questions and you will answer. " I slowly removed my hand from Ikuto's mouth and then sat on the coffee table. Tadase raised his hand but I ignored him.

"So just what kind of joke are you pulling and why?" Ikuto was about to speak when Tadase cut in. "Sorry Amu but we really can't tell you what's going on only that this is no joke as you put it." I rolled my eyes surely this should have known he would say something like that.

"See and yet you angels call us liars you won't even tell her what she has to do. If it's left in your hands you can bet the world will end in fire." Ikuto practically hissed out the word angel. Maybe Ikuto was the best to question.

"Yeah well it's not a lie it's just I can't tell her until the right time comes." Tadase said defensively while glaring at Ikuto. Now they were face to face exchanging insults. I pinched the bridge of my nose; clearly this was going to get me nowhere at all.

"Alright! Why don't you too just leave now?" That sure got them to shut up, but I wanted them out. They both tried to protest but I wouldn't listen and I felt complete relief when they did leave.

I would have to talk to Ikuto later when I didn't have a head ache. I decided to finish my work and so that's exactly what I did.


That night I woke up feeling cold air prickle my skin. Sitting up I saw my balcony was open I was half asleep so I shut it without questioning anything. I got back in bed still cold so I snuggled up next to the warmth I felt next to me. My eyes snapped open and I sat up immediately.

Sapphire eyes met mines; I don't even know why I was surprised. "Hello my little kitten." Before I could say anything I was pulled back down and held tightly to Ikuto's chest. I Tried to pull away and was about to protest when warm lips caught mines, this kiss was gentle yet firm not like Ikuto's usual.

Something about the way he kissed me made me want to kiss back and that was when I realized I already was kissing back. I knew I would definitely slap myself for this later then I would beat the hell out of Ikuto. For now though I concentrated on the kiss. I should have pulled away but the warmth of the kiss was just what I needed on my cold lips.


When his hands slid my shirt half way up me snapped back to me senses. Pulling away I straightened my shirt and sat up trying to catch my breath. I turned back watching Ikuto as he lay with his arms crossed behind his head. He really didn't look human he was to perfect but it as his charisma that made him even more UN human like.

"Ikuto…" I said softly making sure I had his attention. He nodded for me to continue. "What u-um what's Nephilim?" He stilled and I flinched back when he grabbed me staring at me with those cold eyes.

"You really don't want to know that Amu." His grip was tightening on my arms as if he could squeeze his point into me. My fear and disappointment was hid by my anger. "Let go now Ikuto."

I brought my knee up hitting him where it hurt. He immediately rolled over groaning and hissing. "I thought you of all people would answer my questions." I fought not to yell.

After all he owed me nothing and I didn't even know him really so I shouldn't have felt so betrayed. I shouldn't let these people deceive me and hide things from me. "Leave and do not come back into my life again." I ignored the flash of pain in his eyes, why should he feel hurt?

"Do not order me around Amu or I will get angry which won't be good or safe for any one. I'll leave tonight but I will be back. Your mines and that won't ever change." He grabbed me kissing me harshly then leaving me with bruised lips and a traitor heart that pounded hectically.


It was cold the next morning. All students rushed to their classes in hopes of warmth, all bundled up in there warmest clothes. With the exception of Saya who still sported her way to skimpy attire. She shivered and I even felt bad for her.

Taking of one of my extra jackets I went up to her and offered her it. She glared at me, "I don't want your jacket I might catch something." Her insult less sharp due to her chattering teeth. I left the jacket and walked away.

Despite her words she quickly put it on buttoning it all the way up. Her shivering slowed and I couldn't help but smile a little. It would be hard to believe we used to be close friends; in fact she was my best friend up until last year. She wasn't how she is now and sometimes I missed the old Saya, the one who I once felt would be there for me no matter what.

I had to wonder had we stayed friends how would things be today. I shook my thoughts away because there was no use in thinking of what could have been. "Class I know its cold but do try to focus." Mr., Caito said dramatically.

The rest of the day went uneventful. When I was at my locker Saya came up handing me the jacket. I was expecting some snotty comment. However she surprised me by saying a quick thank you smiling slightly then walking away.


I was walking the dog when I saw a familiar orange haired girl skipping down the street. When she spotted me she ran straight over glomming me. "Hey there!" She yelled excitedly.

"U-um hey there…" I couldn't remember if she told me her name or if I just forgot. "Yaya Yuiki." She offered. Smiling as best as I could, "Amu Hinamori." I replied to be polite.

She went into a flurry of talking that I couldn't understand. Then she paused her eyes went wide and she froze. I called her name waving my hand in front of her face. This did nothing and I was about to call for an ambulance out of worry.

"Tainted that's what he wants. I can see the shadows he's watching you… yes that's it he want's your blood." Her eyes shut and it was as if nothing had happened. I stared at her for a long time before making an excuse to leave.

What the hell was that about? It was then that I realized I had wandered off the wrong way. It was cold and getting darker by the minute. I turned to go back the other way.

Maybe it was just cause Yaya's strange words, but I could have sworn I could feel eyes on me. I took off jogging and was just a street away when I felt someone grab me from behind. I panicked fighting as hard as I could. Whoever this was had a firm grip on me and had my mouth covered.

I was being pulled into the mouth of an alley. My eyes widened I had to get away quick. I fought as hard as I could but it seemed as if the person was made out of steel. My eyes widened when I felt something sharp pressed to my neck.

"Your smart so do I have to warn you not to scream?" Came a deep voice. Slowly the hand let go of my mouth and I was left standing with a knife pressed against my neck. "Now I want you to let go of the dog's leash."

I had almost forgotten about the dog. I looked down to see the dog growling moving around restlessly. I let go and tried to shoe him away. If I was going to die I didn't want the poor dog to go down with me.

He wouldn't go he just kept growling and pacing. "Good now I will make this quick. First remember no ones to hear about this. If you understand nod."

I nodded my head. "Excellent! Here's what I want you to do. Ikuto you know him I want you to bring him to me."

"What?" I felt the knife dig in not enough to injure me badly but enough to break skin. "No questions bring me Ikuto. All you have to do is convince your dear master to follow you to ravens wood forest."

I wanted to protest that Ikuto was not my master but the knife reminded me only to do what I was told. So I nodded my head once more. With that the knife disappeared, when I turned there was no one there. I quickly grabbed the leash and ran home.

I would question if I imagined it had it not been for the cut on my neck. By the time I got home the blood was dry. I washed it off and cleaned it before applying a bandage. Though it wasn't said I knew this person would find me if I didn't do as he said.

I hated Ikuto any ways so what did it matter. I repeated this in my mind but I knew it was a lie. He may be annoying and creepy but how could I deceive him and lead him to someone so dangerous. I couldn't sleep no matter how much I tried that night.